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Akuyaku Reijō ttenani o Sureba Yoi nda kke? Chapter 33

Chapter 33:  My feeling of Love

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Author: Soy

T/N:  This is partially edited. Appreciate it if anyone willing to point out any mistake.  Oh well, I failed to post 10 chapters last months. Today I will post 5 chapters since one dreadful [based on your tolerance] chapter smacked in the middle, so I would like to drown it with more sweetness! So here goes…. #1


I held my head down when I was inside my room at the vacation villa.

It was not only that I ended up causing injury to Broudo-sama….. That Ki-Kiss!!

Broudo-sama still tried his best to stop my tears even when he was obviously agonizing from the injury.

I understand why he did that….. But still…Now that I thought about it, this is the first kiss that I ever had since I was reborn in this world!


I love him!! I love Broudo-sama~!!

I appeared like a fool for realizing it over a kiss!!

“Naru? Are you okay?”

I could hear Labra-chan’s voice followed up with a knock on the door.

I hurriedly brought her inside my room.

“La- Labra-chan………. What should I do! I had caused serious injury to Broudo-sama.~!!”

“You do not have to be so anxious about it. I saw him getting out of his room just now, though he was staggering a bit. He does look fine to me! He also told me to tell you not to be so worried about him.”

You are such a gentleman!! Broudo-sama!

It will be good if I could fall in love with this charming man! No, that thought is wrong!!

“I have been troubling Broudo-sama…….”

Towards the upset me, Labra-chan gently hugged my body.

“It’s alright. Broudo-sama is not such a small-minded person that he will hate Naru over such matter!”

Labra-chan gently patted my head.

“Even so…..For me, I am more mortified today when my bikini suddenly got washed away by the waves that I ended up having to ask Jayce to look for it, and then, it got even more serious…..”

“!! Labra-chan, are you okay? Did he sexually harassed you?”

When I looked at her face, Labra-chan quickly shook her head with a red face.

What with this cute reaction!!

What did that stupid fool had done to her?

My eyebrow started to scrunch.

“Let’s kill him.”

“Stop! Jayce is not a bad person!”

It seemed that Labra-cha had truly fallen in love with that Prince.

If Labra-chan thinks that he was good, then, I guess, I will continue to cheer her on.

“Labra-chan… was it fun for you?”

“Un……….. So please don’t kill him, okay… Jayce was really kind to me.”

The red-face Labra-chan was so cute!!

I am healed~!!

Somehow or other, I always felt calm whenever I was with Labra-chan.

I am not really sure if it is good for me to fall in love with Broudo-sama…It was also unwarranted that Broudo-sama will come to like me.

However, if Labra-chan was truly in love with the Prince, Labra-chan might become the future Queen.

Therefore, later on, when the heroine appears, I really need to protect Labra-chan or else she might turn into a villain!! For that, I do not even care, even if I were to become a villain myself.

It was obvious that Labra-chan was much cuter compared to that heroine!!

Since the Prince was so stupid, I need to do all of the preparation by myself!

I will make sure that Labra-chan will get her happiness.

But, many of those aristocrats believed that the Prince and I were engaged to each other.

If that was the case, I needed to have this engagement annulled.

However, if an aristocrats were to annul their engagement with the Royalty, the said person would no longer be engaged with any other Royalty… What’s more, that person will also be hated by them…It was unlikely for any other aristocrats to form a marriage alliance with the said person… I have never been married myself in my previous life, so I think that I will be able to cope with it and live in my own’s company.

I also did not want to experience a lonely death. However, since Yard and my older brother care so much about me, I think those things can be avoided.

Therefore, I will keep this feeling of love that I have for Broudo-sama as my most prized treasure.

It was better for me to keep this feeling concealed from Broudo-sama, or else I might have to avoid him in the future due to my position.

Even if I got my engagement annulled, for the sake of our research project, Broudo-sama would not be so heartless to the extent that he will not have any conversation with me, right?

“Labra-chan…I am on your side, okay.”

“………..? I know that.”

Labra-chan dazed expression as she tilted her head when she heard my unexpected declaration was charming.

A/N At least I have made it so that Cardinal-chan realized she had fallen in love with Broudo-sama!

E~? I haven’t done that yet, have I?

Even if she only had a feeling of respect towards him before… This sudden realization was not due to the suspension bridge effect, you know.

Even if you realized your feeling, there seemed to be something missing from there, Cardinal-chan…

Do your best, okay!!!

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