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Akuyaku Reijō ttenani o Sureba Yoi nda kke? Chapter 44

Chapter 44:  Next to Me (Yardral POV)

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Author: Soy

T/N: As promised, this will be a mass release. Let’s push the chapters until the ENNNNDDDDDD!!!!!!!!!!!
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My impression of Kokoru when I first met her was the worst.

A selfish princess who gave the impression of a girl who liked to look down on people.

I had no choice but to stay with her since my older sister asked me to befriend her.

When I thought about it, it was that day.

It was the first time I said to Kokoru that she was [An arrogant, selfish and stupid girl].

My heart was squeezed tight when I saw tearful Kokoru looking at me desperately saying [Don’t hate me].

Kokoru, who had always run to me tirelessly, was so cute that I unintentionally wanted to pamper her.

Even though I had always been buying her a present, but before that, I would like to hear it from her own mouth.

“Since I am living using the money taken from the citizen, I should never adorn myself with the luxury thing! This is what Yard had taught me previously.”

 It was good that she had been learning about it properly. However, was it good for her to be so conceited when she had always been wishing for me to pamper her so?

I will check what she wanted to have first and buy it later on my own.

Since Kokoru said that, I decided that I would not buy her a present using the household’s money. Instead, I met my older sister’s business partner, Rector, to work as a part-timer, which was also a secret I kept from Kokoru.

“Ya, young mastah! I am happy that you are here!  I heard that you want to work part-time here?”


“Here, do you know how to total up everything according to the date and make a graph of it?”

“……….I understand.”

As always, Rector appeared to be jubilant as he gave out the instruction.

And I quickly worked on the papers given by him.

“Here, your wages for the work.”


“It’s okay. You had been helping me out.”


“What is it? Are you getting cold feet all of a sudden?

“I don’t need this much.”

“……….You are truly a tyrant, aren’t you?”

“I was previously told that I need to use 3 days to sort out the document. However, I was surprised to find out that I only need 1 day to finish it all.”


In my mind, Rector was someone gentle yet stupid.

I have confidence in him since he will properly repay others according to their value worth.

Therefore, I properly did the given work without taking any shortcuts.

It was somewhat fulfilling to buy a gift for Kokoru using the money that I work hard to receive.

What’s more, thinking of Kokoru’s tearing face as she tried hard to smile when she received the present also somehow gave me a sense of satisfaction.

I thought of the things that happened since we entered the Academy.

Kokoru seemed to no longer lingering around me.

Whenever she sees me, she always rushed for a hug. However, nowadays, only her eyes followed me around.

Surrounding me, instead, where a hoard of unknown girls whom I did not even wish to be acquaintances with… And I was also afraid that Kokoru wished to detach herself from my side.

And before I realized it, it was already the time for the dance party.

“The other time, Kokoru Hime and her maid came to this store, it seemed that she had wanted to choose a green dress. However, in the end, she ended up asking me to prepare the cobalt-blue dress instead.”

“Rector, what is it that you wished to tell me anyway?”

“……..Since I am in a great mood, I will give you this cobalt-blue necktie as a gift.”

“………..Did you say something to Kokoru, Rector?”

“A~ I told her that I wanted to have a Frog illustrated’s handkerchief.”

Why did Rector end up getting a present from her?

I am totally annoyed by this!

Since I already finished my part-time job, I decided to give Rector a flying kick before going back to school.

Finally, the day of the dance party arrived.

Today, I will have a proper talk with Kokoru!

And yet, I was surrounded by all these girls whom I do not even know.

Since I have decided to dance with Kokoru from the beginning, won’t all of you get out of my way!

As I tried to get away from all those obstructions, I saw a man holding Kokoru’s hand.

Don’t you dare to mess around here!

That place by her side belongs to me!

I was irritated as I tried to release Kokoru’s hand from his.

I unintentionally called her [stupid woman] due to my habit.

Without feeling discouraged, that man once again invited Kokoru for a dance.

Kokoru was flustered as she quickly looked at me, as her face turned panicky.

So much that my face ended up turned livid.

However, now that I looked at it, Kokoru’s dress resembled the poison dart frog, which I had only seen from my favourite illustration book.

Kokoru looked happy when I told her that she looked like a frog.

Why do you look so happy when I said that you resembled those poisonous frogs?

A~ I guess it was because Kokoru knew that that poison dart frog was my favourite frog of all.

I was relieved to find out that she still likes me.

When I asked her if she hated it, she told me that she was happy with that compliment.

As I thought, Kokoru and I are still good.

Though I like my older sister the best, it was a different kind of liking than what I have for Kokoru.

I hope that Kokoru will continue laughing and smiling by my side.

I took Kokoru out from the dance party’s hall as tears started to fall from her eyes.

She was so cute that it could not be helped.

I kissed Kokoru while putting out the reasoning that I need to stop her from crying.

Kokoru’s tears stopped immediately at that.

A~ I still wanted to kiss her again.

With those desires, I kissed her again.

I guess Kokoru already realized that I do love her.

I did not intend to spoil her like my older brother sticking closely to El Ane-sama. However, I wanted to bring happiness to Kokoru as much as possible.

I took Kokoru to the Academy’s rooftop after she fixed her makeup that her tears had messed.

I have no intention of going back to the dance party.

I decided that I wanted to monopolize Kokoru to myself.

Kokoru told me how hard it had been for her to find space to talk to me after we entered the Academy.

As I thought, Kokoru was totally hopeless by herself.

Kokoru told me that she really loves me as she smiled cutely at me before laughing so adorably.

Aa~ I wonder if it is good for me to kiss her again?

Even though Kokoru had been talking to me so spiritedly, it was a secret to her that at those times, all that I have been thinking about was the chance for me to kiss her again and nothing else.

A/N Yard also loves Princess Kokoru.

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