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Akuyaku Reijō ttenani o Sureba Yoi nda kke? Chapter 27

Chapter 27: Dance Party

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Author: Soy

T/N:  This is partially edited. Appreciate it if anyone willing to point out any mistake. I will post around 10 chapters within these 24 hours [The 5 promised birthday month chapters and additional chapters that were due], so please look forward to it, okay!! No #3!!!

This dress of mine, a midnight blue, mermaid-cut dress (T/N: Link), was adorable when it was further complemented with gold accessories and small rubies.

Labra-chan also looked cute in her pearly yellow princess-cut dress (T/N: Link), which the two of us had ordered earlier.

“………You really have a nice body, huh, Naru… Please give a little bit of your boob to me…..”

“Labra-chan small boob is also cute, you know!”

“Are you being sarcastic?”

“I am not!! I really love your small boob!”

“That’s what it means by being sarcastic.”

Labra-chan then directly grab my chest from the front.


I quickly seized her hand as I took it off my chest.

“You cannot grab it like that!”

Labra-chan was pouting while looking disgruntled.

“Hey! Commoner! Who permitted you to massage Cardinal’s chest?”

“Even if you are the Prince, do you think that you have any authorization over it?”

As Labra-chan glared at the Prince, whose head was already popping with veins (T/N: Link), Labra-chan shook off her hand from my grasp before hugging me close.

Moreover, why did she kept rubbing her head on my chest?

“You bastard! I am jealous!!”

“Naru, your breast is so soft! I am jealous of you!!”

Labra-chan dived further into my chest.

“Labra-chan, it is so ticklish over there!!”

After being thoroughly rubbed by her, Labra-chan finally separated herself from me. At that time, I felt like I had lost something important, as if I had been robbed by someone or something?

“Cardinal! All commoner is actually that kind of a sly people!”

“I do not want to know what kind of thing that you have been expecting to happen. However, please stay far away from us.”

The Prince felt upset by the intense glare given by Labra-chan.

“………..It is impossible for me to stay away from him. Today, I have to enter the party while being escorted by the Prince.”

“Th-That’s right!!”

Just a little bit, the Prince’s mood started to rise as he grinned.

At that time, my brother finally appeared from the direction of Prince’s back.

“I will escort Labra-san, then.”

“A~ Thank you very much.”

With this, Labra-chan and I ended up being escorted by my brother and the Prince as we made our way to the dance party.

The venue for the event was held in the academy’s big hall.

The aristocrats attended the event while being escorted or escorting someone. Whereas, for the commoner, many of them came in a group of threes or fours.

“I will be bullied if they saw me being escorted by Vertemic-sama.”

“Labra-chan! Please hold out your chest proudly!! Labra-chan is so cute that whoever sees it will understand the reason behind it! It is only natural for you to have my brother as your escort.”

“No, that is wrong, Naru. Could you please look at the reality? That kind of reasoning is quite impossible, you know.”

Labra-chan appeared to be a little bit exhausted.

“Labra-san is so interesting. I think it is good enough to tell others that I escorted you because I find that you are truly an amusing person?”

“Vertemic-sama… I think that your reasoning is also impossible to be accepted by others.”

Labra-chan is cute

Cute is justice!!

Is that still impossible?

“It’s okay. I am here with you.”

“That most reassures me.”

“So, then, Prince……I….. I wanted to escort Labra-chan instead.”

The Prince who was standing next to me looked aghast.

“If you decided to escort that commoner, then I will have to enter the hall with Vertemic in my arm.”

“How sad will that be for my brother?”

“I am also the same, you know…..”

It was a secret that I thought I would like to see the Prince caves into my request.

Inside the hall, several people already started to dance.

Some people had been watching us as our group entered the hall.

“What is this?!”

I was surprised when I heard that sudden cry.

When I looked in that direction, I could see the daughter from a Marquis’ house walked towards us.

That girl had shocking pink hair in vertical-roll style as well as a pair of golden-coloured eyes.

“Vertemic-sama! I could not believe that you decline to escort me just so that you can escort this commoner!!”

Labra-chan shrunk back as she muttered softly that [It became like this after all.]

“My bad. It is because I really wanted to escort Labra-san, you know.”

“Why is that?!”

My brother was grinning towards that woman who posed in a threatening manner.

“It is because I am not that good with the hysterical type of woman. My bad.”

Onii-sama, that was your real goal, you know.

“Do you think that you can say whatever you like, just because you are the son of the Prime Minister?”

I smiled at that girl as I looked over her.

“Do you think that you can act selfishly just because you are from the family of a Marquis? Even His Highness has to apologize when he makes any mistake… Isn’t that right, Your Highness?”

“It is the first time that I heard Cardinal call me His Highness.”

“Are you listening to my word properly? After being called stupid all this time, are you now aiming to be called a piece of junk?’

“………Isn’t it a bit too far of you to call me a piece of junk?’

“Then, please prove to me that you are not actually a piece of junk.”

The Prince sighed when I appealed to him with a cute laugh.

“……..One status should not be made relevant in the school setting. The today dance party was meant to make this point understandable by all. It is unrelated to whether one is a noble or a commoner, so Vertemic decided to escort a commoner. If you understand that, then, back off.”

When the Prince finally said his piece, the Marquis’ daughter left us with a displeased expression.


“What is it?”

“You are quite cool just now.”

“…..I see?”

The Prince was smiling happily.

You were so easy to manipulate, Prince.

I also looked at him, smiling.

“Cardinal. Let’s get engaged now.”

“I am sorry, but I need to decline your offer!”


The Prince sighed deeply.

“When will we get engaged, then?”

“When will that be, I wonder~.”

The Prince sighed even more deeply this time around.

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  1. The first part of the chapter had me “why…are they talking….about oppais?” >\\\< and Boraudo’s been missing a lot!!! I actually thought I could see him blushing madly. And lol. That Prince, sigh. Sayig he’s jealous so openly?

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    “Vertemic-sama! I could not believe that you decline to escort me just so that you can escort this commoner!!”
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