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Akuyaku Reijō ttenani o Sureba Yoi nda kke? Chapter 46

Chapter 46:  Omake 1 – Fiance-sama


Author: Soy

T/N: As promised, this will be a mass release. Let’s push the chapters until the ENNNNDDDDDD!!!!!!!!!!!
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A/N Let’s flirt.

That day, Broudo-sama, who was sitting in front of me, listened to my story intently.

It was the story of the Heroine-kun who recently appeared in our life.

“It seemed that person named Renbart has started clinging onto you, huh…”

Broudo-sama turned his face down as he covered it with both of his hands.

“Broudo-sama? Are you okay?”


“You said that you are okay, but somehow I feel that it was not so?”

I could feel that Broudo-sama’s behaviour was slightly suspicious.

“If your current condition is not good, maybe I should be going right now?”

“Even if my condition is not good, please don’t go.”


Why do I feel that his behaviour was suspicious?

“Then, why? Why are you behaving so suspiciously?”

Broudo-sama murmured while his face was still covered by his hand.

“……….To hear some other guy’s name coming out from your mouth….. I am jealous.”


Je- jealous? When I looked at it, it seemed that Broudo-sama’s ear had turned red.

“I am jealous of all those male students who can go to the same Academy as Naru…..It was because I could never experience spending my school life together with Naru.”

I previously sat face to face with Broudo-sama and moved to sit by his side before I replied to him.

“I am not opposing having a school life together with Broudo-sama. However, right now, I think that I’m glad that we did not end up in the same year together.”

“Why is that?”

“If the both of us ended up in the same year, don’t you think that the two of us will end up holing ourselves inside the laboratory without coming out?”

“…….That’s true.”

“Anyway, why did you suddenly turn jealous with them?”

“I mean, that name…..”

“That name?”

Broudo-sama grabbed my hand, which was next to him before continuing.

“Naru, it is because you have been addressing me with the [-sama] all this time.”

“…………I mean, won’t it be rude if I omitted such thing?”

“You are not being rude at all! I mean, both of us are already engaged to each other….. And Naru is also someone special to me.”

Broudo-sama’s face, which was no longer hidden by his hand, looked bright red.




“There is something that I wanted to say to you, not as Cardinal Brauz but instead as Naru.”




“Lo……….. I love, I love you…….. Broudo.”

Broudo-sama looked at my face in shock.

Did I somehow ruin the mood?

The moment I thought so, Broudo-sama became so red that it seemed possible for steam to come out of it.

His hands in my grasp also turned red.

Wh- What a cute reaction!

“Na- Naru……. I also…… No, I love you. “ [T/N: Naru used Daisuki whereas Broudo used Aishiteru.]

“……….I- I feel so bashful now.”

“Naru just now…… Your bright red face looked so cute that it felt so troubled from it.”

Broudo-sama was staring at me bitterly.

“Naru, can I hug you?”
“Ue~…….. Ah, sure.”

Broudo-sama stood up as he pulled my hand to stand and dragged me into his arm.

I could feel Broudo-sama breath on my neck.

“Naru……. For the time being, please do not let any other men touch your body.”

“My body has not been touched by anybody else, you know. Since my motor skill was that good.”

“What if it is me?”

“I will welcome it then!”

Broudo-sama started to chuckle.

“Do you have some ulterior motive?”

“If Broudo-sama being the partner on purpose, I will deliberately press my chest on you as I accept it.”

“……. Right now, it seemed that I am starting to be aware of your chest.”

“Then, we need to push it further in.”

I pressed my chest towards Broudo-sama.

Broudo-sama started to shake as his body quivered.

“Do you hate that?”

“A~ I am not, hmm, thank you for the feast.”

“What with that?”

“No, it is because I was too happy…..”

“Broudo-sama, all of me belongs to you. That’s why you can do whatever you like with me….”


Broudo-sama started to hug me tightly.

Gaso-Gaso, Gefun-Gefun

 I could hear those noise coming from the ceiling before I continued.

“My intelligent personnel seemed ready to come down to stop us, so I guess we need to end this here.”

“Too bad?”

“It is such a shame.”

“I think that it is good that we managed to stop there.”

Broudo-sama and I snugly hugged each other once more.

Recently, whenever I came to meet Broudo-sama, he had always been hugging me.

Since this action has become a habit between us, I am glad and relieved that I can hug Broudo-sama back.

If I were to be hugged this close by him some time ago, I think I might end up fainting on the spot instead.

“Naru, I love you.”

“Me too.”

“When we meet next time, we should let that intelligent personnel come down.”

“The next time we are going to meet is during the wedding day. So I am going to be lonely.


“……….I love you.”

“……….. Yes….. I will be waiting patiently.”

Broudo-sama dropped his head as he placed it on my shoulder.

“Naru, I do not want you to flirt with anyone else apart from me.”

“I will not.”

“You will do it with Labra-san, right?”


Why Labra-chan?

“Even Labra-chan is off-limit?”

“Occasionally, there is time that I could not help but become jealous because of her.”

“I will make sure that I will no longer hug Labra-chan.”

Broudo-sama was sighing deeply.

“I am sorry for being so jealous.”

Broudo-sama said that as he gently brushes the top of my head.

“Broudo-sama, have you ever thought of confining me or something?”

“I have…..No, rather I felt that I would never be able to confine you or something? Naru motor nerve is so good after all. If I wish to confine you, I wonder if my arm will be good enough for it!?”

What should I do? I am so happy.

“But, why did you suddenly asked me about confinement and such?”

“Renbart said that you…..”

Is it okay for me to tell him that Renbart had told me that Broudo-sama is a Yandere character who has a habit of confining others?

“I do not like to hear any other man’s name coming out from Naru’s mouth.”


“Should I kiss you so that you will no longer be able to speak?”

“Eh? No, that kind of things……”

Broudo-sama, I could hear the rattling sound coming from the ceiling, you know.

I pressed my hand on the incoming Broudo-sama’s face as I resisted.

It was not like I dislike it, but I could see the shadow of the people on the ceiling!

It was not good to do such things in public, you know!

“Br- Broudo-sama! Af- After our marriage! After our marriage, we can do it all over the place, okay! That’s why, right now….”

I could feel Broudo-sama was grinning with satisfaction from the feeling that I got from my hand.

As we gradually separated, Broudo-sama was grinning as he said.

“Then, I will collect it after our wedding. I will not forget it, so you better be prepare once we tied the knot.”

“I- Did I somehow make a rash promise?”

“You’re not. A~ By the way, Naru, once you graduate from school, we will immediately tie the knot. With Naru abilities, you should be able to skip a grade. Even so, I will wait for you to resolve yourself for it.”

“E? Wait a minute.”

“I will slowly wait until you truly find your resolution. I mean, I have been harbouring an unrequited love since Naru was 10 years old. So, it doesn’t matter if I need to wait for a little bit more.”

“…….I met you for the first time when I was 10 years old.”

“Even though you were 10, the way you talk was not like someone who is 10 years old. So there are times when I feel like I was talking to someone beyond my age.”

Broudo-sama, you are so sharp!

Oh well, I was in my forties before I was reborn, anyway…..

“Naru, you are mine. I will never let you go.”

“…….I will not run away. Broudo-sama is also mine. I will not allow you to cheat on me!”

“There is no problem with me. I usually stay cooped up and rarely went out to meet with other people. Instead, I hope that Naru will not cheat on me with others either, please.”

“ I will never do that!”

Broudo-sama ended up chuckling when I declared that with a jutting mouth.

From that point on, I decided to skip a grade to bid farewell to my school life quickly….. Of course, it was a top secret that I kept blushing just by imagining my newlywed life with Broudo-sama.

A/N So far, I had never made a pair of people flirting with each other, so this kind of feeling……
Should I write about the heroine showdown now?

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