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The Analects of Righteous Father’s Collapse [ Fast Wear] Chapter 178

Chapter 178: My Profession is Zombie King 10

Author: 打字机

“Ruoyu, it’s getting late, let’s hurry up and move things.”

Chi Ruojin’s eyelids twitched as she watched the young couple hugging and cuddling, feeling slightly annoyed. She stepped forward and discreetly separated her sister and Jiang Liu, using the excuse of moving things to prevent them from communicating.

“Yes, yes, let’s talk at home. Let’s move things first.”

Chi Dayuan didn’t think much of it. Seeing that his niece and Jiang Liu still had such a good relationship after five years, he felt it was fate between the two children. But what mattered now was to bring them safely back to the village. When they lived in the same village, they could chat anytime.

“Ruojin, you have a lot of things?”

Apart from some bulky furniture that wasn’t packed, their parents’ clothes and the sisters’ belongings filled four or five boxes. In addition, there were several bags of rice, flour, instant noodles, bottled water, and other food.

“I read a lot of news online before, just in case we stocked up on food and water at home. I didn’t expect it to come in handy.”

Chi Ruojin calmly explained. She had thought it through. The sisters needed enough supplies, not too much or too little. What Chi Dayuan saw now was enough for the sisters to survive for nearly two months. As for the things hidden in their space, Chi Ruojin would gradually legalize them in the future.

“Your young minds are flexible. When your brother showed me that news, I didn’t take it seriously back then. It was only because he cried and made a scene that I didn’t sell the grain in the cellar to the grain dealer.”

Chi Dayuan sighed with relief. Fortunately, they didn’t sell the grain because they could now eat sparingly, and the small amount they had at home would be enough for the whole family for a year or two.

But what would they do after a year or two? If the heat wave persisted and the crops couldn’t be grown, the water in the river would probably evaporate eventually, and drinking water would become a big problem.

“I didn’t cry or make a scene,” Chi Shengli said, clearly concerned about his reputation as a man, as he glanced at Jiang Liu and Tang Ao from the corner of his eye.

“Okay, you didn’t cry or make a scene,” Chi Dayuan reassured him half-heartedly. Then, they quickly packed up and left at the fastest speed possible.


“Uncle Dayuan, you’re back! Hurry and take Shengli to catch some loaches!”

When they returned to the village, it was almost two-thirty in the afternoon, and the temperature kept rising. After exiting the air-conditioned car, sweat poured out of Dayuan’s glands like a faucet.

Just as Dayuan was about to take his two nieces home to turn on the air conditioning, a villager carrying a water bucket reminded him, “You can’t eat fish that have died from the heat, but the loaches burrowing in the pond mud are still alive and kicking. They’d become dried loaches if we left them be for a few more days. The village chief said everyone should catch as many as possible while they’re still alive and catch the few remaining live fish in the river to make salted fish or fish jerky so we can stock up on food.”

In times of crisis, the villagers have maximized their survival instincts and are not letting any resources go to waste.

“Oh, and there are also those dried vegetables in the fields. Hongzhi just picked some and tried boiling them. The taste is not as good as fresh vegetables, but they are edible. We just don’t know how long these dried vegetables can be preserved.”

The person who passed by told everything he knew to Chi Dayuan before hurrying away. There were still many sun-dried seedlings in his family’s field, which they definitely wouldn’t have eaten in peacetime, but now that the times had changed, no one knew if these sun-dried seedlings would become their last source of food.

“Ruoyu, Ruojin, you two stay at home. Shengli and I will go catch some loaches,” Chi Dayuan said. He remembered that his younger niece’s favourite dish was stir-fried loach. It was still a couple hours before the sun, enough time to catch a big bucketful.

“Uncle, you and Shengli get the dried vegetables from the field. Ruoyu and I will go catch loaches,” said Chi Ruojin. After surviving eight years of the apocalypse, Chi Ruojin was not a delicate girl. She understood that her uncle was trying to protect her and her sister, but it didn’t make sense that her seven-year-younger cousin Shengli was already working in the field while they were lying around the house like spoiled princesses.

Furthermore, Chi Ruojin didn’t think coddling her sister was good. If you love someone, you should teach her the skills to survive. Chi Ruojin didn’t know how the world would develop after this, and she didn’t know if she could always be with her sister. So she would do her best to pass on all her skills to her sister, so she could stand alone when Chi Ruojin wasn’t there.

“Uncle Dayuan, I’ll accompany Sister Ruojin and Ruoyu.”

Jiang Liu vaguely remembered that Chi Ruoyu seemed to like the stir-fried mud loach the original owner made. So, he considered it compensation for sneaking a taste of the little girl’s cooked chicken.

“That’s fine.”

Chi Dayuan nodded, then smiled kindly at Jiang Liu, “I’ll leave Ruoyu and her sister in your care.”

Chi Dayuan’s thinking was somewhat feudal, always feeling that girls, no matter how old, still needed protection. So even though Chi Ruojin was five years older than Jiang Liu, Chi Dayuan still felt that Jiang Liu was more reliable.

“Dad, I also want to go catch mud loaches.”

Chi Shengli muttered on the side. He hadn’t experienced the fear of the end times yet. Compared to digging up vegetable strips in the field, he would rather go catch mud loaches, which was more fun.

“You little brat, get lost, or I’ll hit you.”

Chi Dayuan made a threatening gesture at his son. Chi Shengli shrank his shoulders poutily, sneakily glancing at Jiang Liu. This man is truly an annoying ghost. He used to compete with him for his sister, and now he even wanted to compete with his dad, that old fart.

Poor little cabbage, he wasn’t much different from those vegetable strips in the field.


At this moment, there were many people catching loaches in the pond. The water in the rice fields had evaporated almost completely today, and the slightly moist pond mud was exposed to everyone’s eyes. People who grew up in the countryside were all good at catching loaches. They aimed at the small holes in the mud pile, and usually, when a hoe went down, they could see the shadow of the loach.

Catching loaches relied on eyesight and hands. Jiang Liu had his own experience in catching loaches in his original body and quickly got the hang of it after the initial unfamiliar period. He caught three big loaches and some small ones in just over ten minutes.

In contrast, Chi Ruoyu was not good at it. Since moving to the city, she had never caught loaches again. Besides, she had followed her original body and was just a bystander. Now she was foolishly waving her hoe in the pond mud, scaring away the loaches several times even though she had seen them.

“Take them. Brother will cook them for you later.”

Jiang Liu couldn’t bear to watch and handed the water bucket next to him to Chi Ruoyu, letting her take care of the loaches in the bucket obediently.

“Keep a few for breeding. We’ll have loach-stuffed tofu tomorrow.”

Chi Ruoyu was not angry and took the water bucket to start cleaning them.


Chi Ruojin frowned not far away. Her younger sister and Jiang Liu seemed too close. It had been five years since they last met, and there had been no contact in between. Who knows what Jiang Liu experienced in those five years? Was he still the same person she knew?

“Sis, it’s okay. He is Brother Xiao Liu.”

For Chi Ruojin, Jiang Liu was a stranger she had not seen for thirteen years. But for Chi Ruoyu, Jiang Liu had only been separated from her for five years and was still the person she thought of most when she was on the verge of death, besides her parents and sisters.

“Good girl.”

Jiang Liu caught another fat loach and threw it into the bucket. He then tapped the little girl’s nose with his hand. No wonder the original cared about her so much. Because they considered each other important, their feelings were precious and unforgettable.

Chi Ruoyu smiled at Jiang Liu, unaware that there was a clump of mud on her nose because of his actions, making her round face even more adorable.

“Sis, look, Brother Xiao Liu is so amazing!”

Chi Ruoyu became increasingly talkative as she showed her water bucket, which contained enough loaches to make many delicious dishes, to her sister.

Chen Ruojin’s expression became even more severe and cold, which aligned with her ability.


She dug out a piece of mud with a shovel, and Chen Ruojin saw a plump loach drilling into a deeper hole. She reached out to grab it, but unfortunately, it was too slippery, and she didn’t have enough skill to catch it. Therefore, Chen Ruojin could only watch the loach disappear.

She was so angry!

Looking at the few small loaches in her bucket compared to the pile of loach caught by her sister Jiang Liu, Chen Ruojin’s mood worsened.

If only there were zombies to kill!

Thinking about the skills she had developed over eight years in the apocalypse, if it came down to killing zombies, Jiang Liu would not be able to compare to her. At that time, her sister’s admiring gaze would naturally fall on her, and her sister would understand that compared to a pretty and sweet-talking childhood friend who could catch a few loaches is incomparable to her brave and fearless elder sister.

It’s just a pity that there seem to be no more zombies in this world.

No, there’s nothing to be sorry about.

Chen Ruojin pursed her lips. Compared to the dirty and terrifying things like zombies, the apocalypse in this world is milder, at least for now.

She didn’t want her sister to experience the ups and downs of the zombie apocalypse as she did. After finally stabilizing in a safe zone, they still faced the possibility of zombie attacks and compromised the safety zone.

Chen Ruojin’s hoe was inserted heavily into the mud pond, just like how she chopped off the heads of those zombies in the previous life.

Fortunately, there were no zombies in this world.


Jiang Liu rubbed his nose as if he had caught a cold.

Strange, do zombies also catch colds?

He shook his head. Now is not the time to think about this. It’s more important to catch more loaches to make up for the mistake of eating that roasted chicken.

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