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The Villainous Lady Aims to Overthrow the Heroine ~Fight!~ Chapter 2


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Author: Aska

Link: RAW

Second Episode: Heroine power vs. heroine power

[Heroine power]. It was the force that the strongest woman was supposed to have. This power is necessary for one to stand at the top. This type of strength can be achieved by accident and sometimes through effort. There are various ways to obtain it, and its power capable of exhibiting enormous effect.

Whether you have this power or not, the world’s treatment will affect them as much as heaven and the earth. For example, if you are a smart Heroine, you are destined to be the hero’s support. You will be respected by others. Even the character of Tsundere and Megane will look great on you. Whereas, if you are a strong Heroine, you can easily align your back as the hero companion. You will be able to share a sense of unity in both body and mind, and it is even easy for then to trigger the [accidental naughty scene].

Some of these Heroines need to be protected from the covetousness of gossip due to their clumsy (dojikko) character. Yet, those girls’ strength in their beauty, status, popularity, kindness, and flag survival rate has proven their power as the Heroine. Because it was easy for them to be kidnapped, the probability of those events is also very high. And if you overdid it, you might just receive the title [abduction mania].

Thus, Belfreya Alunst, a girl who had undergone severe hard work in the last seven years, had finally acquired such [Heroine power]. For the sake of being the most potent rival, she had struggled to earn this power—all for the sake of winning over the Heroine.

This story is about girls who had finally encountered their Heroine power, and the appearance of a severe battle as both aims towards the ultimate decisive battle, and the observation record of the surrounding people who were swayed by it.

Stage 1 [Let’s raise the favorability part 1]

“No way, the Heroine is having such a beautiful breast.”

Belfreya Alunst seriously thought about it. The Heroine possesses such a beautiful breast, but instead of being a threat, the Heroine managed to make many friends on her first day at school. If she just let it get down to that, indeed, she will be kicked down right away. Therefore, Belfreya realized that she still lacks the most important things to win over the Heroine.

“To win, it is also important to raise favorability status. However, if I continue to use a defensive posture to challenge her, I will eventually get cut down. That is why we should aim for our favorite here.”

Belfreya’s most favorite person— and that was her fiancé, Syulein Edward and she wished for him to be totally in love (Melo Melo) with her. The victory will be achieved once she becomes more attractive than the Heroine and manages to grab him as hers.

While imagining how madly in love Syulein will be with her, Belfreya squeezed her fist while a sloppy smile graced her face.

“Fufufu… Sa~a, let’s go. Right now, it is the time for the bible of knowledge from my previous life to see the sunshine.”

Currently, in her head, the knowledge of both the previous world and the present world is being lined up as Belfreya search for ways to melt Syulein’s heart. Of course, even after turning 16 years old, the bible of knowledge in the heart of Belfreya is still mostly based on the romance fantasy knowledge that she gathered from the otome games. This one! Belfreya nodded powerfully.

“So, I finally found the winning method! The bible of my heart tells me that I can make him more in love with me by using my charm. Therefore, to attract Rein-sama, I will use this strategy to raise my favorability!”

“Okay, I understand. However, I do not think that wearing wholly white is any different from the teacher’s. It just looked like a snowman’s cosplay, which usually is used to guide the new student.”

“This is truly my rival. To think that you will dye your whole body with Edward-san’s favorite color… that is why I will never be defeated!”

“Well, now I have to shop for the clothes and accessories from the shop usually frequented by Rein-sama. Let’s try to raise the favorability of Rein-sama towards myself …”

“Anthurium always wears plain cloth whereas I normally wear dresses for school. The teachers must have thought that they had a hallucination for a moment ……. Aaa… What a headache.”

The teachers who received help from the student council’s president applauded and cheered at his skill in evicting those two girls from the student council room into the changing room in the blink of an eye.

Stage 2 [Let’s raise the favorability part 2]

“Fufufu…I finally managed to bake this rare cheesecake in cooking class earlier. Though I planned on making mille-feuille, since this is for the sake of preparing Rein-sama’s favorite food, I guess there is no other choice. I’ve persuaded everyone well, and more than anything, I will not yield……. This woman is going to attack through the stomach. If I managed to provide his favorite food daily, then the favorability will also accumulate!”

“Ara… Belfreya-san……That package, are you also going to attack using Edward-san’s favorite food?”

“Heroi… Shana-san, even if you said that you also bearing a gift.”

“Well, I planned to bake a mille-feuille, however unconsciously, it turns into a soufflé instead.”

“This delicious smell, it is soufflé cheesecake.”

“Of course. It is his favorite food.”

“Darn~ Even though I love cheesecake, but because I was embarrassed to admit it, I tried to conceal it by saying that I am making his favorite food…!”

They were checking each other packages, but at the same time, there was a ringing sound coming from their stomach. To make the best cheesecake ever, they have been paying the utmost attention that they forgot about their surroundings, even the thought of having their lunch. The sweet smell drifting from both packages invite the feeling of frustration from both of them.

“…If it’s okay with you, would you like to taste it?”

“Are you sure?”

“Of course, in fact, since a while ago, I also want to taste that rare cheesecake.”

“Well, of course, in fact, I have also been wanting to taste that soufflé cheesecake.”

“— This is it! The smoothness of the cake due to the batter, which had been beaten finely. And for the sake of Edward-san taste, the cream cheese was condensed well while the biscuit was crushed finely and carefully line up to make the crust. For the sake of him who like something a little crisp, you sure have done your best.”

“- This is it! By using meringue, it expresses the moistness and lightness of the cake. For Rein-sama, who like to have something light, you managed to make something that can be eaten between works. In consideration of his favorite taste, you have also added orange extract.”

“He is being loved, huh.”

“What kind of things that both of you have been talking about in front of my classroom….? And, from where do you get that personal information about me…!”

Stage 3: At the same time in the first-grade classroom

(Belfreya’s Classroom)

“Kyaaa, there are bees in the classroom!”

“Gosh! It is pretty big.”

“Uwaa~ it flew over here!”

“We are now turning the light off; everyone, please calm down. Bee is a creature that flies towards a bright place. When you turn off the light like this, it will escape to the bright light outside.”

“I will now open the window. Please do not move as not to irritate those bees further. If they are not within the range of their nest, these bees basically will not use their sting on us.”

(Teacher POV)

“Should I be thankful to her for responding quicker than me, the teacher, or should I scold her for not being careful towards her surrounding?

(Shana’s Classroom)

“Yaaa……! The bees are coming over here!”

“To continue the tradition of Anthurium family as a beekeeper, I have been fighting them every day. However, in this way, the concentration ability of my classmate will be disrupted; therefore, I will let you escape!”

“I have the experience in fighting with my friend – Kuma-san, for the sake of getting the honey. We even became a friend through this survival fight. Thus I will not kill others in vain. Yet,  there is no reason for me not to respond to their call for help!”

(Teacher POV)

“Aaaa… I’m sorry. I already connected to the staff line. I am now requesting help from the student council president.”

Stage 4: The legend of the legendary Heroine

(Syulein and Fior POV)

“Ah… Shana-san, isn’t it?

 “Hmm…… Ah. You mean Heroine?”

“Hey. Syulein. You are completely recognized Lady Anthurium by the name [Heroine]. Even your treatment towards her is lighter compared to Bell-chan, really not going easy on her.”

“Well, hmm, but … that something has become established like imprinting in my mind. And this is the result of my life experience, you know. Bell is not someone that can be stopped with the word alone.”

“She is still the same beautiful and popular girl. She even looks like a princess from the storybook while she walks gracefully down the corridor. Many people tried to talk to her, but they have been dealt courteously.”

“How come a woman’s appearance and inner personality could be so vastly incompatible?”

“Syulein, whoa, your eyes are looking at the distance.”

(Shana’s classmate POV)

“Huh. Shana-san has stumbled down.”

“Uwaa! Despite being in a destabilize position, she can twist herself in the air and landed cleanly. This called for applause!”

“The beauty of the rotation and landing, the abilities of her motor skills to stabilizes the axis; this is an absolute technique that can get you ahead during the race. As one would expect from the Heroine, huh…”

“…… Hey, you guys … I know that this is amazing. However, isn’t it more amazing that she can suddenly fall back into the same place as if there is nothing?”

Stage 5 [Let’s raise the favorability part 3]

“Rein-sama, you seem to have a great horse in the school. I have taken a liking towards horses from a young age, and in the old days, I used to fall asleep while hugging my horsey doll. This time, let’s definitely go and see it together!”

“Ah, Edward-san, if you do not mind, would you like to read this book? Since I was young, I like this author and this book. The author is going to do a signage session soon for its new publication, isn’t it?”

“That’s why I’m saying. This is my personal information! I have already given up thinking about how did you obtain that information. Still, please quit revealing it to the public! I already know that since the day of that cooking class, people have started to call me [cheesecake-sama] behind my back.”

“Bwahahahaha… heaven… The student council’s president, Chee…se, cake-sama, bbufu~u!”

“……Hey, by the way, what is your favorite food, vice president?”


“Chicken curry (sweet). Every time he went home, he always asked his mother to make one for him.”

“Wa! Wa!!”

“He also seemed to like beautiful legs. I’m sure there was an episode in which the length of the maid’s skirt at home was changed a little when he was a child… –tte, ita tatata~ Rein-sama, why are you putting your hand on my face?”

“I see. Thank you.”

“……Eh, that Syu-Syulein, where on earth are you going?”

“What… I’m just going to the broadcasting room to announce that you like chicken curry (sweet).”

“I’m sorry, I am really sorry this time. From the bottom of my heart, I am really sorry!!”

Stage 6: At the garden in the afternoon

(Belfreya and Syulein POV)

“Are you not going to meet up with the Heroine today?”

“Yes, sometimes we need to take our time off from each other. We need to take easy once in a while.”

“Ma~ you are right. I, myself, feel relieved that you have decided to take a rest yourself.”

“Oh, for today lunch box, I have made every kind of food that Rein-sama likes,”

“……Then for today, I will obediently enjoy myself. –N, this is delicious.”

“ Eeeee. Of course, I also did not forget your daily treat. I also brought the cheesecake!”

“Go fu (cough).”

–Thus, their daily school life went on.


“I simply could not understand … It has already been three months since Bell entered the school, but I am still confused about what they wanted to do.”

“It is not that both of them trying to appeal themselves to you? Well, as expected of Mr. President. To have flowers on both hands.”

“Only you would find this situation interesting … Even if they are trying to show off their appeal, why do I feel that something is missing from the directions of their approaches? There is something stupid happening somewhere around it. Still, their specs are uselessly high!”

“Well, apart from their ultimate battle, both of them are model students.”

Syulein was furrowing his eyebrow while Fior continued to laugh. They have ended their work with the student council and currently sitting in their second-grade classroom waiting for Belfreya, who was delayed due to her class’s duty. Therefore, they decided to discuss the topic of his fiancé and her rival while waiting for her.

Since seven years ago, she had been training, and Belfreya’s result is actually at the top level. However, Shana herself was not going to be defeated by it. In fact, both of them are in the dead heat with no one seems to be on the verge of being eliminated. It appeared that those girls have been doing activities such as running and stretching every morning, cooking, and studying. They even tried to do everything together as much as possible. Besides that, they also never shown any dislike towards each other. I guess both of them is a training idiot.

“Although I imagined the relationship between rival should be awkward, from the look of it, it seems to be quite entertaining.”

“Even if it is drawn or lose, you will still look forward to the next one.”

Belfreya and Shana have recognized each other as their rival. However, there is no hostile feeling involving them. Those girls are using all of their power to win over their opponents more than anyone else. Of course, many of their activities are mostly not over the top. It is mainly about showing off their knowledge. So, the surrounding people could not help but feel warm watching for those two who keep improving themselves rather than kicking others around.

“U~n, but, is the Heroine going to be alright?”

“She is as healthy as Bell. That is what.”

“Eh, Syulein, you did not know the reason why Anthurium-san had delayed her enrollment previously?”


Now that I think about it, it is like a natural thing for me to accept Shana’s existence; however, I did not know much about her in reality. Seriously speaking, there are too many weird circumstances around it. For example, that appearance and specs, is there really a need for her to work hard as Belfreya? More than anything, why does she train? Shana’s specs are not those of genius type; it is the type that is being raised through daily efforts.

Syulein begins to feel some doubt. Why did she try to appeal herself to him when it was actually their first meeting? Why does Shana accepting the role of the Heroine that Belfreya has been searching for? Did she not even doubt that Belfreya might not even be her rival? They were supposed to be meeting for the first time. But that encounter was seen as if it is inevitable.

Syulein narrowed his eyes as his mind wanders about it.

“So, why did she being late?”

“I do not know about the detail…. but it seems that she had been hospitalized.”


“It’s true. Though Lady Anthurium has been hiding about it, it seems that she has been taking medicine from time to time at school. When I looked at her history, it seems that she was frequently hospitalized seven years ago.”

Syulein was surprised at the information gathered by Fior and turn speechless. The usual Shana seemed to be able to compete with the liveliness of that Belfreya. Despite Fior’s habit of manipulating and throwing confusion with his information, it does not appear that he will likely lie about it. Since it is related to the matter of Belfreya, Fior has made the most tremendous effort in ensuring the accuracy of the information gathered. Syulein did not mean to doubt it, but he feels like he needs some more confirmation about that information.

“I cannot tell this to Bell-chan, therefore, Syulein –”


Before he could finish talking, Syulein stopped with an odd voice. Fior has directed his line of sight towards the classroom entrance. Looking at that, Syulein thought that Belfreya might have already arrived at the classroom and turn to look at the entrance – and there she was.

“……Shana Anthurium.”

“Good afternoon. Edward-san, Curtis-san.”

“A~a, Un. Good afternoon, Lady Anthurium. What’s wrong? The school is already ended. For you to come all the way to the second-grade classroom … … Perhaps you want to invite Syulein to go on a date?”


“Oi, is this some kind of a joke……ha?”

Her eyes turned large as Syulein watch over her. This was the first time for him to look at her without going through Belfreya. The girl’s eyes looked serious and she stood so dignified; that neither of them able to tell whether she was joking or not. And in confusion, Syulein looked into Shana’s eyes to urge her on.

“I want to talk to you, so that’s why I came here.”

“I wonder if it is something that both Bell-chan and I should not hear about.”

“Yes. Sorry.”

Fior laughed at Shanna, who carefully lowered her head towards him. At the same time, Fior replied, saying that she did not have to be worried about it. While directing her smile towards him, her eyes were fixed towards his friend. There were an apology and confirmation. At least for that girl, she will not talk to Syulein unless there are only two of them.

Are you going to follow me? Syulein returned an unfriendly smile towards his friend.

“…… It is okay, I think that there must be something that you need to talk about. If you use the student council’s room key, you can open the door to the rooftop. Even if anything happened, it is quite impossible for the general student not barge in.”

“…….Thank you for your consideration.”

“It’s nothing, I understand. I will stay in the classroom and wait for Bell-chan. Leave everything to me.”

Talking in a relaxed tone, Fior tried waving the two people away. Even though he loved to joke around, but in this school, the only person that Syulein can trust to leave Belfreya with was him. Syulein stood up from his chair while nodding at Fior.

And without hesitation, he walked away while escorting Shana to the rooftop.

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This website is supported by the ads revenue. You do not need to click on any. I appreciated if you could turn off ads-block for this site. If you like things that I translate, do consider fuel me up with lots of bubble tea to pump me up |▽//)ゝ

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