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The Analects of Righteous Father’s Collapse [ Fast Wear] Chapter 18

Chapter 18: Unquestioning Filial Piety 18

Author: 打字机N号

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“What do you mean by this? Don’t you realise that your dad is going to die?!” 

Miao Caifeng stood outside the ward. There were some words that she did not want to say in front of the old man. 

“Mom, what are you saying now? If Jiang Hai and I have money, do you think that I will be unwilling to pay for dad to see a doctor? Jianjun and Jiandang will transfer to the school at the provincial town next semester. Our money already depleted buying the house there in order to accompany them. Even now, we still owed money with some of Jiang Hai’s colleagues. What’s more, Dad’s illness is too serious and there is no way it can be healed.” 

Jiang Hai was silent at the side. Wang Xuemei decidedly replaced his husband to talk to Miao Caifeng. 

“I am not talking to you. Hai-zi, you said to me. When I asked you to treat your father, you told me that you did not have any money, and yet you still have money to buy a new house? I want you to sell that house now!”

Miao Caifeng’s could not stop shivering. It was impossible that she did not realized that this son and daughter in law of her was actually trying to play tug of war with her.

There was also that daughter of her. She did appear when the result of the examination came out. After that, she could not even see her coming visiting the hospital anymore. That girl was also unreliable and unable to support her now. 

“Mom, the doctor needs the money urgently in order to treat father. Even if I am willing to sell the house now, it might not be possible for anyone to buy it immediately.”

Jiang Hai replied to Miao Caifeng words with a smile.

“You still dare lie to me! I already asked the nurses around here. The house in the county town had always been in high demand. As long as you willing to sell it one or two hundred yuan cheaper, people will immediately line up to buy it.” 

Miao Caifeng’s attitude was aggressive. But it can’t be held, the situation called for it.

“Isn’t one or two hundred yuan is still money? After all, the doctor also said that it is very difficult to cure this disease. It is very likely that the money will be spent for nothing. Mom, it is not like I don’t want to save father, but I also have to think about my children, about people who still have the future in their life. How about this? Why don’t you go to big brother? Big brother is so rich. I heard that he had bought several shops. Why don’t you asked him to pay for the medical fees? After all, the person inside is also his own father.” 

Jiang Hai’s answer made Miao Caifeng turned cold. Jiang Hai tried to compare himself with Jiang Liu. Even though he received full love and care from the old couple all these years, but the economic value of his family was not as strong as Jiang Liu thus made him reluctant to spend the money.

Jiang Hai seemed to understand the old lady mood at that time that he could not help but continued to mutter.

“Don’t you dare to say that you did not want to make big brother suffer. After all, it was because of him that second brother died. So, of course, he owed us these.” 

“What did you just said?”When she heard her younger son mentioned about the second son who died young, and Miao Caifeng could not help but groaned. She clenched and un-clenched her fist as she asked. 

“Mom, stop yelling at me. I know that my second brother was starving to death because of big brother. Now if he still unwilling to pay for his father, that’s was because he had no conscience at all.” 

This thing was heard by Jiang Hai when he accidentally passed the old couple’s room. Only at that time did he knew why his mother had always looked at the big brother in an unpleasant manner. In addition to the fact that his brother is a fool, it appeared that this secret matter also existed. 

Therefore, Jiang Hai had always felt that the benefit that he had received were something that should be taken for granted. If big brother owed the second brother a life, then he should sacrifice more for the family. 

“I am wrong, I am really wrong.” 

Miao Caifeng could not help but tremble. Looking at her indifference son and daughter in law towards their father inside the ward, she finally felt that she had done something seriously wrong in this life. 

“It was a mystery how I could ever fault your big brother over the death of your second brother. How old was he at that time? The one who really should be responsible for your second brother’s death was your father and I. It was because the two of us don’t have the ability to feed all of our children. It was us who were in the wrong.”

Miao Caifeng stood up as she held into the wall of the corridor. Her legs were so weak that she was almost unable to stand straight.

“I am the one who had ill-treated your big brother and still raised two white-eyed wolves. Just roll out from here. As for your father’ medical expenses, even if I have to sell the land, I will gather the money by myself. If it is still not enough, I will just sell the old house to cover it.”

Miao Caifeng really had no face to look for her eldest son. As for her husband’s medical expenses, she needed to find a way to cover the money as soon as possible.

“Mom, the way you said it as if Jiang Hai and I are not being filial to you. If we have money like big brother, we will not hesitate at all. Is it difficult for you to understand the situation of our family?” 

Wang Xuemei was very dissatisfied with the attitude of the old lady. Years ago, the old lady also used to call big brother as an old ox. How come that she had changed in the past few years?

“Moreover, we still live in that old house. If you sell it, where are we going to live? What’s more, some part of the property also under my name as well as Jiang Hai and the two children. You cannot arbitrarily sold it out to others.” 

Wang Xuemei decided to interject, however looking at the old lady’s increasingly red eyes, her voice gradually got lighter as she pulled her husband’s hand and finally muttered.

“Whether you want it or not, younger sister already went to see big brother. Now that Dad’s illness cannot be cured, we just need to look at the conscience of a big brother. You are unstable right now because of Dad’s illness. Jiang Hai and I will go back first. You should take this time to calm down.”

Wang Xuemei took his husband, Jiang Hai away. The lost old lady ended up being left alone outside the ward. 

Miao Caifeng didn’t know how long she had stood like that. She really didn’t know that her baby daughter who hadn’t appeared for a long time actually went to her eldest son. Now that the other party knew that his father is sick, will he finally willing to come over?

The old lady eyes’ flashed slightly as she patted down her hair, pretending to be okay as she took a deep breath while opening the door and walked inside. 

Jiang Chuangen lived in a three-person room. One of the original patient in this room unable to produce the money needed for the treatment, therefore he was taken back by his children. Another one died before the operation able to be scheduled, leaving his children crying for the lost. Right now, there was only Jiang Chuangen inside this room.

She didn’t know when he woke up. When Miao Caifeng came in, his eyes were looking at the trees outside the window. She was unable to guess what he was thinking at that time. 

“If our older son came, you should let him go back.” 

After some times, Jiang Chuangen said those words to his wife who silently peeling an apple. 

“I am a bottomless pit. I am afraid that we need to spend a lot of money for the treatment. In the end, I might still not going to make it. Besides, with how old I am, even if I am cured, I could only live for a few couple of years. I am afraid of pain. I also do not want to die under the knife.”

Jiang Chuangen mouth was twitching. There is no way he was afraid of pain. He was actually afraid that they will not have money to spend on it.

“Our older son also has two children. The little grandson is so smart. In the future, they still need to use the money for his education. Our older son’s money should be kept for the children. I had not been good to him all this time. Therefore, I do not have any face to force him to pay for my medical fees.” 

Jiang Chuangen really likes this little grandson of his. He didn’t dare to go to the eldest son’s house to see the children. But when the children came back home, he will usually sneak up to see them whenever the children out playing in the village. He usually conversed with those children a bit before giving them some candy.

Originally, he felt that Jiang Liu’s couple really hated him. Even the children should have known about their hateful grandparents were. Whoever thought that Jiang Liu actually pointed out the couple to the two children that when he went to meet them, they will sweetly call him grandpa?

Jiang Chuangen had already had two grandsons before, but he did not know why with the existence of his son hard earned pair of dragon and phoenix children, even when he was obviously so sick right now, he did not feel that sad anymore.

It’s a pity that he couldn’t wait for the two children to grow up. Originally, he had been saving up the money needed to buy private housing for them. He had decided that when the two children got married, he will secretly sent them a gift. 

“You thought forward too much. It is not necessarily that he will come here or not.” 

Miao Caifeng cut the apple in her hand. By then, she realized that her husband had overheard the conversation that had happened outside. 

“If he didn’t come, then it’s okay. We were abandoned by the children who were spoiled by us. Why bother asking a child whom we had been treated badly?”

Perhaps because of this serious illness, Jiang Chuangen’s mind suddenly became clearer. Or maybe because he was about to die, many of his words were now straightforward and unprejudiced.

“You don’t have to trouble yourself with those kids. The house and land belong to us. Make sure that you keep all the money that you have been saving all this year to yourself. After I die, there is no one left to take care of you. You will be on your on from then. Don’t be a stupid person and give them any of it.”

Jiang Chuangen patted the back of his wife’s hand. In the past few years, he also had some complaints in regards to her action. If it wasn’t because of her calculation, how could their relationship with their eldest son become so stiff? But when he thought about it, didn’t he also kept his mouth shut when those things happened?

Plus, when he heard that his wife said that she will do whatever it takes to cover his medical expenses, Jiang Chuangen felt that no matter what, he did not marry a wrong person.

“Right, don’t forget to take off the second brick in the second row of the cabinet. There are more than two hundred yuan in it. I have been collecting that money from before.”

That was Jiang Chuangen saving for more than a decade. There is no need for him to hide it from her now. 

“You are a bad old man! You dare to have a secret saving? This time I will spare you. But if I find it again later, I will smash your ear and mix it with coriander.”

Miao Caifeng rubbed her eyes. She could not stand this depressed mood. If his husband could not be cure, did he need to live while waiting for his death? He also told her to live a good life. But if he is gone leaving her alone, will she be alright?


Jiang Chuangen laughed a bit. He understood what his wife wanted to say. But in his heart, he knew that there was no way for such a chance to happen in the future. 

“This is Jiang Chuangen’s ward. You can go in now.”

The sound of footsteps could be heard coming from the outside of the room. Miao Caifeng heard the nurse mentioned Jiang Chuangen’s name. She quickly wiped the tears in her eyes. She speculated that maybe some of their relatives had come to visit after hearing the bad news.

She is a tough woman. She did not even want to crumble down even when she was by herself, what’s more in front of others.

The same was true with Jiang Chuangen. He asked Miao Caifeng to help him take the pillow from the next bed. After that, he stacked that pillow with his own as he propped himself up. He also did not forget to take care of his hair. 

But far from their own imagination, it was not their relative who came to visit but Jiang Liu himself.

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