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The Analects of Righteous Father’s Collapse [ Fast Wear] Chapter 20

Chapter 20: Unquestioning Filial Piety 20

Author: 打字机N号

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“Auntie Miao, why are you here? How is your husband’s body? It seemed that your family’s Jiang Hai had not come back home this past few days. Is he at the hospital taking care of his father?” 

“Jiang old man body is so strong, how could there be anything wrong with it, right? It is good you are here, we are just about to go and see you. We already collected some money, hope you will not look down on this meagre contribution of ours, okay?” 

When Miao Caifeng returned to the village, there were many acquaintances milling around here, asking her for the news.

Since the last five years, Jiang’s old couple situation in the village was getting much better. Especially when Jiang Liu moved to town. Everyone gradually forgot all the old stuff. Her relatives and friends began to approach her again. 

In addition to that, Miao Caifeng’s temper had also gradually turned peaceful. She started to settle down and no longer acting like a shrew. People who didn’t like her before gradually changed their views on her. This especially obvious when they heard of Jiang Chuanggen’s bad news. After that, the previous prejudice was buried down, leaving only worry and sympathy. 

“Jiang Hai had not returned yet?” 

Miao Caifeng was preparing to go home to pick up some change of clothes. After all, this time she is leaving for the provincial capital in order to see the doctor. She didn’t know when she will return home. There were also things planted in the farm which need to be taken care off. It was cheaper for her to ask some acquaintances to look after it. It will be much better than letting it being completely destroyed by not being harvested.

“They are not in the hospital with the old man?”

Listening to Miao Caifeng’s tone, it seemed that the Jiang Hai’s couple were not at the hospital. They felt that it was incomprehensible especially when Jiang Chuangen was in such a critical moment. Since their most beloved son was not in the hospital, they could not help but wonder where he had gone to. 

“Heh, they were scared off when they heard about the medical expenses. I really feel that I have been blinded all these years.” 

Miao Caifeng had no intention of protecting her younger son anymore. In front of everyone, she bluntly accused him of lacking the filial piety. 

“Jiang Hai ran away? Then how about the old man’s medical expenses? It will take a lot of money to cure his sickness. I have a relative in my family who got a similar illness. They spent almost 20,000 for the treatment at the county hospital, and their saving was basically all gone. Finally, they had no more money to cure the disease and could only bring him back.”

What does 20,000 yuan mean in this current era? Even though they were now the wealthiest villages in the vicinity, they dare not say that there were more than ten households who have that much money.

Everyone knew the situation of Jiang’s family. If Jiang Hai is not willing to pay for his old father’s treatment, then it was all left to Jiang Chuangen and Miao Caifeng to make up the money. 

“Our oldest son said that he will pay the money and took his father to the provincial hospital to see a doctor.” 

Miao Caifeng’s expression eased a lot when she said that. Fortunately, she was not stupid enough that she was unable to see the true face of these children before she died. For the one who truly filial, she had lost the opportunity to give them love all those years. How could she be blinded all these years with that dog’s fake filial piety? To think that she had been good to such person all these years. 

“Your oldest son is so good, you must not be confused later on.” 

“He has a good heart. He wanted to take his father to the provincial capital to see the doctor even though it will cost him a lot of money. Miao-shi, you listen to me well, you must treat him better in the future.” 

Everyone listened to Miao Caifeng’s word and felt that there was no big trouble from both sides. It seemed that during an important moment, it was still the oldest son who was truly reliable. 

Everyone said something as they tried to persuade Miao Caifeng. They hope that she can now see through this matter. She must know how to differentiate, who is the traitor and who is the good child, lest she will hurt the heart of the filial child. 

Furthermore, since Jiang Liu willing to pay for Jiang Chuangen treatment, it means that he still remembered their parent-child relationship. Therefore, the two sides should also fix their mother-child relationship.

As for Jiang Hai, he had become the negative role model for the children in the village. Although Miao Caifeng did so many unfavourable things to Jiang Liu, yet she had always pampered Jiang Hai. It could even be said that all those unfortunate burden on Jiang Liu’s shoulder before was all due to the care that Miao Caifeng showered upon Jiang Hai. 

Which child in the village do not do the housework from an early age? When the other boy was working hard at the farm, Jiang Hai was like big baby egg in a honey pot. Anyone could act unfilially to the Jiang’s old couple, but Jiang Hai should not be one of them.

During the time when Miao Caifeng went back to pack up her luggage and arranged for her acquaintance to look over the field, the villagers were still talking about the Jiang Hai’s couple. For such person to become a teacher, they could not help but worry that Jiang Hai will teach their children wrongly and let the children become selfish and indifferent to their elder in the future. They do not know who had proposed it, but some of them had suggested that they reported Jiang Hai’s lack of morality to the education department. There were also some who stated that they should go and see the school headmaster to help them make the judgement for this matter. After all, for such a morally corrupted person, was he still qualified to become a teacher? 

However, even if the villager did not report him, Jiang Hai was already in hot water. It turned out that after five years of escape, the small officer of the education department who had participated in the bribery case was finally being arrested at the south. After returning, that person also gave out the names of some teachers who had participated in bribery. Coincidentally, Jiang Hai name came out during the confession. Right now was the period of severe punishment. The higher up obviously attached great importance to this case, especially when dealing with a criminal who managed to run away for more than five years. Soon the police started to gather the people who was quote by that officer. As for people who are yet to pass the teacher’s assessment, their lives were of those ordinary people, so they willingly admitted to this matter. 

As for some teachers who managed to get the job after passing the examination, they were naturally unwilling to admit it. Because once they admitted to it, it was not guaranteed that the job will still be theirs. 

The police also not someone who willing to let the thing go as it is. They quickly broke through the psychological defences of those people who wanted to keep their silence. In addition, some people who did not manage to pass the examination also willingly divulged some information in regard to this matter. In the end, Jiang Hai and others finally admitted to the fact that they do participate in bribing the officer. The offender could not keep their job in the end. Furthermore, due to the fact that they escaped from being caught and yet still holding the teacher position for the last five years, those people were also fined with two thousand yuan. For them who earned the money all this year, this was already the smallest punishment for them.

At this time, Jiang Hai finally thought of his mother who had always helped him dealing with the mess that he had caught on. Yet, at this time, Miao Caifeng had already gone to the provincial capital. Jiang Hai couldn’t contact anyone. The police also continued to pressure him in regards to the fines. Jiang Hai and his wife were helpless. They can only sell the house in the county town and went back to live in the village. 

He completely ruined his reputation and lost his job. Compared to Jiang’s old couple, the villagers disregard them even more.  

One was someone who had been biased on her youngest son and disregards their eldest son. The other person was a favoured son who unwilling to spend money to treat his terminally ill father. For the simple villagers, the latter was undoubtedly more irritating and intolerable. 

Fortunately, they managed to sell the house in the county town. After paying the fine, Jiang Hai’s couple still had thousands of dollars in their hands in order to help them pass the day. 

The most troublesome thing for them was that Jiang Hai had lost his job. His resume was stained badly because of this incident. It will be difficult for him to go out and find a safe job. Finally, when there is no other way out, he thought of the acres of land under his, his wife and their two children’s name. Previously, the old lady had been responsible for maintaining the land. As of right now, Jiang Hai believed that those few acres of land can be used to sustain his family’s livelihood. However, before Miao Caifeng left, she had placed those land on the hand of her trusted friend. Soon, the crop on the land had been harvested by them. 

Before Jiang Hai appeared, the family had taken care of the fields for nearly a month. Right now, Jiang Hai who had lost his job finally lost his arrogance as a scholar. He shamelessly demanding that family to return the land to him. Because of this incident, Jiang Hai’s family was being excluded even more by the villagers. Even their children were left out from the circle of children in the village. 


At this time, Jiang Liu and others were sitting outside the operating room. Xu Xiuxiu and the two children were also there waiting patiently for Jiang Chuangen. 

Jiang Liu looked at his watch. At this time, Jiang Hai should already receive the big gift he had especially prepared for him. This gift was actually five years late. He was truly a good big brother. 

“Grandpa will be fine, right?” 

Jiang Yang looked up to the operating room before he whispered those words to his mother.

“He will be fine.” 

Xu Xiuxiu nodded. After many years, her resentment against her in-laws had long since disappeared. On the contrary, she was still being grateful to them. If they had not acted such a way, her husband would not suddenly wake up, nor would their life be as rich and moist as of now. What’s more, she might also not going to be blessed with this lovely pair of children. 

“I hope that grandpa will quickly become good. I will share half of my fruit pancake with grandpa.”

Jiang Yang grinned. After this, he will no longer be forced to finish the fruit pancake with the two sausages anymore. Previously when he was unable to finish his breakfast, he had to eat the remaining half of the fruit pancake that had been reheated by his mother for his lunch. 


Xu Xiuxiu gently sighed as she patted his son’s head. 

“When grandfather is okay, I will bring my doll to play with grandfather.” 

Jiang Xing smiled sweetly. Grandpa is a really good person who will give her sweet candy. So she really likes her Grandpa a lot. 

Listening to her grandson and grandchildren, Miao Caifeng’s regret intensified. If she had not been blinded before, how much happiness will she be able to hold to?


The door to the operating room was opened as the doctor and the nurse pushed the stretcher out. 

“The operation was very successful. He should be able to recover well later.”

The doctor’s expression was relatively relaxed. After listening to his words, Miao Caifeng’s legs suddenly became weak as she sat softly on the ground. It was as if the heart that had been pulled out from her body had now finally returned.

At the same time, Jiang Liu also received the remaining 2 points of good feeling from Miao Caifeng. With this, his mission in this world was finally completed. 


After a month.

Jiang Chuangen was recovering well after the surgery. The doctor finally let him went back home to recuperate. Miao Caifeng also returned to Qinghe Village with him. However, unexpectedly they did not return to the old house. Instead, they followed their eldest son, Jiang Liu and stay at his house in the village.

Now Jiang Liu and his wife spend more time at the county town. They only stay occasionally at that house whenever they came back to the countryside. The house was basically neglected. Now with the Jiang’s old couple living here, they can help maintained the house for them.

This was Xu Xiuxiu’s proposal. Since Jiang Chuangen’s post-operative recovery was very important, she wanted him to live in a peaceful environment. She was afraid that if the couple lives under the same roof as the Jiang Hai’s family, it was likely for the wound to worsen due to the frequent dispute. This will end up wasting the 70,000 to 80,000 yuans that was used to cover the medical expenditures. 

Jiang Liu just agreed with whatever his wife decided on. 

On the first day of their return, Jiang Hai and his wife came to visit the old couple. At that time, Miao Caifeng showed them the same shrewd behaviour she had used previously when she was dealing with her eldest son. She took the broom and drove them out of the house. It was lucky that the old fashioned toilet was no longer available. They were afraid that if such a thing still existed, Miao Caifeng will be more likely to pour those dirty water on them. 

Wang Xuemei, who returned to the old house, was very upset. Yet, when she saw the empty main house and thought of the old couple who lived in the big brother’s house, she suddenly felt that this might be a good thing. 

Now, it seemed that they were no longer burdened with the need to look after the elderly. After all, that old man and woman had a house of their own. Therefore, why should they still care about those two heartless people? 

That evening, the couple opened the locked door of the main house and slept comfortably inside the main house’s bedroom.


Early the next morning, Wang Xuemei was awakened by a familiar sound. 

She didn’t know when the roof tiles and rood beam were torn down. The surrounding walls had also been taken down, leaving only half of them still attached to the structure. A group of people were also moving around the house as several middle-aged men were laughing and pointing their hand at them.

Wang Xuemei screamed as she wrapped herself tightly with the quilt. 

The current weather could be considered to be cold. Therefore, who is not wearing long-sleeved clothes and trousers while sleeping? Even if she didn’t cover it, it was not like anything was being exposed.

“Whoever let you come and move my family’s things? You are a thief. A robber. This is a crime!” 

Wang Xuemei sharp accusation was interjected by Miao Caifeng.

“What a joke. Whether I moved my things or not have no whatsoever relationship with you. When we were separated, this main house belongs to your father and I. If I am no longer living here, who is going to take care of it? I am not going to let others easily have it. Since this is mine, of course, I can dismantle it, right?” 

Miao Caifeng sneered before she turned over and said to the helper gently.

“That old man and I have a deep feeling for this house. Although I don’t live here now, I still wish to bring all this brick with me to reminiscence. That can also make feel happy.”

Hearing this set of familiar words, Wang Xuemei could only gasp as she covered herself with the quilt, and burst into tears.


In the decades that followed, Miao Caifeng and Jiang Chuangen lived in their eldest house in the countryside. They relied on their saving as well as the acres of land that they had acquired before. Their life could be considered as quite comfortable. 

The only regret that they may have was the gap that existed with their eldest son. It seemed that the other party had not completely forgive them.

Even so, every month, he still brought their grandchildren to live with them for two days. He did not hinder them from cultivating their feeling with their grandchildren. It just that their relationship with Jiang Liu were not as close as before. 

However, they could still see their little grandchildren often. Whenever they met Jiang Liu’s couple, from time to time, they will send some fresh fruits and vegetables to their house at the county town. The other party also delivered some tonic and clothes to them. So their relationship could be considered neither bad nor good. 

Jiang Hai’s life in these years had been difficult. He refused to work at the field. Later, with the enhancement of economic development, self-employment gradually increased. Wang Xuemei and Jiang Hai went out to work for other people. Yet they could only earn less money which barely able to cover their cost of living. 

Jiang Juan situation was better than her brother Jiang Hai. Yet because of how unruly she had behaved towards her own mother, her husband’s family started to have some doubts over her moral conduct. Normally, they would not allow her to hold the finance book. Right now, she was treated even harshly than before. 

In the past, whenever Jiang Juan had any difficulties, she will find her mother to help her making her stand. Now, because of the things that she had done before, Miao Caifeng no longer cares about her.

Without support from her family, Jiang Juan’s life in her husband’s family could only get worse. Fortunately, her husband did not divorce her. The couple stayed together for the sake of the children. 


“You have completed the current world’s mission. The task reward was a 1000 point. In the current world, you have harvested 17 people’s heartfelt thanks. You are rewarded with an additional 850 points. The accumulated point is 1850 points.” 

After the separation from the mission world, Jiang entered the void space once again. 001 also appeared in front of him. 

“Would you like to go to the next world?” 


Jiang Liu expression from the nostalgic remembrance slowly changed into a calm countenance. He then touched his heart before he gently nodded. 

In the next second, his consciousness returned to nothing. 

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