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The Analects of Righteous Father’s Collapse [ Fast Wear] Chapter 35 [Sponsored]

Chapter 35: The search for one’s mom second spring 3/For the sake of my mother’s remarriage 3

Author: 打字机N号

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But this was only Jiang Liu’s speculation. As for the specifics, only those two people were clear about it. 

After moving to Fucheng, this pair of mother and son had lived a comfortable life. Although the original body was a successful candidate in the imperial provincial examination, however, it was not necessarily mean that his future scholar road will be easy. Because the original body had yet to married anyone, he had become a good candidate in the eyes of some big families in Fucheng. Coincidentally, at that time frame, the original body’s teacher also had a daughter which was already reached the marriageable age. After visiting the matchmaker, Meng Yun-niang finally decided to let the girl entered their family door which contributed to this marriage. 

However, the day that came subsequently after the marriage could not be considered as a happy one. 

First of all, Meng Yun-niang had revolved almost half of her life around her son. But now there was suddenly another woman in his son’s life. Even if she was a reasonable person, inevitably she could not help but scrutinized her daughter-in-law’s shortcoming. She could not help but dislike this woman who seemed to steal her beloved son away from her.

The wife of the original body was a young lady who was the only child in the family. Therefore, she had been spoiled since childhood. Thus, her habit did not match up to her mother-in-law who had been suffering almost all her life. 

The original body was willing to accommodate his wife’s spoiled attitude, however, this had touched the sensitive nerves of Meng Yun-niang. She felt that her son had been taken away by her daughter-in-law. In this way, the contradiction between the mother and the daughter increased while the original bodies were stuck in the middle of the confrontation.

Every time Meng Yun-niang and her daughter-in-law had a dispute, the original body had always tried his best to mediate the two of them. But the original body was someone who only knew how to study but actually had a very low emotional intelligence. His mouth was awkward and more often than not, he who unable to appease the rage from both sides ended up increasing the contradiction between this mother-in-law and daughter-in-law. 

And because of the disharmony in his own family, the original body road to imperial examination also ended up going nowhere. 

In order to let her son study from young, Meng Yun-niang had spent many hours grinding the soymilk. This had affected her bones which became the roots of her disease in the later years. Even though her life had turn better recently, yet due to the conflict with her own daughter-in-law, she ended up being angered also every day. This made her own body condition worsen. She was basically bedridden near the end of her life. It was quite a miserable sight.

At this time, for her, death was a relief. But because she does not trust her daughter-in-law, she wanted to take care of her son until her last breath. Eventually, she had laid on the sick bed for more than ten years. When her son’s child was finally born, she finally felt that her son had grown up and able to leave the world with confidence.

“Girls is really the cutest creature in the world.”

001 appeared in mid-air while exclaiming those sentence.

Jiang Liu: … 

Jiang Liu really could not understand how 001 could ever linking the cuteness of women with the memories that he had just received. 

“In ancient times, due to the gender restrictions, women’s lives were often trapped in marriage, family, husband and their children. Just like the original’s mother. For the sake of his son’s life, she decided not to remarry. This is also similar to the original body’s wife. Even if her mother-in-law had been unreasonable but she still works hard in taking care of her. Even if her mother-in-law had been irrational, due to the filial piety, she continued to suppress herself and still apologized to her mother-in-law.” 

001 ignored Jiang Liu’s gaze as it continued to say. 

However, 001’s words were not false. After carefully reviewing the memory of the original, Jiang Liu found that this dynasty was particularly harsh on the widows. 

First of all, this era did not support remarriage for the widows. 

Widows who wish to remarry will be thrown away from his ex-husband’s home. At the same time, the dowry that she brought over when she got married will stay with the husband’s family. That is to say, the widow who wishes to remarry will not have any money on herself. She will be lucky to find any man who willing to marry her without any dowry. If she were to meet people who have no conscience, she could end up ruined for the rest of her life.

As for the widow with children, it was even worse for them. After all, some girls originally came from a poor family and entered her husband household without bringing any dowry. Therefore, if they had children, it was even impossible for them to remarry and brought their children over to her new family if the ex-husband’s clan had any say on it. It was rare to find a mother who can endure the separation from their own flesh and blood. Thus, for the sake of their children, many women can only choose widowhood and spend the rest of their lives alone. 

It was even worse for some of those traditional-minded clans. According to the original memory, there was a rumour about a young widow who wished to remarry to end up being captured by her husband’s clan and tied to a stone before being drowned in the river. 

The widow’s own family tried to raise some noise in regard to this matter, however, the law which reproached the crowd for their crime did not exist in this era. Therefore, it was impossible for the local magistrate to punish hundreds of ordinary people who had participate in this murder. Thus, the end result, they could only declare the widow death as a tragic incident. Just because she wanted to remarry, she can’t even enter the ancestral grave and could only be buried hastily by her family. Even after her death, they were no one who will worship her grave and she could only end up as a lonely ghost. 

In regards to this occurrence, only few people sympathized with the young widow. Instead, the majority of them agreed with the clan’s action. It was easy to conclude that this feudal society was not easy for women. 

“Task one. Help at least 1,000 women in this world to change the situation in their lives. Upon completion, the host will be rewarded with 1000 points. Failure in completing the task will lead to the deduction three times of the reward points. Once the score reaches zero, the host will be eliminated.”

“Task two. Prevent Meng Yun-niang from disfiguring her face. Let the other have a happy and bountiful life.1000 points will be given upon completion. Failure in completing the task will lead to the deduction three times of the reward points. Once the score reaches zero, the host will be eliminated.”

After lamenting for a bit, 001 finally started to talk about the serious things as it announced the two tasks of the current world.

In the last world, Jiang Liu had received a total of 137 sincere gratitude due to his donation in building the primary schools and wells. Adding the points he earned in the first world and the points after the completion of the previous world mission he had a total of 9,400 points remaining. 

In other words, as long as he did not spend more than 3,400 points buying stuff from the system store, even if he fails the task, he will not get punished.

Jiang Liu became more confident as he started to study the world’s task seriously. 

Task 2 was relatively easy to complete. Now that he has arrived in this world, they are no way he going to let his mom to disfigure herself. As for letting her mother to have a bountiful and happy life, the former is very simple to accomplish. As for the latter, he just needs to find a good way to mediate between his mother and his wife later on.

Meng Yun-niang herself could be considered as a traditional woman. Once she got married, she had devoted herself to her husband. After the death of her husband, her happiness was mostly derived from her son. 

Therefore, Jiang Liu did not concern himself too much with this task, but instead it was task one that made him felt a bit little confused. 

The scope of this task seemed to be broader in a sense. Jiang Liu did not understand the best solution needed in order to improve women’s lives. It seemed that this task was not something that could be solved just by using money. If it was like that, he could just earn a little bit more money and gave it to 1000 woman so that they can live a more prosperous life than before. Then, this task could be considered as completed. 

“Host should stop acting like a trickster! The task was meant to improve the living conditions of the women in this era especially in regards to their position and social class. That is to say, the host must help at least 1,000 women to break away from the constraints imposed on them by feudal society, such as promoting gender equality. This new status should allow them to have the same rights as men such as the opportunity to receive education in a formal setting. You could also try to change the situation of widows, so that, those who wanted to remarry will be able to do it with a happy heart.” 

001’s explanation made Jiang Liu felt that the task had become even harder. Not to mention he himself, even the original body unable to let both boy and girl study next to each other in a formal setting. This is a direct challenge toward the conventional feudal society. A nobody like him will be able to make such big waves and change people’s perception. Even modern gender equality came from the uncountable blood and sweat shed by their revolutionary ancestors. 

Fortunately, the main system also considered the difficulty when they assigned the task. They let the host to freely come out with the way to help those women at their own discretion. The number of 1,000 people, although difficult, it was not really impossible. Therefore, in order for him to do this, he must first improve his status. At the very least, he must sit for the scholar’s examination and become the Emperor’s favoured minister or a powerful minister, right?

Jiang Liu could felt the incoming headache. He was not a scholar in his previous life. He was someone who only managed to complete his junior high school’s diploma before dropping out of school. Even if he had the original memory, how could he even dream of becoming a champion?

Don’t think that he was capable just because he had tried learning English in order to make more money. In fact, his essence was still an idiot. Whenever he thought that he needs to sit down and learn in school, what’s more, those hard to pronounce ancient text, Jiang Liu felt as though his head was about to explode.

Besides, knowledge was not something that you can use without knowing it. Even if you know the technique and the rule in composing a poem, it doesn’t mean that you can produce poetry like Li Bai’s Shixian or Du Fu’s Shisheng in general. Even with the original’s memory left for Jiang Liu, those memories were not necessarily something that he can use flexibly. 

Is this his fate as a pitiful child ah? Jiang Liu rolled a few times on the bed as he couldn’t think of any solution to the current dilemma. 

“Friendly reminder, [Yizhi-dan] is now available for sale in the system mall. It only cost 800 points, if you did not buy it, you could only let yourself be duped. If you still did not want to buy it, you are at disadvantages. This is an essential pill for all examination’s candidate.” [T/N: Yizhi-dan: pill to grow one’s intelligence]

When Jiang Liu was nursing his headache, 001’s finally throw him some friendly reminder. 

“Is this the legendary pill that can help you remembered anything after you eat it?” 

Jiang Liu quickly become excited as he opened the system mall. Sure enough, the item on the shelf which originally stored [Super Lucky Star] had been replaced with another thing. Now, the item on the shelf was called [Yizhi-dan]. The price was like how the system had promoted, it was only 800 points. 

“The system does not provide that kind of cheat level pill. The role of the [Yizhi-dan] was restricted to improve the IQ of the host. For any specific situation, it still needs to depend on the original IQ level of the host.”

001 was silence for a while before it gave an answer. 

Jiang Liu understands the system explanation. Even if he used this [Yizhi-dan], he still needs to study hard, but this pill will help him to improve his wisdom. Jiang Liu immediately bought one and quickly swallowed the pill into his belly.

If it was not because of the pill was only valid for one-time use, he also wished to buy more in order to experience its effect. 

“I was originally a small genius. Now that I have eaten the pills, I should be considered as a great genius, right?”

After eating the pill, Jiang Liu did not felt that there were any changes in his IQ, so he quickly questioned the system.


001 really couldn’t understand its host’s self-confidence self. 

“001, why don’t you talk?” 

Looking at the silent system, Jiang Liu got a little bit angry. 

“If you don’t talk, then you agree with me by default. Sure enough, I am a genius.” 

Jiang Liu made another roll on the bed as he began to ponder the way to complete the task. 

Just as 001 was about to disappear, Jiang Liu suddenly shouted.

“Right, it was not only the girls, even the boys are very cute, oh!” 

While holding his own small round face, Jiang Liu squinted as he smiled and looked over at the system.


Anyway, for this mentally handicapped host to be able to adapt to this child’s body so quickly, 001 could not help but contemplate whether it was a good thing or not. 

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