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The Analects of Righteous Father’s Collapse [ Fast Wear] Chapter 43 [Sponsored]

Author: 打字机N号

Chapter 43: The search for one’s mom second spring 11/For the sake of my mother’s remarriage 11

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“It’s that Jiang Erchun’s couple who brought this piece of cloths to me saying that the Yun-niangzi has long been in love with me. I was also tricked by them and almost make a big mistake.”

Liu Guanshi decided to take the initiative to confess and pushed all blame towards Jiang Erchun and Su Panyun.

Although he didn’t know if this trap was designed by Jiang Liu or it was because that Jiang Erchun’s couple was too stupid to mistake this piece of cloth as a doudou, but if this was truly a trap laid by Jiang Liu, then this little kid was surely a terrifying demon. Now this situation was completely unfavourable to him, especially since Jiang Liu was already designated as [Anshou]. If Jiang Liu was a normal kid, then he still might be able to find a way to force the Jiang family to submit. However, since Jiang Liu managed to achieve such feat at the age of seven, the Jiang family will inevitably hold him for this crime and he will no longer be able to escape once they become entangled.

After thinking about it clearly, Steward Liu decided to push the pot of dirty water to Jiang Erchun couple. Then he turned to the crowd and apologized.

“I have always been in love with the Yun-niangzi. Because of this, I ended up believing these two evildoers, thinking that the other part was too shy to confess her feeling to me. Regarding the accusation of our intimate relationship, this is me, Liu, making a big mistake, I also hope that the lady will forgive me.”

After that, he bowed towards Meng Yun-niang and Jiang Liu.

“Nonsense! Are you making a joke here? It is obviously you who gave us five taels of silver and let us find a way to let that Yun-niangzi marry you.”

Su Panyun not only did not have any brain, she was also an impulsive person. Before Jiang Erchun could block her, she already leaked their own bottom.

“Oh, it is really the work of these two evildoers. To think they will frame Yun-niangzi who usually have a decorous manner of having a love affair. As it turns out, there is some money involved in the back. They could even deliberately take something from Jiang’s family house in order to fulfil their desire. Luckily, there is Dachun’s protection, so that they mistakenly recognized that baby bib with the doudou. If not, this black-hearted people will already succeed in their scheme.”

“That is, no wonder I heard weird noise some nights ago. Since I thought it might be a thief, so I quickly put on my clothes to go out and see. I ended up seeing these two people rushing from the east side of the village. I didn’t think much about it at the time. Now that I think about it, I was afraid at that time the Yun-niangzi was not at home and the two of them had decided to sneak in to get something from her house.”

“This kind of important things, why didn’t you just say it earlier?”

“I just didn’t think it had any relationship with the current incident.”

Hearing the declaration of the person on the side, as long as they were not a fool, all those people could already figure out the truth.

In particular, with Jiang Liu who was soon to have a major prospect, they didn’t mind adding some icing on the cake. Let them say a few good words so that maybe someday Jiang Liu will remember their kindness.

It was a pity that towards the belated action coming from these people, whether it was Meng Yun-nan or Jiang Liu himself, they did not feel any appreciation for it.

“Since the truth is already cleared, Patriarch, I am going to take Jiang Liu and his mom to Fucheng for the next level of examination. As for that Steward Liu, we can’t manage him as he was not from our Jiang’s family.”

Before Liu Guanshi could be happy, the Patriarch quickly interjected.

“Even though we could not control him, but his master can manage it. If his master does not want to control it, then the government can manage it. I want to see what kind of charges he will get from trying to coerce a good woman.”

It was rare for Jiang Chong to take a tough stand. Although Liu Guanshi was the slave of Wang Juren’s family, however, in the future, Jiang Liu might even be able to reach a much higher position than him. [T/N: Juren: graduate / successful candidate in the prefectural-level of imperial examination]

They can use this to buy Jiang Liu’s appreciation. In order to let him be grateful to the clan, this time Jiang Chong had to do things beautifully. He had let Meng Yun-niang able to nicely exact her revenge.”As for the Jiang Erchun couple, since they worked together with the outsider to frame their own family, we do not need to send them to the government. The family rules are enough to handle them.”

Jiang Chong promised to give a satisfactory answer to Jiang Liu and his mother. However, the most important thing was still the prefectural examination. Now that they have been delayed for a long time, if they did not rush for the journey, his candidacy might void.

Meng Yun-niang wanted the things moved faster for the sake of her son’s test. When she heard the decision of the patriarch, she immediately agrees and started their journey to Fucheng.

Anyway, the truth has already become clear. According to the attention of the family towards her son, it was certainly not easy for them to let go of that Jiang Erchun couple. In this case, it was unnecessary for them to remain here any longer.

“The patriarch, I am telling you. That Steward Liu has been talking nonsense all along. I can’t understand any of it.”

Jiang Erchun did not think that his nephew was so capable, actually able to become an [Anshou], right now their situation was bad. Even if he was able to gain forgiveness from Jiang Liu, the patriarchs will not necessarily let them go.

He and Su Panyun hurried to kneel down as they hugged the patriarch’s thighs and began to cry.        


As for the continuing scene, Jiang Liu and his mother did not know any of it. However, after a few days, they received a letter from the patriarch.

Liu Guanshi was sent to the Yamen, but he insisted that he was unaware of the situation. Because Jiang Erchun’s couple had been coveting the property left by their late brother, they had used him in order to ruin the reputation of their sister-in-law. [T/N: Yamen: Government office in feudal China]Because Jiang Erchun and his wife could not produce any evidence in regards to Steward Liu bribing them, Steward Liu ended up only being beaten with ten boards before he was released.

Fortunately, Wang Juren family’s master was deeply enthralled with the concept of righteousness and drove this badly-stricken slave from the Wang family.

As for the Jiang Erchun couple’s end, it was a lot worse. According to the family rules, since they collaborated with an outsider to ruin their own family member’s reputation, in addition to their respective punishment of 30 boards, their family was also driven out of Qingyang Village.

For feudal people, being expulsed from their own clan could be considered as the biggest punishment. The Jiang Erchun couple endured the painful day and night as they begged and cried outside the patriarch’s house. However, they failed to change the patriarch’s heart and finally sold their house and field. With their children, they left the Qingyang County.

Knowing the news of their departure, Meng Yun-niang was the happiest. From now on, she didn’t have to worry about these two snakes lying around her, wishing to bite a piece of her meat day and night.

However, these were not the most important issue. Nowadays, what she had in her mind was about her son and the examination that he was going to sit from here on.


“Indeed. I hate for not having more time to read the book”At this time, Jiang Liu has already passed the prefectural-level examination as a first ranker and currently he was in the middle of the metropolitan-level examination.

He clearly noticed the gap between the exam questions in the prefectural-level examination and those from metropolitan-level examination, therefore, he did not dare to take it lightly. Each answer was written first on the draft paper as he repeatedly made some adjustment before he copied the completed work on the test paper. Even though he was able to answer the question in this third round of examination, but Jiang Liu still felt that his paper was somewhat lacking.

“It can only be said that the host had not studied enough.”

No one can see 001, who was floating around while communicating with Jiang Liu.

“Isn’t it due to the fact that your system’s capabilities were not enough?”

Jiang Liu glanced at 001 angrily. He hadn’t slacked off for more than a year. He had been holding and reading books all the time except the time when he was eating or sleeping. Thanks to the blessing of the Yidan pill, he felt that his learning efficiency had gotten much higher than before. He quickly reorganized the memories left by the original. He also found out that his comprehension of the knowledge has gotten much higher compared to the original.

Jiang Liu finally felt the taste of being a genius. However, even a genius can’t integrate the knowledge of a lifetime in just one mere year. Due to this, Jiang Lu had to meticulously read and study the four books and five classics. He dares to say that the number of books he read within this one year is more than all the books that he had read in his previous three lives.

And yet this system actually dared to say that he had spent less time studying.

“Why don’t you have some auxiliary system functions like the ability to pause or slow down the flow of time. With this, you will be able to let me have some extra time to study hundreds of times. Or maybe you can provide me with some kind of energy supplements that can let me stay awake without feeling tired.”

Jiang Liu decided to blame his own shortcoming on his own system. If he were to fail this exam surely it was because of that loathsome issue.

In fact, his biggest drawback now was not his article, but his calligraphy. Many examiners have their own preferences for the calligraphy used on the test paper. Jiang Yu was still a small child, even if there was a bunch of knowledge from the original being added to his brain, the speed of his hand couldn’t keep up with the speed of his brain. Regardless of how he had been constantly exercising his wrist strength since he was six years old, his pen power was still inferior to those who have worked hard on it for more than ten years or so.

This point, even if Jiang Liu was smarter, he still can’t make up for it. That was because calligraphy, in addition to talent, still needs long-term efforts to practice.

“Is it really my fault?”

001 was still too simple, what’s more, its skin was definitely thinner than Jiang Liu. 001 was quickly defeated under the attack of its host as it quickly started to make a reflection upon its uselessness as a system.

After copying the last one, Jiang Liu carefully examined the paper twice and then sighed.

He has done his best so he could only resign to his fate.

Jiang Shendao was the Xueshi of the Hanlin Academy. This time he was sent to Yuchuan Province as the examination administrator and presided over this metropolitan-level examination. Before the start of the examination, he had heard the news of a seven-year-old child prodigy. At that time, he just simply dismissed it with a laugh. He felt that the other party might have some skills, and this so-called “child prodigy” was actually promoted deliberately by local officials for the sake of their political achievements. [T/N: Hanlin Academy: Imperial Hanlin Academy, lasting from Tang dynasty until 1911; Xueshi: person holding a university degree]

When he was inspecting the examination room, he first noticed that his luck was not good. He happened to be assigned to this “dud” little prodigy. He patiently observed the other party for three days with rapt attention. During the last moment when the exam was about to end, he started walking around to inspect the answer sheet of the candidates.

After checking his papers for the last time, Jiang Liu decided to move a bit in order to loosen his muscles and bones, only to find out that the examination official had stood in front of him unknowingly.

The other party nodded and sometimes shook his head, which made Jiang Liu unable to understand his thoughts.

Just as Jiang Liu contemplated whether he should or not say hello to the other party, the exam administrator finally left without a saying anything.

This made Jiang Liu became even more confused. Did the other party appreciate him, or was he disapproves with his paper?

Jiang Shendao, who had already walked a distance away, returned to his seat excitedly twisting his finger in a place where others could not see.

Prodigy, this is really a child prodigy ah. There is God and He finally delivers such student to him!

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