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The Analects of Righteous Father’s Collapse [ Fast Wear] Chapter 53

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Chapter 53: The search for one’s mom second spring 21/For the sake of my mother’s remarriage 21

This was the second time Jiang Liu has been invited to the palace, but this time it was not during the morning court. Instead, several ministers had made an appointment to meet the Emperor in private to persuade him so that Jiang Liu will force to close the so-called women’s college.

In fact, if this only involves Jiang Liu, these corrupt old courtiers would already go to the academy’s door and make some commotion. But who made it that Jiang Liu managed to get Qu Ling Junzhu to join in. Who did not know that Junzhu’s temper when she was young? Because of the pet from the Emperor Xian, no one could do anything to her. If anyone were to upset her, you could just wait to be beaten by her.

Even after the new Emperor ascended, he was still very respectful to this aunt. There were also some rumours that before the death of the previous Linjiang Wang, he had also handed over some of his close confidants to this daughter of his. Now the little prince who supposed to take over the Linjiang Wang’s title was actually more in name than in fact. 

Therefore, due to the special status Qu Ling Junzhu among the royal clan, there is no one who dares to force Jiang Liu. Therefore, they could only ask the Emperor to precede this matter to them.

To tell the truth, even Emperor Jin Wen felt that the opening of women’s college was quite unacceptable. However, he was more curious about what Jiang Liu will do in order to convince him to approve his move.

Four years had gone by for this champion, maybe now it is time for him to transfer Jiang Liu from Hanlin Academy.

With that kind of thought, Emperor Jin Wen followed the will of the old officials and called Jiang Liu so that they could argue with each other.

“A woman’s virtue is to have no talent. The existence of this women’s academy is simply a big joke.”

Lu Guang step forward. However, when he looked at the calm expression of Jiang Liu, who appeared to be smiling yet not, he could not help but quivered. He started to become panic as he remembered the incident four years ago when he was unable to control his mouth and ended up being beaten by Jiang Liu’s argument.

“As a woman, they should abide by the Confucian moral injunctions for the woman which is to obey in turn three men namely, her father and then her husband and then her son; when a woman is not married, she should obey the instructions of her father. After she is married, she needs to take care of her husband, open up branches for her husband and be filial to her parents-in-law. After her husband dies, she shall bring up and educate her children. Additionally, she should also follow the four principles which are, virtues of morality, propriety in speech, physical charm and efficiency in needlework. The most important thing for a woman is her moral character, a woman with a good moral character, who can stand upright. The second is women’s speech, which requires no profound learning, and only need to use proper words fitting to the occasion. Then there is the appearance of the woman, that is, the appearance of the woman must be dignified and graceful. She must not be frivolous and casual. Finally, the ability to run a household. She should abide by the detailed rules and regulation so that she could assist her husband and educate the children. She should be hardworking and thrifty in running the household.”

[T/N: Opened up the branch for husband = Allowing husband to take in concubine so that her husband could have many children]

Lu Guang solemnly said those word. The people on the sideline who was listening to it, nodded their heads from time to time as the pulled off a deep contemplation look.

“If Jiang Daren and his wife wanted to open the academy for the sake of teaching the Confucian moral injunction to these young ladies, I would not stop you. On the contrary, I will vigorously support it. But look at the kind of subject that Jiang Daren wishes to impart to these people? Female etiquette, music, chess, books, paintings, equestrian archery, as well as mathematics and needlework. Where is the lesson that adheres strictly to the duties of a woman?”

Among the available courses, except for rituals, music, arithmetic, and red, which also lesson that women should study, other courses were all things go beyond the requirements of today’s society for women, especially equestrian archery. If women were to learn how to ride and shoot arrows, are they still a woman?

Lu Guang started to speak forcefully and with full of justice. He wanted to see how Jiang Liu will try to counter him this time.

“I heard that Lu Daren had a grandson who only turns eight years old this year. Dare to ask Lu Daren that if this beloved grandson of yours was someone that was nurtured by your own daughter-in-law?” “

Undaunted by him, Jiang Liu asked with a smile.

The eldest di-grandson of the Lu Residence was well-known as a child prodigy in the capital. It was rumoured that he starts to talk when he was eight months and by the time he was two years old, he could already recite the Chinese classics. By six years old he could write poems, and write an article at the age of seven. It was said that if the Jin dynasty could still produce a miracle of six-times champion in a row, perhaps this young master from the Lu residence will be able to do it.

Hearing Jiang Lu mentioned of his beloved grandson, Lu Guang’s expression relaxed a lot.

He touched his beard. He never thought that Jiang Liu will this point to dug a bit hole for him and casually replied: “Naturally not. My grandson was brought up by me on my own.” “

Not only that, but he also hired a famous teacher for his grandson hoping that he could shoulder the burden of Lu family’s future.

“Why don’t you let your own daughter in law teach your beloved grandson?” “

Jiang Liu continued to ask.

“Humph, how could a man become excellent under a married woman’s hand?”

Lu Guang did not think much of it as he replied. A woman has a narrow vision. Even if they studied a few books, they could not handle the heavy burden of teaching their own children. The children raised by women are spoiled that they could not even eat a little bitterness. He is not foolish enough to let his eldest daughter-in-law took over the matter of teaching his own grandchildren.


Jiang Liu shook his head: “Lu Daren mentioned just now that once a married woman’s husband died, she should assist her husband and educate the children. She also should be hardworking and thrifty in running the household. You mentioned these two principles indicates the virtues of a good woman and thus to be a good woman they should shoulder the heavy burden of educating her son. Because of this, Lu Daren had looked down on your own daughter-in-law so much and it can be seen that she completely not virtuous and not talented, hence an example of a bad woman.” “

The eldest daughter-in-law of Lu Guang was someone whom they had selected carefully for their eldest son. She was the daughter of the di wife of Xiao Family in Jinling. If Jiang Liu’s words were to spread out today, Lu Guang would probably end up offending his in-law.

“You’re talking nonsense!” “

Lu Guang’s eyes were wide opened. He knows that g  in front of him is harbouring bad intention.

“Your Majesty, perhaps others thought that it was absurd for me to open this women’s academy, but I would like to implore Your Majesty and other ministers to think about it deeply. For ordinary people’s homes, they are not as a privilege as Lu Daren who can hire teachers for the children of the family. For the children in those families, the people who are the most exposed to is their own mother. For them, their own enlightenment teacher is also their own mother. There is a saying among the folk that I’m afraid Your Majesty and all Daren will feel unhappy, but I still have to say it.”

Jiang Liu greets others by raising a clasped hand before continued: “The common saying among the people, [like how dad taught one, like how mother taught one]. Although this word is vulgar, we can still see the truth from it. A woman, if she has good moral character and outstanding talent, the children she taught will to a large extent be a person who is honest and conscientious, on the contrary, if a woman is rude and unreasonable, the children under her will to a large extent become her copy.”

“The reason this small officer opened a women’s academy is to encourage women to read. Even though it is seen as if I am rebelling against the orthodoxy, in fact, for me, by advancing the thought of women, it will bring a longer-term development. If more and more women are skilled like men, able to learn the Confucian six arts as well as how to conduct oneself, in the event where they able to get the knowledge first hand like those other men, inevitably, they will be able to nurture their children to become even more outstanding. Naturally, there will be no words in the world who will say that children cannot grow excellent under the hand of a woman.”

After listening to Jiang Liu’s words, Emperor Jin Wen couldn’t help but think.


The vein popped on Lu Guang’s forehead: “How can a woman compared with a man?”

As long as a woman can give her husband children, be filial, and serve her husband well, it will be enough. As for the upbringing of her sons and daughters, it will naturally be a matter under the care of better teachers.

“Lu Daren, your mother is still alive. If she knew that you are so contemptuous against her, The Lu old madam will be so heartbroken.”

Jiang Liu sneered, originally when he sent his widowed mother to re-marry, they had branded him for not being filial to his father. But now it seems that this Imperial Censor is no better for looking down on his own mother ah.

“You, you, you–“

Lu Guang felt that his chest was about to explode. This annoying trouble maker really has a glib tongue. To think that he will be driven crazy by this vile character once again.

It just that Jiang Liu’s questions were indeed offensive. Can Lu Guang directly admit that his old mother has no virtue, therefore unworthy to raise her own children and grandchildren?

Obviously, Lu Guang is not Jiang Liu’s opponent. However, among the old ministers, he was the one with the glibbest tongue. Since he already lost who else can fight with Jiang Liu?

At this time, Lu Guang also does not care about the views of his colleagues. His heart only has an idea. After this no matter what Jiang Liu wish to do, he does not want to manage it.

Anyway, according to his experience of these two times defeat, even if he wanted to manage it, it is unlikely that he will be able to control it.


This conversation which took place in the palace was soon spread out. This included Jiang Liu’s remarks on the force of a strong mother as well as the saying [like how dad taught one, like how mother taught one] which seems crude, but actually makes a lot of sense so much that it becomes a common saying and topic that brought attention to of people.

After that argument, Fu Liu Academy was still in good shape. The outside world also generally understood the Emperor’s mind and them afraid that the Emperor has decided to condone the Jiang Liu action which clearly a deviation from the ordinary practice.

Gradually, the young ladies from the educated middle class started to attend Fu Liu Academy. After that debate, it seems that an overwhelming majority of people have accepted the existence of this academy.

The author has something to say: This arc will end on the next chapter.

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