May 26, 2024

Adorable Villain: Male God, I’m not Trying to Rob You Chapter 1

Chapter 1: Villain’s heir


T/N: Hello new series here lol!! Anyway, I wanted to do something new so.. this is it. BTW this author is also the one who wrote Sinister Ex-girlfriend. Please enjoy it at ease~

What would you do during the last hour before your death?

Xia Bei Bei sat on the bed in her single apartment with her laptop on her lap. Just now, she had donated all the money in her bank account to a charity foundation.

Not only that, but she also sent a resignation letter to her black-faced BOSS. By the way, she still unscrupulously listed her BOSS’ ten deadly crimes in her resignation letter!

Anyway, this baby is going to die. Who cares if I were to scold you? If you have the ability, come and bite me, ah. Hum, beware of my corpses, or I will come to scare you!


Seeing that it was already 23:15, Xia Bei Bei sighed once again. This time she is reading the love letter that she is currently writing for her senior, which she had been secretly in love for the past seven years.

I’m going to die anyway. It is not as if I can bring this secret love to my coffin, right?


Xia Bei Bei’s steadily showing her resolve. Even if she died and become a ghost, she still doesn’t want to let him go! Well, she won’t forget him at least.

As Xia Bei Bei racked her brains and wrote the first love letter in her life, time was slipping away unknowingly.

When she looked up again, the time shown on the bedroom wall clock was 23:55!

Your sister!

Xia Bei Bei hurriedly sent the e-mail, then threw the computer to the side. She then calmly laid down on the big bed—


Calm your sister!

Her heart was extremely tangled. The Xia family has initially been ancient and mysterious, but this family had gradually declined since the war a hundred years ago. The man in Xia’s family member was destined to live until thirty years old while the women can only live up to 24 years old.

And tonight after 00:00, Xia Bei Bei is twenty-four years old.

She knew that she still had the last five minutes of life. At this moment, she subconsciously clasped the jade worn on her chest—

This is a token that she had inherited from her ancestors. It is said that this is the key to break the short-lived curse of the Xia family. But over the years, the Xia family has exhausted all method. They had submerged it in water, burned it with fire, dripping some blood to get it recognized the ownership, using blood sacrifice, so on and so forth. So much so that that one of her outlandish ancestors had deliberately worn this piece of jade when he was doing XXOO …

Your mom! In short, those countless blood facts made Xia Bei Bei wanted to throw in a complaint. This lump of jade is useless!

It is a worthless, broken stone!

Xia Bei Bei tore off the jade from the chain in her chest and held it tightly in her palm. At this time, the clock had reached 23:59.

The shadow of death struck Xia Bei Bei’s brain at an instant. At this moment, she shouted subconsciously: “I don’t want to die! I don’t want to die! I don’t want to die!”


Suddenly a clear voice came from Xia Bei Bei’s palm–

“The power-on password [I don’t want to die] was entered correctly! Important things must be said three times! Welcome, the long-lost heir!”

Xia Bei Bei: …

What kind of ghost password is this!

In front of her, the jade in her hand suddenly turned into a stylish notebook. Your mom, still with Apple’s logo. Did you know anything about copyright’s infringement?

“Ding Dong”

Before the Xia Bei Bei spit out, the notebook turned on automatically, and then a cute green penguin’s head appeared on the screen—

Your sister, even QQ’s mascot! You will not be able to win the lawsuit like this.

“Turn on the scan and identify the villain’s heir 109! Welcome to the Interstellar Villain club! Congratulations on getting a newcomer gift package. Your villain’s life will be extended by one year! Dear, please log in to the club as soon as possible to receive space-time missions to extend life as a villain!”

The pleasant female voice suddenly rang in Xia Bei Bei’s ear.

What the hell is the villain’s heir? Wait, extend my life?

Xia Beibei looked at the wall clock on his wall subconsciously, and it was twelve! And she was still alive.


This baby is not dead yet!

As soon as she got excited, Xia Bei Bei face suddenly looked painful–

Money is gone. Work is gone, what’s the use of living?

Uh, no, it’s better to live than to die. Maybe I can still receive a reply from my male god tomorrow?

Xia Bei Bei thought about a lot of things again and again, and when she came back, she found that the notebook was still thereand the QQ log in page was still there.

 Xia Bei Bei typed her QQ’s account name and password and then … she entered it!

 It’s just that there is no friend of group page could be seen in it. There is only one fro up, and the group name is Interstellar Villain Club.

 Xia Bei Bei curiously entered the group chat. Since then, she has embarked on a path of no return as a villain …

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