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The Analects of Righteous Father’s Collapse [ Fast Wear] Chapter 85

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Chapter 85: Acrobat 2

It may be too much to call it as a betrayal.

It was tough for children at that age to resist the temptation of the outside world. At that time, too many people wanted to hear their own words attacking the original body from their mouths. To them, the confession of the abuse from the so-called victim’s mouth will have more credibility than any other evidence.

Beautiful clothes and shoes, delicious cakes and candies, many toys that they hadn’t seen when they grew up, and even the good life promised by some caring people. All of these are something that tempted them to say something against their intentions.

And it was not just these that made them betrayed the original body.

What ultimately made them surrender was the instigation that came from their elders whom they trusted and respected.

When Xiao Binbin’s father, Xiao Guohui, left Shi’ao Village, he had gone to the south. During his disappearance these years, he and a good lady he met in the south formed a new family. Relying on the money that the woman had saved while doing the flesh business, and the current factory’s work, their life was pretty good.

It’s just that working in the factory is too heavy and the wages are too low. This kind of life was completely different from what the lady had imagined. The two people who lived together quickly began to quarrel frequently. It was also at this time when Xiao Guohui saw the news that his son was “abused” and realized the business opportunities that he could get from this.

As a person from Shi’ao Village, he knew about the financial resources of the Jiang family. According to some unproven rumours in the countryside, Jiang Liu’s grandfather was a man known as a “ghost” in the performance world. He also has a lot of treasure, such as antique coins. Some of the high-ranking officials even rewarded him with antique gold bars in the past.

More than that, back then, Jiang Liu’s father, Jiang Sanchun had organized a small acrobatics troupe to run all over the country. And by relying on these acrobatics performances, it can be said that he had secured enough daily income. Although the villagers didn’t know how much money he made, from the way they saw him boldly spent his money, it can be conjured that he did make enough.

In addition to Jiang Liu’s savings over the years, he also did not have a wife or children. After all, as a bachelor, there is almost no need to spend any money. Xiao Guohui guessed that in addition to the antique gold and silver, Jiang Liu should has at least two or three million in deposits. This was his conservative estimate.

Since Jiang Liu was so rich, as the father of the abused child, logically, he should be able to ask for some compensation from the other side, right?

Thinking of the wealth at his fingertips, Xiao Guohui couldn’t sit still. After discussing with his mistress, he hurried back to Shi’ao Village.

He concealed the fact that he had found another woman outside and beautified his original intention to leave without saying goodbye by saying that he wanted to earn the milk money for his twin daughters. To save money, he had not come back all these years until he has some surplus. After that, then he came home.

When he comes back, he brought along 20,000 yuan as prove. Because his performance was too real, Zhang Yanfen believed what he said, and renewed her courage to live.

During that time, media reporters had already stationed at Shi’ao Village, and there was a steady stream of enthusiastic people who came after watching the news.

Xiao Guohui also secretly contacted the two couples who had abandoned Xu Quanjun and Wang Gouzi, and joined forces with them to attack and accuse the original body in front of the media.

In their dictation, they were poor people who had no choice but to hand over their children to the elderly at home under the pressure of life. They didn’t know that the original body was abducting their children. And that they engaged in such a dangerous occupation.

Among the three children, the oldest was eight years old, and the youngest is only six. What does such a child know? The regarded the original’s action as malicious abuse.

It was unknown from where did Xiao Guohui got the so-called appraisal report, proving that these three children have been under irreversible damage during these days of training, and will even affect their later lives.

The original body, which was on the cusp of the storm, became the target of everyone’s crusade.

What really crushed the original body was the acknowledgement of his few apprentices.

He watched the two children interviewed by the TV’s reporter. Even though their faces were kept in mosaics and their voices sound different due to the voice changer, he could still recognize them based on their original form. They were his two apprentices Xu Quanjun and Wang Gouzi. During their time of training, he was already very familiar with their body shape. Even if they used the voice changer and hiding their face, it was completely unable to blind his eyes.

He listened to the two children being lured by the reporter to say what the outside world wanted to hear.

For example, how painful the training was. Or whether they wanted to train again.

These all didn’t matter much. What the original body couldn’t bear was the fact that these children that he had trained for two whole years and also regarded as his flesh and blood said that they hated him when those reporters asked them so.

Originally, because he was alone, he felt that it was meaningless to be alive. The reason he continued to live was for the sake of passing down his family’s art. Now it was already fine. After being condemned by his apprentices, the original body finally lost any interest in his life.

Fortunately, he didn’t kill himself. He was just too lazy to argue right or wrong

with those people.

The three family’s members wanted to demand compensation. Therefore he decided to compensate them as much as what the legal law asked him to do so. As for the outside world’s strong appeal for him to apologize, he can’t do it.

Because there were no noticeable scars could be seen on the children. There were also no permanent sequelae, as stated by their parents. In the end, the original body lost 50,000 yuan to each family, which was far below from their expectations.

The angry Xiao Guohui and others took the Jiang family’s house and took away all the valuable things in the place.

As for these, the original body did not compete with them.

He left the village on the second day after losing his money.

The night before he left, his little apprentice, Wang Gouzi, secretly came to him and brought him a lot of candy and toys. He said that he was reluctant to eat and instead hide them. He knew that he seemed to have lied, so he wanted to use these things as compensation.

He told the original body that he missed his parents so much. In his dream, he wanted his parents to come back. Now, he got what he wanted, so even if he knew that it was wrong, he still did it under their persuasion.

He begged for forgiveness and cried while saying sorry.

The original body wanted to tell the disciple that even if he did as they told him, after a while, those who had abandoned him would still leave him.

It was only on the tip of his tongue, but the original body decided not to speak.

Perhaps he also hated his disciples in his heart and soul. He couldn’t wait to see his disciples meet the hope and finally crushed in despair.

The next day, he left the village where he had lived since he was a child and went to Xiangjiang. A few years later, an acrobatic artist performing bone-shrinking skill became popular over there.

It’s a pity that this acrobatics artist has no children or disciples. After more than a decade, this artist announced his retirement. This skill has finally disappeared in the long river of history.

Since the original body left the mainland, he had never inquired about the situation at the village.

Perhaps those children were sponsored by some well-wishers who saw the news and lived the lives of ordinary people. Probably after the story was over, this small village recovered from its former poverty…

He has no way of knowing all this.

Of the two tasks in this world, the first task was proposed by the original body.

He finally regretted that he had stopped eating because of choking and did not pass on this skill. He hoped that Jiang Liu could help him find a descendant. No matter one or a few, he hoped that those children would be able to endure hardships. After all, learning this skill can really help them improve their lives. Or find those people who really like this art and really wanted to learn it.

[T/N: Stopped eating because of choking = similar meaning to once bitten, twice shy]

The Lord system proposed the second task. Just like the strange rules that always appeared in every world in the past, Jiang Liu had to influence those children and let them realize their mistakes.

After all, this was the only way to conform to the values ​​of being the Holy Father system.

But beyond 001’s expectations, Jiang Liu didn’t seem to be displeased with this task. It vaguely felt that its host appeared to have an extraordinary tolerance towards children.

This was something that he didn’t have when facing adults.

Therefore, for this reason, Jiang Liu was bound to return to the small village, accept these disciples according to the trajectory of the previous life, and then let the history repeat itself again.

This was also the reason why Jiang Liu came back to this village.

“Host, are you angry?”

001 asked anxiously. In the past, the host was always felt unhappy when the original body’s mistake was influencing him. 001 felt that perhaps the host had suppressed a big move.

“Why should I be angry?”

Jiang Liu calmly walked on the country road. He indeed felt as lifeless as he showed in his face.

As 001 guessed, Jiang Liu has an extraordinary tolerance for children. As long as the other party did not commit any big mistake such as murder and arson, facing these children who have not matured in their minds and have not yet shaped their three views, Jiang Liu has always been willing to give them another chance.

This was also related to his experience.

Jiang Liu’s life experience was very complicated. His father died early due to a work-related injury. His mother followed his lover and took all the family savings and ran away, leaving him alone with his grandfather.

The hard life and the complicated family environment make it challenging to cultivate a good young man with a firm root. The same was true for Jiang Liu.

When he was seven years old, Ultraman’s toys were popular in the towns and villages where he lived. All children at the same age had at least one. In fact, it was only a plastic toy of inferior quality. Now, if he sees this toy falling on the ground, he will not even bother to pick it up. But at that time, because everyone had it and it was also a symbol of whether a group of children could play together or not, this toy had become extremely rare in Jiang Liu’s eyes.

It just that he knew that his family was still in debt, and looking at his grandfather’s curved back, Jiang Liu was instinctively embarrassed to open his mouth and asked his grandfather for it.

Yet, because his inner desire was too strong, he did the first wrong thing in his life. When he went to the town with his grandfather to go to the market, he ran to the small supermarket and stole the toy while others were not paying attention to him.

It was just that he was young, and his nervous expression betrayed him. When he walked out of the supermarket door, he was caught by the shopkeeper, and he was taken back.

He listened to the shopkeeper’s curses and his yelling words to find his parents. Jiang Liu was instantly frightened. Looking at the people around him, he didn’t know what to do.

At this time, a chubby middle-aged man walked over and apologized to the shopkeeper and paid two yuan to buy the Ultraman toy.

He told the people next to him that he wanted to take the child to buy toys, but the child ran too fast, and he did not manage to keep up. It was probably the child who was waiting for him to pay, so he would come out with the toys without paying.

Later he took his hand and left the supermarket, and only let go of his hand when no one saw it.

The man told him that it was wrong to steal. If he wanted something, he had to tell his parents to let them buy it. If they didn’t buy it, then he would have to wait until he grew up to earn money to buy it. As for the toy, he would treat it as a gift for Jiang Liu.

At that time, because he was too embarrassed, Jiang Liu didn’t take the Ultraman, but ran away when that man let go of his hand.

Jiang Liu had always regretted it and the fact that he didn’t say thank you.

Thanked him for maintaining his self-esteem when he was most embarrassed, and thanked him for giving him a chance to correct it when he made a mistake.

In Jiang Liu’s life, there have been people who treated him badly. Such as his irresponsible mother, or the long-tongue monsters in the village who like to talk about his family’s affair like it was a joke. And also the foreman who defaulted on his wages…

But there is also no shortage of good people in his life. It was precisely because of this that he can keep a kind heart while being generous.

Are the children wrong in the original story? This is certain, but Jiang Liu is willing to be more tolerant of children at that age. Especially children who were living in that kind of environment.

This is why he was not disgusted with this mission.

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