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The Analects of Righteous Father’s Collapse [ Fast Wear] Chapter 89

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Chapter 89: Acrobat 6

One year later.

“Master, it hurts!”

Xu Quanjun’s face was full of tears and snot. Even after he had adapted for a whole year, he still could hardly resist the pain of bone dislocation.

“Bear with it.”

Jiang Liu has all the memories of the original body, and naturally also remembered the pain of being rigorously trained by his father, Jiang Sanchun, when he was a child. So he didn’t blame the boy in front of him who was wailing in pain.

After checking the time, Jiang Liu straightened Xu Quanjun’s bones and then hurriedly applied homemade pain-relieving and swelling herbal ointment to that part.

Speaking of which, this prescription was also secretly passed down from the Jiang family’s ancestors. It was even more effective than the medicine prescribed by the doctor in the hospital. For the Jiang family, this secret prescription was just as important as the exercise method of bone shrinking.

The original body in the previous life did not give this prescription to any of his disciples. According to the original body’s plan, he would pass this prescription to the disciple he felt most suitable. Then that disciple would pass this Jiang family’s unique skills to the future generation.

But later on, these disciples had let him down, and this secret recipe naturally accompanied him to disappear forever in the long river of history.

After applying the cooling ointment, Xu Quanjun didn’t feel much pain. At least the pain was still within the range he could bear.

“You can’t make progress if you continue to be like this. Originally, your practice skill is slower than your senior brother and junior brother. Now with you lagging here, sooner or later, you will be left by them.”

Jiang Liu squeezed the meat on Xu Quanjun’s waist and legs. During this time, he didn’t seem to exercise enough, but instead, gained a lot of meat.

The most forbidden thing for the bone shrinking practitioner is to get fat. After all, being too fat will affect the body’s flexibility.

The body that Jiang Liu possessed now was too skinny. His height was barely 160 cm and weighed only a little bit over 90 kilograms. This was all due to his large muscles density.

As the saying goes, there are gains and losses. In addition to the suffering and hardship, practising this skill means that you are destined not to grow tall. However, many people still interested in learning this craft. After all, when the money you earned can guarantee that you will be adequately provided, who cares about those suffering and being short?

“Master, I will work hard.”

Xu Quanjun pressed his lips and looked at his senior and junior brothers who were already practising basic skills not far away. He was feeling a little bit sceptical.

Especially in regards to the senior brother who was two years younger than him. Xu Quanjun had always felt since he was the oldest; therefore, he should take the position as the senior brother.

Yet, his master, Jiang Liu, used the fact that Xiao Binbin was the first one who worships him as the master to determine his position as the senior brother. In the end, he ended up being the second senior brother. This had made Xu Quanjun felt a little bit humiliated. However, due to his master’s stateliness, he never dared to speak about it directly.

Xu Quanjun thought that he was good at hiding his little emotion, but he didn’t know that Jiang Liu could see all of his thoughts.

One year was enough for him to put aside the prejudices left by the original body’s memory. He also managed to get a deeper understanding of these three apprentices.

Needless to say, the eldest apprentice, Xiao Binbin, as in the memory of the original body, was very talented and sensible. He was so well-behaved and hardworking that it made people could not help but feel distressed.

The rules set by Jiang Liu required them to practise basic skills for six hours a day. This did not include the time that will be spent on long-distance running exercises and the necessary time for bone removal and setting.

Xiao Binbin not only completes the required exercise but also increased his practice time on his initiatives.

He learned the skills meticulously. Even when the original body was a child, he didn’t dare to say that he used more labour than Xiao Binbin.

What’s more, this child also knew how to be grateful. Although he can’t give Jiang Liu anything, for now, he always silently did some small things. He frequently helped Xu Meihua washed the dishes, or coming to Jiang’s house early in the morning to help him washed the dirty clothes that Jiang Liu’s left the night before. He will also carefully observe whether the firewood in the kitchen stove is enough for his master. Additionally, after knowing that Jiang Liu likes to eat wild vegetables like dandelion, he will personally help Jiang Liu search for it and gave him the freshest and the most tender every time he went out to look for it….

Ask yourself honestly, even when Jiang Liu was six or seven years old, he was far less sensible and careful that this child who is considerate of others in all aspects.

Especially when he did these things, he never said anything about it. He just did it silently, and never show off any of it in front of Jiang Liu.

This makes Jiang Liu more and more suspicious of the truth that happened in his previous life.

As for the second apprentice, Xu Quanjun, this child is the cleverest of the three, but Jiang Liu was unable to judge whether this clever is commendatory or derogatory.

The conditions of the Xu family were not good. Xu Quanjun’s parents left him and a hunchbacked grandma after they went out to work. If Xu’s family were not the common surname in the village, and have many relatives who will lend their hand to help, it will be tough for the hunch-backed grandma to raise him.

Perhaps because of the support from the whole village, Xu Quanjun’s mouth became incredibly sweet. He always able to make people happy by speaking nicely, and also made those who helped him become more willing to assist him.

It was Xu Quanjun’s own idea to worship Jiang Liu as a teacher. He also wanted to live in a big house and drive a big car. He wanted to stand out and live a life that everyone envied.

There is nothing wrong with this idea. People are selfish by nature, and climbing up is also human nature.

Xu Quanjun’s personality was also honed because of his life. On the premise that he will not harm others, his thoughts should not be blamed for anything.

It’s just that sometimes his little cleverness can be bad. He always seemed to think that his Master, Jiang Liu, was selfishly hiding the skills from him. He was also rather wasting his practice time lingering around Jiang Liu trying to please him. He wanted to get the know-how of the art by merely winning Jiang Liu’s favour. Therefore, the progress of his practice was slightly inferior compared to his junior brother, Wang Gouzi. He was even incomparable to Xiao Binbin who worked even harder, so much that even Jiang Liu wanted to persuade him to rest.

As for Wang Gouzi, he was even more mediocre than the hard-working senior brother and the slick second senior brother.

Even though his step-by-step personality allowed him to complete the tasks set by Jiang Liu, but he can’t make any breakthroughs.

These three apprentices had very different personalities. Although he wanted to treat all of them equally, Jiang Liu himself had to admit that he still can’t help but favoured the sensible eldest apprentice in his heart.

“Uncle Jiang, should we have a braised meat today? The rabbit caught by Uncle Zhang Gen with a trap is already dead. If we left it for too long, I am afraid the meat will not be fresh.”

One year later, Xu Meihua also had grown taller. Because of the delicious and tasty supplements, she was a lot fatter than she was a year ago. She finally looked a little girlish.

At this moment, she was carrying a basket with some fruits and vegetables picked from the neighbours nearby, and a dead wild rabbit.

Jiang Liu likes to eat these wild products. Anyone in the village who caught hare or pheasant will send some of it to him, and he will buy it at the market price. At first, the villagers were embarrassed to charge him, but after being forced by Jiang Liu several times, they were also got used to such transactions.

Since then, any of the villagers who caught hares will send them to Jiang Liu. If Jiang Liu were absent, they would pass it to Xu Meihua. They all knew that Jiang Liu was not a bad person. So, they didn’t rush him for money. They just waited until Jiang Liu came to meet them to give them the money.

“Okay, put more spice on it.”

Thinking of the spicy braised rabbit meat, Jiang Liu suddenly became a little hungry.

“The kitchen doesn’t seem to have many seasonings as of now. Uncle Jiang, remember to replenish the seasonings when you go down the mountain.”

One year is enough to eliminate the awkwardness between Xu Meihua and Jiang Liu. The nine-year-old little girl now has the posture of a housekeeper and arranged Jiang Liu’s life properly.


Jiang Liu nodded and then stared at the three apprentices practising.

“By the way, people are coming to our village today. They are carrying big backpacks. A few sisters are still taking pictures with cameras. I don’t know what we have that makes them wanted to take pictures here.”

Xu Meihua was preparing to skin the rabbits. Rabbit skin was also an excellent material to keep you warm from the cold weather. If she can save enough rabbit skins, she can use it to make two knee pads. She knew that Uncle Jiang had rheumatism. Therefore, whenever the weather turned cold, his leg bones will hurt him so much. However, if he has these knee pads, it may make him feel better.


Jiang Liu was taken aback by Xu Meihua’s words.

It turned out that the time has come to this point. Life really flies so fast.

He glanced at the three apprentices who were not far away, and his expression became more thoughtful.


Gu Xinxing was a backpacker who loves to travel. Every year, she always spares a period of vacation for long-distance travel.

Shi’ao Village was a small village they entered by mistake. They felt that the mountain view here was well maintained and was not polluted by the hustle and bustle of the big city. Therefore, this group of backpackers’ friends decided to camp here and play for a few days.

They approached the head of Shi’ao Village and ordered three meals for two days at a price of 30 yuan per person per day. They spent the rest of the time taking a leisure stroll around the village and the surrounding groves.

Gu Xinxing was attracted to a vacant lot not far from Jiang’s house due to the cry of a child. Initially, she thought that some family was teaching the child and was about to persuade a few words, but when she walked in and saw a thin middle-aged man brutally broke a child’s elbow, she was surprisingly angry.

Without thinking about it, she rushed to stop it.

“What are you doing? Child abuse is illegal; don’t you know?”

She wanted to push the middle-aged man away but found that although he was thin, he was someone with great strength. Even when she pushed him so hard, she could not even move him one step away.

“Are you an outsider? We are practising qigong.”

Jiang Liu glanced at her as he helped Xu Quanjun to reset his bones back. He then pasted him with herbs and asked him to go and practice first.

Gu Xinxing only noticed that there were two other children here with similar herbs wrapped around their joints.

“What kind of exercise requires breaking the child’s bones? I think you are not practising Kung Fu, but instead a pervert.”

Gu Xinxing felt that Jiang Liu’s face was repulsive. Her abundant life from a young age made her unable to imagine that someone would take pleasure in torturing children.

“Big sister, the master is really teaching us Kung Fu.”

Xiao Binbin walked over to explain on behalf of his master: “We did this to practice the Kung Fu.”

“You are still young; he was deceiving you.”

In Gu Xinxing’s eyes, even if they were practising Kung Fu, such a cruel exercise is all the work of this evil instructor. She quickly took out her mobile phone to call and let some of her friends come over.

“We are really exercising.”

“Yes, that’s how the Jiang family practised this Kung Fu. That is how he learns it when he was young.”

“Practicing this Kung Fu can help them make a lot of money. These kids are lucky to be chosen. Little girl, don’t disturb other people.”

However, Gu Xinxing’s friends came to no avail. The villagers knew that Jiang Liu was practising this skill from young. Even if their children didn’t meet Jiang Liu’s conditions, they still wanted to send their children to join the practice.

Now, no one in the village didn’t envy these three children. Not only they can eat well, drink well and dress well; they will also be able to make a lot of money in the future. Everyone said that these children got lucky when they met Jiang Liu.

It’s just that these remarks did not persuade Gu Xinxing away. When she went to bed that night, she thought about the scenes she saw during the day and couldn’t fell asleep. She felt that the stupid villagers were all the accomplices of that paedophile. Finally, she made up her mind. Tomorrow morning, she will sneak over and take a video of this man abusing these children. She will let the state officer and the police take care of this disgusting paedophile.

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