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The Analects of Righteous Father’s Collapse [ Fast Wear] Chapter 184

Chapter 184: My Profession is Zombie King 16

Author: 打字机

“Generator, oh yeah, I almost forgot about this good thing.”

“But it costs one thousand kilograms of grain for one. That’s too expensive. Besides, we haven’t tried using the generator, won’t it be a waste if it can’t power the air conditioner? Can we get our grain back if it fails at a critical moment?”

As soon as Li Dong and others returned from the city, they immediately held the second village meeting, discussing the generator and the possible upcoming water shortage issue.

Most people were tempted by solar power generators. After all, the weather was too hot, and it wasn’t easy to endure without air conditioning and electric fans. Who didn’t have children? Who didn’t have elderly people? They were reluctant to let those people suffer in this disastrous weather.

But the price of the generator was too high. Even those villagers who had surplus grain hesitated and felt distressed.

“We don’t necessarily need to buy one for each family.”

Li Dong sniffed the smell of the cigarette in his hand and then raised his hand to signal everyone to be quiet.

“Dazhu, don’t you have three sons? Although the three sons have already separated and have their places to live, the situation is different now. I think those people in the city who don’t have enough grain won’t be able to stay calm for long. So you might as well live together for safety’s sake. As for the solar power generator, your family can chip in and buy one together. You can all sleep in the same room, with men in one room and women in another. The children can sleep with the adults. Although it’s inconvenient, at least we can save some grain.”

“Li Dong pointed to a household in the village with many children. The man named Dazhu has three sons and one daughter. The three sons live in the countryside, and the daughter is married and lives in the city. Since she married far away, they can only contact her by phone. It is said that they have received relief food, and their lives are barely getting by.

If Dazhu and his three sons pool their resources to buy a solar power generator, each household would only need to contribute 250 kilograms of grain, which is still within the acceptable range for everyone. However, even with one solar power generator, it may be unable to power multiple air conditioners. If they buy the generator together, they must be prepared to share a room with several families.

Whether to endure the hot weather or give up on comfort in the face of disaster is a decision they must make themselves.

“It’s not just Dazhu. Everyone can consider my proposal.”

Li Dong believes they should buy the solar power generator, but the seller’s asking price is too high. He thinks they can purchase the generators cheaper if they order a sufficient quantity and negotiate a better deal.

“Let’s all go back and think about this matter. Before that, there’s another thing I want to discuss with everyone.”

Li Dong’s following words were considered more important in his view.

“We heard some news when we went to the power plant today. The reason why the power plant is restricting the power supply is that there is not enough water. I’m worried that the water supply company will also restrict water usage or stop supplying water to ensure the power plant is working.”

This speculation by Li Dong caused a commotion. Without electricity, it might be difficult for them to endure, but how can they survive without water? Dehydration would result in a much dire outcome.

“The groundwater here is still abundant. I suggest we should be digging deeper wells.”

Li Dong has a well at home, but it’s not very deep, and the water has dwindled after just a few days. Many households in the village have shallow wells like Li Dong’s, so they could easily deepen them to ensure sufficient water supply for drinking.

“Digging wells?!”

Digging wells is hard work. The lowest temperature during the day is around 35 degrees Celsius, and working in such high temperatures can easily lead to heatstroke. Moreover, men usually do well digging, and women are reluctant to risk their strong labour.

And with so many wells in the village, which one should be dug first? The earlier the well was drilled, the better the advantages they got over the water supply. Yet, those who are in the later round will be more disadvantaged. The people present were all secretly calculating in their minds, looking at each other, trying to figure out who would take the first step forward.

“In any case, I’ve already reminded all of you. No matter how you handle it privately, my well at home will be dug deeper. You can sign up at my place if anyone else has the same idea. My father-in-law used to work in a well-digging team, so he has some experience. The more people work together to dig, the faster the well will be dug. Once my well is finished, you can also come to my place for water.”

Li Dong also had some calculations in mind. The current situation makes him anxious, and he could only feel relieved if he had a deep well at home. As for his statement that people could come to his place to fetch water while helping with well digging was not practical. After all, the water supply from the water plant had not been cut off yet, and everyone could still use tap water for their daily needs.

He figured the government would prioritize maintaining stability and not immediately cut off the water supply during the power outage. The water plant would still operate for some time. Other team members’ wells would also be dug when his well was finished. Even if there were a water shortage, those willing to help would not only come to his well for water.

“But let me make it clear beforehand that this is a benefit for those who are willing to help. If those who don’t help want to come and borrow water, we will charge the market price for water,” Li Dong continued after a while.

He knew that there were some stingy people in the village who always wanted to get things cheaply. These people had thick skin beyond imagination, so he had to clarify in advance that there was no free lunch for those who didn’t want to work.

“We are all fellow villagers; arguing about these things is unnecessary.”

As expected, after Li Dong said this, someone objected.

“Village Chief, my family is all widows and orphans, and we don’t have anyone to join the well-digging team.”

The one who spoke was Widow Xu from the village. It’s not clear if it’s because their family has bad feng shui or what, but there are four people in their family: two widows, a 17-year-old grandson, and a 14-year-old granddaughter.

Widow Xu’s husband died in the Vietnam War, and she raised her only son on her own. Because she focused all her attention on her son, fearing that he would forget her after getting married, Widow Xu found a niece from her own family, who is somewhat related but not a close relative, as her son’s wife, the current Little Widow Xu.

Relying on being a widow and her husband being a martyr, Widow Xu is quite arrogant in the village, thinking that everyone should be accommodating to them. As a result, her son was spoiled to the extreme at a young age, and he engaged in all sorts of mischief, scams, and deception. His marriage didn’t last long, as he fought with some thugs over a dancer at a club and was fatally beaten.

At that time, Widow Xu’s granddaughter was still in Little Widow Xu’s womb, and her grandson was only three years old.

Because they felt sorry for this family of orphans and widows, the villagers usually treated them kindly. This further boosted the arrogant attitude of Widow Xu and Little Widow Xu. They always thought that everyone should accommodate them.

“Sister Xu, isn’t your grandson already 17 years old?”

Li Dong looked at Widow Xu and asked.

“He’s still a child.”

Xu Widow retorted confidently, “My grandson Xu Bao has a weak physique and can’t do heavy work.”

Xu Bao was Widow Xu’s precious grandson, who is as important to her as her own eyes and heart.

“If a 17-year-old is still a child, I must be a baby.”

Chi Shengli sneered. He was two years younger than Xu Bao but had been helping his family with chores from a young age. Even when he couldn’t do heavy work, he would help his parents with farming tools and cooking, unlike Xu Bao, who was so pampered.

A few days ago, when the villagers were harvesting crops in the fields under darkness, Chi Shengli noticed that Xu Bao’s 14-year-old sister was also working in the fields, but Xu Bao was nowhere to be seen. He had nothing but contempt for such a man, openly despising Xu Bao.

“Who are you mocking, you brat?”

Widow Xu exploded with anger, glaring at Chi Shengli. Her chubby fingers pointed at his nose as if to scold him.

“If your grandson is a child, then isn’t my younger brother just a baby? Shengli, remember to ask Granny Xu for milk to drink.”

In addition to mastering the skill of killing zombies, Chi Ruojin has also developed a protective instinct towards her loved ones.

Whether it’s right or wrong, she only protects those she considers her family. Not to mention that Shengli hasn’t said anything wrong just now.

“You, you…”

Xu Widow was infuriated: “You little brat, you little harlot, it serves you right that your parents died early. I see you have a sharp chin; I bet such a disaster star like you will kill your husband too. Whoever marries you, this kind of difficult woman will be unlucky.”

“You killed your parents and your husband. Even your son is dead. You harm your family, so don’t you think the disaster star is yourself?”

Chi Ruoyu also has a sharp tongue and won’t let Widow Xu off the hook for insulting her sister.

“You all, you all…”

Widow Xu was trembling with anger this time as she looked at the people around her. Are these people just going to stand by and let these younger generations bully her? Does the Chi family’s children have no manners at all?

“Alright, as an elder, do you really need to argue with these children? And you don’t even find your words offensive at all.”

Li Dong naturally sided with the Chi family. Regardless of whether the Chi family was right or wrong, considering the influence of the Chi family and the Xu family in the village, Li Dong had to side with the Chi family.

In times of peace, everyone has their dignity, so they would tolerate women like Widow Xu, who was prone to outbursts. But now, times have changed. Widow Xu can no longer act as she did before by taking advantage of others and benefiting from their hardships.

Widow Xu looked at the village head’s support for the Chi family and then at the indifferent eyes of the people around her. She shivered inwardly.

She was a very shrewd person who knew how to read the situation. The reason she took advantage of her status as a martyr’s widow before was that she knew that others wouldn’t argue with her over trivial matters.

Now the villagers’ attitude made her realize that times have changed, and it’s no longer an era where she can gain benefits by relying on her wits and shamelessness.

Widow Xu calmed down and stopped making excuses about her grandson being just a child and unable to work. At the same time, her experience also served as a warning to those in the village who had similar ideas.

You reap what you sow, and there won’t be any more unearned gains in the foreseeable future.


This meeting had a significant impact on Hao’an Village. All the elders began to adjust their attitudes, and even the previously pampered little emperors and princesses of the village started to take on labour. Except for the infants who couldn’t walk or talk, there wasn’t a single idle person in Hao’an Village. Even the children helped with the tasks that were within their capabilities.

Some people dug wells and cellars, while others patrolled and set up roadblocks around the village. Everyone had designated roles, and the overall morale of the town took a qualitative leap.

“What? You want to move in and live with Ruoyu’s family?”

Chi Dayuan widened his eyes and looked at Jiang Liu. He couldn’t believe how shameless Jiang Liu could be.

“The solar power generator is too expensive; it’s not practical for me to buy one alone. Coincidentally, Ruoyu also wants to buy a generator, so we’re considering buying one together.”

Jiang Liu doesn’t need an air conditioner but needs a reason to get close to Chi Ruoyu.

“I see.”

Chi Dayuan’s expression relaxed a bit. He knew Jiang Liu wasn’t that kind of person.

“That’s a good idea.”

Chi Dayuan thought about how his and his brother’s house were built side by side, so he could chip in with his niece and Jiang Liu to buy a generator together. That way, they could save a lot on food.

In recent days, many families in the village have had similar ideas. Many extended families previously split up have moved back together, waiting for the village chief and the merchant to negotiate a fair price.

Besides these matters, the most discussed topic among the villagers recently has been the five pigs raised by Yang Sanchan. Yang Sanchan announced exchanging one kilogram of pork for ten kilograms of coarse salt or fifteen kilograms of grains. The price is a bit high, but everyone’s lives are tough now, and they want to have some good pork to make life a little sweeter.

So, everyone is just waiting for Yang Sanchan to slaughter the pigs. They don’t plan to buy a lot, just enough to satisfy their cravings for pork. However, as a big customer, Jiang Liu, went to Yang Sanchan’s house early that night when the pig slaughter was confirmed, ready to pick his favourite pig.

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