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The Analects of Righteous Father’s Collapse [ Fast Wear] Chapter 201

Chapter 201: Tremble, Scumbag 10

Author: 打字机

“Oh, isn’t this Widow Meng? Why did you come back to the Jiang family’s doorstep again? Tsk tsk, she is still crying. How pitiful. Tell us, who bullied you?”

The Wang family’s young daughter-in-law was holding a handful of melon seeds as she leaned against her house’s front door with an expression as if she was ready to watch a show.

“What are you doing mingling with other people’s business, ah?”

The old lady from the Wang family glared at her gossipy daughter-in-law, afraid she would cause trouble.

“Mom, I’m just taking a look.”

The daughter-in-law smiled at her mother-in-law and then continued to widen her eyes, afraid of missing any exciting moment.

By this time, more and more people had gathered outside the Jiang family’s house, with a large portion of them being attracted by the loud voice of the Wang family’s daughter-in-law just now. After all, life in the countryside is too dull, and this kind of gossip adds some enjoyment to their impoverished lives.

Of course, these people’s reactions were not as exaggerated as those of the Wang family’s daughter-in-law. After all, she was just one step away from bringing a small stool to sit and watch the show.

“Miss Meng, what are you doing standing in front of the Jiang family’s doorstep looking like this?”

Jiang Youcai, the village chief of Jiang Village, pushed through the crowd and walked over. He was accompanied by his two sons, Jiang Deshuan and Jiang Deshu. Meng Jiao-niang‘s gaze fell upon Jiang Deshu’s before she quickly averted, unnoticed by others.

“Yes, Widow Meng, who bullied you? Tell us. We’ll help you settle your affair.”

There were quite a few onlookers in the village who didn’t mind getting involved in others’ affairs. They laughed and called out to the Jiang brothers, Jiang Hai and Jiang Hu, believing Meng’s widow came to the door in such a manner to seek recognition.

They didn’t know that Jiang Hai or Jiang Hu had an affair with Widow Meng!

Bai Lan was in the kitchen, preparing pastries to sell in town the next day. The crackling sound of firewood filled the air. It wasn’t until more and more people gathered outside and the voices grew louder that she faintly sensed the commotion outside. She took Jiang Liu, who was picking beans beside her, and Jiang Dahu, before walking outside their home to look at the situation.

When Bai Lan saw Meng Jiao-niang standing at the door, her face turned slightly pale. What was going on in her mind was unknown as she resentfully glanced at the fool beside her. The hatred that had gradually diminished in recent days surged back in her heart.

Jiang Liu also naturally noticed Meng Jiao-niang, his face showing no expression but his mind filled with confusion.

What did Meng Jiao-niang come to the Jiang family for? If he remembers correctly, the original host hadn’t even had a chance to have a relationship with Meng Jiao-niang before he came here. Could it be that his arrival caused a change in the direction of the space, and the original host’s two brothers replaced him in having a relationship with Meng Jiao-niang?

This was just Jiang Liu’s speculation. They had to wait for Meng Jiao-niang to speak up so everyone would know her intentions.

“San-lang (T/N Third brother: Refering to Jiang Liu).”

When Meng Jiao-niang saw Jiang Liu come out, she called out tenderly as tears shimmered in her eyes, appearing pitiful.

Despicable woman! That was the thought of most women present.

Wait a minute, San-lang. She just called for San-lang!

The Wang family’s daughter-in-law almost dropped the melon seeds in her hands. The man who had an affair with this Widow Meng turned out to be Jiang San, the notorious wastrel and the current fool in the village.

How could Meng Jiaoniang, such a clever woman, be interested in Jiang San?

Not only the Wang Family’s daughter-in-law couldn’t understand, but the two brothers, Jiang Hai and Jiang Hu, couldn’t understand it either. They thought Meng Jiao-niang must be blind to get involved with their worthless third brother.

Bai Lan’s nails dug into her flesh. She never expected to endure such humiliation again in this second life. With a mature gaze beyond his age, Jiang Dahu also stared at Meng Jiao-niang. If he remembered correctly, at this point, his father hadn’t yet gotten involved with Meng Jiao-niang. Could it be that they were all being deceived by this woman in their past lives?

“I shouldn’t have come in the first place. I didn’t want to disturb San-lang‘s peaceful life. But I’m carrying San-lang‘s child in my belly. Sister Lan, I beg you, for the child’s sake, please give me a status.”

Meng Jiao-niang knelt with a thud, knocking her head forcefully. After several knocks, her fair forehead became swollen and red, evoking sympathy in anyone who saw it.

A child! A child!

The scene before Bai Lan became blurred. She took a few steps back, barely managing to stand without fainting.

During this period in their past lives, Meng Jiao-niang had also been pregnant with that man’s child. However, no one knew about the child’s existence back then. Instead, Bai Lan had heard about Jiang Liu’s affair with Meng Jiao-niang and angrily went to confront her, accidentally pushing her down and causing her to miscarry. It was only afterwards that Bai Lan learned about the child in Meng Jiao-niang‘s womb was the flesh and blood of Jiang Liu.

Because of this child, Bai Lan tolerated Meng Jiao-niang everywhere, allowing them to trample over her and disregard her presence. Eventually, when Meng Jiao-niang became pregnant with another child, Jiang Liu openly wrote that child’s name in the family genealogy.

Bai Lan took a deep breath, her gaze fixed on Meng Jiao-niang’s belly. In this life, should she let the child lost in the past life be born safely this time around?

And that man… Bai Lan glanced at the clueless fool beside her. Had the mistake already occurred, did she want to stay by this man’s side?

Meng Jiao-niang‘s appearance disrupted Bai Lan’s plans. Now, she is getting confused and unsure of what choice to make.

“Wife, stinky bug! Stinky! Stinky!”

Jiang Liu’s heart sank, but his face still wore a silly, childish expression. He pointed at Meng Jiao-niang not far away, holding his nose with his other hand, displaying a disgusted posture.


Someone couldn’t help but burst into laughter, breaking the previously silent atmosphere.

“Widow Meng, are you really pregnant? Is the child in your belly our youngest brother’s?”

Xu Xiaocao took a step forward. Although Meng Jiaoniang’s affair partner differed from their previous speculation, it was more satisfying to see Jiang Liu involved in such an ugly affair than Jiang Hu.

Xu Xiaocao glanced around the crowd. Unfortunately, her mother-in-law, Jiang Miao-shi, seemed still in the fields and hadn’t returned. If she were to hear that her beloved son had gotten involved with the notorious woman in the village and even impregnated her, her expression would indeed be quite spectacular.

“It’s true.”

Meng Jiao-niang felt no guilt whatsoever. After all, Jiang Liu was already a fool and couldn’t testify for her.

Currently, societal customs are relatively open, and the court even encourages widows to remarry. Meng Jiao-niang‘s marital family had long kicked her out of their family, and her natal family also ignored her. Hence, the exposure of Meng Jiao-niang‘s affair with Jiang Liu would only tarnish their reputation but wouldn’t result in any punishment.

Moreover, as the name suggests, Jiang Village is predominantly inhabited by people surnamed Jiang. The Meng family’s influence in the local area is incomparable to that of the Jiang family. Even if Jiang Liu is worthless, he is still a member of their clan. The village chief would never punish Jiang Liu for the sake of the Meng family, especially when she carries the bloodline of the Jiang family.

As long as the Jiang family agrees to accept her as a concubine, this scandal will gradually fade away in a few years.

Of course, Meng Jiao-niang would never be content with being a concubine. She glanced at Bai Lan not far away, who appeared pale and on the verge of collapse due to her words. Meng Jiao-niang believed that such a woman could never be her opponent. Sooner or later, she would make the other party voluntarily step down and give her the position of the main wife.

Furthermore, Jiang Liu is a fool who can’t control her secret affairs with Jiang Dezhu. By then, the four spacious tiled houses and three acres of land owned by Jiang Liu would belong to her and her son.

Meng Jiao-niang lowered her head, hiding the gleam of ambition in her eyes. She increasingly felt that this idea was excellent.

“Third Brother, how could you do something that betrays your wife?”

Xu Xiaocao elongated her tone, relying solely on the Meng family’s words; she had already concluded Jiang Liu’s sin.

“Younger sister-in-law, how do you think we should handle this matter? Regardless of anything, Meng Jiao-niang is carrying the third brother’s child in her belly. This child might bring him some joy even in his current state.”

Xu Xiaocao gloated as she looked at Bai Lan. Everyone in the village praised Bai Lan as a virtuous and capable woman. Because of such a comparison, Bai Lan had dragged them, her sisters-in-law, down into the mud. Now, she wanted to see if this supposedly virtuous and capable woman would still be equally generous.

Bai Lan would have to accept Meng Jiao-niang and constantly witness this woman and the child she would bear for the rest of her life. Bai Lan would undoubtedly experience heart-wrenching anguish day and night.

If Bai Lan refused to accept Meng Jiao-niang, she would force the child in Meng Jiao-niang‘s womb to die. How could such a ruthless and jealous woman be worthy of her former good reputation?

If it weren’t for so many people watching them, Xu Xiaocao would feel like letting out three loud cries to the sky.

“Big Sister’s judgement came a bit too early.”

Perhaps stimulated by Xu Xiaocao’s words, Bai Lan’s mind became somewhat more transparent at this moment.

She glanced coldly at Xu Xiaocao and then focused on the kneeling woman.

“Everyone knows that my husband suffered a head injury not long ago. Now he’s no different from a four or five-year-old child. In other words, he can’t remember anything he did before. Madam Meng claims that the child in her belly belongs to my husband, but my husband can’t refute it.”

When Meng Jiao-niang planned to retort, Bai Lan immediately raised her voice and suppressed her opponents’ words.

“Everyone knows Madam Meng’s reputation. How can I be certain that what she says is true and not that she’s carrying another man’s child but wants my foolish husband to take the blame?”

Since Meng Jiao-niang was shameless, Bai Lan would gladly expose her true face.

Meng Jiaoniang said that the child in her belly belonged to Jiang Liu, so Bai Lan would say that Meng Jiao-niang was promiscuous, and the child in her stomach could be anyone.

“Didn’t Meng Jiao-niang have an affair with that XX?”

“Just over a month ago, I saw her laughing and talking with XX by the small river.”

People nearby began discussing it with a flurry of voices. Listening to their demeaning and mocking tones, Meng Jiao-niang‘s face burned hotly. She raised her head sharply and looked at Bai Lan. Wasn’t this woman always acting cowardly? How could she dare to say such things in front of everyone?

“Over two months ago, I couldn’t control myself with San-lang, and this undergarment is the evidence.”

Meng Jiao-niang had come prepared, holding the undergarment she had stolen from the Jiang family.

Over two months!

Bai Lan and Jiang Dahu were surprised. According to their memories from their previous life, Meng Jiao-niang‘s child in her belly should be just over a month old. How did it suddenly grow by more than a month?

Recalling the differences between the two life, Jiang Dahu couldn’t help but look at the foolish father beside him. Why did he feel that the man’s head was shining green?

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