September 28, 2022

Konyaku haki? Yoroshī. Naraba, fukushūda! Chapter 20


Author: Unagi

Edited by: Aki


Taking the carriage alone, Luka headed back towards his home, unable to swallow the situation that had happened around him.

“Wh- What was it all about?”

Luka tried to stop his father?

“What is this? Is there something wrong?”

His father seemed kind of strange.

“Luka-kun? What’s wrong?”

Before Luka could say anything, he was surprised as he heard the voice of Marianne’s mother.

It appeared that the Hydorosa’s house had taken the existence of Marianne’s mother calmly.

“Does it mean that my sister and I was not connected through blood?”

Luka had always regarded Leticia as his half-sister.

And that was why he had been feeling ashamed for harboring some kind feeling towards his sister, Leticia.

“That is right? You are my child, Marianne’s younger brother.”

Marianne’s mother smiled.

Luka shivered as he looked at her smile.

Luka was not pleased with the current situation, though, he should be glad that it was with Marianne that he did shared the blood with.

When he learnt that Marianne was not someone from the Royal Family, all the feeling of respect that he had harbored towards her previously, immediately disappeared.

Luka felt somewhat sick and decided to quickly head towards his room.

The house that he should be familiar with had turned into something that he could no longer recognized.

At that time he realized that he no longer could see any sign of Leticia.

Luka immediately headed towards Leticia’s room.

It was the first time he went to Leticia’s room since the time when he was a child.

Luke had intentionally avoided from going to her room.

He remembered about those times when he had been acting spoiled towards Leticia-

“Ara~ Luka-kun?”

Marianne’s mother, no Luka’s mother came out from that room.

“What’s wrong?”

“I am looking for my sister-“

“Your sister is Marianne right? She is not here.”

“Le- Leticia-sama is?”

“Leticia? I am not staying in this room.”

Marianne’s mother had wrecked Leticia’s room.

Luka began to take a step back from Marianne’s mother

Marianne’s mother, in other hand, began to approach Luka step by step.

Duke Hydorosa seemed like he was pleased because he got to meet his son which he had not seen in a while, however, Luka could no longer understand the meaning of all of this.

Luka could not regard that person as his mother.

–From that day, Luka began to live in that house without coming into contact with his mother as much as possible.

As soon as Madam Hydorosa came to live in the mansion, she began to act as if she owned that place; Luke, who was in his room, decided to head to the castle to ensure Leticia’s safety.

No matter what he said to his father, he had refused to tell him about Leticia.

Without anyone noticing about it, Luka could no longer endured from his worries in regards to Leticia circumstances.

At that time, he no longer cares about Marianne-


“What is it, Luka? If you are free, read this.”

Duke Hydorosa handed the urgent document from the King to Luka.

“What kind of letter is this?”


Duke Hydorosa and his wife began to drink the alcohol.

Luka carefully opened the letter.

“—Fa-, Father!”

“What is it Luka, you are being loud.”

Duke Hydorosa reflexively knitted his eyebrow.

“A~ you were asked to go to the Royal Palace tomorrow.”

The decree seemed to be for an assembly, however, it did not state whether one could be absence from it or not.

Whether Duke Hydorosa listened to it or not, he only responded half-heartedly.

Therefore, Luka decided to send the reply on his behalf.

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