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Konyaku haki? Yoroshī. Naraba, fukushūda! Chapter 21

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Author: Unagi

Edited by: Aki


The story of Marianne and Leticia had spread around.

Everyone was clutching their heads, trying to figure out the solution to deal with this huge scandal.

That Leticia was the actual Marianne.

A Royalty.

Panic began to set on the hearts of the people who had tried to curry favor from Marianne previously and given cold shoulder towards Leticia after her downfall.


“Is it the truth? That Leticia-sama and Marianne-sama—”

“It is. It seems that Leticia-sama is currently being protected by the Royal Family.”

Julius answered calmly.

On the rare occasion where Julius participated in a party on his father’s behalf, he could never have imagined that something this big would occur.

Even though the Prince had declared the annulment of the engagement with Leticia,  it did not mean that his engagement with Marianne had been accepted by others.

It would be difficult for Leticia to find another partner after her engagement was annulled by that Prince, and despite that, it should not be assume that Prince Daniel could easily elect another woman as his new fiancée.

Julius was supposed to monitor the Prince so that he would not act as selfishly as before – that was the reason why Julius had attended the party.

Though it was really out of his expectation that Marianne’s parents would actually engage in that kind of reckless action.

“Then, Le-Leticia-sama has become the Royal Family, whereas Marianne-sama belongs to Hydorosa’s house?”

The newcomer who did not appear suspicious at the first glance…. Spotted an enigmatic expression.

Certainly, at first glance, there did not seem to be anything weird in regards to this situation.

In the first place, it had been decided that the engagement would be between Prince Daniel and the daughter of the Hydorosa house.

Even though it turned out to be Marianne, it did not change the fact that she was the daughter of the Hydorosa house.

There was no problem with her status, and it also did not appear that it would influence the Royal Family.

“No, until then, it was not much of a problem. However, this is not essentially good–”

Julius could not help but have some kind of bad premonition, so he decided to investigate this matter more thoroughly.


(King POV)


Inside the Royal Palace, the King had been hounded to give an official statement in regards to the current situation.

Even when he tried to contact Hydorosa formally, that person did not reply to his letter at all.

His failure to disclose his deed to the King was seen as an offense towards the Royalty.

It seemed that the fate of Hydorosa house had been decided at that point.

However, if Duke Hydorosa was captured, Marianne would be regarded as the child of a criminal…

Right then, the situation had made it difficult for the engagement between Daniel and Leticia to proceed; it would be bad for him to act as if the talk on the engagement between Marianne and the Prince had never happened.

Even though she had not been officially engaged with Daniel, but Daniel had already announced it in front of many people.

All of this had come to nothing.

The King had started to get a headache from thinking too much about it.

By the time he realized that Leticia was the daughter of Duke Diogenes, he had no choice but to give up on her.

It was impossible for him to ask for forgiveness from Duke Diogenes

On the contrary, when he thought that the concealed incident might come into surface, he started to shed a cold sweat.

This secret would surely bring enmity from Duke Diogenes to him.

The King’s head was about to explode from the problem brought by both Leticia and Marianne.

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  1. Oh my God, duke hydorosa and marianne’s mother are throwing everything into caos, are they stupid? What about Leticia now? And what is this secret the king talks about? uuuugh, so many questions…

  2. Umm then, then could Didian came from the King to give education and protection? And the stalker is from her real father to watch over her… The secret of the King should be related to Leticia’s magical power right?.. Hmhmm~ BUT at this point, why is no one reprimanded kuso Prince boy yet?! Buubuu
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