May 26, 2024

Konyaku haki? Yoroshī. Naraba, fukushūda! Chapter 22


Author: Unagi

Edited by: All-hail Aki-sama


(King POV)


Inside the room Duke Hydorosa and Marianne’s Mother had been brought to, it appeared that most of the Royal Family members would also participate in the meeting.

After receiving a reply from Luka saying,“My father does not want to look over the paper,” I had no other choice but to forcibly bring Duke Hydorosa to the castle.

Before this case  fell into the hands of the Judicial Bureau, I decided to solve it first, within the Royal Family’s circle.

“Duke Hydorosa, did you realize about this exchanging of Marianne and Leticia early on?”

“Yes, there is no other way around it.”

“–There is no other way?”

“Because Leticia had been behaving badly towards her parent, who had raised her.”

Duke Hydorosa began to gaze over at Marianne’s mother who sat next to him.


“~~My child.”

I sighed.

Leticia had been bullying Marianne’s mother, who was previously her parent… How old was Leticia at that time… I began to feel fed up when I considered her excuse.

As I swallowed their story, I began to realize the reason behind Duke Hydorosa’s cold treatment towards Leticia.

I had never thought that this was the reason behind it.

As I listened to it, I could not help but felt embarrassed by it.

I had still been too young at that time and did not even have any recollection about the matter.

“Then the statement [with Marchioness Hydorosa] –did you also admit that, Marchioness Hydorosa?”

“Yes, of course, I will also return Leticia to you.”

Marchioness Hydorosa replied brightly.

“And you agreed that Marianne was born as a result of your infidelity?”

“Infidelity? He had never cared about me from the start. Perhaps, it was because he knew about it that he tried to punish me for it.”

I laughed at her statement.

Duke Diogenes, who was also in the hearing, wore a silly expression on his face.

Duke Diogenes had been paying attention to Leticia, who had been sitting near him the whole time; he acted as if the talk of the people around him was not his business.

Duke Diogenes himself did not show any indication that he cared about his wife’s act of infidelity.

I, myself, had also noticed that the Marianne I had seen previously seemed different from the child I saw before Duke Diogenes went for that expedition.

As if he was used to it, Duke Diogenes did not show any expression on his face, but instead played his role as a Duke who had been deceived by others.


However, even if Duke Diogenes overlooked that woman’s act of infidelity, this matter could not end as it was.

That’s sort of idea that comes from their fragmented thinking.

It was not about returning things to where they belong.

I thought that was the extent of the story.

“I see, so you took the Royal Family’s child away and then lied about it while raising your own child as a Royalty?”

“Ma~ you should not phrase it that way. Didn’t Leticia grow up properly?”

I could feel the headache coming.

In regards to these kind of things, it was already out of my hand as a King.

The both of them obviously had committed a great sin.

But it was still not the time for me to condemn the both of them for their sin.

And now, I was wondering how deal with Marianne’s position as my son’s fiancée.

Considering that these two people were Marianne’s parents, if Marianne were to grow up the same way as them, it would be better if we quit—


“-If you please excuse me.”

Julius raised his hand up.


I remembered that Julius was the son of the Prime Minister and had been working as his father’s assistant recently.

Compared to my own son, I couldn’t help but feel a tremendous regret.

“You are being excused. Go ahead.”

Julius was evidently full of etiquette as he moved forward.

“I think that the money that has been paid by the Royal Palace for Marianne’s education  since the day she replaced Leticia-sama should be returned in full.”

“Wh- What?”

Duke Hydorosa have never thought that this child would express that point here.

“Ara~ Marianne is supposed to become the Queen in the future, you know? Just as Leticia had been educated as a Queen, don’t you think that Marianne should receive the same treatment?”

Marianne’s mother pointed out the issue as if it was a matter of course.

I started to have a headache.

The decision to have Marianne as the fiancée of the Prince Daniel was the decision between those two people alone.

I, as the King, had never given any official permission in regards to their engagement.

“Marianne-sama as a Queen?”

The Royal Family members looked at her disgustedly.

It was clear to everyone that Marianne was unsuitable to be crowned as the next Queen.

Towards Prince Daniel, who was too immature to become a King, everyone had thought that unless he wedded the firm and intelligent Leticia, they could not really trust the future of the country to him.


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  1. honestly, if marianne marries Daniel, Daniel would have to be forced to give up the throne due to incompetency. No one would accept him as king. She will be the queen. All the power will be hers

      1. Wouldn’t work. At least based on the current information. The crown goes to the one who has the most magic.

  2. I am enjoying how everyone there looks at the two like they are idiots. The fact that this is actually using the logic of Royalty selection is also quite a treat.

  3. ”’Leticia had been bullying Marianne’s mother, who was previously her parent… How old was Leticia at that time… I began to feel fed up when I considered her excuse.”’

    So a 1~2 yr old bullied her, huh? (since they’re in the same school, they must be at most 2 yrs apart)
    Must’ve been reaa~lly hard!

    1. Marianne is actually younger that her stated age.. but people doesn’t know since she was switched with Leticia so she had to maintained Leticia (the real Marianne) age.. so I guess she and Leticia was in the same year in school despite the actual gap between the birth.

  4. Thank you for your work.

    It seems that Duke Hydorosa doesn’t realize that getting away with only paying money is the best he can hope for. I thought he reached his position through his own work and abilities.

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