June 23, 2024

Konyaku haki? Yoroshī. Naraba, fukushūda! Chapter 24

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Author: Unagi

Editor: Aki


(Daniel POV)


Marianne’s mother tried to raise her voice, but Daniel could not really understand what she tried to say due to her agitation.

–Marianne is not the daughter of Duke Hydorosa.–

Daniel was confused by all of this.

The possibility that Marianne was perfect for him and the thought that her bloodline was also not a problem had already been smashed to pieces. She was not even an aristocrat.

He was shocked with the revelation about Marianne.

Marianne’s mother was taken by someone else, and Duke Hydorosa had changed his attitude quickly, as he spoke biting words towards both Marianne and her mother.

In this way, Marianne’s place had already gone when Daniel decided to bring her back to his abode.


“Marianne, Marianne.”

Marianne reacted in surprise as she heard Daniel’s voice.

“Daniel? Ara~ why did I?”

Marianne had a strange look on her face.

She felt like she had received unreasonable treatment as a noblewoman, but was it only in her mind?

“Did you dye your hair?”

Daniel was shocked that she did not possess the same blonde hair as he did.

“I- I did not dye it.”

Marianne denied as if the previous event were not etched in her memory at all.

Daniel did not know what to ask of her anymore, so he decided to call for Julius.


“Marianne-sama, have you not noticed it yet?”


Marianne acted as if she did not know that Julius was the one who had cornered her mother.

“Marianne-sama, the people already knew about the condition of your hair–”

Marianne’s stress peaked when Julius, who was supposed to protect her, asked the same question as others.

“I- I am the daughter of a Duke. I don’t remember that I need to follow orders from a nobleman like you!”

“I see, by the way, it seems that Marianne-sama had often indulged yourself with Sake.”

“That- what is wrong with that?”

“You are only drunk from drinking Sake, right?”

“W-what are you…?”

“The root of your hair is brown, right? Don’t you think that the actual colour of your hair is brown?”

Marianne unintentionally tried to hide her scalp with her hand.

She did not realize that those two people had already seen enough of it–

Daniel’s shoulders slumped in depression.

His father would be surely oppose to this.


“Daniel, I am sorry. But, even though my hair is brown, will you still forgive me?”

Marianne was hanging onto Daniel.

“Marianne, it seems that you are not the child of Duke Hydorosa.”

Daniel decided to honestly tell her the truth.

With this, Marianne would come to an understanding.

It was impossible for them to get married.

“Is that so?”

So what? When he saw her expression, Daniel also became unable to keep his silence.

“That’s why, it is impossible for us to get married.”

Daniel said those words to Marianne while looking elsewhere.


Marianne grabbed onto Daniel.

“There is some problem in regards to your status.”

“Status? I am the daughter of Duke Hydorosa, right?”

“That’s why, that thing…”

Fuffuffu, Marianne began to laugh.

Marianne looked so confident.

“The truth doesn’t matter anymore. Right now, I am the daughter of Duke Hydorosa.”

Marianne continued to laugh confidently; her beautiful face shone dangerously.


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