September 28, 2022

Konyaku haki? Yoroshī. Naraba, fukushūda! Chapter 25


Author: Unagi

Editor: Aki

(Duke Hydorosa POV)

Why did such things happen–

Duke Hydorosa was unable to move.

For that person, whom he had loved with all his heart, he could not really accept the truth.

Either during the absence of Duke Diogenes or even after he returned, she had kept inviting lot of men to her residence…

Marianne also was not mine.

Once I knew the truth, I no longer cared about anything else.


Who the hell is Luka?

After Leticia came here, Luka, who was supposed to be the younger brother of Marianne, was sent here to Hydorosa’s house.

At that time I was pleased with the birth of that new life, which would succeed this Hydorosa’s house.

But, in the current situation, Luka was also probably not my child.

Now that I thought about it carefully, I had rarely seen her come here before and after she left Luka with me…

“Luka, are you here? Luka?”

Duke Hydorosa raised his voice.

The butler who heard his voice quickly went to call Luka, who was in his room.


Luka was surprised to see his father seem so aged.

“Get out of this mansion.”

Duke Hydorosa said those words without looking at Luka.

“E- Why now?”

Luka doubted his ears as he heard Duke Hydorosa’s command.

“You are not my son. The same goes for Marianne.”

Luka’s eyes were wide opened.

‘Wh- What do you mean by that, father?”

Whenever he heard the word “father” from Luka, Duke Hydorosa felt like screaming from the bottom of his heart.

“I said, it would be better if you got out of here.”

Duke Hydorosa decided to drive Luka out from his house.


“Well, what happened?”

The royal scandal was the hottest news as of now.

When your father is the Prime Minister, you cannot really talk to anyone about it.

However, when he was surrounded by the scholar, Julius felt like his resolutions slowly seeped out from his shoulder.

He believed in them, and he knew that they were not really interested in it to leak it to other people.

They were only interested in the story, not the Royal Family.

Julius knew that their interest was only towards the machines and new technologies.

“Has Marianne-sama’s mother been caught?” “Seriously, then what about Leticia-sama?”

“Leticia-sama has been doing well, living with Duke Diogenes.”

In public, Duke Diogenes had always given the impression that he did not care about his family, but when he was with Leticia, he never let her out of his sight.

“Is it possible to settle in this case?” “Stupid, then she could not get married to Prince Daniel.”

The scholars were talking excitedly about the Royal Family while operating the rattling machines.

“I don’t think so, probably the two of them will officially engage with each other.”

“Ei? Even though Marianne-sama is not an aristocrat?” “What’s more, her mother also got caught?”

Not to mention Julius, even they knew the things that had happened in the background.

Even though the information had been leaked somehow, these guys even managed to get the information on that event so quickly.

It was really the truth that these scholars have their own information network.

“No. In terms of Marianne-sama’s position as the daughter of Hydorosa, it has not changed.”

“E, I hate Marianne-sama.” “Isn’t that position like Leticia-sama’s?”

“Leticia-sama will not return to her ex-fiancée. Prince Daniel has already sent the invitation for his engagement with Marianne-sama.”

“Prince Daniel is truly stupid.”

Julius kept his mouth closed as he heard the feeling of others on that matter.

“Oi, it will be dangerous if they heard about this.”

“I will be careful so that it will not be heard by others.”

Hahahaha, the laughter echoed.

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