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Konyaku haki? Yoroshī. Naraba, fukushūda! Chapter 26

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Author: Unagi

Edited by: Aki


Even as Julius returned to his work calmly, the King had yet to recover from his shock.

He was surprised that Marianne was not Duke Hydorosa’s offspring.

However, this might be a valid reason for him to stop the engagement between Prince Daniel and Marianne.

He wished that he could cover all of this nonsense by charging Marianne’s mother instead.

If he could put the blame on both Marianne and her mother, at least he could improve the evaluation of the citizens towards Daniel.

Marianne actually did not possess any noble lineage in her blood.

Due to that, she was exposed miserably.

And since Daniel did not seem to have any inclination to give up on her previously, the King was quite relieved about how this incident had turned out.


But then that thing arrived.

The King trembled as he held the letter from the neighboring country.

It was the reply to the invitation for the engagement party between Prince Daniel and Marianne.

The King held his head in his palm.

It seemed that news of Marianne and Prince Daniel’s engagement had already been revealed to the other countries.

He had decided to cancel the engagement quietly when he learned about Marianne’s background.

However, in this current situation, this will make him lose his credibility.

In the current situation, it would be more difficult for him to separate Marianne from Prince Daniel, since Marianne’s name had already been transmitted to other countries.

–No, wait.

Leticia was originally named Marianne.

If I were to replace them once again…?

No, I can’t.

Diogenes will oppose it–

There was no other solution but to bury the matter in regards to Marianne’s background.

Even though everyone knew about the switch, only the royalties knew that Marianne did not possess noble lineage.

The King believed that he could easily seal everyone else’s mouths.

The King was also angry with Daniel, who tried to charge the engagement party forward without consulting him first.

Although he had warned him that bad things would happened if he annulled his engagement with Leticia…

The King could not think of any other ways to separate Daniel and Marianne.

The King had no other choice, as he put emphasis on  other countries’ impressions of him.

Once it had  been written on the invitation card, even the King could not get out of it.


“Daniel, you are still declaring that you want to be engaged to Marianne?”

“I already sent the invitation out. Because I am cool, of course I will not cancel it.”

Daniel turned his face away.

“A~ why can’t you just stick with Leticia?”

“A~ why Leticia? Why is Leticia so good? I know that she was a Royalty. But it is only that, right?”

Daniel did not understand the merit of Leticia at all.

Daniel and Marianne, who had been non-committal when receiving education as Royalty, failed to realize the inadequacy borne from the both of them.

“Didn’t you want Leticia? They will be a Royalty either way. So it doesn’t matter, right?”

“Leticia has returned as a Diogenes–!”

The King made a troubled face.

He had tried to bring Leticia into the Royal family.

She was still a Royalty even if she did not marry Daniel, so the result was still the same.

If it was not for Duke Diogenes–

The King could not tell this to Daniel.


T/N : Well you got to admit how loyal Daniel is towards Marianne…


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