May 26, 2024

Konyaku haki? Yoroshī. Naraba, fukushūda! Chapter 27


Author: Unagi

Edited by: Aki

Going back to a few days ago.

In a peaceful place on the outskirts of the town, a man lived with his family.

That man and his wife lived a self-sufficient life, and occasionally went out to the city as a treat of extravagance.

A child was also born from both of them, and they were at the peak of their happiness.

“Kuro, you are here?”

The door was struck hard.

In that desolate place, that man could not help but have a bad premonition when he saw a carriage with the Royal Family’s crest on it stop in front of his house.

“Don’t pretend to be out.”

That man covered himself with a futon, his body trembling.

His wife, who had been living a calm life throughout her life, tilted her head at the unusual behavior of her husband before opening the door.

“Wa- wait a minute…”

“Wai~, who are you?”

In this house, his wife was the one who had stronger influence.

“Kuro… No, may I see the head of this house?”

In front of the door stood a man with noble atmosphere.

That man’s wife instantly blushed.

It was said that this man coldness was unrivaled; however, despite that, his delicate features were popular among the women.

“Ara~ please wait for a moment, okay?”

That man’s wife moved towards her husband before grabbing the futon will all her strength.

That man came out from the futon, tumbling down.

Then his eyes met with the visitor’s eyes.

“D- Diogenes-sama.”

Hi~, my face was being pulled by him.

This man was the kind of opponent that he did not want to meet for the rest of his life.

“Wa- waish thish? I didn’t do anything?”

That man ran under the desk.

“Work, Kuro.”

“I am not Kuro!”

That man abruptly stood up as if trying to tell someone off, when Duke Diogenes suddenly shorten their distance.

“Mou, I am already sick and tired of doing that work.”

“It is an easy job.”

“Easy?! After I met you, there has never been an easy day!”

It had been 10 years since that man and Duke Diogenes came into a contact.

“You just need to give me a report.”

“A report?”

“On the event since you retired from that residence.”

Duke Diogenes took a piece of paper out.

“Did they knew how scary Duke Diogenes is?”

That man shrunk as he was being stared at by Duke Diogenes.

In the end, that man wrote a report in accordance to the instruction from Duke Diogenes.

I moved here so that I could escape from him… that man released a sigh.

He sighed more and more with each passing day, since the time he was found by Duke Diogenes.


He had served the Royal Family for decades.

He was trusted by them.

He had never quit watching that young girl who kept pricking his conscience.

He had continued to tread those roads expecting he would die.

He was confident that no one could find him.

Until Duke Diogenes, that is–

In order to investigate Leticia, Kuro had been trailing her since the news of her engagement with Prince Daniel come out.

The scope of his work was to watch whether Leticia had some kind of interaction with other men, or perhaps acted in such way that was unsuitable as a future Queen. He was only there to keep an eye on Leticia-sama, merely observing her.

Sometimes, out of nowhere, there were assassins, perverts, and stalkers appeared. However, that Didion managed to subdue all of them.

While observing such sight at ease, he did not realise there was someone standing at his side.

Such carelessness was a serious taboo in his line of work.

That man took out his weapon, but his opponent was someone who had a good magical skills.

In such peaceful mission, he was ambushed in a terrible manner.

That man was ready for his end–

It was Duke Diogenes. That man was unable to believe that Duke Diogenes had come to observe Leticia-sama, secretly.

Since then, that man had been bringing the reports on Leticia-sama secretly to Duke Diogenes and became another part of the observation group.

…No, Duke Diogenes might have thought that that man was his servant during those times he had been working for him.

As Duke Diogenes watched over Leticia-sama, that man faced so many terrible experiences that he finally quit his job.

…although he rarely recalled about it.


He also remembered that another man had also joined the team to observe Marianne-sama.

He finally realized now the use of that man’s information and the information he had given to Duke Diogenes; he shook his head.

Don’t even think about it.

Those stories are unrelated to that man’s peaceful life.

For knowing the internal conflict of the Royal Family, some money was usually given to seal the mouth.

That man put his hands together and prayed that he might be able to keep living quietly like this in the country.

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    1. He only started following when he heard that his daughter, Leticia, was engaged to the prince. As stated before, her father knew she was his real daughter, and didnt do anything till Leticia had no where to go and begged (pathetically) for Leticia to give him a chance.
      So, he isn’t a good father, a rather pitiful and bad one.
      -Knew his current daughter wasnt his real daughter
      -Did crap about it and just ignored her
      -Escaped reality by diving into work.
      -Did nothing, while Leticia was abused in her household.

      He is not a good father.

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