September 28, 2022

Konyaku haki? Yoroshī. Naraba, fukushūda! Chapter 28


Author: Unagi

Edited by: Aki

(Marianne POV)

The party was starting.

With this, my engagement with Daniel will be established…!

Even though the King and the Queen had yet to declare it officially, it had already been announced here in this venue.

Even if I am of the Hydorosa house, what can I do about it anyway?

Even Leticia will be under my control once I become the Queen.

Fuffuffu, these things were getting more and more interesting.

The business operated by the most popular technician in this country had closed off.

Ma~ even if you refused to design my dress, I will still not let you off, since I did not want to lose to other’s people dress.

The truth was, even though this dress’ fabric, which changed colors gradually from the top downwards looked excellent and afresh…

“Marianne-sama, in what way do you want to style your hair?”

“Leave it as it is.”

“Since it might hurt a little bit, how about we oiled it?”

“You’re right. You can do it accordingly.”

Though I love its color, the tip of my hair had gotten prickly.

Since the secret has already been exposed, I wonder if I should just stop dyeing it already?

Even though my hair was hurting from the slight movements by the maid…

Today was the long-awaited engagement announcement party!

From the wing hall of the venue, I observed the situation ahead of me.

The King and the Queen were already here… There was also my papa… The Prime Minister and Julius… Aaa~ There was also Carlos and his parent… Apart from that, was that the Prince from the neighboring country?

“Is Leticia attending this party…?”

“You also gave invitation to Leticia?”

Of course, I had to show off  my appearance in my hours of triumph to her.



(Prince Daniel POV)

Marianne was floating happily throughout the party.

I was scolded by the King and the Queen for living together with Marianne without informing them first; however, it was my responsibility as a Prince to deepen my relationship with my own fiancée.

It was a pity that Marianne was not the daughter of a Duke. However, since she possessed magical power, it did not change the fact that she was from a good lineage.

It was a misunderstanding that she was a commoner.

Even Julius was against me–

It was the usual stupid story.

They kept talking about the hair’s color, but Marianne had been using Magic in school, you know? How could they not notice it?

This was the conclusive evidence that Marianne actually from a noble lineage.

“Daniel? What do you think?”

Marianne turned around once, twirling; her dress, lightly swaying.

“It really suits you.”

Yes, for that technician who refused to design her dress…  I must somehow come up with a way to punish him.

Well, I can do that later…

Today, finally the day to punish Leticia.

We will see how well Duke Diogenes will protect her.

I will let everyone know that Marianne is obviously better….

T/N Anyway sorry for the late chapter. I thought of posting 5 chapters however, me and Aki are quite confused on some sentences that we would like to look over it first.

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