May 25, 2024

Konyaku haki? Yoroshī. Naraba, fukushūda! Chapter 29


Author: Unagi

Edited by: Aki- sama

Special recognition to IlkatSumil for helping with some phrases.


(Party 1)

(Leticia POV)


A~ To be truthful, I really did not want to attend the party, you know?

Because, wasn’t this party meant to celebrate the engagement between Marianne-sama and Prince Daniel…

For me to be there, it felt quite unpleasant or something like that, right?

… I will do it.


“Today, with everyone…”

A~ The Queen had started talking.

There were only the King, the Queen, and Duke Hydorosa on the stage…

Where were Prince Daniel and Marianne-sama?

“Everyone, before that, there is a story that I want to tell all of you.”

Prince Daniel and Marianne-sama cut off the Queen’s speech as both of them appeared on the stage.

“I, Marianne am engaged to Prince Daniel.”

Marianne-sama spoke as she grinned.

Clap clap… The applause was heard sparsely.

Marianne-sama was already back to her old self, wasn’t she?

No one would ever believe she had turned into such a ragged mess previously.

“Da- Prince Daniel! That story is already…!”

There were some people who stood up unexpectedly.

It was natural that those people were the ones who wanted to stop Marianne-sama from becoming the Queen.

It couldn’t be helped. The relationship between the Prince and me had not truly been settled yet.

At the first place, did Marianne-sama even possess any qualification to become Queen?

Even at the academy, she was flirting with men here and there. For her, who forged relationships with other men aside from the Prince… it was totally out, right?

I heard that there was even a bard who had dedicated a song to her.

Somehow this smelled like an out to me.

“Father, please listen to me. I understand the circumstances around Leticia. But, there was no need for us to compensate her. Because Leticia is actually the one in the wrong.”

Don~ The Prince was puffing his chest with pride.

E~ Why do you have to mention my name at this moment?

The King’s eyes darted back and forth as he looked between Prince Daniel and me.

While the people around were thrown into confusion, only Prince Daniel and Marianne-sama looked calm.

“Leticia, come here!”

A~ For real, I truly had not misheard it.

They really had been calling for me.

It can’t be helped. I guess I had to move myself there.

Marianne-sama, your face had turned stiff you know…

[What is that?! That dress! Isn’t that the dress that I could not get from that No 1 popular technician?!]… I could clearly see it on her face.

Yes, it was already closed off.

This dress cannot be given to Marianne-sama. Because this is the dress that Didion had made for me…


“Le- Lady Leticia…”

The King looked pale.

“Everyone! Please listen! This Leticia had repeatedly harassed Marianne previously. For me to annulled my engagement with her and gotten myself engaged with Marianne, was there anything wrong about it?”

Marianne-sama casted her eyes down, looking so sorrowful.

…Was this ploy really gone unnoticed by others? Was Marianne-sama going to continue with this self-performance of her? …She truly has lots of spare time…

A commotion began to stir from the surroundings as eyes full of accusation and condemnation began to shoot towards me. The Prince and Marianne-sama looked around, feeling satisfied.

However, it would have been better for them to actually observe the expressions of the other Royalties instead.


“Your Majesty, if you please excuse me?”

“You are… Go ahead, talk.”

The King seemed to have forgotten that he already had been introduced to Julius-sama before.

“..Did Prince Daniel see the exact location where Lady Leticia had been bullying Marianne-sama?”

As if he was not expecting it, Prince Daniel held his mouth agape.

“Wa- What is this…? Julius! You were also in that place!”

“Yes, but what we saw was the scene of Lady Leticia, who was standing beside Marianne-sama, the latter of whom was sitting on the ground, crying.”

“Then, what is the problem with that? Are you saying that I am recklessly accusing Leticia use of her magical power?”

The surrounding people began to astir.

It was considered a felony for one to use magical power to hurt others.

“Magical power? What kind of magical power is it?”

“Wind magic! I was hurt by that!!”

Marianne-sama, kitty-cat. I really wanted to get out of here.

“Is that so? So you are saying that Leticia-sama  had used magical power to attack you in school. And to protect yourself, Marianne-sama had also use her own magical power. Then it should be considered as a retaliation?”

“Julius. You bastard, what are you…!”

“Prince Daniel, it was only for the sake of confirmation… then Marianne-sama?”

“I- I have not done anything! At that time I was truly afraid…”


Prince Daniel consoled Marianne, who was shedding tears.


I truly felt embarrassed standing on this stage…

Someone please come and stop all of this…

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  1. Why is this farce still going on? Their marriage is done and disapproved by the royal family and other nobles.

    The other nobles know the girl isn’t royalty and is a commoner. They also know the bs her birth caused.

    How do these people still have any credibility?

  2. Thank you for sharing!

    Why is this farce still going on? Their marriage is done and disapproved by the royal family and other nobles.

    The other nobles know the girl isn’t royalty and is a commoner. They also know the bs her birth caused.

    How do these people still have any credibility?

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