October 21, 2020

The Analects of Righteous Father’s Collapse [ Fast Wear] Chapter 2

Chapter 2: Unquestioning Filial Piety 2

Author: 打字机N号

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Jiang Liu, who was lying on the cart, slowly absorbed the memory left by the original body and his mission in this world.

Initially, as the eldest son of the family, the original body should be one of the elders in the family. However, the original’s luck was not good. When he was born, his mother was having difficulty in producing, and he had almost died during the process. After he was born, he had always stayed at home. During that time, his grandmother was still alive; therefore, he had been under her care. For that, the feeling between the son and mother was a little thinner. Later, the old lady passed away. As for his mother, she finally blessed with a pair of dragon and phoenix to take care off. As for the son cared by this most hated mother-in-law, naturally, you can’t talk about closeness.

In the beginning, the father of the original body, Jiang Chuangen, still attached great importance to this eldest son. But he can’t win over the coercions of the person next to his pillow. After a long time, Jiang Chuangen felt that the family newborns came with great blessings. His new child is more promising than this eldest son, bringing him more glory. His eldest son could not give him a grandson for ten years, but the second son, Jiang Hai, had given him two grandchildren. Jiang Chuangen did not dare to hope that this eldest son would ever give him an heir.

In the original’s life, most of the time, he was working like an ox for the family. He was too eager for the love and attention of his parents. He is also anxious to have a child from his blood. Unfortunately, he could not wait and ended up dead. Therefore, his regret was related to these two wishes.

Jiang Liu, like a bystander, read the life of the original. He did not only have any sympathy but also wants to send the original body some words – You deserve it!

Compared to his childhood situation, the situation of the original body was easy. Isn’t it merely a matter of being stuck with the bloodsucker? He had a hundred ways to smash those stinky faces. But this fool was not only stupid. Because of this filial piety, he also forced his wife to follow him with his selfless dedication.

At the end of the day, the bamboo baskets were filled with water, and they were so tired that they only had a few drops of crocodile tears. Why bother at all?

“What is the mission?”

Jiang Liu thought, since they bound the system to him, they also allowed him to come to the body of the original body. He estimated that he needed to punch the parents, kicked the sucker of younger siblings out, and then walked away with that silly wife of his.

Seeing that the system gave him a little wife for this old bachelor, he will reluctantly help him complete the tasks.

“The current task requires you to get Jiang Chuangen, Miao Caifeng,  Xu Xiuxiu, and other immediate family members’ full value of goodwill. With mission success, there will be reward points of 1000. If the mission success rate less than 2/3, you will be obliterated.”

After feeling that the internship host had received the memory of the original body, System 001 appeared in Jiang Liu’s consciousness space and announced the tasks of the current world.


Jiang Liu felt that he had auditory hallucinations. What kind of nonsense did this powder system have been uttering about? It even asked him to get the goodwill of Xu Xiuxiu? It is a pity for such good girl to marry into this family, yet she did not get to enjoy the blessing. Instead, she was shackled for a lifetime. For this kind of sin, even a lifetime will not be enough to compensate her.

What can Jiang Chuanggen and Miao Caifeng rely on? Jiang Chuanggen was his most hated irresponsible elder. In his opinion, these two people were the ones who took the money from the original body and did nothing back. If any, at most, was that they had raised the original body, but even then, the original body had worked like a horse for the family. Therefore, turning those people into a cow still not enough to make up for this.

And yet the system wanted him to please these two people to get their good feelings to a full value? How cheap.

“The host swore at the system and used propagative verbs to attack the system in its consciousness, causing mental damage to the system and violating the Righteous father’s guidelines. This is the first verbal warning. After three warnings, we will carry the punishment of the electric shock out.”

001 was the first system created by the Lord God. At present, many programs were still being repaired and improved. It has no human emotions. Many instructions are one-on-one, and thus, the system will act according to the rules of the program.

“Ha ha ha, isn’t it just to please those two people? This is easy. I understand… I understand.”

Jiang Liu was a person who has been immersed in the bottom of society for many years. He knows how to accept things even when it goes against his wish. The system was not flexible at all. It also threatened him with an electric shock. So, for the time being, he should be honest and just do it.

“The Principles of the Righteous Father’s System – Standing in the universe’s heart to spread the love. Whether they are good or bad, to influence them is the goal of the host.”

001 mechanically propagated the instructions.

“I will ask you a question. As long as it is successful, then it is not important whether Jiang Chuangen and Miao Caifeng are extremely disgusted with me in the process, right?”

In Jiang Liu’s mind, he had decided not to use the straight road. Ah, he was not a kind man, and he is most capable of going the wrong way. Since the system was so rigid, he needs to know his advantages. He needed to study and find the loopholes that can be manipulated.

“The task deadline is when the host leaves the current world.”

The round ball floated up and down as the light blinked away. It seemed to think. After a while, 001 gives a reply with a mechanical voice.

Jiang Liu had been guessing correctly. The system only looked at the result. As long as he completes the goal at the moment of physical death, then he will be considered successful.

“Right, what are the use of those points you mentioned?”

Jiang Liu remembered that when the system announced the task, it seemed to have mentioned something about reward points. As for whether or not the mission will be successful, Jiang Liu was not very concerned about it. Anyway, he already died once, and now he is still alive. It is just another day that he is lucky enough to steal. To live another day is to take advantage of God’s will. If you die, you just can’t take advantage of it. There was nothing to worry about it.

“When the score reaches 1000, the system mall will open. Host can use the points to buy any goods in the system mall.”

After explaining that point. 001 disappeared from Jiang Liu’s sight without warning. At that time, his ear heard a familiar voice.

“The hospital is here, Jiang’s daughter-in-law, you and Fengshou carry Jiang Liu down. I will go to the doctor first.”

He had arrived at the hospital. Jiang Liu temporarily put the thought on the point aside as he continued to pretend to be a patient.

Perhaps it took a lot of energy to absorb the memory of the original body. After they moved him from the oxcart, Jiang Liu fell asleep. Even when the doctor behind him helped him to suture the wound, it did not even wake him up.

When he was awake, the big Guan and Guan Fengshou had already driven back in the oxcart, leaving only Xu Xiuxiu alone in the hospital to take care, Jiang Liu.

The doctor told her they have to wait at the hospital for three to four days to see if there were any sequelae in the brain. Since Big Guan was the team leader, therefore he had lots of work left in the team, and there was no way to arrange for someone to wait on Jiang Liu. Naturally, he couldn’t stay at the hospital personally. Therefore, he left Xu Xiuxiu to remain with her husband with enough food stamps for them to eat and drink before heading back with his son.

“You woke up.”

Xu Xiuxiu’s hand was placed on the edge of the bed, head down while sitting on the chair. Her nerves seemed to be tight. As soon as she saw Jiang Liu little movement, and she opened her eyes and stood up as she started to look at him nervously.

“Why don’t you go to bed and lie down.”

Because he had no water for quite a long time, Jiang Liu’s voice appeared hoarse. When he finished speaking, he licked his lips with his tongue, feeling the dryness of his cracked lips.

“Since I came here urgently, I didn’t bring a set of clean clothes. How could I lie on the bed that they have arranged so cleanly? No matter how hard it is, I will not bring trouble to other people.”

Xu Xiuxiu was an observant woman. Seeing that Jiang Liu was thirsty, she quickly poured water into the cup she had received from the nurse station and then held Jiang Liu’s head in one hand while helping him drinks the water in the glass.

He was inside a standard quadruple room. The whole place was tidy, and the quilt was stacked like a tofu block. Jiang Liu noticed that he was the only patient in this room, and the other three beds were empty. Xu Xiuxiu can sleep in any of the beds for a while, but he didn’t expect that the other person to rest for half a night next to his bed while squatting just because of the fear of smudging other people’s quilts.

“Wait, you know where we are?”

After feeding him the water, Xu Xiuxiu suddenly realized that there was a problem. According to Jiang Liu’s condition, he was always unconscious. He shouldn’t know where he was. But when he woke up, the first sentence he asked was why she did not sleep on the bed and not where he currently at.

“I was in and out, but it felt strange, there buzz around me, so I could hear clearly, including the discussion the captain and my parents had over sending me to the hospital.”

 Jiang Liu revealed a bitter smile, then looked at Xu Xiuxiu with a fixed look.

“Xiu ‘er, thank you. It is me, Jiang Liu, who can’t help you.”

At this moment, his expression fully revealed the sadness and sorrow of a man that was given up by his most trusted parents. It also brought a bit of gratitude and guilt to his wife.

Seeing such Jiang Liu, Xu Xiuxiu could not help but stunned.

She did not expect that Jiang Liu to heard it. Also, after this incident, the other party seemed to have a gap with the in-laws. He will no longer unconditionally trust her in-laws like before and feel that any behaviour of her in-laws was all for their sake.

Whether she can look forward to it, she hoped that after the rehabilitation, his husband would change and no longer acted foolishly for the family.

“I am thankful. After all, you are my man.”

Xu Xiuxiu had been disappointed far too many times. This was not the first time her in-law hurting their son with their actions and words. Yet, when the other side said a few good words, her man would then turned stupid once again.

From the very beginning, she thought she had seen the dawn, but her hope was obliterated, again and again. Hence she no longer held any expectations for him.

However, this time, things seemed more severe than any other time, but what about it? They were her man’s parents. This relationship will always go on.

“If you don’t want to sleep on that bed, then you should squeeze in with me.”

Jiang Liu also knew the stupid things that the original body did. Now he said that he would be kind to her. Xu Xiuxiu may not believe him. But the days are long, even if the other side will not find it for now, but one day, he will prove it.

“Nothing, I am still good.”

Xu Xiuxiu shook his head. The hospital bed was not wide. The two people lying down will be a little tight. Jiang Liu was still a patient. She was afraid of accidentally touching his wounds.

“We will be here for a few days if you have a bad rest, how can you take care of the patient?”

This excuse by Jiang Liu made Xu Xiuxiu unable to refuse. Now that it’s late at night, it should be a few hours before dawn. Thinking of that, she finally agreed.


A woman was lying next to him, but for Jiang Liu, it was his first time.

The relationship between men and women at the construction site was chaotic. Most of them were half-way couples who were lonely or widowed. Some massage shops that were popular among the migrant workers on the construction site also had many cheap ladies.

There was no shortage of workers who wanted to find a lady for Jiang Liu to solve his problem, but they were all rejected by him.

In his opinion, as long as it was not done with his own woman, it was quite dull. He was still a young man with ample yang. He has seen the small yellow film and knew that this activity was tiring. Going as far as to spend special expenses to do such physical activities, where at the end the lady will enjoy it, and yet he has to give the lady money. He rather not do it.

The savvy Jiang Liu regards the entertainment activities of the men in this site as a loss-making business, but he has a well-behaved wife, so he no longer thought so.

Of course, it is still awkward for him to act such action. Now, the injury on the head had solved one of his problems. When he was hurt, his understanding of Xu Xiuxiu deepened. Everything will seem to be like a matter, of course.

Xu Xiuxiu did not know of his thoughts. In her head, she tried as much as possible to narrow down the area of bed that she occupied.

But she was too tired, and after laying down on the soft and clean bed, she slept heavily.

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