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The Analects of Righteous Father’s Collapse [ Fast Wear] Chapter 3

Chapter 3: Unquestioning Filial Piety 3

Author: 打字机N号

T /N: This is MTL work. I tried to edit as best as I could any mistakes, please put your comment, and I will edit it ASAP. This is my first attempt at a Chinese novel, so please cheer me up! I hope you will find this novel as interesting as I do.

The situation in the hospital this day was less crowded compared to the later generation. In general, people usually will not come to the hospital at all. Instead, they will either endure it, take some remedies prepared by the older generation, or drink some soup.

This may be related to the backward equipment available in the hospital and the shortage of drugs. Simultaneously, many more high-calibre veteran doctors had been sent to work in the countryside.

However, this had little to do with Jiang Liu. Even though the wound in his head looked scary, it did not hurt that much. As long as the injury was not infected, there will be no big problem. But when he was sent to the hospital, the wound was bleeding excessively, which scared the doctor in charge, a graduate from the university. Therefore in the doctor’s judgment, Jiang Liu’s injury was heavy, requiring him to stay at the hospital for a few days for observation.

After counting the days, the couple had been in the hospital for three days. Soon, the nurse came over to inform Xu Xiuxiu of the discharge process. Hence, the couple started packing up and getting ready to return to the village.

“I’m going to see the doctor for a bit. You followed the nurse and completed the discharge procedure first.”

After waking up that morning, Jiang Liu had been a bit strange. Xu Xiuxiu looked into his eyes but did not divulge why he wanted to see the doctor. She could not help but have some doubts in her heart. What’s more, the other party also obviously seemed to avoid her eyes.


But Xu Xiuxiu decided to keep silent. She just nodded as she docilely followed the nurse to the accounting office. She first needs to settle the hospitalization procedure and the payment method for the medical expenses. After this, both of them should sit down and have clear communication.

During the three days of hospitalization, they spent a total of 123 coins. The team also gave them 60 yuan to pay for the medical fees. Therefore there were 63 remaining coins that they needed to pay off. Usually, these many coins were not considered a small amount among the farmer.

Jiang Liu and Xu Xiuxiu earned the highest working points among the men and women on the team. Jiang Liu received 12 points each working day, while Xia Xiuxiu received 8 points. But since Jiang Liu got injured, it seemed he might be unable to work for a while now. Therefore, their household income will suffer quite a bit from this. As a result of the accounting department’s discussion, the hospital will deduct 200 work points from the brigade where the couple is located each month until they offset the balance of 63 coins.

In this way, the remaining work points were only enough to cover the couple’s basic expense, which was already highly humanized.

After Xu Xiuxiu finished the discharge procedures, Jiang Liu had already returned from seeing the doctor. Yet, his face looked even uglier than when he had left her earlier.

It was as if the soul had flown away from his body. He looked highly muddle-headed in her eyes.

“Leader-uncle should be here soon to pick us up.”

Xu Xiuxiu quickly sorted out their belonging. After a little while, she couldn’t help but ask.

“Liu-zi, didn’t you go to see the doctor just now? Hey, why did you look like you are losing your soul?”

Is there any additional problem concerning the injury in his head? Would there be any sequelae after this?

“No, nothing.”

Jiang Liu looked flustered as he tried to avoid Xu Xiuxiu’s gaze.

“We are husband and wife, so you should not hide big things from me, okay.”

Yet, Jiang Liu continued to keep silent. Xu Xiuxiu herself couldn’t force him to spill it. Therefore, she could only pout and make up the bed while hiding the doubt in her heart.

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“Come back. Liu-zi is back.”

These days, many people on the squad were worried about Jiang Liu’s situation. In addition to filial piety, Jiang Liu was diligent, honest, and helpful in the team. His reputation was outstanding. He also had many friends. Therefore, when people knew of his return, many stopped working in the field and took their time off to visit him at Jiang’s house.

All of a sudden, the Jiang family’s small courtyard was filled.

“Liu-zi, did the doctor say anything about your injury?”

Everyone asked him with concern.

“There should not be anything wrong.”

Jiang Liu answered the question slowly while looking reluctant. Even though he said so, his countenance seemed to indicate something else in other people’s eyes.

Seeing her husband behaving in such a way, Xu Xiuxiu could not help but get even more worried.

“You had shed so much blood, so you should take some time off and rest. You do not lack any work points. Since you already spent so many work points to see the doctor, you should take care of yourself lest you waste those points away.”

Previously Jiang Liu had shed so much blood. He even had to stay at the hospital for a few days. Even after returning, his face still looked pale, like a lifeless person. If he did not rest, these older people knew how much suffering would be later in his life.

“Hey, who said that we don’t lack work points? Don’t just spew irrelevant stuff around.”

Miao Caifeng was the first to stand up. She had already heard that her son owed lots of money to the hospital. The couple’s work points will be deducted nearly half monthly by the hospital for those expenses. As for the rest of it, except for filling their stomach, they couldn’t save much.

Under this circumstance, some visitors still dared to ask her son to rest. It wasn’t easy to accept that they had to let go of the money earned by their eldest son.

“The body of our son is already good. If it is not good, the doctor won’t let him return. Rest? Rest a fart. He should start his work in the afternoon.”

Miao Caifeng put her hands on her hips and then looked at Jiang Liu. With a helpless look, she said to the son, who had always been filial.

“It is not like I want to boss you around. After all, our family situation is tough. As a big brother, we had always wronged you and asked you to bear for the family. Mom also feels helpless about this. If only the conditions in the family were better, Mom would never force you to do this.”

Then, the old lady came forward to touch the head of this son, who had acted like a mature adult for so many years. She knew her son the most. This set of words and actions will make him follow her bidding.

“Mom, I want to take a break for a while. The doctor told me that I had to take rest and recuperate. If possible, I also need to eat an egg daily to make up my body.”

But this time, Jiang Liu did not heed the bidding of the old lady. He looked down at his toes and said in a low voice.

“Huh! Rest? Still, need to eat an egg every day? Son, are you stupid?”

 When Miao Caifeng heard that, the hand that had stretched out stopped in the air. She couldn’t believe that the old ox who had worked hard and never said anything before dared to make such outrageous demands.

“The chicken in the house were all fed by Xu Xiuxiu. You make steamed eggs for Jiang Hai and his two sons on a typical day. But now, it is an exceptional circumstance. We need to stop giving them eggs temporarily. When I am well, I will no longer eat those eggs. ”

Jiang’s members all live in the same house. Now, the family kept five hens and a rooster. As for the egg, apart from sending it out to the acquisition station, only the old couple, Jiang Jun and his two sons, could enjoy it.

In the past, the original body had felt that it was justified. His parents are the elders and need filial piety. His brothers and sisters were twin babies. When they were born, they were much thinner than ordinary babies. They needed more nutrition. As for the two sons of his younger brothers, they are currently the heir to their Jiang family. Therefore, the family needs to give the best things to these male grandchildren.

This original couple would have been treated as necessary if it were in another family. However, in this family, they were the ones who enjoyed the worst treatment.

“Son, your heart is really dark. Why? Because your head was wounded, you want to cross me and become a master in this house? I am telling you, I will not allow it unless I die. To think you have the nerve to grab the egg from your nephew. I don’t want to think about how long you have been married, yet your wife has not given you a single son. If you have no children in your life, you can only rely on these two children to raise you in the future. Now you want to grab those child’s eggs. You are really cold-hearted.”

It was already ten years, and in Miao Caifeng’s view, this son was destined not to give her any grandson. In the future, she can only wait for her second child to support her. The older generation also needs to pay attention to the sacrifice after their death. Because of this, the old couple showed blatant favouritism among their children.

Furthermore, Miao Caifeng also felt clearly in her heart that many of the older team members would surely stand on her side when she gave out this reason. Those people will agree that her approach was not wrong at all.

When Miao Caifeng declared such, Jiang Liu became even more silent. He seemed to be shrouded with a dark aura, and he looked indescribably gloomy and depressed.

“Isn’t it just an egg? The child is still small, and they do not need such good nutrition.”

“That’s right, Miao-shenzi, your statement is a bit too much for your son.”

 The villagers around them tried to put some good words on behalf of Jiang Liu. Isn’t this a particular case? They had never seen Jing Liu rushing to eat eggs on an average day.

“Those two are the grandchildren of this family. In the future, don’t you need these two nephews to support you when you do not even have an heir for yourself? Now, you wanted to cajole their things. Will they even respect you as an uncle in the future?

Miao Caifeng put her hand on her hips, looking confident.

More and more people couldn’t stand seeing Miao Caifeng act so arrogantly. The voice of the argument was getting bigger and bigger. Jiang Liu stood at the centre of the racket with his head down. The fist he had been holding on to was getting tighter and tighter. When the argument got even louder, Jiang Liu suddenly pushed the crowd away as he rushed into the kitchen and rushed out again with a kitchen knife. He ran straight into the chicken coop, grabbed the cock, and lifted the blade to the struggling cock’s neck as he cut its throat.

“What are you doing with that knife? This old lady was looking at you as someone brain-damaged.”

Miao Caifeng was miffed. They had raised that cock for a year at home. They could get at least a few dozen coins if they sent it to the acquisition station. But without saying a word, Jiang Liu decided to slaughter it.

“Yes, I am crazy. I only wish for a few eggs. I have paid so much for this family, yet I can’t even eat a few eggs!”

Jiang Liu erupted after being silent all this time.

“Mom, I’m going to ask you. Am I even your son? Before, when I hurt my head, even though I was losing consciousness, but in fact, I was still awake. I even heard that you are not willing to pay for my treatment. I comfort myself, thinking that there is no money at home. But now, I wanted to eat a few eggs to make up the body. I wanted to rest for a while. But for this little request, you don’t agree. Is it in this home, the second child is your only son, and the little girl is your only daughter? Or is this Jiang Liu garbage that you pick up from outside?”

His questioning did not let Miao Caifeng calm down. Instead, because he randomly started killing the cock at home, Miao Caifeng’s anger was rushing to her head, and her words were getting meaner.

“You do not have any qualifications to compare yourself with your younger brother. Your younger brother gave two grandchildren to Jiang’s house. You and your wife could not even give us half a girl. Since you are without conscience, you deserve to die without a son.”

For the first time, her son, who had always shown filial piety, rebelled against her. This made Miao Caifeng feel that he was provoking her authority.

“Yes. I will die without a son.”

Jiang Liu showed a smile that was uglier than crying.

“The doctor also said there was a great chance that no child would be in my life. I am a waste. I am not a man. The fact that I have no children with Xu Xiuxiu was not her problem. It was me. It was me. It was because I lived like a cow during the first half of my life. I have been ill-treated. Now I can’t be a father and could not even live a good life. I even got cursed by my mother.”

Jiang Liu’s words were like thunder in the air. The people in the yard were stunned and silent by it.

He told me that he was looking for a doctor in the hospital. So, in the end, the doctor told him he could not have children.

“Xu Xiuxiu, hurry up and boil the water. I want to eat meat. I also want to eat eggs and white rice. I still have to make up my body.”

Jiang Liu’s lips were tight.

“I want to have a child, regardless if it is a girl or a boy. From today, I will not be mistreating myself, nor will I be maltreating you. We are still young. Let’s raise our bodies and work hard for our children.”

He held the knife in one hand. While carrying the cock in another hand, he declared those words to Xu Xiuxiu with a somewhat beseech tone.

Since he admitted publically that he might be infertile, this matter was essentially a significant challenge to one self-esteem, either for the men or the women. Jiang Liu was afraid that Xu Xiuxiu would divorce him. After all, he is a man who had been sentenced to death by the doctor. As for Xu Xiuxiu, she may not have a problem. If she were to remarry, maybe she could become a mother.


At this moment, Xu Xiuxiu finally understood why her husband had looked so wrong all day. She nodded, wiped her eyes with her sleeves, and went straight to the kitchen.

There were no children in these years, and all the pressure had been forced on her body. In fact, if Jiang Liu is willing, he can completely keep this thing under the blanket and let everyone accuse her of being a hen who could not lay an egg. Since he gave back her innocence, Xu Xiuxiu felt she still wanted to continue this marriage with Jiang Liu.

“Mom, if you can’t stand this son of yours who will never give you a grandson, let’s separate. I won’t be so stupid as to dedicate my life helping my younger brother in the future. I want to live my own day.”

Jiang Liu left the stunned Miao Caifeng and followed Xu Xiuxiu into the kitchen. The instant he turned his head, his face relaxed with a touch of cunningness.

These days, it is really not easy to eat chicken justifiably.

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