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The Analects of Righteous Father’s Collapse [ Fast Wear] Chapter 14

Chapter 14: Unquestioning Filial Piety 14

Author: 打字机N号

“Go to the hospital? Why do we need to go to the hospital?” 
Xu Xiuxiu re-entered the room after she finished washing the dishes.

“Did your injured head started to hurt again? Hurry up, I am going to get the money, and then we should go. Let’s go to the hospital right away.”

She thought of the old wound that made my husband almost lost his life six months ago. Xu Xiuxiu’s expression immediately became urgent. 
“No, it has stopped hurting for a long time already.” 
Jiang Liu touched the scar on his forehead. Because the wounds were mainly on the top of his head, the scar and the lack of hair around it did not look so conspicuous.
However, because the wound was deep, and the doctor’s suturing technique was worse than the future, the scar was very long and looked terrible and hideous.

But unlike woman, man rarely pay particular attention to such scar.  

“Don’t you think that your appetite has getting a lot bigger recently? Think about it, except from the increase in your appetite, is there any other place that you feel uncomfortable?” 
Jiang Liu looked at his wife’s expression. There was a faint hope in her eyes. 

“You mean?” 
Xu Xiuxiu did not care about it initially. But she finally recognized that her condition was kind of similar to what her sister-in-law, Wang Xuemei, had when she was pregnant. She immediately realized why her husband wanted to go to the hospital. 
However, she still felt that it was not possible. She had not been pregnant for the past ten years. What’s more, the doctor also told her husband that his body was a bit problematic. Therefore, how could she become pregnant?  

Just facing her husband’s hopes and her own desire for the child, Xu Xiuxiu did not dare to wish so much lest it will resulting in disappointment. But she still decided to go to the hospital for a check-up. 

Jiang Liu looked for Big Guan to borrow the bicycle while Xu Xiuxiu took some money from their hiding spot. While waiting for Jiang Liu to come back, she couldn’t help but look at her reflection on the small mirror on the wall.

She didn’t know when she started to become a lot fatter. The original thin chin had become slightly round. If she were to bow her head, she could even squeeze a double chin. Xu Xiuxiu looked down and touched her stomach. She didn’t know if it was because she was too full from lunch or what. She felt that the belly was slightly convex, which gave her an illusion as if there was really a small life in her body.  

While touching it here and there, Xu Xiuxiu could not help but feel some kind of anticipation.  

Jiang Liu quickly borrowed a bicycle, but he did not take his wife to the county hospital. Instead, he and Xu Xiuxiu went to the county town’s bus station and then took the bus to the city. 
The medical equipment in the small county hospital where they were located was still lagging. Even if his guess was incorrect, he still wanted the two to do a comprehensive physical examination. After all, Xu Xiuxiu’s body had been badly damaged. He also wanted to ask the doctor how to make up their bodies’ deficiencies. 
Perhaps because she was affected by Jiang Liu’s mood, Xu Xiuxiu also looked forward to the hospital trip despite having to waste their money for it. 

The current era’s hospital was not crowded like the later generations. After they arrived at the hospital, they immediately met the doctor, and the results of the inspections soon came out. 
“It should be about eight weeks of pregnancy. See these two gestational sacs? It should be twins. Congratulations.”

The gynaecologist looked at the inspection report and smiled at the Jiang Liu’s couple. 
“Doctor, you said that I am pregnant? Really pregnant?” 
Xu Xiuxiu’s voice was a little bit trembling. She did not dare to look at the doctor as she continued.

“Doctor, can we recheck it? No, it is not that I think your medical skills were not good. It just that half a year ago, the doctor told my husband that it would not be easy for him to conceive. The two of us had been married for ten years, and I also had never been pregnant before. I, the two of us are truly going to become parents?” 
“I had personally help you to check. There will be no mistakes. And as you said, the doctor only reported that your husband might not have an easy time to conceive, but did not say that it is absolute that he would not be able to conceive.”

The doctor looked at the excited couple. When the doctor heard that the couple had been unable to have a child for the last ten years, he understood their disbelief and patiently answered their question.
He proposed a detailed inspection for the couple to set their mind at ease. 
In the end, the couple did a more detailed physical examination. It seemed that Jiang Liu’s earlier lies were, in fact, the truth. The original body’s essence was a little bit weak. This time, the fact that Xu Xiuxiu could become pregnant was really due to their luck. It can be said that the probability was like winning the grand prize. As for the couple’s body, because of the good nourishment during the past six months, their body started to strengthen. The couple left the hospital after Jiang Liu asked the doctor about the pregnant women’s taboos and other precautions that he should take note of. 


“My children’s father.”
When she stepped out from the hospital door, Xu Xiuxiu shouted that word while holding Jiang Liu’s hand. 
“My children’s mother.” 
The surprise that Jiang Liu had was not less than that of Xu Xiuxiu. It was also the first time that he became a father. What’s more, it was the father of two children. 
“I am so happy.” 
Xu Xiuxiu licked her lips. She suddenly couldn’t help but burst into tears. But before Jiang Liu could appease her, she began to grin and laugh. She really could not decide how to express her current mood.
“Hey– ” 

Just when Xu Xiuxiu was still deciding on expressing her feelings, her stomach suddenly started to make a gurgling sound. Now that they thought about it, it was already 3 to 4 hours since lunchtime. Since there were two children in her stomach, it was inevitable for Xu Xiuxiu, who shared the nutrient with the babies, to become hungry.

“Just tell me what you want to eat. I am not going to starve my wife and children. It is not like we are lacking money.” 
Jiang Liu patted his chest and said with great pride. Previously, he still felt that he had earned money enough for a lifetime. But now, he is the father of two children. So he needs to work harder to give his children a rich life. 
“I want to eat pot meat. But I also want to eat pickled fish… I also wanted to eat something spicy, then it will be good to stack it with hot sauce…” 
Xu Xiuxiu started licking her lips. She didn’t know if it was due to psychological reactions or other things. If previously, she will just eat the dishes without giving any consideration. However, after knowing that she was pregnant, she had been craving something sour and spicy. 
Didn’t those people say that if you are craving something sour and spicy means that you are bearing a dragon and phoenix babies?

[T/N: Twin of boy and girl]
Xu Xiuxiu smiled and laughed. How many blessings it had been. She suddenly transformed from a person who thought that she would never be blessed as a mother in this lifetime to someone expecting twin babies. She felt that she had been too greedy with her wishes. As for her babies, whether it was two boys or two girls, it was also a gift from God. 
“Let’s go eat. Whatever you want, buy it.”
Jiang Liu brought his wife to go to the restaurant. The state-run hotel in the city no longer required the customer to use the food stamp or other coupon. As long as there is money, you can order whatever you want. In addition to the state-run restaurants, there was also some traditional restaurant which had been reopened recently. Jiang Liu was very familiar with the city as he pulled Xu Xiuxiu to the restaurant, which he deemed to have the best craftsmanship. 
Xu Xiuxiu ate a pot of meat and pickled fish that she had been craving. She also drank half a pot of fresh dragon’s soup, plus two rice bowls and three dumplings. Jiang Liu did not eat anything as he put the focus on serving his wife. Soon, all the dishes were safely tucked inside Xu Xiuxiu’s stomach. 
Before leaving the restaurant, Jiang Liu did not forget to pack a meat pot for Xu Xiuxiu. He also went to the department store to buy a lot of brown sugar and malt candy. The couple then took the bus and sat at the back, their hand full of souvenirs as they made their way back to the county town. 
Unlike the Jiang Liu couple’s joy, Miao Caifeng, who just returned from purchasing the New Year’s goods from the county town, came home and currently encountered a headache. 

“Five hundred yuans? Why do you want so much money?” 
Miao Caifeng immediately jumped up when she heard her daughter-in-law’s words. She looked at her second son with amazement. 
It turned out that the Education Bureau was currently undergoing a restructuring. It seemed that they intended to overhaul the current village primary school system. It was necessary to know that early education in the current era was not something that people value. Many teachers who taught in primary schools do not possess the necessary ability needed to educate young learners.
Right now, the country had begun to accelerate the pace of reform. Hence, the emphasis on basic education had become unprecedented. The previously ignored village’s primary school around the country was about to enter the education department’s eyes. They intended to start by reforming the teachers in the village primary schools and eliminating the teachers who entered the profession using the backdoor. 
Jiang Hai’s father-in-law was an ordinary peasant without any educational background. If his brother was not the deputy director of the commune, the Red Star Primary School’s principal’s position couldn’t be held by him.

Since the top was going to be cleared out, Wang Xuemei’s father was the first to be cut down. Even his deputy director’s brother couldn’t save him.  

Jiang Hai’s entry to the school as a teacher had solely depended on his relationship as the Wang Family’s son-in-law. Therefore, when his father-in-law was cut down, his position was also affected. 
At present, Jiang Hai’s academic qualifications were still considered to be good. It was more than enough for a village primary school to have a teacher with a junior high school qualification or, at most, a high school qualification. If you patiently prepared for the teacher’s unified examination, you can get the education department’s certification. On the other hand, you will become a person who is capable of protecting your own rice bowl. 
However, Jiang Hai did not think so. He felt that the teacher’s examination would be too difficult. He could easily be squeezed out by those who do not use the back door. He also heard the rumors that many village teachers had started to look for a way to use the money to maintain their position. What’s more, he also heard that there were many junior high school students and high school students who just graduated wishing to compete with the existing teacher for this iron rice bowl. This had made Jiang Hai started to feel fear. So he started to contemplate if he should also use the money to find someone to insert his name directly into the system.  

“Mom, if we can secure this matter with just 500 yuans, don’t you think it is worthwhile?”  

Wang Xuemei counted the money that she will receive from the old lady. She felt that it would not be a problem for this mother-in-law to take out 500 yuan at once. 
To tell the truth, Wang Xuemei felt that education reform might be a good thing for them. This was because currently Jiang Hai could only be considered as a temporary worker. The monthly salary was not high. However, if he could get a permanent position, the salary will at least doubled from now.  

As for her family, Wang Xuemei did not care much since she was already a married daughter. She felt that it was her brother’s problem and therefore, did not concern her.  

“You can be sure that once the money is given, they will be able to arrange Jiang Hai’s work?” 
Miao Caifeng did not care a wit for this daughter-in-law of hers. So she turned to look at her little son, who was on the side. She wanted to hear the words from his mouth. 
“I can’t guarantee this, but if the money were not given to them, I would not be able to keep the job.” 
Jiang Hai smiled before continued.

“If mother can’t get the money, I will think of other methods. Worse come to worse, I will need to come back and work at the farm. It’s just that my two children might have to suffer a bit.”
He retreated a bit because he knew his mother would try her best to appease him. Especially after her mother fight with his eldest brother, he was the only hope for his parents. 
Sure enough, his words made Miao Caifeng’s attitude shook a bit. She really loved her younger son. For the past twenty years, she had not been willing to let her younger son do any housework. If he lost his teacher’s job, she was not sure if this son of her able to work on the farm.
“You don’t need to think about other ideas. I will give you the money.” 
Miao Caifeng bit her teeth. Fortunately she made a little money before. Plus her saving, she should be able to reach the much needed amount. It just that after the money was given, her private money was basically hollowed out. 
“Mom, you can rest assured. I will be filial to you in the future.” 
Jiang Hai held the old lady’s hand as he said those word with sincere tones. But in his heart, he thought that this old lady really had money. It just that he do not know how much was left in her hand after this. 
In the past, when she heard that her little son will be filial to her, Miao Caifeng would definitely be so happy that she could not keep her mouth shut. However, at this moment, her heart feels somewhat empty. She could not help but think of her other son.

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