September 27, 2020

The Analects of Righteous Father’s Collapse [ Fast Wear] Chapter 15

Chapter 15: Unquestioning Filial Piety 15

Author: 打字机N号

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As I promised, it is not yet the end of 30th June, right?

The villagers who saw Jiang Liu riding the bicycle with his wife, who also holding big packages in her hand, smilingly asked if they just came back from purchasing things for the New Year.

“No, we didn’t go shopping.” 

Jiang Liu laughed slightly as he stopped the bicycle. He then whispered something to his wife before he took out a packet of candies from one of the bundles. He started to distribute the candy to the villagers whom he met along the way. 

“Why did you bought such expensive candy for no good reason at all?” 

The candy given by Jiang Liu could be considered as high-end goods. The villagers carefully held into the white cube of sugar. Some of them held the candy around their hand carefully. At the same time, there were also others who quickly stuffed it inside their mouth.  

“We found out that Xiu Xiu is pregnant. Not one but two! Uncle, I am going to become a father, ah. You take these candy first. Wait until the children reached a full moon, I will invite everyone to drink wine.” 

Jiang Liu already looked like a doting parent. He could not stop smiling as his lips seemed to stretch from one ear to another.  His words were full of joy. 

“Didn’t you said before that you were infertile?”

This was indeed a piece of big news. The people in the village were both surprised and happy.

When they blurted out such question, it was by no means were they doubting Xu Xiuxiu’s loyalty. After all, the villagers were the one who is more clear about this matter. Their village was by no means big. There was nothing that could be hidden in this village. Anything that happened here will soon be spread like the wind. Especially now when Jiang Liu was recognized as their great benefactor. Therefore, it was impossible for his wife to do something that will degrade his reputation. After all, the villager had not caught any wind in regards to such matter. 

“I’m not infertile. It is just that the doctor said that it will be difficult for me to bear a child. Plus, previously, the two of us unable to eat well. I also had been working hard all day. Therefore, it becomes even more difficult for me to have children with this emaciated bodies. Today, I also did a careful examination of my body. The doctor told me that my body had slowly been improving. Because the foundation of the body had been amended, the doctor said that it is finally possible for me to bear children. It’s really rare for my case to finally be able to become a father. Maybe because it had been such a painful thing, God had blessed our wish, not only with one child but with a twin instead.” 

Jiang Liu looked around as he continued to say.

“I have to thank uncles and aunties for the chickens, ducks and geese. Such good things were not something that money can buy. Because of such nourishment, my body can finally be raised. I will never forget the help of my elders.” 

Due to his too sincere expression, all the elders who were holding the candy find themselves to be utterly flabbergasted. They can only wave their hand in denial.

They sent those things to Jiang Liu’s house in order to thank him for doing things for the people in the village. Strictly speaking, their original intention was to repay him. But at this time, Jiang Liu still acted as if their action has greatly brought benefit to him. This made their heart also felt happy. For the couple to be able to bear the children was also credited a little bit to them. Unconsciously, they started to feel closer to the children even though they were yet to be born. 

“It is really good news about the twin. Not to mention our production team, even in our communes, it had been years since we had any news on a newborn. You also have to wait for a long time to have a child. But now when it comes, it comes in a bundle. We can say that this is also meant to make up for your lost years.” 

An old man said that with a smile.

“For your wife to be blessed with two children means that your life is now in good condition. If not, why did the two of you only managed to have children now? This indicates that the child was born in order to enjoy their lives. This is indeed their great blessing.”

The old man’s words was unanimously agreed by everyone. Although Jiang Liu never shown it, but everyone had a rough estimate of his family’s fortune. It was not wrong to say that Jiang Liu was the richest man in their commune.

Right now, the couple finally being blessed with two children after waiting for more than 10 years. Therefore, was it wrong for them to enjoy it? 

“But since you will have two children in future, the room where you both live right now will no longer be enough. This is crucial, especially if you have two boys. You still need to prepare the house for your sons and their brides in the future. I know a piece of land, so you should start moving and set up the new house before the child was born.” 

That was indeed reasonable. When the family first separated, Jiang Liu and his wife were given a portion of the west wing of the original house. The room now had been used as a bedroom cum a dining room. Another room was transformed into a kitchen and a utility room. After the birth of two children, a house of this size was obviously not going to be enough. 

Even if the child can squeeze in with his wife before the age of three or four, he will not be able to fit in. It was not like Jiang Liu was short on money now. Therefore why bother living so tightly?

“What uncle had said is indeed correct. I also had put some consideration into this matter.  After I took my wife home, I will go to the team leader to discuss the new house. If I am allowed to build another house, I will have to bother uncles to help me with the construction then.”

“You don’t habe to worry about that.”

Jiang Liu also discussed this matter with his wife on their way back from the hospital. In fact, according to the money they currently have, it was completely possible for them to build a big house. However, he worried that it will too eye-catching for now. Therefore, building a new house was indeed in his future plan. The couple had planned to build a new house in another year and a half. 

However, now some changes had to be made to the plan. With the incoming children, their current house was no longer viable.  Even now when they were both at home, the house was already full of things.

Therefore, on the way back, the couple had discussed on applying for an empty plot of land to build their new home. They also planned for the matter to be done before the children were born.

“How could it be troublesome? As long as you  are willing to provide us with some wine, no matter how long it will take, we will make sure that we build your house to be safe and sound.”

They did not know if it was due to Jiang Liu’s ability to deal with the foreigner or not, however, they felt that Jiang Liu was getting eloquent by days. Even though he did not particularly butter up to them, but the words that come out from his mouth really made other feel appreciated thus willing to do his bidding

However, what they had promised Jiang Liu was by no mean was due to his sweet-talk. In the current era, the matter of building a new house was something that the neighbours will take care off together. The family only need to provide meals and they do not have to pay for the labour. Everyone will come and help whenever they were free. They did this only on their own convenience.

The ethos of spending money to build a house only risen in the next few years. At least for now, building a house in a rural area did not require such excessive labour costs. The owner just needs to spend the money on the material expenditure only.

“Good food and wine is a must. After the house is finished, I will give you all a red packet.”

Although the local customs were so, Jiang Liu still had no plan to let the villagers do the labour unpaid. When you were already making so much money, you should never short-circuited others. It was not like it will cost him much. Therefore, when he mentioned this matter in the future, people will not feel that he was being stingy.

However, at that time, no one really put Jiang Liu’s words on giving them a red packet in their heart. Those people only laughed as they guaranteed him that they will definitely build his house fast and good.  


The news of Jiang Liu’s couple expecting a twin was soon spread in the village. Even people living in the surrounding area got the news. 

Wang Xuemei who was usually ignored by others finally received this news after a long time. In addition to that, they also heard that Jiang Liu planned to build a new house thus will soon move out from the west part of the Jiang’s old house. 

“Big brother is too much. Such important news yet he is unwilling to let us know first. I never expected that he will let us know about it from the mouth of others.”

Wang Xuemei felt miffed. She really didn’t know how that woman, Xu Xiuxiu, able to enjoy such great blessing recently. 

If before, Wang Xuemei could still comfort herself whenever she looked at that couple. What was the use of Jiang Liu having so much money? He did not even have children to spend it to. Her family will soon or later receive that inheritance anyway. But now, Xu Xiuxiu was pregnant. Therefore, there was no chance for her family to ever get that money in the future.

When she thought that Xu Xiuxiu will soon live in a brand new and big house, she felt even more vexed. 

“She is pregnant? She finally managed to get pregnant.”

Miao Caifeng did not see the hatred in her daughter-in-law as she muttered to herself. Her expression was very complicated. 

“It seemed that in the past years, our eldest son really had been treated too badly. Only now did he managed to bear his own children. Even if they are going to be two daughters, it will not be a problem. He has so much money now. It will not be a big deal for him to get the son-in-law marrying into the door.” [T/N Having the son-in-law assuming the wife’s family name. Thus the child will follow their mother’s family name]

Jiang Chuangen was laughing. From the deep of his heart, he felt happy for his eldest son. Yet, while he was feeling happy, he also felt a little bit embarrassed. 

Similar words had not only came from his mouth. In fact, the people on the team often talk about Jiang Liu’s old memories. In their memories, Jiang Liu’s life was several times worse than his actual experience. 

Why did the Jiang Liu’s couple unable to have children even though 10 years had gone by? This was all due to the fact that they had exhausted their body too much.

Why was that after they were separated from the family that they managed to bear not one but two children? That was because finally, no one was there to squeeze the fruits of their labour. They can finally eat and wear warm things. Their bodies were slowly nourished with good things. 

Everyone was saying such things. In the countless rumours, the Jiang Liu’s couple was like a poor little cabbage, while the Jiang’s old couple and the Jiang Hai’s couple were like the ancient landlords who crushed on the poor couple. If it was not for the recent dispute, it was estimated that the days of the Jiang Liu’s couple may be even more difficult. It was too different compared to their present life. 

However, Jiang Chuangen did not feel uncomfortable with the rumours. He was originally a silent person with an introverted personality. The only thing that he cared about was the inheritance of the family’s name. Now that his eldest son finally had this happy event, it was enough to dilute any dissatisfaction that he had before. 

“Didn’t they said that big brother is infertile? Now that sister-in-law is finally pregnant, I don’t know…” 

Seeing that her provocation did not attract the dissatisfaction of her in-laws, especially Miao Caifeng, Wang Xuemei felt somehow forlorn. Without caring about anything, Wang Xuemei was now trying to throw dirty water by implying something immoral on Xu Xiuxiu’s body. 

“What are you trying to imply? If you dare, go and said it. See if this old lady will tear off your mouth or not.” 

Miao Caifeng, who was still deep in thought suddenly jumped up and looked at Wang Xuemei fiercely.

Although Miao Caifeng had always disliked that first daughter-in-law of her, one thing that Miao Caifeng always believed in was her character. Since that daughter-in-law of her had finally borne her oldest son’s child after so long, she didn’t want some kind of unfavourable rumours started to spread-out. Even though the rumours might be untrue but it might affect the expecting mother’s health as well as her fetuses. 

“I don’t want to hear you said those words for a second time.”

When Miao Caifeng warned her daughter-in-law in a harsh manner, she could see that the other part was still looking reluctant to let go of that matter. Miao Caifeng softened her expression as she continued softly.

“I am now going to prepare the money. Wait until Hai-zi managed to formally become a teacher. By then, our days will not be any worse compared to them. Even this old woman can still earn some money. You should not look over small gain just to overlook the big picture. So keep your toxic mouth to yourself. Don’t spread thoughtless remarks to others.”

When the old lady mentioned the five hundred yuan, Wang Xuemei finally recalled some of her husband’s words. It seemed that the old lady’s saving was really deep like what her husband had predicted. Therefore, it was necessary for them to ensure that the old lady will not have any thought in regards to their older brother. If not, the money will be impossible to be theirs.

Regardless of whether Wang Xuemei really took Miao Caifeng warning at heart, at least outwardly she acquiesced to it. Miao Caifeng knew that this was only her trying to brush things on the surface. In truth, the two of them were like water and oil, unable to mingle no matter what.

That evening, Wang Xuemei and her husband Jiang Hai chatted about the west wing’s room. They heard that the foundation of Jiang Liu’s new house was already finished. Right now, two temporary huts had been set up on the side of the new house. In a few days, Jiang Liu and Xu Xiuxiu will finally move out from their home. Since the couple is going to move, then, of course, the vacant rooms going to be theirs.

Although those rooms had been given to Jiang Liu and were considered as his private property, after all, didn’t Jiang Liu has money now? What those two rooms could be compared to their relationship as a sibling?

What’s more, their two sons are getting bigger by days. Soon it will be a bit out of place for them to still be living in the same room with their parents. This was a good occasion for them to have the Jiang Liu’s couple move away as soon as possible. They can finally convert that two-room into a bedroom and study room for both Jiang Jianjun and Jiang Jiandang. With that, their living space will be more comfortable in the future.

Wang Xuemei’s proposal was approved by Jiang Hai. He planned to discuss this matter with his parents once the Jiang Liu’s couple moved away. 


“Pang! Pang! Pang!”

On the next morning, Wang Xuemei was awakened by a burst of noise. She put on a thick cotton jacket and looked out of the house only to find a group of people knocking the wall around the west wing. 

The original roof of the room had been uncovered and the plank from the roof frame was taken down. Apart from that, the brick from the wall was removed before it being placed on a cart. All of those things were then transported to a nearby vehicle. 

“What are you doing?” 

Wang Xuemei was anxious, she already regarded those rooms as hers. 

“It is you, Jiang Hai’s wife.” 

The person who presided over the work glanced at her but did not stop working. 

“Isn’t by doing this, we will be able to save money from buying the construction material? Besides that, the stone and wood used to build this house were all gathered by Jiang Liu from the mountain when you were still young. He felt nostalgic about it, therefore he wanted to reuse this material to build his new house. You can rest assured. We will divide the two houses accordingly. We guaranteed that it will not affect the structure of your house.” 

Wang Xuemei almost fainted when she heard that. 

That Jiang Liu dared to say that he had some kind of deep memories with this kind of stone and timber? Wang Xuemei could not help but felt as if that sinister brother-in-law of her was able to guess her mind and therefore acted in such a way to infuriate her! 

Miao Caifeng, who was shaken up from the sound also came out from the house and thus heard the conversation. She went to look over at the threshold before silently returned into the house. 

The origin of this family house’s bricks, tiles, and log were indeed true. Those were gathered from the mountain by father-in-law, her husband and also her oldest son. What did her other children do at that time? Oh, at that time, she was afraid that her little son and daughter will be too tired, so she let them concentrate on their studies instead of doing these chores. 

Jiang Liu who currently supervise the construction of his new house started to sneeze. He touched his nose and guessed that the old woman must be cursing him. He could not help but snort. He also felt that he had been acting a bit despicable. But when he thought of the old lady and the people in the family who will be frustrated for a long time, Jiang Liu felt that his action was indeed shrewd. 

He is really a clever person ah! For the Father’s system to be able to find him, it seemed that the system was indeed still very insightful. 

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