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The Analects of Righteous Father’s Collapse [ Fast Wear] Chapter 22

Chapter 22: The man who loves to boast 2/ blowing the cowhide to the sky 2

Author: 打字机N号

T /N: This is MTL work. I tried to edit as best as I could, any mistake plz do put your comment and I will edit it ASAP. This is my first attempt on Chinese novel so please cheer me up! I hope you will find this novel as interesting as I do.

The original body was someone that can be found anywhere. Towards this insignificance existence, the only bright spot in his life was estimated to be his ability to showoff while bringing a lot of joy to the people around him. 

Of course, if he simply bragged his own skills and does not hinder anyone, it was his own business. Yet because of his bragging, it had led a great scientist who should have been glowing in the field of research to become a greedy and selfish criminal after straying into the wrong path. 

The person who had been affected for a lifetime was the son of the original, Jiang Chongde. 

Jiang Chongde was born with a high IQ. Yet, due to the fact that he lived in a relatively confined environment, his talent was not taken seriously by others. Everyone thought that he was only a little bit smarter compared to ordinary children. What’s more, with such unreliable relative, they disregarded him even more. 

There was only one line that separated a genius and a madman. Jiang Chongde was no exception. Genius like this often required guidance and constrain from the surrounding environment. Fortunately, although the original body was not reliable, Jiang Chongde also had a pair of kind and open-minded grandparents. Because of their existence, Jiang Chongde held back the dissatisfaction brought by his father and restrained his inner dark-self.

During Jiang Chongde’s sophomore year, Grandpa Jiang Linhai was diagnosed with stomach cancer. On the same day, due to lethargic after hard years of working, Grandma Cai Shufen accidentally fell off the stairs while she was at home alone. Jiang Linhai who was at the hospital, waited for his wife to come for a long time to no avail. When he called the neighbour to check, his wife’s body was already cold. 

Because of this blow, Jiang Linhai did not last long and died. Before he died, he still kept saying that he was the one who killed his wife. 

At that time, the original had gone missing. Even the phone number left by him could not be used to reach him. It was Jiang Chongde with the help from other relatives and friends who organized the funeral for these two old people. 

When the original body got the news, the first seven days had already passed. 

The death of the most important relatives made Jiang Chongde become quieter and lonelier. Even though the original body finally came back from living outside and began to stay at home full time, he still could not make up for the loss of the grandparents.

Moreover, the original body has the problem of bragging. When they heard it occasionally, it still regarded as some kind of entertainment by others. However, nowadays he had been spending his time at the pub every day. Everyone was getting tired listening to his repeated brag that they can’t help but wanted to investigate the truth of his arguments. They are tired of his vain personality who could not become truthful. Even the cost of the funeral of his parents was temporarily subsidized by the neighbours on the island, yet the original body continued making a claim that he is a rich person. Gradually, the Jiang household started to be alienated from the other households on the island. 

Like Jiang Chongde, there were also several children on Xiu Qiu Island who were studying at Daishan Island like him. They all heard the original body “great achievements” from their elders’ mouths and passed them on to their friend at school as a joke. 

Some people seemed to believe these jokes and started to see Jiang Chongde for a clarification.

There were also some people who regarded this as a weapon to attack Jiang Chongde. After all, a top scorer who is always praised by the teacher but is arrogant and unsociable was deemed unpleasant by many. Therefore, the existence of the original body was considered as a stain to Jiang Chongde. Since the original body was called a cow king, they have been mocking Jiang Chongde by calling him cowboy (children). [T/N: Braggart was translated as Cow King in Chinese]

Near the end of the third year, after losing his two most important relatives, Jiang Chongde’s life basically becomes a hell.

But the chief culprit did not feel that he had done something wrong. He continued to brag. He insisted that his bragging did not go against the law. The father and son could not understand each other and their relationship continued to become antagonistic. After the college entrance examination, Jiang Chongde left the island and disappeared from the life of the original. 

Ten years later, when the original once again got the news of his son Jiang Chongde, it was already after he was arrested. 

This super-high IQ boy with great ability in chemistry had become a famous drug lord. He developed and formulated a new type of drugs and in a decade he accumulated nearly five billion yuan in wealth. 

He used the money to built hundreds of Hope Primary Schools and rescued so many elderly and children who had no money to cure their sickness. 

He did a lot of good things, but the drugs that he developed had destroyed many families. 

He had innumerable wealth made from his drugs. He clearly has so much wealth. Yet when he was arrested, he lived in a rented room in a common community with only two boxes inside. Nothing can be found inside the room. The clothes he wore was also the most comfortable yet the cheapest cotton t-shirts. 

For him to accumulate such a huge blood-stained and unclear wealth and yet live an extremely poor life, no one can understand what this drug lord really had been thinking about. 

The original body understood though. 

He wanted to meet his son, but Jiang Chongde did not want to see him. Jiang Chongde was willing to provide a lot of information to the police. The only requirement he wants was to let him worship his grandparents for the last time before being shot. 

The original body could only look at him from a long distance. That was the last time he saw his already mature yet wasted away son. 

On the same day, Jiang Chongde was shot down, the original body also commits suicide by burning the coal inside their old house. Thus, this pair of father and son died on the same day. 

After accepting the memory of the original body, Jiang Liu can only say one thing in regard to original body’s death. This was all because he gave birth to a son, and yet he did not raise and teach him anything. Such a good child, for his sake, had embarked on the wrong path. Therefore, he should bore responsibility for it.

As a son, he had not been filial to his parents. Even his parents have to help him with their grandson while enduring the finger pointing and criticism from the neighbours. 

He not only being unfillial to his parent, he also being negligent towards his own son. Such a person actually has the nickname of a cow king. He felt that the original body is similar to a cow in essence

“Host, please take note that this Cow King is currently you.” 

001 appeared out of thin air and said that word to Jiang Liu. 

Those words that were like cursing Jiang Liu almost made him chocked. That’s right ah, at least now in the eyes of the outside world, the cow who was being unfaithful, unfillial, and unrighteous was him. 

“What is the mission of this world?” 

Jiang Liu casually wiped his face with the towel as he asked 001. This is the second world. The task should not be easier compared to the first world. 

“Task One: Build 100 Hope Primary School. 500 reward points will be given when the host complete the task.” 

“Task Two: Guide Jiang Chongde. Save the millions of families that he had shattered. When the task is completed, 1000 reward points will be given to the host.” 

Jiang Liu: …… 

Jiang Liu was dumbfounded when he heard the task of the world. 

“001, do you know how much it cost to build a Hope Primary School?”

Jiang Liu had no idea on ​​the specific figures, but he knew that even in remote mountainous areas, the cost of building a primary school will not be that lower. It could cost an average of two or three hundred thousand, and maybe even more. 

Now that 001 gives him this task of building 100 Hope Primary Schools, it means that he had to earn at least 20 or 30 million in order to complete the task. 

As for guiding his son Jiang Chongde to become an excellent person, that was also not a simple matter. Although the old couple is still alive, accidents can happen at any time. The most important factor that causes Jiang Chongde’s psychological darkness to burst was the death of the old couple. It only worsens due to the original body’s bragging.

In order to guide Jiang Chongde to be a good person, he must first prove that all his bragging is true. If he managed to do so, it will likely ease the relationship with his son and influence him to become a better person. 

In conclusion, none of these two tasks were simple. 

“Host, 001 believes that you can do it.” 

001 was only responsible for cheering its host. By no means was it responsible for making any valid suggestions. 

“Sure enough, there is a famous saying, bragging for a while, the cattle were rounded to the crematorium.”

Jiang Liu was scratching his head. He could not wait to smash the original body’s mouth in the mirror, but unfortunately, this mouth was also now his. 

001: …

The inside of 001 was full of garbled pieces of code. It rummaged all the knowledge stored inside by the higher up. Yet it could not find any celebrity or important person who said anything similar to it. Due to the lack of information, 001 suddenly felt the immediate need to go for an update.

“This is the saying of a handsome man who is not only very good-looking but at the same time very intelligent. That man was known as Jiang Liu.” 

Jiang Liu was feeling cheeky as he answered 001’s question. As for the headache in his head, he could only find a way to face it. He rubbed the sore muscles on his cheeks as he pulled his lips from side to side and showed a bright smile to the mirror. 

System 001: … 

I actually trusted your evil!

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