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The Analects of Righteous Father’s Collapse [ Fast Wear] Chapter 23

Chapter 23: The man who loves to boast 3/ blowing the cowhide to the sky 3

Author: 打字机N号

T /N: This is MTL work. I tried to edit as best as I could, any mistake plz do put your comment and I will edit it ASAP. This is my first attempt on Chinese novel so please cheer me up! I hope you will find this novel as interesting as I do.

In order to complete the task in the shortest time, Jiang Liu needed to find a way to accumulate wealth as soon as possible. Jiang Liu quickly turned over the memory of the original body. After his son Jiang Chongde was born, he often returned to the island for a while. His excuse living outside was to earn money, but his family had never seen him bringing anything home. As for Jiang Chongde’s cost of living while growing up, all was done by relying on his grandfather, Jiang Linhai’s salary and his grandmother, Cai Shufen’s pension. 

Jiang Linhai and Cai Shufen could be considered to be the rare cultural people on the island. They worked as teachers at Xiu Qiu’s Elementary School. However, in order to take care of the grandson who was just born at that time, Cai Shufen retired early, while Jiang Linhai continued working there. The old couple’s salary plus pension were enough for the daily expenses of the family. They could even set aside a small amount of money for saving. Therefore, they had never demanded the original to provide them with any financial assistance. 

In the past few years, the original body had claimed that he had made a lot of money, but in fact, he was doing odd jobs while living outside. He basically earns less and spends less kind of person. He likes to find the kind of work which will quickly wrap up and let him earned his salary for a few months. After the end of the job, he go home for a few days. 

Today was the first day the original body came home after a long time. In his card, there was a little bit of money that he had not spent before as well as the salary from the last three months which barely reached five figures. 

In addition, there were more than 600 yuan of small change on his body. This was because the Mao family’s pub had been reluctant to use card payment and insisting on cash before they are willing to prepare the drinks.

With this kind of funds, how can he raise it to 20 million or more? 

Jiang Liu felt that maybe it was a daydream to even think of making money faster. 

“…Host, it is not good to be self-defeating.” 

001 whispered at the side. 

“Yes, I remember that you said before that when my points reach 1,000 points, the system will open the system’s mall. Right now I have more than 1000 points, so quickly open the systems mall for me. Let me see what good things you have to offer.” 

Jiang Liu suddenly remembered that he was a man with a system in hand. Maybe the system will bring him a big surprise. 

As soon as he finished speaking, a light screen appeared in front of him. Before Jiang Liu could exclaim in surprise, he could only see row after row of empty shelves except for one thing available on the central shelve. 

“Mall? With this much good, could you even call this a mall?” 

 Jiang Liu felt that his body and mind had been hit hard. 

“At present, the system mall is still at the stage of trial operation. The host must believe that there will be more goods available in the future.”

001 could not help but felt a little bit embarrassed, but it was a system without any feelings. How could it have such emotions?


At this point, Jiang Liu felt that he was boarding a pirate ship. But there is no other way. Even though the mosquito is small, but meat is still meat. He could only check the introduction of the only product available on the shelves. 

[Invincible Lucky Star] 

Lucky value plug-in, randomly increase the lucky buff. 

Effective time: 24 hours after use.

Number of use: 1 time.

Price: 800 points.

This was really a black shop. Not to mention the lack of good, even the price is still so expensive. Even after accumulating the sincere gratitude points from the last mission world, he only managed to save up 1000 points. And for this short-acting buff product, he still needs to spend 800 points.

After repeated considerations, Jiang Liu still chose to buy the only item in the mall. 

“I thought of a good idea.” 

This invincible lucky star gave Jiang Liu an inspiration, but now he was still not sure whether he can succeed or not. 

“What a good idea?” 

001 asked on the side. 

“Have you ever heard a famous saying, why grief? It is only a matter of getting rich quick.” 

Jiang Liu looked at himself in the mirror and had a faint sense of being self-importance. 

001: … 

“This famous saying is something that a celebrity previously said.” 

“Of course, it is still very handsome, and at the same time, a very clever celebrity named Jiang Mingliu who said this.” 

Jiang Liu looked at 001 with disdain.

“In the absence of capital, it was impossible to accumulate wealth in short term method unless you applied some unconventional means. But there is a very good method that can help you to make money fast but still legal and reasonable. This method is by buying the lottery tickets.” 

There was a fragment of the memory left by the original body in regard to this. According to the memory, due to multiple unoccupied jackpots winning, in next month, the prize pool of the most popular Powerball in the USA will be the highest in history. The jackpot prize was estimated to be around 579 million US dollars. This could be considered as the huge bonus drawn up in the current period. Due to this, the lottery sales had been booming, and even people from other countries could not help but feel the urge to buy a few lottery tickets while travelling.

Although the second prize was opened at that time, the first prize slot was still empty until the end.

Because the original was a “dreamer” who wanted to get rich overnight, he still remembered the number of lost lottery tickets for the first place in that issue. 

Now that Jiang Liu was lacking in money, he had thought of using this method, but he also knew the existence of the butterfly effect. He cannot guarantee that after he arrived in this world, the Powerball number in the original memory still remained the same or not. But with the buff from [Invincible lucky star], he should be able to increase his luck and become the winner. 

001: …

“Buying lottery tickets, isn’t that considered as gambling? As the host of the Father’s system as well as the messenger who brings love and hope to the world, how can you participate in gambling?” 

001 felt that there were a lot of distorted data in its body today. It could not help but wonder if the system in its body was not perfected enough? 

“Do you know that part of the money from the Powerball’s winning will be used for charity? Do you know that in some states in that country, there is a regulation that made the expired and unclaimed bonuses will be included in the charity fund? Do you know how many people earn money each year because of this? This is a charity, how can it be stigmatized into gambling?” 

Jiang Liu indignantly pointed out the fact to the system. Based on his expression and tone, it was as if he felt that the system was too low-level in terms of its knowledge of the world. 

001: … 

001 rummaged through a bunch of distorted data and really found similar information. It seemed that it really had misunderstood Jiang Liu. 

“But since you wanted to buy lottery tickets, why not buy them directly in China?” 

001 could not comprehend Jiang Liu’s action. That country was so far away, and it still cost a lot of money just for a return air ticket. 

“Are you actually discriminate the ethnicity? Or perhaps do you have a sense of nationality discrimination? As a righteous father, I should be unconditional. There is no region or species that should hinder the spread of love. I don’t think that it was wrong to spend some money to help our friends in the other hemisphere.” [T/N Jiang Liu trash talking is so exceptional that this translator felt it was cringe-worthy. Poor 001].

What Jiang Liu didn’t tell 001 was that even the Chinese people who were born and raised here were not convinced enough that the lottery system in China is reliable. In comparison to the USA, most states required the disclosure of the jackpot’s winning. The bonus that they will receive were also higher.

Yet, Jiang Liu was also clear about this. He knew that as a foreigner, he will not be able to get as much money after the layers of taxes. Despite that, the money that he will earn should be enough for him to cope with the immediate trouble. 

Still, how could 001 even expect the sinister intentions hidden by Jiang Liu? 001 instead was making a serious reflection over its own narrow mindedness and felt deeply proud of having such a selfless and great host. 

“Grandma called you to eat.” 

Just as 001 was about to apologize for what it had just said, there was a knock from the outside of the bathroom door.

Hearing the slightly rough voice of a boy who just out of puberty calling him with an indifferent tone, Jiang Liu finally realized that he had been in the bathroom for far too long. It was long enough that his son Jiang Chongde already arrived at home after his boat trip from the Daishan Island. 

Jiang Liu hurriedly hung the towel on the hook, then pressed the flush button as if indicating that just finished with his business. 

“Hey, I haven’t seen you for more than two months and you already grown taller.”

As soon as Jiang Liu came out, he already schooled his expression and acted as if he hadn’t seen his son for a long time and wanted to be closed to him. However, due to the long absence, he could not help but act awkwardly around him. 


Jiang Chongde looked up at him and then lowered his head and walked silently in front of him. 

Jiang Chongde was now a fifteen years old boy, however, his height nearly caught up to Jiang Liu. His appearance was nearly seven-point similar to his late wife. Although he was a little bit on the feminine side, in general, he can be considered as a handsome and good-looking boy. 

“There are six hundred yuan here, which will be your living expenses for the next month.” 

Jiang Liu took out six hundred yuan for the alcohol money and put it inside Jiang Chongde’s pocket. 

Jiang Chongde’s consumption on the island usually was not that high. After all, Jiang Chongde still living at school all year round. His three meals were prepared by the school’s canteen which costs about 12 yuan per day. Apart from that, the return ticket between Ryukyu Island and Lushan Island also cost around thirty yuan. Plus with some miscellaneous expenses, six hundred a month should be enough. 

It just that, usually Jiang Chongde’s expenses were supported by the old couple. Jiang Liu had never contributed a cent to him.

Because of his father’s unexpected behaviour, Jiang Chongde looked at him suspiciously.

“It isn’t that dad did not want to give you more money. After all, you are still young. Dad only wish to cultivate your perseverance and good character. You know that Dad has a lot of money. In fact, there is no shortage to provide you with your living expenses.”

Jiang Liu couldn’t help but touched his son’s head. His hair was so soft and it felt quite comfortable on his hand. 

After listening to Jiang Liu, Jiang Chongde couldn’t help but slapped his dad’s hand as he quickly walked away.

Sure enough, that man only knows how to brag. He had not changed at all.

However, even though he thought so, Jiang Chongde still did not return the six hundred yuan. After all, this money was something that his father needs to be responsible of. With these six hundred yuan, his grandparents will not have to give him the money for this month. He doesn’t want his grandparents to become so tired in order to raise him up. 

“You are really still a rebellious teenager. Dad is telling you the truth and yet you don’t believe it.” 

Jiang Liu looked at the little boy’s show of anger, and couldn’t help but smile. Just wait a while, daddy will let you cry in surprise and let you hold into daddy’s golden thigh. 

Jiang Chongde almost let out a sigh when he heard Jiang Liu’s words. He turned his head and looked at Jiang Liu straightforwardly. He really wishes for this unreasonable and troublesome relative of his to stay outside and never return.

The author has something to say: I like to update the novel early in the morning. Another thing is, I am not sure if all of you have similar hobbies like mine. Whenever I see the news that someone won hundreds of millions in the lottery, I will start to imagine how I will spend the money. For example, first, I will buy houses and rent it out to others. I will also save up a part of the money in the bank and take a fraction of the overall winning to buy a bag and jewellery that I wanted to buy but not willing to do so previously. I also wanted to take my mother travelling around the world. I believe that I will make reasonable use of this money, and rely on the rent and bank interest to support the food and clothing for a lifetime. I will never squander after suddenly becoming rich, or spend the money in a short period of time. And then suddenly I woke up from my daydream. I didn’t buy the lottery ticket and the winner was not me! Hahaha, there will always be such a mental journey, but even if it is only a daydream, I am very happy thinking [what if] I am going to be rich one day.

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