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The Analects of Righteous Father’s Collapse [ Fast Wear] Chapter 24

Chapter 24: The man who loves to boast 4/ blowing the cowhide to the sky 4

Author: 打字机N号

T /N: This is MTL work. I tried to edit as best as I could, any mistake plz do put your comment and I will edit it ASAP. This is my first attempt on Chinese novel so please cheer me up! I hope you will find this novel as interesting as I do.

“Mom, Dad, I need to leave the island tomorrow. There is still some business abroad waiting for me to deal with so I hope that you can take care of Chongde for a little bit.”

During the dinner time, Jiang Liu calmly said those words to his parents who were on the side. 

“You just arrived here and Chongde also will be here for the next two days. Why don’t you take Chongde to climb the mountain or go to the beach to play?” 

Cai Shufen who was about to put some dish into her plate stopped. Even though she was slightly reluctant to say, but she could not ignore his son’s action. What with going to deal with the business abroad, that was all lie spurned by him. 

Originally, his son and grandson had always been estranged towards each other. It just happened that these two people are finally home for the next two days, so she wanted them to get along. 

“Jiang Liu, you are a father. Shouldn’t you show a little bit of responsibility for your own son? Yes, right now I can still help you take care of Chongde, but your mother and I are getting older. If one day the two of us no longer able to move, who will Chongde rely on? Whom will your mother and I rely on?” 

“Don’t tell me that you have the money to hire a nanny. Fuck off!” 

The old lady had always advised his husband to control his temper when dealing with their son. After all, their son barely stays at their home over the years. Therefore, they should not make this few days of reunion turned unpleasant. If their son really got angry and left because of their words, the one who will be most affected by it will be their grandson, Chongde.

But Jiang Linhai felt totally unbearable as he looked at his son who was being unrepentant and even wanted to lie to his own family.

“I don’t need him to take care of me.” 

Jiang Chongde stood up and said.

“And when I grow up, I can take care of my own grandparents. I don’t have any need for a man who only knows how to brag and kept losing our face.”

Jiang Chongde’s face changed between anger and resolution. Cai Shufen tried to diffuse the situation and wish to remind her grandson not to talk badly about his own father. However, looking at the person in front of her, she really could not come out with any rebuttal.

“I am full, I will take the leftovers to feed the chickens later.” 

Jiang Chongde’s held his fists tightly. He knew that Grandma will be saddened by his words. That was because she had always hoped that she can repair the estranged relationship between him and his father. But Jiang Chongde really can’t do it. As long as he thought of this man who turned him into a joke material at school, Jiang Chongde felt sick. 

As soon as he said that, he put down the bowl and left the dining room to go back to his room on the second floor. 

“How could he say those words?”

Cai Shufen put down the bowl and sighed. 

“Heh, a caring mother will damage the child. I think what Chongde said is correct. In the future, we can only count on Chongde. There will be no difference in this family anyway.” 

Jiang Linhai said that pointedly. He looked at his stupid son who continued to eat like he was an innocent person that he could not help but put down his bowl indignantly. 

“I don’t want to eat anymore.” 

After that, he followed his grandson’s move and left the dining room. 

In the end, there were only Jiang Liu and the old lady sat facing each other. 

“Mom, is Dad angry because I did not give him any money?” 

Jiang Liu pondered a bit before he asked the old lady.

“But right now Dad is still working and he is still receiving enough salary each month. Although I am very rich, I don’t want to encourage dad’s laziness by reaping without sowing. But don’t worry. Once dad is retired, I will give you money to support your life every month. After all, you know, I’m really rich.”

Looking at her son’s solemn and misgiving expression, Cai Shufen’s could not help but felt a sense of powerlessness. 

“You– ” 

“Oh, forget it, as long as you are happy.”

For a moment, Cai Shufen wanted to take her son to the mental hospital to see if there was something wrong with his head. He seemed to be living in the world of his own. Except in that world, he was the only who was happy. No matter how much unhappiness he brought to the surrounded people, it was better than the desperation look he had after the death of her daughter-in-law’s from the birth complication.

During that time, Cai Shufen was afraid that her son might want to follow her daughter-in-law to death.

Later on, she felt that as long as her son lived well, she was too lazy to control his habit. 

“Hei– ” 

Cai Shufen let out another long sigh. Suddenly she lost her appetite. She puts down her chopstick and bowl before leaving final words to her son.

“After you finish eating, put the leftovers in a big bowl, I will feed it to the chicken and duck tomorrow. As for the tableware, you are responsible for washing it. If you really have to go tomorrow, then just go.”

The old man’s salary and her pension was not that low. Plus the deposit that they have saved from the early years. It was enough for them to support their grandson until he finished college, or even to prepare a small house for him in the city. It was not that important for them to force this on Jiang Liu.

This good dinner, at the end, only Jiang Liu the one who managed to happily ate it. 



Jiang Chongde was sulking in his room when heard the knock on the door.

“Chongde, dad wants to talk something to you.” 

It turned out that the nuisance had come. Jiang Chongde wanted to ignore him but after thinking for a moment, he still reluctantly got up from the bed and opened the door. 

“What do you want to say?” 

He stood at the door, apparently reluctant to let his father stepped into his territory.

“There is nothing. It just that, dad is going to leave tomorrow and I might have to leave for a long time. I just wanted to ask you if there is anything that you want me to get for you.” 

Jiang Liu reached out and tried to touch Jiang Chongde’s head like what he had done earlier. Jiang Chongde naturally will not let his father treat him like a child, so he used his hand to block Jiang Liu’s hand.

Because of this movement, Jiang Liu managed to sneak into his son’s room through the gap in the doorway and quickly made himself comfortable on the chair inside the room. 

Jiang Chongde looked at his father who had no intention of leaving his room.  He was also afraid that if he made too much movement it will attract his grandparents who were resting next door. He could only close the door and stood in front of his bed, ready for a confrontation.

“Just let it out. Why are you looking for me in the end?” 

Jiang Chongde watched the person in front of him with vigilance. Did the other party come for the six hundred yuan? 

You must know that this man had never given him a cent until now. So in Jiang Chongde’s understanding, the man in front of him who loves to brag should be a poor man.

Today, surprisingly he had given him six hundred yuan. It was very likely that this money was collected by him over a long period of time. It just that, he might accidentally give it to him due to his drunkenness.

Yet, Jiang Chongde had no intention of returning the money that already went into his pocket. He would rather spend the six hundred yuan than seeing this man go to the island’s pub to buy wine while having another bragging session with those people.

Even though Jiang Chongde was a genius, because of his young age, all his thoughts were clearly written on his face. When Jiang Liu looked at him, he knew what was revolving inside that kid’s head. 

Jiang Liu felt so amused that he decided to tease his son a bit.

“Actually, I want to talk to you about the money– ” 

“I will not give back the six hundred yuan that you gave me before!”

Jiang Chongde quickly grabbed his pocket with his hand. He did not wait for Jiang Liu to finish his word. He glared at his father as if looking at a scum person.

“Of course not.” 

Jiang Liu couldn’t help but smile when he looked over his son who yet to let down his defence.

“I know that there are many misunderstanding between you and Dad. Maybe this is really a problem in regards to my educational philosophy. But my son, you have to know that all of these are also for you. After all, you are still a child. It will not be good if you live in a prosperous environment. This will affect the development of your morality and inner strength.” 

Jiang Liu continued to say it with sincerity laced within his voice.

“Dad just want you to grow up like an ordinary child. I don’t want to deprive you of the purely innocent childhood because of money.” 

The people across him who listened to these words was a tough opponent. 

He did not even react to those words. 

It seemed that it will not be good if he teased this boy too much. Therefore, Jiang Liu closed his eyes, his face showed the vicissitude of life.

“You are still a child after all. It is all my fault that I have been too harsh on you. Occasionally, I should still satisfy some of your wishes. This time, Dad will go abroad for a while. What gift do you want? Just tell me.” 

“I want a Ferrari sports car.” 

Jiang Chongde felt ridiculous. It was not enough for this man to brag in front of outsiders, he even wanted to do it in front of his closest family. He still wanted to maintain this kind of rich illusion. 

Well, he was the one who said he has lots of money. If he has the ability, his father should buy him a Ferrari. 

“This -” 

Jiang Liu looked hesitant. 

“What?! You can’t afford it?” 

Jiang Chongde sneered. In regards to this few million sports cars, he really wanted to know what kind of excuses will his old man able to give.

“It is not that your Dad can’t afford it. It just that Chongde. Dad had taught you to obey the law from an early age. You seem to have not yet reached the age to get a driver’s license, right?”

Jiang Liu said in a difficult tone.

“And if the car was brought back, you still won’t be able to drive it, right? Isn’t that contrary to my tough and simple life educational philosophy? No, I will not buy you a Ferrari model car.”

The excuse from Jiang Liu continued to increase Chongde’s belief in his father ability to brag that he could not help but wish to destroy his father’s weave of illusion.

“I have never asked you anything since I was young. Now I just wish for something small. Yet, you are not willing to satisfy me. Don’t say anything anymore. Even if I don’t have a driver’s license, you still have one, right?” 

Jiang Chongde remembered that his father had tested for a driver’s license. Therefore, on usual day, people always asked him why he did not buy a car after he finished his braggart session, but Jiang Liu managed to sprout out multiple excuses to avoid that matter.

“Do you really want to buy it for me, or is it because you can’t afford it? Dad, it is not a shame to be poor. But to pretend not to be one is ugly.” 

“Well, let me think about it first.” 

Jiang Liu’s expression still looked difficult. After a long sigh, he stood up and prepared to leave.

“But Chongde, you have to know. The money used to but a Ferrari’s car is enough for Dad to build several [Hope Primary Schools] and provide tens of thousands children from the poor mountain areas with a long-term [Love meal]. Dad understands that sometimes you wanted to experience extravagant enjoyment, but I hope that one day you will enjoy this by relying on your own efforts.”

After that, the Jiang Liu turned and left. 

For a moment, Jiang Chongde felt that he was some kind of a sinner who had vilified his own relatives and being selfish that he nearly ruins his family business. He actually put the thought of buying Ferrari as opposed to the [Love meal] and [Hope Primary School] for children in those mountainous areas.

Wait, that man does not have money at all. He won’t be able to buy me a Ferrari or build Hope Primary School. Why should I feel like a sinner? 

Jiang Chongde looked at that man’s back and sneered. He then slammed his door shut. 

I am really stupid for believing in his evil words!

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  1. I know it’s bad to always attribute things to mental illness, but the original owner definitely feels like in the spectrum. Although he seems to know the reality and also didn’t believe his own lies, only attributing it to bragging and a way to get attention, excessive daydreaming and the inability to see how it’s affecting your life can be signs of mental illness.

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