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The Analects of Righteous Father’s Collapse [ Fast Wear] Chapter 25

Chapter 25: The man who loves to boast 5/ blowing the cowhide to the sky 5

Author: 打字机N号

T /N: This is MTL work. I tried to edit as best as I could, any mistake plz do put your comment and I will edit it ASAP. This is my first attempt on Chinese novel so please cheer me up! I hope you will find this novel as interesting as I do.

When Cai Shufen woke up the next day, Jiang Liu had already quietly left the house. She went to the kitchen, planning to take the leftover rice and dishes from last night to feed the chicken and duck. Yet, even after she circled the kitchen and dining room, she did not manage to find any of it. 

Did my son ate all of it?

Cai Shufen sighed as she prepared to steam some sweet potatoes and then mixed it with rice bran for those chickens and ducks.

However, when she was walking behind the coop to pick the sweet potatoes, she saw that the chickens and ducks were currently eating the last night leftovers. She realized that his son had been feeding the chickens and ducks before he left the house this morning. 

“The more you live, the worse you are.”

The old lady couldn’t help but smile. Obviously this was something that other people will do without having to be prompted by others. However, when this was done by her own son, she could not help but become pleased with it. 

With such a good mood, the old lady was ready to go back to the house to prepare breakfast. At this time, Jiang Chongde also got up. 

“I heard that your dad went to your room yesterday’s night. What did you, father and son talk about?”

Cai Shufen curiously asked her grandson. 

“My dad said he will buy me a Ferrari.”

Jiang Chongde’s expression looked like as if he was trying to stifle his laughter while maintaining a sneer. And because his words, the old lady’s good mood suddenly disappeared. 

Well, it seemed that her son’s habit of bragging was still there and he was unlikely to grow up anytime soon. 


Ohio was a rare state in USA which allowed the winner to accept the prize anonymously. Jiang Liu spent some money to get a visa to go abroad using a backdoor and arrived at Ohio the day before the announcement of the grand prize.

During the day, he was playing and sightseeing around the city like a normal tourist. Because of the wonderful jackpot prizes this time, there were many people outside the lottery station. Some of them dream of getting rich overnight while other just join in for fun. 

When he saw that there were only three hours left before the announcement of the prize, Jiang Liu slowly took a big bag out of the hotel. He then transferred two buses and entered a shopping mall at random. He made a beeline for the toilet and take out a change of clothes, coat and shoes from the bag before putting on a golden wig and a pair of sunglasses. After staying for a while, he took his big bag and walked out of the mall to find the nearest lottery station. 

Before he bought the lottery, Jiang Liu activated the [Invincible Lucky Star] that he had previously purchased from the system’s mall. After completing all the preparation, he bought a set of lottery tickets with a similar number as the one in the original body’s memory. 

At that time, there were only about 40 minutes left before the lottery draw going to stop.

He did not only bought one winning ticket. Instead, he went to several lottery stations and bought dozens of lottery ticket around the winning numbers. Before he returned to the hotel, he did not forget to hide his trace by transferring through a few more buses and then entered a public place to change his clothes back to the original. After settling everything, he then took a taxi back to the hotel.

When he arrived at the hotel, it was almost time for the current lottery session to stop. [T/N: I’m not sure if the term I used is correct. I never gamble nor do I condone such act.]

“Ah, ah, I heard that the jackpot for the current lottery is $5.79 billion. If I win the grand prize, I can finally lie and be comfortable until the end of my life.” 

“Who won’t be wishing for that? I even bought ten tickets for myself. Though I am not sure if I will hit it or not.” 

There were a lot of Chinese tourist in the hotel that Jiang Liu choose to stay. At this time, everyone was discussing the current Powerball lottery. Many people began to dream of how they will spend the money if they were to win it. 

“That is equivalent to around 579 million yuan. In fact, there will not be much of it after the tax is deducted.”

While some people were happily dreaming about it, there were still some people who liked pouring cold water over it. 

But this sentence was indeed true. That was because the tax in this country was really high. After the winning, the money will be imposed with 24% of the federal tax, followed by a maximum of 37% of the personal income tax. Finally, the leftover money will be imposed with the state tax. Different states have different percentage of taxes. According to Jiang Liu’s understanding, the state tax imposed by Ohio was about 8%. Therefore from the initial 5.79 million dollars, he will be able to take home at most 2.5 million dollars.

However, this was in US dollar. After being converted to yuan, it was still a lot of money. There are many people who unable to earn that much money even if they worked for ten lifetimes. 

Jiang Liu was not greedy. He only needs the money to be enough for him to buy a Ferrari and build a hundred [Hope Primary Schools]. 

Perhaps because his nerves were on high-strung, Jiang Liu’s stomach began to make a protest. He went back to his room to store away the big bag and then he put the lottery in the clothes drawer before taking a little bit of money to go to the hotel’s restaurant to eat. 

To ensure his safety, the hotel that he chooses for his accommodation was relatively a high-end. Therefore, the meals offered by them were also very good. 

In the past few days, Jiang Liu had been eating the complimentary bread provided by the hotel. But on the last day, he decided that he also wanted to taste the food that was available particularly in this country.

“Congratulations, Mr Jiang, you are the 999th customer of the restaurant’s anniversary day. Today, your meals will be in the house. In addition to that, we will also give you a bottle of ‘1992 Lafite.” 

When Jiang Liu was about to make his order, the restaurant manager as well as several waiters came over and announced this good news to him. 

The people who were currently dining watched Jiang Liu with envious eyes. It was necessary to know that even though ‘1992 Lafite was not as popular as ‘1982 Lafite or ‘1989 Lafite, but it was still an expensive vintage wine. The general market price was around two thousand US dollar. It was by no means something that an average person will consume at all. [T/N: I was googling on how to address the wine name and its vintage year, sigh]

The yellow-eyed person in front of them was so lucky that he was able to enjoy it. 

Jiang Liu guessed that this may be the effect from the [Invincible Lucky Star] which made him feel that the probability of him winning the lottery drastically improved.

Jiang Liu enjoyed the big meal under the envious gaze from everyone. He also tasted that bottle of famous wine though inwardly he felt that it did not taste any different from the ordinary red wine. Jiang Liu finally returned to his room after he filled his stomach to satisfaction. 

However, what awaiting him after returning was a mess.  He didn’t know when the ceiling started to leak. The dripping water from above ended up wetting his bed. 

Jiang Liu informed the hotel and soon the manager came and apologized to him. The manager also proposed to change him to another room. However, coincidentally at that time, the room of the same price had already been fully booked. Therefore, the hotel gave him a room next to the presidential suite as an apology. The deluxe suite also comes with a breakfast voucher that would have cost money to buy. 

Laying on the soft bed and looking at the luxurious interior of the room, Jiang Liu couldn’t help but roll around the bed. It turned out that this is the life of rich people. It was a pity that he was not a rich person initially. He could only taste this wonderful moment now. 

If it was not because the points were precious, he can’t help but wanted to buy another [Invincible Lucky Star] to try. 

“The host has to believe the item produced by the system. All item provided by the system’s mall is definitely worth the money.”

001 proudly appeared midair. Previously it was ridiculed by Jiang Liu because the mall could only provide one item. Now, watching Jiang Liu showed his satisfaction over the product supplied by the system, 001 could not resist coming out to advertise. 

This time, Jiang Liu did not refute 001. He should let that little thing to be proud for a while. 

“When this is over, how should I handle the money?” 

Jiang Liu who laid on the bed couldn’t help but laugh. 

“The host’s expression just now seems a bit despicable.” 

001 floated midair. It scrutinized Jiang Liu expression as it tried to find the right adjectives from its database that match this expression. 


Jiang Liu sneered. With the smell of money literary lingered on his nose, was it wrong for him to act a bit wretched? 

Tomorrow, he is going to become a billionaire. Not to mention that building hundred [Hope Primary Schools] was not an easy task, he still had the headache from formulating ways to educate his son.

Oh well, the soldiers will block it and the water will still cover the earth. He could always think of a solution for it slowly. 

Now the most important thing is how to deal with those 2.5 billion dollars. He really needs to buy a big villa. The bed inside must be big, soft and comfortable. He also wanted to have a chef who will cook…

He should leave hundreds of millions of yuan in the bank. By the end of the year, the annual interest rate could help him generate a large amount of money. 

Perhaps he should also buy more houses and rent it out to others. According to the memories left by the original body, the house price will gradually increase over the years, therefore investing in property should also be good… 

Jiang Liu slept soundly that night while having such a sweet dream.


One and a half months later, Daishan junior high school. 

“Wow, did you hear, there is a Ferrari car parked outside the school. It was a convertible to boot and the driver is also handsome!” 

“For real?! Ah, Ah, I saw it. It’s my favourite Ferrari 499. This car cost nearly three to four million. I wonder if we have such local tyrant in Daishan!” 

Jiang Chongde was carrying his bag and making his way to the dock in order to go home by boat. Therefore, he did not participate in the intense discussion around him. 

“Oh, shouldn’t it be Jiang Chongde? After all, his father is secretly a rich man. Maybe it was his father who came to pick him up with the Ferrari.” 

“Ha ha ha, stop teasing him. We should be careful. If he got angry, he might complain to the teacher.” 

“Hey, Jiang Chongde, don’t you think that car is your dad’s sports car?” 

Unconsciously, the topic shifted to Jiang Chongde.

Listening to the people in the surrounding area mocking him, Jiang Chongde bowed his head as he accelerated his pace. 



There were many people outside the school gate. It seemed that they all stopped to look at the commotion. Jiang Chongde wanted to get out from the crowd and quickly leave, but he seemed to hear someone calling him again and again.

In the direction of the sound, Jiang Chongde turned his head to look. At that time, Jiang Liu was sitting on the open-top Ferrari and shouting his name. 

That big white tooth smile looked so bright and nasty. 

The author has something to say: There is another update at 9 o’clock in the evening. Please be informed that this is a parallel world. Either the aspect where it was easy to obtain the visa to go abroad as well as the fact whether the foreigners can receive such big winning was all fiction. This author has been looking online for a long time and have not found any certainty on this matter. It is okay to say that this only happened in the novel. So it was okay for them to act as such.

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