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The Analects of Righteous Father’s Collapse [ Fast Wear] Chapter 26

Chapter 26: The man who loves to boast 6/ blowing the cowhide to the sky 6

Author: 打字机N号

T /N: This is MTL work. I tried to edit as best as I could, any mistake plz do put your comment and I will edit it ASAP. This is my first attempt on Chinese novel so please cheer me up! I hope you will find this novel as interesting as I do.

Final chapter for today. Gosh, I have been editing (the final draft not the RAW MTL) since 8 pm and it’s nearly 2 am here. Anyway time to sleep. I will try my best to post the remaining chapters ( Which I haven’t started yet) within this month (Hopefully nothing will distract me).

“My god, who is that person that the local tyrant had been yelling off?” 

“Are my ears playing with me? He had been calling that Jiang Chongde?” 

Compared to Jiang Chongde’s shock at that time, those who used to ridicule him by calling him rich prince were the one who got the biggest hit.

After all, they had been using that word to attack him day and night. Every time they saw Jiang Chongde, they will remind him of such word in order to look at his expression. To them, his expression could bring them endless fun. 

But now the truth has finally slapped their face. It was unlikely that Jiang Chongde’s father was a braggart. His father was truly a rich man and their face could not help but burned. 

“That is not necessarily Jiang Chongde’s father. It might be the relatives of his family, or maybe even his father’s creditor.” 

There were those dead ducks who did not want to admit that they had been laughing at the wrong people all these years. Therefore, their head was running off with excuses for it. 

However, Jiang Chongde’s “Dad” broke their expectations. 

“Get on the car or we won’t be able to catch up with the last boat.” 

Jiang Lu called his son and wave him to quickly get into the car.

Jiang Chongde was silent for a moment. Then in front of everyone’s eyes, he sat in the position of the co-pilot. Except for the initial shock that he had after seeing his father coming to fetch him, there was no other ups and downs in his expression. He looked very calm as if he was used sitting in such a luxury car. 

After Jiang Chongde got on the car, Jiang Liu no longer wait and drove away. 

“Unbelievable. That was really Jiang Chongde’s father. He is really a rich second generation. Some people really know how to be low-profile. The boys laugh at him and yet he never refutes them. Is this the legend of the legendary aristocracy?”

The little girls were chattering in an excited squeal. It was not because they like Jiang Chongde or like the Jiang’s family luxury car. But the scene that happened just now remind them of the prince and the rich second generation characters which can be found in the novel. At their current age, there was no small girl who can resist the poison of youth literature. 

“Who said that Jiang Chongde’s father only knows how brag but have no real skill? Those who have no ability will never be able to possess that Ferrari 488.” 

Liu Zhou smelled the exhaust left by the Ferrari in fascination. He decided to make friends with this local tyrant’s son. Maybe soon he will be able to sit in his long-awaited Ferrari 488. 

It just that Ferrari 488 seemed to be a two-seater sports car. It was impossible for it to squeeze a third person in it. But it does not matter. Liu Zhou felt that as long as he can put his ass in that luxury car, he was already satisfied. 

“I unilaterally announced that Jiang Chongde is my best buddy from now on.”

When he thought that his ass might one day be able to get into the Ferrari, Liu Zhou suddenly felt stimulated as he made his decision to befriend Jiang Chongde. 

“It doesn’t make any sense. My dad clearly said that Jiang Chongde’s father is a person who loves to brag and blow his own horn.” 

“Not only had your father, my dad and my mother also said so.”

A few fellow from the Xiu Qiu Island echoed each other. Those teenagers suddenly felt like they were losing their mind. 

If their Mom and Dad did not lie and the sports car that they saw just now was not fake, then what had really happened? 


Along the way, Jiang Chongde did not talk to Jiang Liu and instead sat calmly in the open-top luxury car, accepting the appreciation from some of the passers-by. 

Jiang Liu could not help but had some doubts. He thought that this child will immediately ask him the origin of the car. He already prepared to brag. How come this child did not play according to common sense? 

The cow had already hurt its stomach from those gasses, yet it was not allowed to blow. If you are not letting it blow, it will really kill the cow, ah.

Since Jiang Chongde did not ask, Jiang Liu could not really start to talk about it. So Jiang Liu momentum was infinitely reduced by the silence. In the end, this pair of father and son quietly drove to the dock, and then returned to Xiu Qiu Island by boat. 

He didn’t know if it was by a mere coincidence or what. Jiang Liu didn’t meet a single person on the island while he was cruising in his car. Even when he drove in front of others’ house, no one happened to stand in the yard and saw his tall and stalwart figure in his luxury car. 

Jiang Liu couldn’t help but sigh. Sure enough, life without an audience is truly lonely. 

However, in Jiang Chongde’s heart, his father sigh brought another meaning. 

He touched the luxurious interior of the car and at that moment, his mood was very complicated. 


Jiang Liu not sure what day was today. But when he reached home, Cai Shufen and Jiang Linhai were also not at home. Jiang Liu parked the car and then told his son to stay at home and wait as he walked around searching for his parents. 

Jiang Chongde did not speak but only responded with a nod. 

After returning home, Jiang Chongde went straight upstairs and then put his schoolbag on the desk. He then took off his shoes and stepped into the bed as he grabbed a small iron box from the top of the bedside cabinet which contained all Jiang Chongde’s fortune.

Jiang Chongde is an extremely economical child. Every month, he will save a portion of his living expenses that he received from his grandparents. Together with the New Year’s money, he had saved nearly 7 000 yuan in the past ten years.

Originally, Jiang Chongde planned to save 20,000 yuan before he graduated from his third year of high school. He wanted to bring his grandparents on a trip to Lijing. This is because he had heard from his grandparents that they had been wishing to visit such a place for a long time. Yet for various reasons, this travel plan had not been implemented, and the most important reason was due to his existence. 

One because there will be no one to take care of him and another was due to his irresponsible father. His grandparents had to cut a portion of their money in order to bring him up. As a result, luxury spending such as travelling was naturally not in the plan of these two old people.

Therefore, Jiang Chongde had silently saved some money. He had developed this plan since he was in elementary school. Of course, his father, Jiang Liu, was not included in this travel plan. 

However, it seemed that today, his plan had finally shattered.

Counting the money in the iron box, Jiang Chongde sighed. He somehow felt sad, yet at the same time, happy. 

He was sad because his plan was shattered. But he was also happy. This was because he finally discovered a little secret. It seemed that his father perhaps loved him more than what he had imagined. 


Someone knocked on Jiang Chongde’s door. Jiang Liu had been looking around yet he didn’t find anyone. So, he went home alone. He then knocked on the door of his son since he wanted to talk to him about something. 

For example, he wanted to brag about the Ferrari that he had bought for him. 

Jiang Chongde opened the door. When Jiang Liu came in, he saw hundreds of yuan bill on his son’s bed. 

“You take that money and returned the car. We really could not afford it if the car was scratched by something.” 

In Jiang Chongde’s view, since his father is willing to rent out a Ferrari because of his momentary words, it was enough to prove that he still regarded him as his son. 

Although he was senseless and vain and often did some stupid things, but this father of his still remembered his words and did not disregard it as unasked for.

However, regardless of the other party’s intention, he knew that renting such luxury car was not cheap. If there is a collision, he was afraid that the whole family would not be able to afford to compensate for the damage.

Jiang Chongde picked up the money and put it in his father’s hand as he looked sideway.

“You are already an adult, how could you become so naïve? Did you really think that I ask you to buy a Ferrari? You could not even be clear about it.” 

In fact, Jiang Chongde’s heart was happy when Jiang Liu came to fetch him at school today. Especially when he heard the students’ arguments and their amazing expressions.

Of course, this was not due to Jiang Chongde’s vanity. But it was because he suddenly realized that his father accidental action will help to reduce his trouble in the future. 

At least until there have a way to determine whether his family has money or not, the people in the school will no longer bother him. This was an unexpected surprise. 

And when he thought that his dad had been renting a luxury car in order to satisfy his wish, Jiang Chongde could no longer treat him coldly like before. 

It just that he felt that his word sounds too harsh and indifferent that Jiang Chongde could not help but touch his nose and wondered if he should say something milder. However, he had never been close to this father, and his temperament was not the kind of person who loves to be spoiled by others. It made him a little embarrassed thinking that he needs to placate the other party gently.

“You don’t like that car?” 

Jiang Liu finally understood why his son did not ask him along the way. For example, how did he managed to buy such a luxury car? It was all because he thought that the car was rented by him all along.

Seeing the money in his hand, Jiang Liu mood got even more complicated. 

It turned out that all this time, the child in front of him had not, to a great extent, despised the original. 

Jiang Liu adjusted his mood as he revealed a puzzled expression. 

“I already told you in advance, I am the kind of father who doesn’t like to be used by my own children. Whether you like it or not, that is the only car in the house. I don’t care if you like Ferrari of other models. If you have the ability, make your own money and just buy whatever car you want.” 

He was the kind of father who teaches his child through hardships. It was not his style to pamper children. 


Jiang Chongde really wished that he could change his father behaviour. He looked at him, feeling exhausted. At that moment, he also heard the loud sound of conversations coming from the courtyard downstairs. He opened the curtains and looked down to see a group of people who previously disappeared to god know where were currently moved around the open-top Ferrari parked in the yard. 

Jiang Chongde felt the incoming headache as he looked at those people excited expression while remembering the origin of the car.

He was afraid that because of today’s incident, his situation at the school will not improve, but instead escalated even more. 

He stared at his father who looked at him with an innocent expression, the feeling of appreciativeness that he had just now slowly evaporated.

At this time also, in many remote mountainous areas in China, a project called [Chongde Primary School] was currently going at a fast rate. 

The author has something to say: When I was young, I always hoped that someone will appear in front of me and told me that I was actually a princess from a certain country who had been lives outside. Hahahahahaha. 

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