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The Analects of Righteous Father’s Collapse [ Fast Wear] Chapter 27

Chapter 27: The man who loves to boast 7/ blowing the cowhide to the sky 7

Author: 打字机N号

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“Whose car is this? Why did they park it in uncle Jiang’s yard?” 

“Yes, this car is not cheap. This is like those tens of millions of yuans luxury car that only appeared on TV. This should not be Jiang Liu, right? If this really belongs to that boy, Jiang Liu, then he really made a fortune out there, huh, hahahahahaha!” 

A group of people gathered around and laughed. Jiang Linhai and Cai Shufen who stood in the crowd looked at the surrounding people awkwardly. 

Today, a performance by Yue Opera was organized on the island. This was arranged by the local government using their public fund. Therefore, there is no need for the islanders to pay the admission fees. Hence, all the idle people ran to the theatre and stay there until the end of the performance. 

Originally, Cai Shufen and Jiang Linhai planned to go home early to prepare the dinner for their grandson. However, they did not imagine seeing such a luxury car parked in their yard. This car was also seen by those group of people who were on their way home. This incident thus attracted their curiosity to observe it. Which resulted in the current scene. 

The couple did not know the origin of this car. When they heard that someone had used this car to ridicule their son, they couldn’t think of any rebuttal. Who told the car to stop in their yard anyway? 

But, on the usual days, the couple had a quite prestigious reputation on the island. Many of the present middle-age people and a large number of their children were the students of this old couple. Therefore, seeing their awkward expression, all of them quickly shifted the subject. They stopped making fun of Jiang Liu immediately.

“Pa, Ma, where have you been? I couldn’t find you even after running a circle around the island.” 

Jiang Liu took his son Jiang Chongde down as if he had not heard the ridiculous arguments, and appeared before the crowd.

“Jiang Liu, you’re are back!”

When the Jiang Liu appeared, the group who had been laughing suddenly stop as if someone is pressing the pause button. Their expression looked stiff and taut.

“You are back. Then, this- Is this your car?” 

Because of their surprise, the voice got up a notch that Jiang Liu had no choice but to shut his ears as he nodded and smile. 

“Yes, ah! As you all know, although I have money but I am not a person who likes extravagance and wastage. If you ask my opinion, those luxury cars did not have any value except to be displayed. Its practicality was not even good as those of Wuling Hongguang [T/N: Brand of Cheap MPV from China]. It just that, after all this time, Chongde had been such a good boy. Therefore, I thought that I need to be a little bit lenient in my education. After all, being too strict was also not good. Sometimes, as a parent, I should also need to grant some of my children’s small wishes.” 

Jiang Liu was totally ready to shoot. After all this time, he finally can let out all the boast that he had been prepared from before.

“But this child was too picky. He only told me that he wanted a Ferrari. He didn’t even tell me the specific model. Now that I had bought it, he actually acted as if he was unsatisfied with it. After this time, I am no longer going to spoil him. I should educate him more thoroughly after this. If he wanted this kind of extravagant consumption, he should work hard on his own. When he had achieved it all by himself, I don’t care whatever kind of luxury car he wants to buy. It is his own business. Anyway, our family will absolutely not going to allow anyone acting as a second rich generation.” 

Everyone looked at Jiang Liu who was spouting words indignantly, and suddenly they felt that they could no longer understand Chinese. Did Jiang Liu even talked using human language? 

“This, is this really your car?” 

A not so tall man with a crew-cut hair and a fat figure pointed his hand to the navy blue open-hood Ferrari. His face was deformed due to his surprise. As for the educational philosophy spouted by Jiang Liu, he felt that his consciousness had been shaken upside down from hearing about it.

“Jiang Liu, you have been bragging all this time. Just confess. No one will really laugh at you in regards to this thing. But I think that it is too overboard of you to rent such a luxury car. I am afraid that the rent will not be that cheap. Rather, I believe there are many better ways to use your money compared to this.”

That short man did not believe that Jiang Liu really is a rich man. He assumed that this car was rented by Jiang Liu. 

Nowadays, there were many bridal studio which offered such rental services. He heard that as long as you have the money, you can even rent a Rolls-Royce. Due to this, he felt that renting a multi-million Ferrari will not be that difficult. 

However, it was too much to go to this extent just to brag. He could not help but thought that Jiang Liu’s action as a sign of vanity. 

“Bragging? Whenever did I brag?” 

Jiang Liu was frowning.

“I felt that it was good that I started from scratch in order to accumulate more than one billion net worth. When did I ever brag of having tens of billions or even hundreds of billions?” 

Although his face showed a puzzled expression, but inwardly, Jiang Liu was happy while observing the reaction of the people around him. As for that little man, Jiang Liu felt that he is simply dancing in his palm like a marionette.

Jiang Chongde stood behind Jiang Linhai. The two of them bowed their heads down as they closed their eyes in resignation. To think that Jiang Liu still has the nerve to boast of having more than a billion net worth. That person was really like a King cow who blows through the sky. 

“Why are you here today? Didn’t you tell me that you are coming back to school to find me today?” 

Just as that coarse man wanted to continue to argue with Jiang Liu, a white-haired old man was walking towards Jiang family’s house all wobbling. The loud argument that happened then stopped because of his appearance. 

This person was the principal of the only primary school in Xiu Qiu Island. He was also the oldest man on the island, Xu Chengmin.

He was already eighty-three years old this year. In addition to his identity as the headmaster of Xiu Qiu Primary School, he was also the member of the Jianzhe- Sheng Provincial Writers Association, the vice president of the Islands’ local government as well as being the committee members of the archipelago’s CPPCC [Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference]. He should have retired years ago, but the Xiu Qiu Primary School need the support from this old principal. Otherwise, the Education Bureau would have already closed the primary school since a long time ago. The old man has a deep feeling in regards to this island. Plus, he also put some consideration in regards to the islander’s children once the only Primary School in Xiu Qiu Island were to be closed. If the school were to be closed, then, the children will need to travel to another island in order to study. He felt that it will be quite hard on the islander to pay the additional cost of travelling or the cost of accommodation for the children.

Therefore, in regards to this person, the people on the island give him high respect. 

Even so, the Xiu Qiu primary school had long been in the state of disrepair. The houses on the island were easily eroded due to the salty and humid sea tides. The walls were badly mottled, and the exposed bare steel bars began to rust. The school already on the verge of collapse. Even if the old principal wishes to continue to support it, the school itself may not be able to continue as it is. 

The old principal had been worrying on the matter of rebuilding the primary school for a long time. Unfortunately, he had been a poor person. There was also his wife who had lots of illnesses which required a lot of medical expenses. Therefore, he could not spare much money for school. 

“I want to thank you on behalf of the people on the island. I have already received that 800,000 yuan. I only need to find the workers and we should be able to start working on the school soon.”

The old principal passed through the crowd and stood in front of Jiang Liu. With a pleased expression, he patted Jiang Liu on the shoulder.

“I didn’t expect that even after a few decades, you still remembered your alma mater. You didn’t forget about Xiu Qiu’s Island. This place is the foundation of your growth. You are a good boy. This teacher is very proud of you.” 

The old principal, Xu Chengmin, actually did not know about Jiang Liu’s reputation on the island. He only knew that Jiang Liu is a warm-hearted and grateful person who did not forget to return to his hometown after finding his success. Naturally, he did not know that Jiang Liu does not deserve this praise at all.

The people around the principal felt that they had an auditory problem. They could not imagine the principal could even praised Jiang Liu as a good boy who had made him proud! 

Don’t say the islander, even Jiang Liu’s own parents could not accept such praises!

“Wait, principal, what with 800,000 yuan that you said just now?”

That short and stout man slapped his fatty cheek in order to wake himself up.  Feeling the ache from it, he asked the old principal with unbelievable expression on his face.

“I was talking about the donation money. Jiang Liu had donated a large amount of money for the primary school. He knows that there are still many families on the island who need our Xiu Qiu Primary School. He also knows that there is a serious safety defect in regards to the school’s facilities. So after a few phone call with me, Jiang Liu decided to pay for the money needed to rebuild our school. He never cares about the money. For him the most important issues was I regards to the children’s education. Now you tell me. Should I feel proud of having such good person coming from this island or not?”

The old principal was laughing with squinted eyes. His mouth was full of praise. 

“Jiang Liu donated 800,000 yuan?!”

The short man’s shout increased in pitch. This is 800,000 yuan, not 80,000 yuan or 8,000 yuan. 

Not only he could not believe his ears, even the people around him could not believe it. This was because, in their mind, Jiang Liu was a man who loved to brag but had no real ability at all. 

At this moment, the old principal finally noticed the suspicion and distrust of the islander towards Jiang Liu. This made the old principal felt very angry. How could these people have this kind of malicious thought towards this selfless man, who wants nothing but the best for their island? A good boy who returned whatever he receives from the island with love and piety.

“Linzhong, I remembered that when you were a child, I was your class teacher, right? At that time, didn’t teacher teach you that jealousy is undesirable? I know that Jiang Liu’s achievement was something unreachable to you lots. This may have made you feel very depressed. However, you should not amplify the evil thoughts in your heart. Instead, you should learn how to appreciate Jiang Liu’s talent while at the same time, tried to learn his shining points and reflect why he is more successful than you. In this way, you will be able to make progress.”

The old principal reprimanded the people around him as he believed that he was qualified to act as such. 

The people who had ridiculed Jiang Liu before, stood one by one in front of the old principals and bowed before they left the Jiang family’s yard. As they walked back, their head was full of heavy thought as they felt that the scene that happened today was really incredible.

Did Jiang Liu had that much money? How can he have money? 

As for Jiang Linhai and Cai Shufen, as the parents of Jiang Liu, the old principal pulled their hands as he praised them. The old principal thanked them for cultivating such a good boy who never forget of his own root. 

The old couple could only laugh it away while feeling a little bit numb.

This kind of praise is really towards their son who only knows how to brag? 

On this day, except for the old principal and Jiang Liu, everyone felt that they were in a nightmare. Maybe it was because they have been listening to too many nonsense which resulting in this outlandish dream. They decided to wash their faces and go to bed early. Maybe the next day, when they get up in the morning, they will be able to wake up from this nightmare

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