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The Analects of Righteous Father’s Collapse [ Fast Wear] Chapter 28

Chapter 28: The man who loves to boast 8/ blowing the cowhide to the sky 8

Author: 打字机N号

T /N: This is MTL work. I tried to edit as best as I could, any mistake plz do put your comment and I will edit it ASAP. This is my first attempt on Chinese novel so please cheer me up! I hope you will find this novel as interesting as I do.

On the next morning, the first thing that Jiang Chongde and his grandparents did after woke up were to open the curtains. When they saw the open-top Ferrari in the yard, they did not forget to twist their thighs. 

If this was a dream, then their thighs should not hurt. But since it did and the car was still there, then they were already awakened from sleep. So it meant that what happened yesterday was true? 

“Old man, what the old principal said yesterday, is he really telling us the truth? Or did he really praise our son for nothing?” 

Cai Shufen was trembling as she asked the old man beside her. 

“Well, the old principal did praise me for being a good teacher also.” 

Jiang Linhai nodded. He didn’t expect to hear such praise in this lifetime. To think that this praise coming from the mouth of his most respected old principal. 

“Right, the old principal also said that our son donated 800,000 yuan. Where did he get that money from? Do you think that he robbed the bank outside? Or maybe he borrowed it from the loan shark? Or maybe he got it from selling his kidney?” 

Cai Shufen suddenly felt anxious. That 800,000 yuan plus the car underneath which looked to be least four or five million was not something affordable by their family. Was it because her son wanted to brag so much that he decided to spend money like that?

She felt that she had heard similar reports on TV news. For example, in order to pursue luxury consumption, some college students had borrowed money from the loan shark. Some even were trick to sell off their kidney for money. Is the kidney something so simple to sell to others? 

“Let’s stop making any speculation. First of all, if the bank was robbed, it should already be reported on the news, right? Besides that, do you think that according to our son’s IQ, he has the ability to rob the bank without being caught by the police for this long? Of course, it was impossible. As for borrowing money from the loan shark, as long as the borrower was not stupid, they will not allow him to borrow four or five million yen without any collateral. You don’t even have to consider if our son is selling his kidneys or not. His kidneys cannot be worth that much money anyway.” 

Seeing his wife anxious expression, Jiang Linhai could not help but rejected all his wife’s conjecture. 

“But if this is not right, and that is also not right, did our son really made a fortune like what he had been bragging before?”

Cai Shufen’s brain could not help but turn a bit messy from her worries.

“You told me that our son didn’t have the ability to rob the bank, do you think that he has the ability to earn more than a billion yuan from his own hands?”

The old lady thought that the latter was even more difficult to achieve. 

“Maybe he won a lottery?” 

Jiang Linhai thought out loud with some uncertainty. After all, the son is his mind didn’t seem like a person capable of making more than one billion from scratch.

“That is even more impossible. How can a lottery ticket worth more than a billion? That is unless he goes abroad for it.”

The old lady didn’t know that she had guessed the truth. She was still brooding on the matter whether her son was really rich or not. In the end, she got a headache from thinking too much in regard to the source of her son’s money.


“Jiang Liu, you tell your mother honestly. That car in our yard was really something that you bought? You have not done anything illegal, or having a girlfriend over the aged of sixty or seventy years old, right?”

When they were having breakfast, Cai Shufen could not stop from pressing his son for an answer.

“Sixty or seventy-year-old girlfriend? Mom, I don’t even have a girlfriend.”

Jiang Liu was really angry. Did he looked like a boy toy who clinging on others in order to get rich?! Although he knew that his personality and look were enough to attract those rich women, it does not mean that he will do that. 

“That car was bought by myself. I know that you didn’t believe it. Let me get the car insurance certificate and the tax payment certificate. You can see it for yourself.” 

Jiang Liu took out a bag of documents and spread the documents inside. On the table, there were various certificates in regard to the purchase of the car. Although this car was bought for his son Jiang Chongde, due to Jiang Chongde not being old enough and has no driver’s license, the purchaser of the car and the names on the documents was Jiang Liu instead.

The name was right, the ID number and the license plate number were also correct. There really no need to doubt about it.

“You really make a lot of money? How do you earn that money?”

It was not that Jiang Linhai can’t afford to believe his son. But his son had never shown any outstanding abilities from young. He was so common that he could only grow up to be an ordinary man. He was not the kind of person who has the talent or ability to make a huge fortune like this. 

“Probably because I can endure hardships, have a good eye, and invest in a few good projects that could bring some rich in return?” 

Jiang Liu thought for a moment before replying. 

This was not a lie. He did spend a few dollars to invest in the lottery project abroad and brought back a rich return of more than one billion. This answer was not problematic. 

But right now, most of the money was no longer in his hand and instead invested in several projects. 

You must know that the cow that was blown down by the original body was that his son Jiang Chongde will inherit his own business empire in the future. Yet, the current Jiang Liu was an ordinary person with not much but little luck. Where could he get the ability to create a business empire for his son? So he found a few shortcuts. In accordance with the decades of memories from the original, Jiang Liu had invested in some projects worth financing. 

Someone once said that if he can turn back time, he will definitely give five million when Ma Rong [T/N: Founder of AliBaba] was looking for an investment; so that after ten years, he will be able to garner 500 million or more.

But, the time Jiang Liu arrived at this world was a bit late. Now Ma Yun had already become the Holy Father to everyone. Even if he wants to invest in him, those 1 billion will only garner despise in other’s people eyes.

Fortunately, talented people with a potential that need for investment are aplenty. 

This time, the reason why he came back more than a month late after winning the lottery prize was due to his search for these talents worth investing. 

Jiang Liu decided to open an investment company. He then used the original memory to note those people that will shine in the future. In order to invest in these people, he started to scheme an incidental encounter when the target was facing difficulties. Instead of asking those people to pay the moneyback, he told them to convert the money to shares meant for investment.

He didn’t ask for a lot of shares. Every time he invests in a project, he only asked 5 percentage of the non-dilute able shares of those start-up company. Because he only wanted a small number of shares in order to invest, his reputation in this circle was widespread that many companies seeking him out even those not existed in the original memories. All of them seek him for capital injection for their current project. 

Jiang Liu did not understand much about investment, but he knew that one should not avoid doing something they were not familiar at in order to save their face. 

Therefore, every time he invested in two projects that he knew will surely get a good return, he will choose another one project that not existed in the original body memory to invest.

One reason was that he wanted to exercise his own perceptiveness. Second, he wanted to let the accuracy of his judgement in investing project to improve slowly in the future. He did not want to have an accuracy as high as a 100% return in investment lest it will attract others attention.

At the current moment, in addition to some scattered shares, Jiang Liu had more than 70 million worth of fortune. 

Fortunately, those shares will bring him huge wealth in the future. Since the money needed to build Hope Primary School has long been taken care off, the remaining money in his hand will be enough for him to live a “normal” life for a lifetime. 

Jiang Liu felt that as long as he managed the boy at home, his life in this world was no different from a vacation. 

Cai Shufen and Jiang Linhai didn’t know anything about investment. They only saw the luxury car, and they knew that their son had donated 800,000 yuan to the school. They thought that their son was really a clear sighted person and unexpectedly a lucky dog! After all, what kind of investment able to let him make lots of money?

They never thought that their son had been speaking the truth all along. Therefore, the couple had some regrets over their misconception.

It turned out that their son really capable. To think that they have been scolding their son for lying before. They had always blamed and criticized their son on the rare day that he was able to come back home. Now, in retrospect, it really seemed that their son had suffered from being wronged too much. 

In the face of those loving eyes by the two old people, Jiang Liu silently pulled out a bank card. 

“The password for this bank card is the last six digits in mother’s ID card. There are 500,000 yuan in it. Dad, you should take mother out to play around during the summer vacation. As for Chongde, I plan to take him out to experience life.” 

“How come you suddenly wanted to give us money? Your mother and I are not short of money.”

When he heard that there were 500,000 in the card, Jiang Linhai’s hand that was about to grab the card, stopped. He and his wife had worked diligently all this time. Their saving was almost the same amount as the one in the card.

It just that he felt a bit strange. Their son had never given them any financial support before. That was also the reason why they had though that their son only know how to brag previously.

“Dad, you will be sixty years old in August. This year was also the last year of your job. Didn’t I say it before? I did not provide any financial support because you still have the ability to work. But now you are going to retire. As a son, I am naturally responsible for raising you and letting you spend your old age happily.” 

Jiang Liu explained it in a serious way. 

Cai Shufen and Jiang Linhai looked at each other. It seemed that there was nothing wrong with Jiang Liu’s explanation. It was really themselves who had a deep misunderstanding over their own son’s action. 

“Then, your dad and I will take this money first.”

The old lady took the bank card. No matter what, she needs to go to the bank to see if there is really that much money in this card. After that, she should transfer the money from the card to her own account. 

Currently, she still could not stop the feeling of restlessness from the sudden revelation. But with these 500,000, no matter what her son did, at least she still has this money in her hands. If anything happened, they will have a way out in the future. 

“But where do you plan to take Chongde this summer?”

Cai Shufen was quite satisfied that her son finally realized of his dereliction of duty as a father. She thought that her son should make up the time for his grandson, but she also worried that her son and grandson will not be able to get along well and end up fighting each other.

“I plan to take Chongde to the mountainous area where I will volunteer to build the primary school and let him see the lives of the children in the mountains.” 

Jiang Liu looked at his son who was eating breakfast before continued.

“I used to think that Chongde was a well-behaved child. But these days, I felt that this child’s vanity was still substantial. I bought him a sports car and he actually picked on the model of the sports car. So I plan to take him to see those children who had a more difficult life than him. I want to let him recall the sweetness of his own life.” 

“Pftt- cough and cough -” 

Jiang Chongde who was drinking the porridge, nearly chocked to death when he heard his father’s complaint. 

Is his behaviour really portraying someone who chooses to succumb to vanity? Looking at his father usual performance, he simply cannot guess that he was really rich. Therefore, he had thought of this method to test him. 

Now that his dad had proven himself to be a really rich man, the probing idea that he came up due to his temper really ended up as wastage, leaving them with a good-looking, yet having no real use sports car.

When he thought about it this way, Jiang Chongde also had some regrets. 

Although Cai Shufen and Jiang Linhai didn’t feel that the grandson they had taught was like how their son had described, it was still not a bad thing for the two of them to go to the mountains to see the lives of the poorer children. What’s more, travelling can also be used to escalate the feeling between this father and son. In regards to this point, the old couple finally agreed with Jiang Liu’s decision. 


“Dad, I am sorry.”

After dinner, Jiang Liu went to the yard to feed the chickens and ducks. At that time, his son, Jiang Chongde stood on his side and apologized to him. 

That was because Jiang Chongde also realized that buying a multi-million sports car just because he said that he wanted it to be was an extravagant act on his part. 

Jiang Liu looked at the son who had an awkward expression and couldn’t help but wanted to pat his little head. 

“Then, you also did not need that 7,000 yuan back, right?”

Yesterday, because of the shock, Jiang Chongde did not know what he had for dinner nor how he was able to get to his bed. Naturally, he forgot to take back more than 7,000 yuan that he had stuffed into his father’s pocket. 

Now that he knew that the car was not rented by his dad, there is no way he is going to sacrifice his private money.

“Do you still want to grab a child’s money that he had been working hard to save for more than ten years?” 

Jiang Chongde was glaring at his father with vigilance. No matter how much money his father had, he is going to continue watching his father’s performance from now on. Perhaps it precisely included in these representative individual [T/N: A school of thought]


Jiang Liu could not help but laugh out loud. This kid is really not cute. 

T/N: Awww, Jiang Chongde tsundere-ness towards his father is so so cute!!

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