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The Analects of Righteous Father’s Collapse [ Fast Wear] Chapter 30

Chapter 30: The man who loves to boast 10/ blowing the cowhide to the sky 10

Author: 打字机N号

T /N: This is MTL work. I tried to edit as best as I could, any mistake plz do put your comment and I will edit it ASAP. This is my first attempt on Chinese novel so please cheer me up! I hope you will find this novel as interesting as I do.

“Ahem, what dad wanted to tell you is that when you step into society, anyone can lie to you. Therefore you need to have your own judgment.”

Who is Jiang Liu? His face was thick and his skin was slippery. What kind of embarrassing scene he had never encountered? Now he was only facing a fifteen-year-old boy. He had nothing to fear. 


Jiang Chongde sneered. He had grown this big and so far the one who had lied the most to him was the man in front of him. 

Fortunately, the food served afterwards was delicious enough to soothe Jiang Chongde’s heart which was hurt by his own relatives. 

It was obvious that the food was homemade, yet the chef’s craftsmanship had brought the taste of the dishes to the extreme. Jiang Chongde used the remaining braised pork soup and mix it with his bowl of rice. His stomach was so satisfied that he let out a long sigh. 

“It’s good to have money!” 

Whether you used it to help anyone in needs, or when you used it to enjoy this kind of delicious food, the feeling of having money is great.

“It’s good to have money, but you also need to make sure that you get the money from the right source.”

Jiang Liu took a sip of the hawthorn drink meant to aid the digestion. He gave a long sigh as he ready to impart his experience to give meticulous teaching to his son.

“You young people are always paying attention to current affairs news, right? Isn’t there a lot of similar news these days? For example, the wanted criminal who was arrested at Zhang Xiyou’s concert, and then, there was also another criminal being apprehended in the hot pot restaurant, Ma La Tang shop and there were even some got arrested in barbecue hop by the police who went there to eat after getting off from work. This tells us that whatever we do, you must avoid doing anything illegal. Even if you can make more money out of it, you may not be able to enjoy it.” 

Jiang Liu did not forget his mission in this world. Thinking that his son might become a drug lord in the future, he naturally will seize all the educational opportunities to guide his son’s healthy development.

“You think about it. When you make a profit doing things you shouldn’t do, even if you wanted to go to your favourite artist’s concert or meeting your friend, you have to investigate in advance whether there will be a policeman or not. Even when you wanted to eat lamb spine hot pot or even chicken hot pot, you have to be worried whether there will be a policeman who had there dinner break in the same store. If you continued to be chased by them, how could you ever enjoy eating your meal?” 

Jiang Chongde’s face turned black when he heard his father’s words. Based on his father words, it was as if it was already determined that he (Jiang Chongde) will be doing illegal activities in the future. 

That teenager raised his eyebrows and looked at the man in front of him who looked at him with a worried expression. Jiang Chongde decided not to say anything to refute.

People always that, the older the people are, the more they like to preach. His father seemed to already reach such age. It seemed that he also started to love preaching his own son. He felt wrong at this point but he decided to let that person showered his father’s love on him. 

Jiang Chongde did not want to admit it. In fact, unlike others, he still quite fond of his father’s nagging.


#Mysterious rich man assisted in building 100 Hope Primary School # 

#Silent good man — Chongde Primary School Donor 

# Seventy-six Chongde Well, Seventy-six hopes# 

Recently, the news of a mysterious rich man who had donated thousands of Yuans to build Hope Primary Schools and drilled deepwater wells in a place which lacked clean water resources had emerged on the Internet. 

The source of this news originally came from a volunteer who was also a university student. This student, Caiyun Zhi Nan had come down to a mountain school in the Jiangzhou Autonomous Region to teach for a month due to her social project.

In addition to the identity as a student, she was also a well-known vlogger on the Internet. She usually made some video on cosmetics review and tutorial. This had garnered her more than hundreds of thousands of fans on the network. 

This time, she also often photographed some of the mountain village’s children on her site project and used her own appeal to raise some donation for the poor children which was well received by the public. 

The original contradiction started when she had shown the photograph of the newly built school building. Some of the internet troll started to point out the school new building and the new desk and chair. They began to remark that this popular vlogger did not really go to a poor mountain to help those in need. Instead, she went to a develop place to teach. She merely making something quite ordinary seemed special in the name of a program which brought education to underdeveloped areas. 

Some people who did not know the entire process of development started to believe these nasty internet trolls. They also started to mention that the new teaching building that does not seem to be like something that will exist in this kind of poor mountains environment. Soon many started to question this well-known vlogger girl. 

In order to show that the activities organized by the school were not meant for a show, the girls started to upload a set of photos. In this photo, it showed a pair of ordinary fathers and son who were wearing ordinary clothes long being exposed to the sun. The father and son were playing with the mountain’s children who were wearing their new clothes.

That girl stated that the new school that everyone saw was donated by this middle-aged man in the photo. The name of the school was also taken from the name of that man’s son. 

The father and son in the photo looked too ordinary and there was no temperament of being a rich person therefore when the girls upload these photos, the black fan started their attack and blame her for lying once again. Due to the constant barrage from those people, that girl could only delete all her photo related to her teaching activity at the school. Her comment trying to explain the situation was purge out and her intention was deemed to be impure by the netizen.

Perhaps they might think of her being guilty because of her action of deleting those photos. However, at the same time, she felt that those message by those internet trolls were too filthy. Those people simply forwarded this series of content, re-blogged it in order to make themselves red on the net and completely accused that girl of promoting false charity. This completely turned this young girl’s reputation stinky.

In this case, more and more people started to pay attention to this matter, and naturally, it included other volunteers.

You know, during the summer vacation, Jiang Liu basically took his son to run to all schools that he had donated his money to. Due to their approachable manner, many volunteers have photographed this pair father and son with the local children. There were photographs of the children’s stationery distributed by Jiang Liu as well as photographs of Jiang Chongde giving the children a meal. 

These people can’t stand having good people blackened by others. This person had donated so many things to many schools. They absolutely will not let these good people who are charitable to be spurned in the mouth of those internet troll just because that person did not have the temperament like a rich person.

More and more people started to upload photos and the location of the photo. Chongde Primary School, which were spread all over China, finally make its appearance in the public’s field of vision. After deep understanding, the public finally realized that one person had quietly donated to build hundreds of school, as well as dozens of deepwater wells. He simply spent tens of millions, silently doing his good deeds. 

If it was not because of the battle between Xiao Wang Hong and her own black powder, this person good deeds may continue to remain hidden, unknown to the outside world. If this was done by other stars, perhaps they had already announced it on the news and used it as propaganda to secure their hot spots and expanded their influence and appeal. Some entrepreneurs also might use this chance to increase the visibility of their own companies and get a good public review. But Jiang Liu did none of these. 

He did his good deeds silently. If there were no such incident, perhaps he will do this kind of good deeds all his life without anyone knowing it. 

For the first time, everyone was curious about the protagonist in the photo. They wanted to know what kind of person this man was. Even after doing so many good things, that man seemed to never have thought of publicizing himself. 

Since Jiang Liu himself was not a well-known person, the media investigated for a long time only to find some clue that he was the boss of an investment company as well as the place where he was born.

Due to their curiosity over this big boss who was very philanthropic, soon, a group of journalists who wanted to interview Jiang Liu arrived at Xiu Qiu Island. 


Xiu Qiu Island itself was not a big island. Suddenly so many media reporters started to pour in. The local government who got the news quickly arranged these reporters to come to the county government reception room on the island. 

Soon, the news about Jiang Liu who had donated to more than a hundred Hope Primary Schools and helped drill dozens of deepwater wells in some water-scarce areas started to spread on the entire island. As soon as they heard about it, many of the islanders began to gather around. All of them tried to squeeze in as much as the can on the empty space outside the office as they tried to probe more on the shocking news. 

“How much does it cost to build more than one hundred primary schools?” 

“Didn’t Jiang Liu donated 800,000 yuan to renovate the primary school in this island? Some of my alma mater also donated some fund, but not much I think. Therefore, for him to build one hundred many schools plus dozens of deep-water well, I am afraid it will be more than tens of millions. Jiang Liu, this kid was really powerful. He had so much money to do good things yet we had not seen him trying to improve his own standard of living. ” 

Everyone could not even argue with that. Before, when Jiang Liu told them that he had earned enough money to do something good, everyone had laughed at him. But they never thought that he did not only aid the reconstruction of his alma mater, the Qiu Xiu’s Primary School, but he also donated to so many poor mountain areas. He brought the opportunity for those children in the mountains to learn how to read the book. 

Compared to Jiang Liu’s selflessness, their malicious speculations showed how narrow-minded they were. Everyone started to feel that their behaviour was ugly especially those who had once laughed at Jiang Liu. 

“Uncle Jiang and aunt had come over.” 

Jiang Liu was not available on the island. Therefore the subject of the interview was naturally will be his parents. 

The old principal who came along with the Jiang’s old couple after hearing that Jiang Liu had donated to more than hundreds of schools had attracted the reporter’s curiosity. He himself couldn’t wait to tell these reporters how good this student who was nurtured and taught by this island primary school. 

“That child, Jiang Liu was sensible from an early age. I saw it at that time. That this child will have a big break.”

The old principal sat on a chair as he talked to the reporters. 

The Jiang’s old couple, who were still somewhat cautious, listened to the old principal’s words and smiled awkwardly. If they remember correctly, their son was only mischievous when he was young, he was even often called out by their colleagues who were teaching at the school.

They wonder since when did this honest old principal started to spout such lies.

Jiang Linhai who had always regarded this old principal as his idol felt that his outlook on life had been hit. 

This is really unfair to this old principal. He already so old and had taught to so many students. When Jiang Liu attended the school previously, he was not taught by him. This made him remember Jiang Liu different from how he was when he was a child. 

This was just a reversal from constant rationality. When the old principal thought of Jiang Liu who had started from scratch and yet can still give back the society, he quickly assumed that this boy was originally good from small. This was also the truth existed in his heart.

“Fart, that boy Jiang Liu always skipped classes when he was still a child. His father always had to drag him back to school. For him to be a good student with good academic performance, I think that the old principal was confused about it.” 

“That’s right. Jiang Liu always like to tease my wife back then when they were at primary school. That scorpion, he must have secretly in love with my wife for him to act as such.” 

Not only did the Jiang old couple felt that the old principal had overpraised Jiang Liu, even the islanders on the scene also thought the same. 

At this time, the old principal and the Jiang’s old couple were surrounded with the reporter at the centre. As for some reporters who could not occupy a good position, they started to look at the onlookers. 

Those people wish to be interview first so that they can crack a joke on Jiang Liu. The old principal who suddenly got attack by the islanders looked around confusedly before stopping at Lin Zhong.

“You interview me, me, me, me, me, am I going to appear on to the TV?” 

Seeing the reporter’s microphone in front of him, Lin Zhong’s cheeks turned into the colour of pig liver. He can’t get any more excited than this.

“We are from the Islands Evening News. Jiang Liu is a talented person that come from our archipelago. This interview reports will be broadcasted as soon as possible, and we will also publish it on the Evening News at the most conspicuous position.” 

With a clear reply from the reporter, Lin Zhong got even more excited to be interviewed by them. He had not forgotten about his haircut as he asked the camera brother to take the most handsome picture of him

“About Jiang Liu, I am the most familiar with him.”

In everyone mind, Lin Zhong should be able to tell that reporter all the black material related to Jiang Liu.

“In my life, he was the only one who was the most simple, the most kind and the smartest person.” 

Lin Zhong’s eyes started to mist, with a sincere expression he said to the camera.

“Right! Let me tell everyone a little secret. In fact, I am Jiang Liu’s best friend.” 

The person who was listening to him started to lean down to only ended up almost dead from choking on his own saliva. 

That shameless man!

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