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The Analects of Righteous Father’s Collapse [ Fast Wear] Chapter 31

Chapter 31: The man who loves to boast 11/ blowing the cowhide to the sky 11

Author: 打字机N号

T /N: This is MTL work. I tried to edit as best as I could, any mistake plz do put your comment and I will edit it ASAP. This is my first attempt on Chinese novel so please cheer me up! I hope you will find this novel as interesting as I do.

“I am the most closer to him out of all his friend. Since young, he had always likes to help others. For example, when I was young, my mother did not know how to braid my hair properly, so Jiang Liu had always help me to re-do it at school.” Source: A middle-aged woman who always got her braid pulled by Jiang Liu when they were small.

“Jiang Liu is a very intelligent person. When I was a young, I always scored very well. Yet every time I still lost a few points to him.” – Source: a person with bottom-up grade. His average number of score usually around twenty or thirty points. 

“Jiang Liu is a very practical person. Even when he have money, he never show it off. If you didn’t come to interview him, we will never know that he did so many good things in silence.” – Source: All the islanders were lying through their teeth. Did Jiang Liu never brag about it? Of course not! But they had never believe his boast before. 

Anyway, in the past, there were always some small and internal contradictions between Jiang Liu and the islanders. But since these interviews were going to be seen by the national audience, it was necessary for the islanders to create positive role model image out of Jiang Liu and brought the national image of their Xiu Qiu to the outsider. Jiang Liu was considered as their live signboard. 

“Reporter comrades, let us take you to a place to see.”

After finishing all that they wanted to say, the person claiming to be Jiang Liu best-friend decided that it was the time to show the reporters of Jiang Liu’s residence.

“You look at that place and then you will know. No amount of praise and compliment will be enough to describe Jiang Liu’s goodness.”

Lin Zhong took the reporters to see the old house where the Jiang’s family currently living. 

“This house was built by Uncle Jiang. This house also have been repaired by Jiang Liu and his parents more than ten years ago. Even when Jiang Liu is a rich person, he had never thought of renovating or rebuild the house. According to Jiang Liu, the house is still good and people can still living comfortably in it. There is no need for it to be luxurious and gorgeous. Look at this. This is Jiang Liu’s style. The people around him really could not match to his mentality.” 

Lin Zhong pointed the Jiang’s old house and, and then pointed out to several buildings near the Jiang’s family circumference. Although the house did not look different from one to another, either in shaper of form, however when comparing to Jiang’s family house which had not been renovated with the wall started to peeled off, the contradiction was obvious.

The islanders who followed him looked at Lin Zhong tearful performances and couldn’t help but slap their own mouth. But it was also true that what Lin Zhong said was not wrong. 

After all, Jiang Liu had explained those things from the beginning. Yet, at that time, the felt that Jiang Liu actually did not have money therefore, coming up with such excuses to gloss over the fact that he couldn’t afford to repair the house. But now it was proven that Jiang Liu had over than 100 million in assets. Why didn’t he repair it? This state could only be explained due to his diligence and simplicity. 

“Then that sports car is –“

The reporter who took the photo of the house saw an open-top Ferrari sports car left by Jiang Liu at the yard. This sports car was not cheap. The money used to buy this car is enough to build several sets of country houses. It seemed to be inconsistent with the Jiang Liu described by everyone. 

“Oh, let alone us, who doesn’t have a worrying baby staying at home? If you wanted to talk about the origin of this car, then we have to mention Jiang Liu’s son, Chongde. Right, you must be quite familiar with that name right? After all Jiang Liu named all the Hope school and deep well that he had donated with his son’s name.”

Lin Zhong then let out a deep sigh.

“Children, it is inevitable for them to have a little bit of vanity. In fact, this child, Chongde was already sensible enough on the normal days. It is obvious that his father is a billionaire, but he still lives in school like the children from ordinary family. On weekends, he still need to take a boat trip back home. When he was on vacation, he still helped his grandparents working on their own land. He also need to feed the chickens and ducks in the yard. Even though he was still a teenager, he know how to do housework smoothly. He was not a picky person. Basically a sensible child. However, there were also times when he wanted to rebel, hence, he had been asking his father to buy that car for him. Otherwise, with how self-sufficient Jiang Liu is, how could he ever wanted to buy such a sports car? Before this, he didn’t even own a bicycle. He always advocate this low-carbon and healthy way of life by walking.”

The reporters nodded again and again. They also knew that the rich people also faced variety of parenting issues. 

As for the islander who followed from behind, they felt that these words by Lin Zhong was not wrong. However, on other hand, they felt that somehow that kid Jiang Chongde was blackened. Though they were not sure it what way was he blackened. 

“Didn’t you see it on the news? This summer, Jiang Liu brought his son to the mountain to experience life. What does this mean? It showed that Jiang Liu grasped the main focus of education and put the importance of child’s moral cultivation to the highest. He also promptly handle the situation in regard to the child’s vanity. Therefore, to destroy this kind of bad seedling, we as a parent should learn from Jiang Liu’s way of parenting.” 

This was a well-founded hyping. It was so hype that the reporter could not help but nodded again and again as they recorded these important contents in their notebook. 

The reporters stayed on the island for the next two days and finally had a deep understanding in regards to Jiang Liu’s life experience. After waiting for so long yet unable to meet Jiang Liu, those reporter had no choice but to return and prepared for the news articles to be publish in couple of days.

Soon, the simple life style of Jiang Liu and his philanthropy contribution were spread to more and more people due to the media reports. 

People began to know about Jiang Liu who was a rich man with nett worth of 100 million yuan yet still lives in his self-built house from ten years ago. His usual dressing was no different from ordinary people. He also did not pursue high-end luxury, but he can spend tens of millions helping those people in need. What a noble sentiment. 

Of course, that is not to say that if you have money, you must help the poor. Charity was by no meant a moral abduction. It was precisely because this was an act of spontaneous self-development that Jiang Liu was seen even more admirable.

It was not like that no one thought that this whole things was a hype, but they had launched many investigations in regards to Jiang Liu. At the end, they could not even found any real estate under his name. The most valuable thing Jiang Liu had already been reported in the news. Because of his son’s big-headedness, he had purchased a Ferrari sports car. This sport car also the one that he used to take his son to experience the mountain life during that summer vacation. 

For him not to enjoy his wealth but instead continuing doing charity, it was enough to place him in the top 10 people in China. 

For some time, the media network had extremely heaped their praise over Jiang Liu’s action. At the same time, the Jiang Liu in the islanders’ mind who loved to brag finally transformed into a poor child who was misunderstood by them. 


“Dad, Jiang Chongde’s father is really so rich, then how come you always said that his father knew nothing but to boast around?” 

That evening, Lin Zhong’s son, Lin Zheqi asked his father such question when they were having dinner. 

“We also didn’t know that Jiang Liu is really rich.”

Lin Zhong sighed. Jiang Liu even able to donate almost tens of millions. This prove that Jiang Liu really have more money than they could imagined. 

After all, despite him saying that he had a lots of money, his action did not mirrored his word. He also never used his money to attack them. He still live in their small house as usual, and drink a little wine at Mao’s family Pub. He was so approachable and did not appear to be domineering. Before this, they had never known about Jiang Liu good quality. It was really a waste.

“I blame you for this. I already spread to my classmates that Jiang Chongde’s father is a poor man who only know how to brag. Now the news got so big, and the students will surely laugh at us when we return to school.” 

Lin Zheqi was sullen. He used the chopsticks to poke the rice in front of him, as he muttered unwillingly. 

He could only blame his parents for being unreliable. He sure that once the semester start, he is going to become a joke among his classmates. 

“Wait, what did you do at school?”

When he heard his son’s mutter, Lin Zhong’s face become serious as he looked at his son, demanding him to explain. He could not believe that his own son spread Jiang Liu’s bad reputation at school.

Whatever discord between adult, should be confined to themselves. Take Lin Zhong for example, even though he looked down at Jiang Liu previously, but he admired the Jiang family and the old couple. He also thought that Jiang Chongde was a good boy. It was just a pity that he had such a father. 

At that time he hated Jiang Liu, he had never speak of his bad behaviour to other people in the Jiang family. That because he understood that Jiang Liu’s words and deeds did not represent the words and deeds of other Jiang family members. 

Now it seemed that his son had passed such things to the school. Lin Zhong could only imagine the grievance that Jiang Chongde had to suffer in school. After all, in the first place, no one really know that Jiang Liu was actually a rich person and his talk was not an empty bragging. 

They all had experienced the student era. When he was young, the one whom most people looked down upon was those who liked to lie. He could just imagine how aggrieved Chongde had been over these gossips. 

“I am not the only one who said it. Everyone from the island also did the same.” 

When Lin Zheqi saw his father’s face, he quickly added while feeling a little bit wronged. 

“Moreover, aren’t those words were the one that you used while talking to mom? I am only a messenger. I am the one who really want to blame others. I only said it according to what I had heard from your conversation with mom after all.” 

“You stinky boy, I really owe you. Hurry up and go to Jiang’s house with me and apologize to Chongde. When the school’s start, I want you to take the responsibility in clarifying the words that passed through your mouth. You must let your classmates know that the one who are in wrong is you, me, your father and your mom.”

Lin Zhong suddenly loss his appetite. He was really a hateful man. Otherwise, he wouldn’t have been aiming at Jiang Liu before. Now that he knows that his original thought was wrong, and because he had been prejudice over Jiang Liu, his son also inherited his preconceived notion. This end up implicating the innocent Jiang Chongde. This had made his heart full of self-blame and regret. 

But today, this incident also made him realize that parents are the role models for children. In the future, they should pay more attention to their words and deeds in front of their children. Besides, he also understood that one should not judge another according to their own set of likes and dislikes.

On the same night, Lin Zhong brought his son to Jiang’s house to apologize to Jiang Chongde. It was also because of their arrival that Jiang Linhai and Cai Shufen finally knew that their grandson had suffered so much grievances in school because of their son’s bad reputation. They could not imagine that their grandson was actually being isolated.

The old couple felt bad, but they couldn’t really blame their son.

That because their son had been telling the truth from beginning to end, but they choose not to believe it. 

But they could not also blame the children for passing such things. After all, they were still children. Now that they had come to the house to apologize sincerely as an old teacher, they could only keep it in their heart.

Fortunately, Jiang Chongde’s was very open-minded, and he forgave Lin Zheqi after her sincerely apologized. 

This made Jiang Liu extremely baffled. But his son was not actually a good talker, so after dinner, he couldn’t help but sneaked inside his son’s room to ask his reason behind his action.

“Dad, you have suffered so many criticisms over the years, and yet you are still persist with whatever that you do. You have also created such a big business.” 

Jiang Chongde replied casually as he pretended working on his homework.

Although he didn’t want to admit it, but now his dad has become his idol. Even under such ridicule, his dad can still live optimistically. In retrospect, his (Jiang Chongde) ability to bear was still too weak. 

Jiang Chongde wanted to be better than his dad. First, he should learn to put these insignificant attacks and childish isolation behaviour behind him.

“Very good, this is really my son.” 

Jiang Liu patted his son’s shoulder and felt that this world’s task was far less difficult than he had imagined before. 


Back to his room, Jiang Liu opened the computer and browsed the news report about himself. 

The report had included many interviews with the children who were helped by him. They called him the best and most handsome Uncle Jiang. The photos were full of hopeful smiles for the future. People couldn’t help but feel the warmth. 

Helping others, really make one happier!

001 appeared in mid-air, watching the smile on Jiang Liu’s face. It didn’t know when those sentence appeared inside its consciousness. 001 felt that he seemed to witness the change in its host bit by bit. Just when it wanted to communicate with the host about its’ thought, 001 was interrupted by a strange laugh. 

“Look at these children, they really love to tell the truth. They said that I am really handsome. In fact, I also think it was the truth, hahahahahaha.” 

001 did not know from where did Jiang Liu took the mirror from. Jiang Liu looked at himself in the mirror and from time to time, he began to fiddle with his hair style. 

So you meant to say that your feeling of happiness was not because you help others? 

001: … 

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