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The Analects of Righteous Father’s Collapse [ Fast Wear] Chapter 32

Chapter 32: The man who loves to boast 12 [END]/ blowing the cowhide to the sky 12 [END]

Author: 打字机N号

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At the start of his new semester as a high schooler, Jiang Chongde went to school as usual but he found that his classmates looked at him with strange eyes. 

Daishan Island was not that big. There were only two junior high schools on the island. In addition to the students on the island, there were also students that came from the small islands like Xiuqiu Island. Except for some students who recently transferred or from different junior high school, most of the students in the campus came from the same junior high school. Jiang Chongde also saw people from his previous junior high school in the same classroom as his. So after thinking about it, Jiang Chongde guessed that the students had seen the news. Since they had been mocking at him before, therefore, today, the ended up peeking at him with strange eyes today. 

Even though Jiang Chongde will not flaunt the fact that his father is actually a rich man, but he also felt better from having the opportunity to wash over his previous grievances. 

Therefore, he neglected those strange eyes and concentrate on the preparation for the 2nd year curriculum. Yes, Jiang Chongde skipped grade befitting his identity as the schoolmaster.

“Jiang Chongde, I am sorry that I have been mocking you before. It turns out that your father is really so rich.” 

“Yeah, I didn’t expect your father to be so kind. He donated so many Hope primary schools. It is really amazing.”

After that, few of the classmates couldn’t help but come to Jiang Chongde’s seat and apologized to him.

Jiang Chongde was not someone who was born as an unsociable person. At this time, so many students expressing their goodwill, of course, it made him felt happy. Yet at the same time, he also felt a little bit wary as he did not know how to react to their action. 

Because of this, his expression become tenser, as if he was unwilling to communicate with other people. 

Previously, Jiang Chongde action might have spurred bad rumour, blaming him from being arrogant, but because of those summer vacation, many people had seen more news about this pair Jiang father and son. They had seen that in the news photos even with those lively and relaxed people in the mountainous areas, Jiang Chongde still maintained that cold face of his. Therefore, the students around him were not scared off looking at his expression for the first time. 

“But was that Ferrari really bought by Jiang’s Dad because you asked for it? Jiang Chongde, as a student, we should focus on learning. It is not necessary to act so vainly.” 

“Yes, you let your dad buy such a valuable gift at this age. This is actually not very good. If you really like it, you should wait until you grow up and buy it yourself.”

They didn’t wait for Jiang Chongde to think about how to face these classmates. Everyone turned around and talked about the Ferrari which had become the source of his humiliation.

In the beginning, he had originally meant to use this trick to uncover his dad’s vanity. Yet, after his dad really proved that he was rich, this trick actually becomes his criminal evidence. Thinking of the words that were used to describe himself in the newspapers, Jiang Chongde could not help but sulk. His complexion becomes a bit terrible.

“My grade had always been first -“Jiang Chongde turned towards a female classmate who just repetitive remind him that learning was, more importantly, Jiang Chongde looked at her indifferently. 

“What, what?”

That female classmate was stunned.

“I am always ranked first in my grade, and I have been like that since the first grade of primary school.” 

The achievement of this top student could be considered brilliant. Jiang Chongde wanted to tell everyone that even if he was really a vain person, his performance was still not catchable by others. 

The female classmates did not know the meaning of Jiang Chongde’s word. They just had a faint goodwill over this boy and decided to focus on him. But seeing his action, they finally understood his temperament and could only frowned, and left that place sadly. After she left, the girls who had surrounded Jiang Chongde previously also left.

“Little Brother, if you don’t pay attention, you will grow lonely ah!”

Because Jiang Chongde’s Ferrari, Liu Zhou unilaterally decided to become a good friend of Jiang Chongde. He walked over to him and patted him on the shoulder, and then looked at the beautiful female student who was comforted by the girl in the middle of the class before he sighed. 

Jiang Chongde:?

Is there really a necessary connection between being a top student and being lonely for life? 

And since when did he have a brother? 

Looking at the bright smile on Liu Zhou’s face, Jiang Chongde silently opened the book of the second year of high school. Only the knowledge in this world will not disappoint him. 


According to the original development, Jiang old man will find out about the cancer when Jiang Chongde was on his second year of high school. Therefore, after having money in hand, Jiang Liu has set up the medical examination plan for the whole family which will be conducted twice a year.

It was also a coincidence that the examiner indicated that there was nothing wrong with Jiang Linhai, but after two months, Jiang Liu took the family to go to the city to do a more detailed inspection. During the examination, they found out that they were a tumour in one of the lungs. Since it was detected early, the lesion was relatively small and was confined to one lobe. 

Since it was detected early, the possibility of recurrence was considerably small. If the cancer cells were found out in the middle and late stages, the problem will be much greater. 

Jiang Liu immediately arranged the best hospital for his father and asked for the best doctor regardless of the money he required to spend. He asked his father to perform a tumour resection and remove the cancerous lesion as soon as possible. The operation was very successful. 

Because of this operation, the old man did not bother to go back to school and decided to retire. He followed the old lady, leisurely working on the family’s flowers and plants while planting some fruits and vegetables that the family loved, and raised a few chickens and ducks in their yard. Occasionally when their grandson was on holiday, the whole family will go travelling. The old couple finally lived a leisurely life in their later years. 

Since the health of the old man was good, and the old lady naturally will not fall down the stairs due to her anxiety and excessive fatigue. 

However, in order to avoid this possibility, Jiang Liu had specially renovated the inner room of the old house and moved the old couple bedroom to the first floor. The old lady will not have much chance to go upstairs on the normal days and decrease the possibility for her to fall to death.

With a good living environment, coupled with the health and well-being of grandparents, this had spurred changes in Chongde’s temperament. That child also had a healthy growth of mind due to his wish to catch up to his father. 


Thirty years later.

Medical researcher Jiang Chongde had extracted a magical substance from a plant toxin that can be used to stimulate the brain cells. This will not only fix but also improve the functionality of the brain cells. After thorough clinical trials, this substance can increase the possibility of vegetative waking, and at the same time make a breakthrough in regards to the treatment of Alzheimer’s disease and other multiple cerebral infarction.

His discovery was a major advancement in the history of medicine. For the time being, the families of patients suffering from these kinds of diseases, medical personnel, medical researcher as well as development institutions all over the world have been betting on this young man.

It was also at this time that some of the past news was re-emerged. Everyone finally discovered that the medical genius that China proud off was, in fact, had asked a Ferrari from his father and ended up being brought to the mountain to experience the bittersweet life.

At the same time that Jiang Chongde become famous, Jiang Liu was brought under the spotlight. 

However, it was not right to say that Jiang Liu only recently became popular. Jiang Dad has never left the public eye from beginning to end. Whenever he wanted to make into the front page, he can always take over the hot search due to his amazing interview. 

It was important to know that all these years of investment made by Jiang Liu had an incredible return. So much that most of those investments had almost occupied the most profitable business such as social media and electronic information. One of the game companies that he invested into had developed holographic online games, and its share price has soared tens of thousands of times. It had become the benchmark for the game industry. 

Everyone estimated that the assets that he had now was far more than 10 billion. This was not a fortune that everyone capable of holding. 

However, this rich man has no other hobbies. He only likes doing charity that they can always see him in some charity dinners. 

When they thought of the overbearing remarks of Jiang Dad all these years: 

“I don’t like money. Having too much money is sometimes also a kind of trouble. I used to be the happiest when I had hundreds of millions.”

Dad, not everyone had hundreds of millions of net worth! 

“I am not a good person. I am very selfish and self-conscious.” 

Dad, if selfish people can donate more than one billion yuan and then wear dozens of discount t-shirts and ten yuan Flip-flops to go to the market, then all the people in the world is selfish. 

This time, Jiang Chongde had such a breakthrough in the professional field. Since the reporters can’t find Jiang Chongde who was still stuck inside the research room, naturally, they were eyeing Jiang Liu who occasionally appeared in the public’s eyes. Of course, this time, the other party also did not let them down. 

Although Jiang Liu was already in his 70s and a famous rich man on the Forbes list, he was still very much grounded. Every morning, he went to the food market with the housekeeper to buy some ingredients and then went back home to cook.

Today he was surrounded by journalists in the vegetable market. 

“My son is only an ordinary researcher.” 

Jiang Liu was not surprised that the other side can make a major breakthrough in the field of brain nerves. When he thought of the drug that Jiang Chongde had developed after he walked the evil road in the original timeline, which one of those drugs did not end up making the victim addicted and wishing to be in seventh heaven. But since Jiang Liu managed to guide him to the right path, such an achievement was not an accident. 

Ordinary. The reporter felt that only Jiang Dad could use such words to describe his son’s achievements. 

However, although not unexpected, Jiang Liu inwardly felt very happy. This was because his son’s success meant that his efforts all these years had not been in vain. He did not only saved Jiang Chongde but also saved many families. 

After receiving the interview that day, Jiang Liu went home and called his son. He called his son to come over and have a hearty dinner. Then, later that night, he lied on the bed, falling asleep as usual, but this time he never woke up again.

Unpredictably, yet also within everyone expectation, Jiang Liu did not leave too much legacy to his son. All his accumulated wealth was donated by him to a trusted charity.

Before Jiang Chongde had the time to enjoy the fame, he ushered in the sorrow of his father’s death. As for the way the inheritance was distributed, it was completely out of his scope of thinking. 

On the night of Jiang Liu’s cremation, Jiang Chongde sat alone at the cemetery. He said a lot of words that he had buried inside his heart for a long time. He waited until dawn before he left the cemetery. 

He will never forget, the man who drove the Ferrari to school when he was fifteen years old, the day when that man had changed his life

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