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The Analects of Righteous Father’s Collapse [ Fast Wear] Chapter 33 [Sponsored]

Chapter 33: The search for one’s mom second spring 1/For the sake of my mother’s remarriage 1

Author: 打字机N号

T /N: This is MTL work. I tried to edit as best as I could, any mistake plz do put your comment and I will edit it ASAP. This is my first attempt on Chinese novel so please cheer me up! I hope you will find this novel as interesting as I do.

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T/N : The prefix in this chapter and the meaning.

Da-lang [Da means eldest, Lang is a prefix for youth. This is Jiang Liu title]

Meng Yun-niang [Meng-surname; Yun – Name; Niang – mrs/madam/mother]

Yun niang-zi [Yun – Name; Niangzi – polite form to address another’s wife]

Liu-shen [Liu – Surname; Shen- Wife of somebody; in this case Wife of Liu]

Wang da-meizi [Wang – Surname; Da – Old; Meizi – girl; in this case Wang’s Oldest girl]

“Today’s tofu is exceptionally supple. Liu-shen if you pick a piece, you can cook your man a dish of tender tofu. Just add some shallots and salt, that’s all it takes.” 

“Wang da-meizi, you come a little late today. But I have saved these two blocks of old tofu for you. You can’t go wrong with these. There are only three pennies in total.” 

When Jiang Liu arrived at the new world he was suddenly greeted with the noisy surrounding. 

He looked around and found that the person next to him was a big as a giant. This had made him subconsciously raise his hand only to be greeted with a small and tiny hand. Even when he made a fist, it only came to the size of an egg. This is indeed a hand of a child no more than six or seven years old. 

Jiang Liu couldn’t help but frown. Did he have to start from a child this time? 

But now was not the right time for this. The current noisy environment was obviously not a suitable time for him to absorb the original memory and the current world mission. Therefore Jiang Liu decided to simply observe the things around him so that he could garner a general understanding of this mission world. 

Currently, he was laid inside a big bamboo basket. There was soft dried persimmon in his hand. Jiang Liu licked his mouth a bit. There was a sweet taste in his mouth. It seemed that the original body was eating dried persimmons when he passed over.

As for the bamboo basket, it was laid behind a tofu stall. He could see the back of a woman who was busy cutting the tofu was wearing a Chai Jing skirt [T/N: Long Skirt]. Obviously from the look, it seemed that his family was a commoner. 

Wait a minute!

Jiang Liu’s eyes widened as he watched the attire of the people around him as well the copper money that the customers handed over when they bought the tofu. 

He had come to ancient times! 

He did not know which emperor was currently on the throne. Even when he heard the name of the dynasty from the passing conversation, none of it registered with his memories. 

“Yun niang-zi, I would like to buy the rest of your tofu for my family.” 

A middle-aged man dressed like a steward appeared with two old women in front of the booth. His hand pointed out to the remaining tofu on the stall. 

Because Jiang Liu sat behind the woman who was called Yun Niang, he naturally did not see the disgust and vigilance that the woman had before she quickly hid it as she continued to cut the tofu.

“A total of twenty-seven wen. This is the blessing of steward Liu that I can close up the store early today.”

That woman put the tofu into the wooden box handed it over to the old woman who accompanied the steward. When the manager handed the money over, he slyly touched the palm of the woman in front of him in a perverted manner. 

That woman quickly took the money as she resisted the disgust in her heart. She then picks up the empty wooded box before putting it into another empty basket. Without waiting for the other party to say something, she quickly picked up a pole and put one basket on one end and her son’s bamboo basket in another. She then quickly walked and made turn into another alley not far away. 

“He was really like a plague. I have already changed to many places. How did I still encounter that disgusting thing?”

Meng Yuniang snorted. She then saw that her son in the basket was wide awake and looked at her ignorantly. Meng Yuniang quickly recovered her expression and put a smile on her face as she whispers to his son.

“Da-lang, the persimmons that I gave you this morning is not that good. You wait until the mother has enough money. Then mother will send you to school. In the future, you will be able to have a big meal. Not to mention the dried persimmons, you can eat anything that you want.”

This woman is very pretty and beautiful. But because she is a widow, she is wearing a dress in a dull colour. Her black hair was wrapped in blue cloth, fixed in place with a hair pin. Yet, although she had been suppressing her own beauty, he long and narrow phoenix eyes as well as the red lips and fair white skin not to mention the ample bump in the right place, made her without a doubt, an enchanting woman.

As a widow, Meng Yun-niang had face many grievances. However, as soon as she saw her son’s face which was like her own, the grievances that burdening her mind disappear. Her son was her life. This was her hope and courage that help her to persist in living. As long as her son was good, no matter how aggrieved, she will be able to bear it. 

Because he had yet to absorbed the memory of the original body, Jiang Liu didn’t dare to talk indiscriminately. He just smiled sweetly at the woman, and then ate the remaining half of the dried persimmon in his hand. 

He didn’t know if it was too comfortable lying inside the bamboo basket. But Jiang Liu soon falls asleep, the half dried persimmon laid inside the basket uneaten. When he woke up again, he was already lying on the bed. His ears soon greeted a loud and arguing noise coming from the outside the house. 

Jiang Liu felt a little bit embarrassed. After all, he already grew up to become a mature adult. He could not arbitrarily damaged the original character’s setting. But he felt that he had been behaving shamelessly for having a woman who looked like she was in her early twenties had to carry him back. Therefore, he somewhat felt remorseful

He pushed the door open and the outside dispute was getting louder and louder. 

“Meng Yun-niang, you are really a shameless bitch. Not only that I heard that you have been entangling yourself with that Hu Guirong. It was actually in bright daylight and you still dare to flirt with that steward from Wan Jue’s family in public places just to make a sale. You still dare to touch his hand while picking the money. You are really a **. Will you die of thirst for not having a man in your life?”

This word by this sharp tongue’s woman was really hard to swallow and Jiang Liu could not help but frown. 

He didn’t know what happened this morning, but he knows that the original mother had tried her best to avoid it. She was not the kind of restless woman as described by that woman. She absolutely did not have any affair with that steward. 

“Yes, I don’t know why my late brother will insist on marrying you from the beginning.” 

The moment that man chimed in, although Jiang Liu didn’t know who it was, he can’t help but hate the other side.

Because the house was not big, Jiang Liu quickly followed the sound of argument and reached the yard. There, he saw the body of his mother and a pair of ugly couple having intense confrontation. 

When that man saw Jiang Liu came out, his eyes lit up as he quickly pointed at him and said.

“Da-lang is the son and grandson of our Jiang family. Now that my big brother already dead, Da-lang should be taken care off by his little uncle. As for you, Meng Yun Niang, this kind of restless woman. You should get the hell out of Jiang’s family. I don’t want you to dirty our Jiang family’s name with your behaviour.” 

“Exactly, why do we need to have an outsider messing up with the Jiang’s family ancestral business? How eldest brother could act so muddle-headed? To think that he actually gives you the tofu’s recipe before dying.”

That woman went on and on as she greedily looked at this fairly large yard. This yard should belong to their second family instead. 

Jiang Liu finally figured out that their argument was solely for the sake of obtaining the secret method of ancestral production. 

The original father seemed to have passed away and before that, he had handed over the craftsmanship of his ancestral to his wife. Seeing the couple’s anxious appearance, the craft should be inherited by the eldest son and then passed down to their lineage. Therefore it didn’t make sense for the second child to use coercion to force his brother’s widow to surrender the secret recipe after his death. 

Furthermore, it seemed that they were not only eyeing the ancestral recipe but also the house they lived in. 

Looking at the woman who should be his little aunt, her eyes we unblinking as she stared dead on the house. She acted as if she can hardly wait to move in immediately. 

“Da-lang, you come to uncle, don’t follow your mother’s arrogance.” 

Su Panyun waved at Jiang Liu to come to her, her face looked pleased as she started to count the desired outcome.

At this time, Jiang Liu’s heart was full of disgust and disdain towards her. How dare she tried to coerce him in order to occupy the Jiang’s house? It seemed she was selfish enough not to care about the life and death of her big sister-in-law

“Su Panyun, you think this old lady is scared of cutting off your paw?” 

Meng Yu-niang is willing to endure the untimely death of her husband, willing to endure the petty trick done by this couple from the second household, but she could not allow this couple to brainwash and destroy her reputation in front of her own son.

As a widow, having a son means that her identity was still confined within the hand of her husband’s clan but that doesn’t means that she will tolerate being bullied because of her status. She took a machete directly from the basket and rushed to the couple, Jiang Erchun and Su Panyun. 

“You really dare to ruin my reputation and wanted to force me to die. Since I’m already at the bottom like you said, I’m having no fear against people like you. Before this old lady dies, I will first skin your whole family.” 

“Ei Ei Ei, Meng Yun-niang, what are you doing? You think you can run away after killing people?” 

Jiang Erchun who saw the sharp machete immediately felt his leg softened. He quickly scrambled toward the door to escape. Su Panyun was better than him, though it was not by much. 

“You first listened to who know which idiots. Since you wanted to kill me. Then I will just drag all of you to die with me.” 

Meng Yun-niang walked over with the machete in her hand as she slammed it on the door panel, almost hitting Su Panyun’s face. Su Panyun was so scared that she immediately fell to the ground.

“I already acknowledged the fact that since I was married and entered the Jiang’s family I have to play my duty and behave with integrity. You, Su Panyun had always done some small trick to stumble me down. OK, didn’t you always gossiping calling me a fox, saying that I dirtied the name of Jiang family? Then, let me also rip off your clothes. I want to let all the men around here looked at your shining white body. Let see if you can continue to act innocent after this.” 

Meng Yu Niang was holding a machete with an iron face. When Su Panyun saw that Meng Yu Niang was not playing with her words, she immediately got scared as she crawled away from the door. She did not dare to continue with her provocation fearing that Meng Yu Niang will really tear off her clothes. If that happened and she was seen by another man, she will not have any choice but to directly hang herself. 

“You, you just wait!” 

Until she was far away that Su Panyun finally had the courage to left her final words. 

Meng Yu Niang snorted as looked at her neighbours who were looking at her probingly before she closed the heavy door. 

When she turned her head, she quickly patted her messy hair and restored her gentle and graceful look. She bent down and touched her son’s small head. 

“Da-lang, mother hope that I did not scare you just now. Mother was anxious at that time. Therefore I used some bad word. However, you cannot learn this, or else mother will get really angry.”

Looking at the machete in her hand, Jiang Liu remembered that woman action just now. He could not help but nodded his head quickly. 

Oh my god, my mother in this world is too fierce, ba.

When Jiang Liu looked at his current small arm and leg, he decided to back down and conduct himself with integrity.

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