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The Analects of Righteous Father’s Collapse [ Fast Wear] Chapter 39

Author: 打字机N号

Chapter 39: The search for one’s mom second spring 7/For the sake of my mother’s remarriage 7

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On another side, Jiang Liu felt that instead of unable to pick up his hint, it was more like that the other party perhaps was not willing to talk about this sensitive topic with her own son. 

If he wanted to talk about Hu Guirong with her, he needs to choose a good time. 

“Mother already prepared the hot water for you. You go and soak your body immediately. Wait for mom to come and help you take a bath.” 

Upon returning home, Meng Yun-niang quickly moved around busying herself. Perhaps because of the probing stare from his son was like an annoying fly, she wanted to quickly send her son for a bath. 

“Mother, I am already going to school soon, so I should take my bath on my own.”

After coming to this body, for a while, Jiang Liu had always washed his own feet by himself. He almost forgot that whenever he took a bath, it was his beautiful mother who always carry him around to complete the ritual. 

If you change it to the original, that person might not feel that there is any problem with that situation. But for the mature Jiang Liu, he could not help but feel awkward. He could not really let this beautiful girl help him take the bath while baring his naked body to her!

“You are not that tall and still dare to say that you are an adult? Stop delaying my time, hurry up and let this old lady give you a bath quickly.” 

Meng Yun-niang seemed to have a short temper today. With her hands on her hips, she looked at her son with a pair of sharp eyes.

“I tell you, even if you go to school to learn, even if you become a champion in the future, you are still my son. Don’t act like those prissy scholars. Even at home, they kept spouting hard to comprehend words.”

Meng Yu Niang did not see those who read the names of the students who cannot afford to see the relatives of the mud legs. As for those white-eyed wolves who already forget the people who had feed and sacrifice themselves to cultivate them into a scholar, she had always disdained them. So she did not want her own son to become that kind of person. 

“Mother, I know.”

The savageness that this beauty had displayed previously was still embedded deeply in Jiang Liu’s heart. Therefore, he did not dare to provoke the authority of his mother. He took the water scoop and his clean clothes before he honestly walked to the bathroom.

Although it was called a bathroom it was actually just a spacious empty room. There is a bucket of water and a low stool inside. On usual days, the two of them used this room to take their bath. At this time, the hot water was already been filled on the tub, so Jiang Liu just stood on the low stool as he lowered himself inside the tub.

After he entered the warm water, he could not help but let out a refreshing sigh. Jiang Liu then used the water scoop to scoop the water before pouring it from the top of his head. Because of the condition of their house, there is no available soap around, so he could only use the clean water to wash his body. He soaked himself as he washed his hair with the water and soon he was done with his bath.

In the middle of his bath, Meng Yun-niang had come in to add two more barrels of hot water for her son. After seeing his skin started to wrinkle then did she scooped her son out from the tub.

In Meng Yun-niang’s hand, there was a loofah made from the pulp of a fruit. The pulp was left to dry at the yard and after the outer skin was stripped off, it can be used to remove the dead skin on the body. In the country, they did not only used this stuff to clean the dishes but also used it to remove the sludge from the body. 

After grinding the tofu for so many years, Meng Yun-niang’s strength was not small. After being scrubbed a few times Jiang Liu already started to scream in pain. 

“Stop shouting! I was only bathing you, why are you acting like you are being drowned ah?!” 

Meng Yun-niang patted her son’s head. She quickly grabbed his little hand as she stopped his attempt to escape. Then she quickly helped him to clean up inside out. 

“Look at the mud on your body. You still dare not wanting me to help you clean it. Do you want other people to laugh at you and calling you dirty children when you go to school?”

Meng Yu Niang picked up her son’s hair and helped him clean the place where is vulnerable to dirt such as at the back of his ear. Jiang Liu gritted his teeth, as his neck shrunk from the pain. Even though he tried to make an escape, he seemed to be unable to break free from this beautiful girl’s iron grip. 

In the end, Jiang Liu could only give up on himself. He comforted himself that he was still a boy who is yet to have any hair down there. He looked at a distance with a lost expression. Anyway, there is no part in this body that the beautiful girl had yet not seen.

Nevertheless, even though the process was painful, but, by the end of the bath, Jiang Liu started to feel wonderful. He felt that he had lost more than three pounds of mud, and the whole body feel so light.

A mud monkey. Mother only wanted to let you feel comfortable by helping you take your bath. Even then you are still unwilling to let me. Just wait, another year or two, even if you wanted mother you help you scrub your back, it was still unknown whether I will be willing or not.” 

Meng Yun-niang laughed as she finished bathing her son. She then took a clean parch of clothes and let him used it to dry his body as she prepared to left him to do her other chores.

“Mother, that man who took the hare to exchange the tofu today is Hu Guirong mentioned by the second uncle, right? It seemed that he still likes mother.” 

When Meng Yun-niang was about to throw away the dirty water, Jiang Liu suddenly spoke of such a sentence. 

“What are you saying? Don’t listen to your second uncle’s nonsense.”

Meng Yun-niang did not expect her son to suddenly mention this matter. Her steps immediately halted but she dare not turn to face her son.

To talk to her own son about feeling, Meng Yun-niang did not know that her son knew about her past relationship that she could not help but replied to him awkwardly.

“What Hu Guirong? You must not mention that name outside.”

Meng Yun-niang said as she tried to find a way to escape. 

“Mother, in fact, if you like that man, I am okay if you want to remarry.” 

Jiang Liu really sincerely wanted Meng Yun-niang to remarry. He knew that one of his tasks was to let Meng Yun-niang be able to live happily for a lifetime. If he continued down the road like how his original son did, sooner or later Meng Yun-niang bound to have some conflict with her future daughter-in-law.

Her life was too focused on her only son. In the future, once another woman started to enter her son’s life, Meng Yun-niang’s mentality might become unbalanced. Even if that woman was outstanding and perfect, Meng Yun-niang might still be able to pick a bone with her.

But if Meng Yun-niang remarries, it will be a different story. She is still young and she might be able to give birth to another child in the future. Even if Jiang Liu was the one that she valued the ​​most, her attention will definitely be divided with her others’ child. Her husband also needs her attention. Her new child also needed her care. She will no longer a widow whose life revolved around Jiang Liu. All her joy and anger will no longer tied solely on Jiang Liu’s. 

Of course, the reason why Jiang Liu wanted Meng Yun-niang to marry was not solely due to his task.

A woman can only guard her son for so long. As for the bitterness in her heart, only she alone knows it. That’s why Jiang Liu wishes to give a chance for Meng Yun-niang to choose. If she wants and willing to remarry, no matter what method, Jiang Liu will do his best to help her fulfilled her wish.

“Shut up!” 

This was the first time Meng Yun-niang had ever become furious at her son

“Although mother might feel that this son is not filial to his own father, this son still has this idea. The winter night is too cold. Son still remembers that when he was sleeping alone for the first time, it difficult to do it. I miss the past where mother and father accompanied me to sleep. It was so warm. But now is not the same. Father is no longer here. Son always wonders how mother is sleeping at night. Is there someone who will hold my mother to keep her warm?” 

Because this body was still a child, Jiang Liu could only say something that was easy to understand, like how a child will say it. 

“Hey, that kind of thing can easily be solved by using more quilt. You don’t have to worry, you will not be sleeping alone this year.” 

Hearing his son’s concern, Meng Yun-niang looked a little bit stunned. 

“But I will have my own wife in the future, my wife will help me to warm the bed for me.” 

Jiang Liu continued to act like a child as he spouted words those insane words.

“When I got married, my mother will still be sleeping alone. Ten years, twenty years, or even fifty or sixty years, this son will also feel distress for you.”

Yes, her son will marry in the future, and in the end, she is still going to be alone. 

Meng Yun-niang couldn’t help but think about it. In the big winter, the scene of her trembled under the quilt, her heart couldn’t help but felt sour and pained. 

Hold on, how did she end up being confused by this naughty boy! 

Feel full of zeal and acrid feeling, Meng Yu Niang gently knocked her son’s head with the water scoop. 

She finally realized that her son no longer imitating the sounds of bird, animal and insect instead he seemed to change entirely in a matter of overnight. Perhaps it was really like what the patriarch had said. Her son had great wisdom. If this were the case, she did not need to treat him like a child all the time. Some things need to be discussed with him properly. 

“Mother knows that Da-lang is filial, but you should think deeply about it. Mother is someone who knew about the tofu recipe of the Jiang family. The Jiang family will not allow me to remarry outsiders. Secondly, the patriarch is now looking at your talents. He won’t be willing to let me bring you with me once I remarried. I will have to leave you with the Jiang’s clan. Based on the logical action, you will fall under your second uncle’s jurisdiction. If it is going to be like that, how can I be assured they will treat you well?” 

Meng Yun-niang did not want much. She was willing to suffer as long as she can stay with her son. To be honest, she was also moved with her son’s concern. No matter whether this son will remember the word he uttered today, isn’t this already considered that he had been filial to her? Meng Yun-niang felt that all her sacrifice until now was worthwhile. 

“Don’t say such nonsense in the future. You just need to remember that in mother’s heart, you are more important than anyone or anything.”

After saying that, Meng Yun-niang wiped her tears and turned away. 

She thought that Jiang Liu would listen to these words and would not mention the topic of remarriage after this. She did not know that in Jiang Liu’s heart he had already planned a countermeasure. 

From the beginning to the end, Meng Yun-niang had avoided showing her inclination to marry Hu Guirong directly. Looking back at the scene in the memory of the original, Jiang Liu had grasped six or seven points of the truth. It seemed that this beautiful mother of his did have a feeling for that man. 

The reason why she refused was due to the shackles that had been placed on the woman in this era and the second reason was due to her son.

All in all, the most problematic thing in his hand was due to his lack of power over the decision making within the clan.

If he stood tall enough and make the Jiang clan had no other choice but to rely on him, once he sends his mother to remarry, who will have the power to oppose him, right?

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