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The Analects of Righteous Father’s Collapse [ Fast Wear] Chapter 40

Author: 打字机N号

Chapter 40: The search for one’s mom second spring 8/For the sake of my mother’s remarriage 8

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After that heart to heart talk that day, Jiang Liu had never mentioned the topic of Hu Guirong or remarriage at home. The mother and son tacitly agreed to end that chapter and lived their own little days. 

Half a month later, Meng Yun-niang finally helped her son to pick up his set of four treasures of study and sent his son to the school in the village. 

Today, Jiang Liu came back from school, and when he was eating, he talked about another topic with his mother. 

“Mother, whatever I learn in school in the future, I’ll come back and teach it to you.”

Jiang Liu had carefully thought about it. He could not rush her mother to remarry but he still can help to enlighten this beautiful woman from now on. 

Although this era did not have any requirements for women to have profound knowledge, Jiang Liu had always believed that reading and literacy can change a person’s vision and legacy. It was like how he used to be a migrant worker with no points of values.  Even then, he could still learn English and other things, like technology. Therefore, learning is a good thing in itself. 

“Mother is a woman. What is the use of learning those kinds of things?” 

Meng Yun-niang was somewhat motivated. However, when she thought of her daily chores she could only refuse her son’s intention. 

“Who said that there is no use? For example, when you are quarrelling with others, you will not have to worry about using those crude swear words. If you learned more, mother will be able to argue with others elegantly.”

Jiang Liu tried to show an enthusiastic expression as he tried to encourage the beautiful woman in front of him. 

“If I were to study the book, how could I learn how to swear?” 

Meng Yuniang did not fail to live up to Jiang Liu’s probe as she asked him curiously 

“Of course, I will teach some words to mother.” 

Jiang Liu thought of those ancient languages that the people of his era had been using to make fun of other, wasn’t all of it was used to scold people while being graceful, ah~ 

“For example, this sentence [If you feel so proud to the sky, why don’t you go to the ninth heaven?], this sentence straightforwardly meant to say that [If you are so capable, why don’t you ascend to the heaven]. There is still this sentence [The lack of erroneous and arrogance], when you are looking at their foolish kids, you can use this since this sentence means [that kids are so spoiled that it was not worth discussing it]. You can also use this [why don’t you piss and look at yourself], in other words, [look at yourself first before busying about others]. Hahaha, mother, you say, isn’t it more useful to know more knowledge? Next time when you quarrel with second auntie, she will not even know the truth that you have been insulting her all along.” 

“That is really interesting.” 

Meng Yun-niang was smiling when suddenly her face turned fierce as she took the chopsticks and chased after Jiang Liu. 

“You told me before that you did not remember the curse words that I have been using, so why don’t you piss and look at it? I already told you not to learn it, but you still dare to memorize it? Today, this old lady is going to help you loosen some of your bones.”

Meng Yun-niang knew that this stinky boy had fooled her that day. What forget, he clearly had learned all of it. 

Jiang Liu ran as he tried to escape from the beauty’s anger. He screamed out loud as he ran to hide inside his room. After he turned around from the closed door, a smile started to graze his face. 

“I didn’t expect the host to have the potential to be a masochist.” 

001 appeared silently in midair, watching Jiang Liu, feeling slightly speechless. 

“How could a silicon-based creature like you understand it?”

Jiang Liu did not continue to explain. These past few days he felt that the atmosphere in their house was a bit gloomy so he had deliberately provoked his mother. Sure enough, after he kowtowed due to his mother’s beating, his beautiful mother finally looked a bit more spirited. Jiang Liu felt that his sacrifice was really too big.

But who makes him a cute boy, cute boys always want to tease cute girls.

001 feels that it had been taken lightly. It was not something that can be summarized by the simple three words of [silicon-based creature]. However, if you think about it, you really could not understand the IQ of its host. Even if the other party explained it, 007 might not even understand it. Though it won’t confess as such to Jiang Liu. 

Although he started some commotion today with his mother, it somehow diluted the dull atmosphere that surrounded this small family in the last few days. At the same time, Meng Yun-niang also started to learn a few words a day with her son. 

It was not because she wanted to be an elegant woman. Meng Yun-niang actually had a more profound thought in her heart.

In the future, after her son passes the exam, he will surely be promoted to be a scholar. She could not let others looked down on her just because she came from the countryside. Saying that the mother-in-law could not be compared to the generosity and intelligent of her daughter-in-law. 

Meng Yun-niang had carefully thought about it. Even if she couldn’t learn many things, she should at least some basic knowledge. In the future, she would be able to shock her daughter-in-law and prevent her from seeing her as uncultured just because she was a peasant woman from a rural area. 

One person was patiently teaching while the others were seriously studying. Jiang Liu had taught his beautiful mothers five or six new words every day, and after more than a year had passed, and Meng Yun-niang had also learned a lot of words. 

However, this incident was not known to outsiders. Jiang Liu did not only taught his mother some words but also started to make a move for his future plan.


“You want to attend the exam this year?” 

Jiang Fangzheng was a little shocked, but when he thought of the talent of this student, he felt that the other party’s request are very reasonable. 

This children learning ability was too shocking that it was unheard of. In just over a year, he learned all the content that other people usually took a decade to finish. Even his understanding of certain contents was deeper than his teacher. 

It was Jiang Fangzheng’s greatest regret that Jiang Liu’s poetry was somehow lacking in its spirituality. 

But no one is perfect in this world. If Jiang Liu was also talented in poetry, Jiang Fangzheng will not be able to stop wondering how such a child prodigy could be born in their Jiang family. 

Although Jiang Liu was still young, the knowledge that he learned were not less than those scholars who aged ten or twenty years old. Therefore, he felt that it was not necessary for him to stop Jiang Liu from participating in the exam.

“I already carefully thought about it. If I am lucky and pass, to become the first seven-year-old Tongsheng in this ear is an extremely glorious thing for the clan. Even if I fail, it can still be regarded as a special experience. I can learn the lessons from this time to prepare for the next testing.” 

After another year, Jiang Liu’s personality did not change much, but because he read many books, the whole person’s temperament has become much more stable, unlike the usual seven-year-old. His countenance was like an eleven-year-old boy. 

To think that he was only a seven-year-old child! 

Upon hearing Jiang Liu’s words, Jiang Fangzheng’s breath had become much more strained. 

That’s right ah! The tongsheng title meant nothing but to become a tongsheng at the aged of seven-year-old child carried a different weight. In particular, if Jiang Liu was really lucky, he might really pass the exam and become a xiucai. If he managed to take the first place on the three entry-level exams as a seven-year-old, his public reputation will surely spread throughout the Jin Dynasty. 

What this meant to the Jiang clan, Jiang Fangzheng was also naturally clear about it. 


Without much hesitation, Jiang Fangzheng agreed. 

As Jiang Liu had said, no matter the result was, there is no loss to the Jiang family. On the contrary, if Jiang Liu able to succeed, the benefits for the clan are tremendous. 

“This time, there are a total of nine candidates from the clan that is going to sit for the examination this year. As usual, we are going to put all of you together in one group. Originally the clan intends to find a woman to prepare the candidates three meals. Since you are going to participate, it is better to let your mother to accompany you. You can go together with her.”

It was a habit of many clans to participate in the examination by batch. One can take care of each other while saving expenses. 

Jiang Fangzheng thought that since Jiang Liu was still young, he might become uncomfortable to be separated from his mother for a long duration of time. Therefore he plans to simply hand over the errands of taking care of the candidates three meals to Meng Yun-niang. 

This was really a pleasant surprise, Jiang Lu looked down as he smiled.


“Five Liang! Then that stewards Liu really willing to give us five Liang if we managed to help him to make Meng Yun-niang as his concubine?”

Inside Jiang Erchun’s family house, Su Panyun asked her husband the question repeatedly. She felt incredulous while her eyes looked greedy and hateful. She could not imagine for that kind of residual flowers like Meng Yun-niang, there was still a man who is willing to spend a lot of money to obtain her.

“You think about it. Now the patriarch was giving his full attention to that boy Jiang Liu. Because of that, we are no longer allowed to harass those mother and son. That tofu recipe should belong to our house, not the patriarch. If this is the case, they shouldn’t blame me. Without Meng Yun-niang, we are the closest relatives of Jiang Liu. Even the patriarchs wouldn’t be able to advantage of their status and stop us from taking care of our poor big sister and her son.” 

Jiang Erchun said it with a fake sorrow. He was clearly the son of the Jiang family. After the death of his eldest brother, the tofu’s recipe and the ancestor house should be kept by this little uncle for the sake of his nephew. Instead, that recipe and house were held by people with a different surname. 

“What if our action anger the patriarch?” 

Su Panyun was worried. After all, the other party was not only under the protection of the patriarch, but also the head village. If the other party wished to punish them no one will be able to stop it. 

“What are you being afraid of? It was Meng Yun-niang’s own unwillingness to hook up with the man. We had nothing to do with it.”

Jiang Erchun was tempted with the five Liang promised by the Steward Liu. His courage suddenly became a lot bigger.

“Moreover Steward Liu came from a big household in town, should we still be afraid of the power that came from a small village?”

It was not only Jiang Erchun who was mad about the money, Su Panyun also was not much better.

“Yes, for him to be so insistent about it, it was obvious that Steward Liu had taken a liking towards that Meng Yun-niang. For all we know, it must have been her who had been seducing him behind everyone’s back.” 

Su Panyun kept nodding her head as she ignored her few consciences. 

The couple continued to discuss in a low voice as they plan their trap for Meng Yun-niang. 

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