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The Analects of Righteous Father’s Collapse [ Fast Wear] Chapter 44

Author: 打字机N号

Chapter 44: The search for one’s mom second spring 12/For the sake of my mother’s remarriage 12

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“I thought that I heard the sound of gongs and drums just now?”

“It seems that it is coming from the village entrance. Is there anyone getting married in the village today?”

Jiang Chong and several group leaders were currently discussing some issues when he heard rumbling sounds coming from the distance. He also wondered if someone from the village is getting married, however, if that was the case, they will definitely invite him to the ceremony since he was not only the but also the head of the village.

He was not the only one who heard the commotion but also the other leaders that were currently with him.

When they asked each other, it seemed that no one aware of anyone having a happy event at the moment.

Then, except for that happy event, this drum sounds might probably signify something else. Maybe Jiang Liu, who had been sitting for the Imperial exam had finally managed to grasp a high rank, thus decided to send people to beat the drums while bringing the news back to the clan.

Jiang Chong got a little bit excited at that prospect. His cheeks were all flushed. However, he was afraid that the bigger the hope, the greater the disappointment. He did not dare to announce his own guess, but left the old people and went straight to the village’s entrance.

Other family members who also dad such speculations, followed his pace and ran to the place where they heard them being played.

“We give everyone the good news, Jiang’s small master [Xiao Laoye] had managed to become the first rank in the Metropolitan-level of Imperial Examination and announced as a Lin-Sheng.” [T/N: Lin-Sheng: Best exam candidates in the college exam]

The two bailiffs from the governor’s office had a red ribbon around their waists. They looked extremely happy. One of them had a gong in his hand as they keep knocking on it while announcing the news aloud.

“First rank. He also managed to get the first rank in the Metropolitan-level test. Isn’t that being the top among all scholars, right?”

“Lin-Sheng, ah, this is the first time our Qingyang Village abilities to produce a Lin-Sheng, ah. We no longer need to find someone to become our guarantor.”

Nowadays, Patriarch Jiang Chong had attached much importance in regards to the schooling of the young generation in their clan. Therefore, the villagers also know the significance of becoming a Lin-Sheng. By having that kind of achievement one will be able to receive the government-issued ration as well as being paid four taels of silver each year.

In addition to that, every candidate of the Imperial Examination needs to have someone as a guarantor. Being a Lin-sheng, many had used this position to generate some income. Therefore, they will not be considered as a poor scholar. Even compared to a Juren, their position was not that lower.

The happiness came too suddenly that the old patriarch felt like that his epilepsy was about to flare out. If not for his own identity, this time he was already clamouring for the red ribbon worn by that two bailiffs.

“Fast, open the ancestral hall. We have to tell the old ancestors of this good news. In a few more years, our Jiang’s clan may be able to produce a Juren Master.”

Jiang Chong vigorously took the money from his pocket paid one tael of silver to the bailiffs who brought the news. Usually for this type of happy news people will usually give a tip to the news bearer. Therefore, his action can be said to be extremely lavish.

The two runners also smiled as they impart praises and good words.

“Young master Jiang is only a seven-year-old yet managed to become Lin-sheng. Maybe after a few years, he will be able to become Juren, or even a Jinshi too.”

Those words really put a smile on Jiang Chong. His heart burned with passion and he believed that Jiang Liu will be able to hold the title Jinshi. Certainly, if they managed to improve their family’s social status, whenever they go out after this, who will dare to look down on their Jiang family. Even the county magistrate has to give some face to their Jiang family, ah. Because he was too happy, Jiang Chong stuffed another amount of copper money into the pocket of the two servants

Since Jiang Liu has yet to return to his hometown, Jiang Chong decided to open the ancestral temple to announce the good news to the ancestors first. After Jiang Liu returned, he will hold a banquet to let the other clan know that their Jiang clan had produced a seven-year-old prodigy.

Of course, the cost of this banquet will be taken from the clan’s coffer. According to Jiang Liu’s current achievement, no one will refute it.


A month later, Jiang Liu and other Jiang’s candidates returned home from the provincial capital.

“What? You are saying that the Xue Zheng Daren wanted to accept you as a disciple!?”

In regard to the surprise that came one after another this day, Jiang Chong could only continue to feel dizzy as the happiness almost made him pass out.

“Xue Zheng Daren, learning directly under Xue Zheng Daren ah.”

Jiang Chong walked back and forth inside the house. The way he viewed Jiang Liu was no longer like how one looked at the younger generation but instead as someone who was on equal ground and footing as him. He ought to take him seriously.

If Jiang Liu were to be admitted to the academy, his usefulness will definitely increase so much that Jiang Chong will be more than willing to give all the family resources to him.

Jiang Chong has already made aware of the origin of that academy ‘s principal by his son.

Jiang Shendao. He was the top scorer in the Imperial Examination in the year of 27 of the Jin dynasty. Currently, he occupied the post as a Xueshi at the Hanlin Academy. Moreover, there is a code among the officialdom that those who enter the Hanlin Academy could not serve as government officials.  As long as Jiang Shendao did not commit anything wrong, nor did he stand on the wrong team. His future should not be underestimated. [T/N: Xueshi – A scholar who possessed a degree]

Jiang Liu is going to be the sole disciple of such a person. With the support of Jiang Shendao, his future will be limitless.

This is a great event for him and also for the Jiang’s clan.


“Just like this, the two of us going are to set off for the capital.”

Meng Yu Niang was equally happy yet worried. She was happy that her son was discovered by the Principal of the Hanlin Academy and was accepted as a disciple. Yet she also worried about having to leave their hometown and venture out all alone in an unfamiliar city.

Even though her son’s mentor already informed them that they could stay with their family once they arrived at the capital, however, Meng Yun-niang was a widow, therefore, it will be inconvenient for them to live in her son’s teacher’s home.

So when I went they reach the capital, they probably need to buy or rent a small courtyard. As a result, their expenses suddenly increased as opposed to their current lifestyle.

Moreover, Qingyang village was so far away from the capital city. After they reached the capital, if it was not necessary, she afraid that the two of them will not be able to go back. Now that the Jiang Erchun couple have been expelled from the Jiang family, and the two of them have already moved from the village, then who is going to worship the grave of their Jiang’s ancestor as well as her late husband, Jiang Dachun?


Meng Yun-niang lowered her eyes and didn’t dare to think about that man again.

The problem that kept hounding Meng Yun-niang was not considered big by Jiang Chong. Other people had been clamouring to be taken in by that Xue Zheng yet were refused. But now, the Xue Zheng himself had taken the initiative to invite Jiang Liu to become his disciple. Obviously, he will not let such meddlesome things to stop Jiang Liu from leaving.

As for Meng Yun-niang’s concern…

“Since you pair mother and son are going to the capital to live, the six acres of good land that you handed over to the clan after the death of Dachun will be returned to you.  Even so, I am afraid that you will not be able to take care of the field now, so I’ll buy that six-acres of field according to the market’s price. There is also the government-issued ration that Da-lang will receive as a Lin-Sheng each month. I will first give you the silver for it and in the future, I’ll also act on your behalf to collect it. This money you can use for any emergency.”

Jiang Chong was optimistic about Jiang Liu’s future. Therefore, naturally, he can’t let him have any ill-feeling towards the clan. In the beginning, Meng Yun-niang had given the 6-acre farmland as a present in exchange for a quiet and peaceful life. Therefore, he decided to give Meng Yun-niang a silver coin in exchange for the land. Jiang Chong also decided to pay in advance a five years’ worth of the government-issued ration. With more than seventy silver coins in her hand, Meng Yun-niang had a lot of peace in her mind in regards to their future expenses.


“It seemed that when husband went to Yuchuan you had encountered something good. Your eyebrows seemed unable to stop smiling since then.”

Jiang Shendou’ wife was helping him with the robe as she asked her husband smilingly.

“Hahaha… My lady really knows me well. Originally I wanted to wait for my disciple to arrive at the capital first before I share this happy event with my wife. Now it seems that I have to tell my wife earlier about this good news.”

Jiang Shendao burst out a hearty laughter. How could it be linked to his serious appearance that he had when dealing with his colleague on a normal day?

At this time, he was using his fingers to pick up the facial cream. He then warmed it up with his palm before he gently rubbed it into his face. He also did not forget to brush his beard and eyebrow carefully as he stared into the bronze mirror.

“Disciple? Husband is finally willing to accept an apprentice?”

This is indeed a happy event. Mrs Jiang originally thought that according to her husband’s outwardly upright appearance and yet inner fussy self, it was very unlikely for him to accept a disciple in this lifetime.

“Exactly, my disciple is really – forget it. You will know it when you see him.”

Jiang Shendao had thought about it, but he still planned to give his wife some surprises, therefore, he did not elaborate on the beauty of his little apprentice.

Seeing that he still wanted to keep it a secret, Mrs Jiang did not ask him further. Soon after Jiang Shendao finished with his facial routine, she quickly helps him with his official’s robe.

“Madam, how do I look today?”

Jiang Shendao who already in his officer’s uniform asked his wife who was next to him.

“Husband is still looking very beautiful today.”

Mrs Jiang smiled and gave him a thumb up. But she won’t tell the truth to her husband’s face. No matter what he did to it, with his husband plain-looking face, it was impossible for him to compare himself to Pan An. [T/N: A prominent Chinese fu poet in the Western Jin dynasty, known for his good look. If you play RC, I don’t think that he was that handsome?? Prince Jin is my type, so hard to collect the shard, kinda like unattainable CEO, LOL]


Hearing his wife’s praise, Jiang Shendao nodded with satisfaction.

The disciple that he had received this time was much more beautiful than him. When Jiang Shendao failed to secure his position as a flower’s snatcher [3rd place in the Imperial Examination], it had become his lifelong regret. He could only blame his talent for covering his appearance.

But this time, he received a disciple who was both talented and beautiful. Even if he cannot become the flower’s snatcher, then his disciple should be able to help him fulfil his dream.

Jiang Shendao left with a smile, and at the moment he left the bedroom, he was no longer smiling, his face was majestic, and he became the unspoken Jiang Daren.

T/N: Jiang Shendao was about to become disappointed lol… Our Jiang Liu is aiming for the Champion ah. It was said that the third place in the Imperial exam or commonly called flower’s snatcher/Tanhua, usually occupied by a handsome man. Thus Flower’s[girl] snatcher = guy admired by the ladies.

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