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Quick Transmigration, oppressive slag: Boss gege excessive spoiling Chapter 18

Chapter 18 Task 1: Brother, my fiancé derailed (17)

Author: Táng yǒu cháng’ān

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“Wow, this is too much trust towards one’s girlfriends and fiancés ah. If Ji Yu and Lan Shuer were to derail in the future, then isn’t that a slap to their face? I hope that she will be happy for a lifetime and will not be troubled with any kind of third person.”

“Hey, my family’s Yu is a good man. How could you declare that he will derail in the future?! If Ji Yu were to derail in the future, I will make a live video of me watering my plant with sk2!”

” Xi Tong Su indeed served as the platform for Lan Shuer. She also put her trust in her so much. If Lan Shuer still does something so shameless in the future, then she is truly a real whore.”

“I have a hunch that things won’t end so soon. Certainly, someone will have their face slapped sooner or later! Wait and see, the good show is still not far behind…”

There were lots of currently popular star could be seen walking around holding wine goblet while being adorned with beautiful clothes and sweet-smelling perfume. All celebrities from various social classes were coming and going as they continued to cheers, talking and laughing. On the stage, a popular idol group was singing their new songs, and everyone in the audience enjoyed their wonderful performance.

Lan Shuer was restless in her seat as she took a peek around her and saw that Tong Su was nodding her head to the rhythm of the music, obviously immersed in it.

Her heart started to relax as she made a sign towards Ji Yu before she stood up and left the table.

Lan Shuer was looking for a deserted place when she accidentally bumped into a passing waiter who asked her if she need any refreshment.

“Thank you, I don’t drink champagne… No, no, of course, I don’t eat cakes!”

She quickly denied it before walking towards a remote corner. In front of the bright hall filled with laughter, that corner felt extremely desolate. Lan Shuer’s face looked pallid, and after a short time, Ji Yu finally arrived with a frown on his face.

After seeing her, Ji Yu started to lower his head down.

“You let me come over to see you, did you know how many pairs of eyes are staring at us now? Once we were found out, everything will be over!”

“Impossible, Tong Su was watching the performance. I also have put a remote position chip inside her mobile phone. If she was close, there will be a signal.”

Ji Yu let out a sigh of relief.

“That’s good.”

“A Yu, what did she meant by what she said during the interview? Did she really notice something off?”

Ji Yu shook his head and smiled.

“She is the kind of impulsive person. If she were to find out about it, do you think that she will not make any fuss? You just thought too much! We played so happily last night, but I didn’t see you becoming as suspicious as now.”

“That’s because you did it too hard. I am still hurting right now.”

Lan Shuer started to let down her mind as she gently hit his chest.

“But when I saw you and that Deputy Director Sun walked together, you looked very proud of it. If you trying to climb the high branch through Deputy Director Sun, then what are you doing hooking up with me here?”

“You, this person, how could you say that! You still don’t know who is the one in my heart?”

Lan Shuer looked at Ji Yu with many grievances.

“I just wanted to enter the crew to accompany you, but you still misunderstood me? A Yu, you are making me so sad.”

Ji Yu’s heart became soft as he started to kiss her up.

“It’s all my fault, you can rest assured, I won’t let you down…”

In that small corner, in a split second, the scene became unrestrained.

The two of them were too immersed in it, that unbeknownst to them, all their actions inside the small corner were filmed with a digital camera.

Tong Su had a good time and she also has seen a lot of stars from the entertainment’s circle. Before the end of the dinner, she walked towards the bathroom.

A waiter was waiting for her and he gave her a memory card with much excitement on his face.

If Lan Shuer was there, she will be shocked to find out that this waiter was the one that she had bumped into when she was heading to the corner. It was the one who asked her if she wanted any champagne!

The waiter was rubbing his hand in glee.

“They didn’t notice me at all. When I took the video of them being intimate, I also especially took the picture of today’s dinner party banner! Miss Xi, let’s discuss the good reward…”

Tong Su just handed the waiter a bank card.

“Thank you for your hard work. There are 80,000 inside, and the extra 30,000 is your reward. The password is today’s date.”

“Not hard, not hard, Miss Xi. If there is anything else that you need, you can come and see me next time! Miss Xi rest assured, I am very professional, and will never say anything about it outside.”

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