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Quick Transmigration, oppressive slag: Boss gege excessive spoiling Chapter 19

Chapter 19 Task 1: Brother, my fiancé derailed (18)

Author: Táng yǒu cháng’ān

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Before the waiter left, he hesitated a bit before he turned back.

“That is, Miss Xi, Ji Yu and Lan Shuer are not good people, you have to be careful. Also, they seem to say that they have your position locked, you still need to verify it out!”

“Well, thank you.”

Originally, this meant to be a simple and direct transaction, he did not expect that the other party will him give more rewards for his hard work. Thus, in exchange for the sympathy and worry that the waiter had for her, Tong Su still thanked the waiter although the locator had already been solved by her brother.

At the end of the dinner, Ji Yu sent Lan Shuer back to her seat. After searching around the venue, he still could not find Tong Su. He started to become uneasy. After looking around for a while, he stopped a waiter and asked.

He didn’t expect the waiter to say.

“Miss Xi already left, did Mr Ji not see it?”

His tone sounded strange as his expression was full of doubts.

These two people were clearly showing love on the red carpet, how come when one already went back and yet the other party are not aware of it?

As long as Ji Yu has a little concern for Xi Tong Su, it will not happen like this.

Ji Yu’s face was not easy to look at as he scolds the waiter fiercely.

“What do you care about? Why don’t you quickly roll!”

The waiter already answered his enquiry, and instead of getting thanks, he was scolded for no reason at all. Not only that, he also got fired from his job. Therefore, as soon as he reached home, he quickly vented his feeling on Weibo.

“Hehe, I have heard that a [J] male star was completely different on and off camera. I saw him today. I only know that those things spread online were absolutely true. In front of the camera, he is so gentle and kind, however, once he was off the camera, his temper was quite big. If I were his fiancé, I will already dump him early on! Pei!”

It was unknown if Ji Yu was aware that someone had become his black powder or whether he didn’t care about it even if he knew it.

After all, it was just a despicable waiter, will it even affect him?

Even though it was only Xi Tong Su, but he could not help but feel some fear.

Tong Su seemed to be getting more and more out of his control!

She did not agree to be his date, did not want to call him, and also did not go out to play with Lan Shuer. It seemed that she did not even want to see them at all.

He was very sceptical about whether Xi Tong Su was aware of everything.

But Xi Tong Su did not become hysterical nor did she came to find trouble with him. Secondly, she also did not ask him any probing questions. At most, she became a bit cold to him and refused to acknowledge any of his calls.

Maybe because her brother was at home that he had been strict on her, therefore, did not allow her to leave the house easily.

Ji Yu could only comfort himself like that. Once her brother went abroad, everything will turn to normal.

When he called his family, he decided to complain a bit. He did not expect that Ji father will become serious.

“Son, you must not let the red flag at home to fall, even if the floating coloured flag outside was not bad. You and that tender model, your mother and I knew about it. That is fine. But you have to appease Tong Su first. Don’t let her know about it.”.

Ji Yu was about to respond when his father continued.

“Yes, that brother of Tong Su, is there any blood relationship with her family?”

“No, it seems to be adopted.”

“Then you look for Tong Su and tell her that if her brother is vying for family property, she will inherit less. She has to make early preparation! Also, Xi Tong Su is a woman, and she also needs to get married. With that, all the Xi’s family property will fall to our Ji’s family! If you can let her get pregnant soon, she won’t be able to run away.”

Ji Yu just nodded in understanding. In fact, even his parents did not know that he and Tong Su even after their engagement, the most intimate moves that they had done were still a hug!

When they first became girlfriend and boyfriend, she was already so conservative. When he wanted to kiss her, she told him that she will only allow such action until after their engagement.

But now, even though the two of them already got engaged, let alone slept with her, he could not even call her out!

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