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The Analects of Righteous Father’s Collapse [ Fast Wear] Chapter 140

Author: 打字机N号

Chapter 140: Every household have their own treasured baby egg 19

“Miss, this is our new lipstick in red this year, which is not available in any other brand. Look at our salesperson. She is wearing this lipstick today. Don’t you think that it makes her complexion look snow-white and lovely?”

“Madam, this is our iconic liquid foundation. There are three different colour choices to choose from. It can effectively conceal dullness and minor blemishes on the skin and give a nourishing effect. Since it nourishes and repairs your skin, it will eventually help in changing the appearance of your face.”

Jiang Liu and his sister Jiang Shengnan examined Pearl City’s largest department store with curiosity. Cosmetics counters took up half of the first floor, which were surrounded by women. Perhaps because of the New Year, and their sales pitches were endless.

It was the first time Jiang Shengnan had seen such a scene in her life. She thought the shopping malls in the small town were already excellent, but the items sold in this big city looked exclusive to her. Even the size of the shopping malls was overwhelming to her. She could not even see the top when she looked up because it was millions of times larger than the tiny department store in the hometown. When she first saw it, she almost passed out.

However, it was the nature of women to love beautiful clothes, jewellery and cosmetics. Even though Jiang Shengnan was only 11 years old and was not old enough to wear makeup, she still loves these cosmetics.

She could not help but look at the women trying on lipstick around the lipstick counter. While looking at those women admiring their lovely faces after applying the lipstick, she could not help but wanted to try it herself.

“Dad, get a lipstick for mom; I think that colour is nice and fitting for her.”

Jiang Liu tugged on his father’s sleeve as he pointed at the lipstick counter’s place.

Most women, he claimed, enjoy this sort of thing. Take, for example, his mother in the country. Even though the conditions were not ideal and the environment was not exactly welcoming, his mother would always secretly pasted her lips with the red couplet paper to make it appeared reddish every time during New Year.

Of course, Jiang Liu happened to see this. Yao Huilan’s innate conviction was that woman her age should not dress like that, so it has to be done in secret.

“Your mother doesn’t like that stuff.”

Jiang Jianjun is a boring man. He said without thinking as he glanced at the lipstick counter surrounded by women.

“It’s the same colour as a monster who eats babies. Your mother wouldn’t like it.” Jiang Jianjun said confidently: “Your mother likes money. Your mother was ecstatic every time I brought money home. If I buy these useless things, your mother will scold me.”

Jiang Jianjun’s wife prefers him, his children, and money over practical items like clothes and food.

Clearly, their family has saved so much money that his wife could always buy the vanilla clam oil from the supply and marketing agency for 50 cents a can. Yet, she had never done so, showing that these items were not appealing to her heart.

Fortunately for this father, he was born during arranged marriages; otherwise, he would have little chance of meeting up with the girl he likes.

Jiang Liu sighed. His gaze falls on his boring father. He had no understanding of women, particularly those hesitant to eat and dress after becoming mothers.

“Dad, I’m sure Mom would like it, so go ahead and buy one for her.”

Jiang Jianjun was defeated as soon as his son began acting like a baby.

“Just buy one if you want.”

Even though he agreed, Jiang Jianjun could not help but mutter, thinking that his wife would not like this kind of demonic colour.

Jiang Shengnan could not help but smile when she learned that her father had offered to buy lipstick for her mother. With this, she would be able to try it in secret.

The three of them went to the lipstick counter, and Jiang Liu followed suit, only to discover that the lipstick counter was filled with luxury labels familiar to future generations.

This, though, is unsurprising. Luxury brands first entered the Chinese market in the late 1970s and early 1980s. Among them was a brand that, in its early days, swept the entire Chinese market. Only a few people may be aware of it now. Pierre Cardin was its name.

Pierre Cardin was invited to perform a costume show in the capital as early as 1979. This performance was intended to celebrate the Sino-French friendship, but they had no idea that it would cause such a stir in China. Foreign models with long arms and legs walking and turning their hips and waist and trendy designs and bright colours were on the show floor. Pierre Cardin’s clothes enthralled people in the capital who were watching at the time. Pierre Cardin, who was associated with fashion and luxury in the hearts of the Chinese people, was the most famous in the next ten years. In addition to the large-scale reports on the paper media and TV stations at the time, this brand had become well known among Chinese people. It was not until later that more and more luxury brands entered the country that the Pierre Cardin craze started to fade.

Jiang Liu remembers a plethora of lipstick brands at that time, including Chanel and Dior…

Several domestic lipstick brands, such as Yuxi, Avon and Kishemei (Kiss Me).

Jiang Liu had no idea whether Chanel and Dior had begun to open counters across the region. He was only interested in the arrangement of these high-end products in the mall. It is more like they bought this stuff from Hong Kong and sold it here rather than themselves being the authorized dealer.

This, however, has no bearing on the success of these lipsticks. Even though they are more than ten times higher than domestic lipsticks, some wealthy girls and women adore these trendy foreign products from Hong Kong.

These items, according to Jiang Jianjun, have the same effect. The only reason for spending money is that they have too much to burn. He still chose a national brand of lipstick at a fair price. However, because he does not understand these, he still lets his son and daughter choose the appropriate lipstick colour.

Dage, you bought lipstick for your wife, ah. Your wife is very fortunate to have met such a caring man as you.”

Jiang Jianjun figured that purchasing this lipstick would be enough. Still, he did not foresee the salesperson would try to drag him for another sales pitch.

As one of the few men standing at the lipstick counter, or even the only one to buy lipstick, Jiang Jianjun has naturally attracted a lot of attention.

He could hear many conversations around him, and they were all praised him for loving his wife.

While he doesn’t believe that buying this demonic red lipstick would please his wife, Jiang Jianjun still felt proud hearing these people praising him. He is, without a doubt, the most faithful husband.

Dage, you should buy our brand’s flagship face cream for your wife, ah. She must like it.” 

“Yes, the foundation of this brand is fine as well; it has a natural finish and isn’t sticky.”

After getting out of the crowd and blowing the cold wind, Jiang Jianjun finally regained some consciousness.

“Women are terrible.”

He sighed deeply as he studied the bag in his lap. Fortunately, his wife did not care for these, and he was unsure whether she would reprimand him for buying this.

Jiang Jianjun, who thought he had bought many useless things in his head, did not have much spirit in the following play. He thought about how he would have to explain to his wife when he returned home, but the two children had a great time.

Jiang Shengnan finds the big city to be incredible. Apart from the popsicles being available in the winter, you can also see trendy girls everywhere on the road. They walked with their heads high and straight, which was a total opposite to what she had seen in the villages since she was a young girl. 

“Cities are fantastic. You should study hard and become city dwellers by the time you graduate. The best days will always be ahead of us.”

Jiang Jianjun inspired his sons and daughters, hoping that it would instil a competitive spirit in them and encourage them to work hard in school. Perhaps the family will have a few college students in the future.


Jiang Jianjun took the children to play in Pearl City for the first two days, but he still needed to get some work done. Therefore, on the third day, he bought the children canned cakes for lunch and decided to leave them at the guesthouse as he makes an effort to do something on his own.

He preferred a guesthouse that is close to the Public Security Bureau. On a typical day, the security here was outstanding. He told the two kids that they should lock the door when he left and not leave the room.

He had previously purchased many books from the bookstore, and in the guesthouse’s room, there was a television. Therefore, the two kids would not be bored after being left in the afternoon.

Jiang Shengnan was in fine condition. She went to the bookstore the other day and purchased many books about pilots and became enthralled by them. It was just that Jiang Liu had been adamant about following him that Jiang Jianjun had no choice but to agree.

Jiang Jianjun’s purpose was to visit some of the private factories in Pearl City that are doing well. Still, he didn’t have a clear idea of his future business direction, so he got lost while taking his children out.

“That’s an electronic watch factory; all of the watches that your father used to sell came from here.”

Since Jiang Jianjun was smuggling the item himself, he prefered something light in weight, small in size, and profitable. Therefore, watches were his preferred accessory.

Since TV sets and radios were in such short supply in the early years, Jiang Jianjun also tried to sell those. However, since it was in high demand, the stock was monopolized by the local shopping mall. Hence, even if they had tickets, they could not afford them.

Furthermore, many people associate Hong Kong products with high quality. Many people would rather spend more money on a television smuggled from Hong Kong or a foreign country. At that time, Jiang Jianjun found a way and really made a lot of money.

However, these years have not been fruitful. Although TV and radio are still high-end items, they were no longer uncommon commodities. As for the electronic watches he sold in recent years, even with his growing network of contacts in inland and coastal cities, the sale was not as high as the previous year.

Jiang Jianjun realized that this business was almost over.

Speculation was no longer the way to go. When electronic watch revenues started dwindling, it appeared that the only way to increase profits was to become an electronic watch manufacturer. This could reduce purchasing and transportation costs.

However, he was a bad master who knows little about the making of electronic watches. Furthermore, the expense needed to set up an electronic watch factory was most likely well beyond his budget.

Jiang Jianjun plans to run a company with low investment costs and a low risk of failure.

“Dad, the clothes here are so cheap.” 

Jiang Jianjun was still thinking when he saw his son pointing to a nearby garment factory. Outside the factory, many models were dressed in clothes produced by their factory. The prices were prominently displayed, and many people were carrying large and small bags as they walked out from there.

According to modern aesthetics, these garments were very trendy. The selling price, however, could be lowered with bulk purchasing. A similar dress sold in the mall would cost between 12-15 yuan usually. However, when this item was brought inland, these similar types of clothing would fetch higher prices.

Most of these garment factories used the foreign name since they had joint ventures with Hong Kong firms. Subsequently, this help in building a sense of high-end luxury and make buyers pay a lot of money when these clothes were distributed inland. 

Jiang Liu saw many clothing labels that the women in their small county were proud to show off as “foreign brands”. These clothes were actually inexpensive and often not sold in any shopping malls locally; hence they frequently need to form alliances with the third party to sell them off.

“Of course, buying clothes in Pearl City is less expensive.”

Without hesitation, Jiang Jianjun said that this was the world’s largest ready-to-wear collection and distribution centre. Every year, staff from these factories fly to Hong Kong and neighbouring countries and other locations to acquire the trendiest and attractive ready-to-wear garments’ design. Many people from the nearby cities come to Pearl City to shop. The price was also low as long as the purchased quantity was high.

Many factories in this area focused on making small profits while maintaining a high level of turnover. Even if they sell for a low price, the gains would be substantial once the amount increased.

Jiang Jianjun initially brought a few bags of clothing, which he later sold. Women’s money was precious. Those clothing bags were gone in a matter of days. Unfortunately, his strength was minimal, and the clothes were cumbersome to carry around. The benefit was not as high as the electronic timepiece. Therefore, Jiang Jianjun stopped after a few occasions. He only came here to assist his family in purchasing a few items of clothing.

Jiang Jianjun, on the other hand, was reminded that he should open a garment factory. The stall does not need to be especially wide. All you have to do now was to pick a place for the factory, purchased few machines, employed few professional employees, and you are ready to go. There was no need to be worried that he would not sell it, and the chance of losing money was also negligible.

Jiang Jianjun felt better the more he thought about it. However, even for a garment factory, there was a risk of loss. Jiang Jianjun hesitated for a while.

“Can we make their clothes, Dad?”

Jiang Liu pointed to a nearby garment factory named Angela.

This was a private company with a corporate background in Hong Kong. Angela may be an ordinary ready-to-wear brand in Pearl City. Still, it was a well-known international brand in their hometown, where only the wealthy can wear this clothing line suitable for both men and women.

“How can that be?”

Listen to the words of his son, Jiang Jianjun could not help but smile. The family had to rely on the brand to eat. It was okay if he was not found to sell clothes using other people brands. However, once this matter was exposed, he will end up in prison for sure.

“Can’t we just give money to the OEM for their sticker?”

Jiang Liu asked rhetorically as if he did not know what he was talking about.

“OEM? What is OEM?”

Jiang Jianjun was perplexed this time.

“Just stick their brand, ah. The same clothes but one from them will be costly in our place. Therefore, I wonder if we can produce the same clothes and sell the clothes under their brand name. It is not that we do not give them some of the money. Anyway, this garment factory does not intend to open their market to our place for the time being. It is as if we are paying them to sell their brand of clothes in other areas. Maybe they are even willing to do the business for free since we are promoting their brand.”

Clothing manufactured by state-owned garment factories had now dominates the region where they work. Clothing products made by private small businesses are seldom carried by department stores or supply and marketing stores.

Jiang Liu reasoned that rushing to open a garment factory might make it difficult to grow without a mass market. Still, if you start with a locally famous “international” brand, you might see surprising results.

Since its success for a few years, the Angela brand has faded from public view in the memory of the original body. Likely, this brand did not do well in the following competition. Jiang Liu did not intend for it to remain in existence for a long time. Under the shadow of this brand, he just wanted to occupy a small portion of the market first, then extend the industry line and brand influence, which could be more seamless than routine operations.


The word became more beautiful the more Jiang Jianjun thought about it. It seemed to be the start of a new world. This turned out to be something that a company could still do.

“How did you come up with this idea, good boy?”

Jiang Jianjun was overjoyed; does it mean that his son has a business sense in addition to his detective skills?

“It’s quite simple, ah. My Jiang Liu’s name is a well-known brand at Huitong Elementary School. As long as my little brother goes out to report my name, he can hold an account at the school store for less than one yuan.”

Jiang Liu said arrogantly. That proud expression diluted some of the impression he had left in Jiang Jianjun’s mind right now. The image of his knowledge that went beyond his age dwindle and made it more in line with the development of children at his age.

“See what you can do, Boss Jiang.”

Jiang Jianjun rubbed his son’s head vigorously, then knelt and kissed his little head ferociously.

He felt he had found his future business.

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Jiang Jianjun vanished for a few days after that. The journey, which was intended to last five days, was abruptly extended to nine days. Jiang Jianjun, luckily, was also conscious that his children were about to begin school. He took his children back on the train a few days before elementary school started.

The essential item Jiang Shengnan has obtained from this trip was a box of books. They cannot find some extracurricular tutoring textbooks in the local market. In addition to that, there were also some biographies of pilots. Jiang Shengnan also purchased a few primary English and Russian books to study. By using the radio at home, she plans to teach herself these two languages.

According to what she had read, the number of pilots hired per year was very limited. In addition to physical fitness, there was also a high requirement for cultural courses. She can be an outstanding student in the towns where she grew up. However, if she were placed in any other part of the world, the outcomes might not be impressive.

Jiang Shengnan vowed to treat herself with higher expectations, and she needed to change herself.

Jiang Liu, on the other hand, did not purchase any books. His little box was stuffed with speciality snacks from Pearl City, part of it for his elder and younger sister, and another part was for his ** “little brother”.

Jiang Jianjun, on the other hand, did not make any purchases during his journey. The pile of cosmetics might be the only item left in the suitcase.

“Good Bao’er, ah, Grandma, miss you so much!”

Before the three of them got into the house, the old lady heard the noise and rushed out. She held her grandson in her arms and cried out loudly, saying that he had lost weight.

Yao Huilan tried to embrace her son but could not even get close, so she moved towards her daughter, Jiang Shengnan and gently stroked her head.

The family ate dinner in the evening and discussed what they had seen and learned in Pearl City. They returned to their respective room to rest until the sky had darkened. Jiang Jianjun waited until he was alone with his wife before taking out the cosmetics.

“I believe women rarely see this in Pearl City, so I bought a copy for you.”

A big man would be ashamed to buy such a thing. Therefore, Jiang Jianjun set the cosmetics on the bed and appeared to be nonchalant.

He believed that his wife should not be surprised by such incidents. Jiang Jianjun’s women are different from other women. After all, she was very virtuous and exceptional, and she hates messy situations.

“Oh, my goodness! This is lipstick!”

Yao Huilan has never received a gift from her husband, including when she initially fell in love with him. Even when the two of them become engaged, they also did not do anything special or romantic.

Yao Huilan was a little taken aback when she got a box of cosmetics unexpectedly. Is this guy still her husband?

“What should you spend money on this kind of thing? I’m too old to use this. It’s better to save it for the children.”

Yao Huilan grumbled, but she could not wait to open the lipstick’s lid and faced the mirror as she traced it on her lips.

Jiang Jianjun purchased two lipsticks, one in a bright red and the other in a soft bean paste hue. Yao Huilan was wearing the big red lipstick at the time. The skin became whiter due to the intense shade.

Yao Huilan looked in the mirror and felt she had reverted to that of her youth.

“I just—”

Jiang Jianjun said that he felt that this thing was not necessary to buy, but it was their son who wanted to buy it for her. However, he unexpectedly stopped. In the dim light, he saw Yao Huilan turn around and smile shyly at him.

“Do I look good in it?”

She felt a little too flashy and a little undignified for her age. Yet, she thought it was beautiful and wanted her husband’s approval.

“It looks fantastic!”

Jiang Jianjun had no idea what was happening. She clearly painted the horrible colour of a demonic monster on her lips, yet she looked incredibly enticing and tempting. As though she had suddenly transformed into a fairy and wanted to consume his soul.

This lipstick seems to be really a good thing. Jiang Jianjun swallowed. His heart and body grew hot at the same time.

“Knock it off!”

When Yao Huilan saw her husband’s fiery eyes, she was a little nervous. She glanced at him and then prepared to remove the lipstick.

Jiang Jianjun felt that the shock from his wife’s fleeting glance was even more intense than before. He rushed to the bedside to turn off the lamp, and then he held his wife in his arm and climbed onto the bed.

Jiang Liu, who slept in the next room, was accompanied by the creaking sound of the old wooden bed for half the night.

Lipstick is, without a doubt, a positive thing!

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