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The Analects of Righteous Father’s Collapse [ Fast Wear] Chapter 141

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Chapter 141: Every household have their own treasured baby egg 20

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After five years,

“Liunan, Liunan!”

Outside the yard, Pan Xiuluo yelled a few times.

“Where did the dead girl go? Why is she not at home to help her sister wash the vegetables? The little girl thinks she’s out in the wild, and she doesn’t look like a girl at all.”

Angrily, the old lady stomped on her foot. She was unmistakably the daughter of a fellow countryman. Why is her sister so well behaved and sensible while she was so mischievous and obstinate? It is simply a girl’s body with a boy’s nature.

“Grandma, I’ll go and assist second sister.”

Fearing that Grandma’s anger will affect her body, Jiang Chaonan said obediently.

“You ah, you only know how to protect that wench. But have you ever thought if that wench even being considerate of you as her elder sister?”

The old lady decided that she would not let the little girl off lightly this time.

Jiang Liunan, coated in mud, eventually returned when it was time to eat at noon.


Jiang Liunan felt nervous when she saw that Grandma guarding the door like a door god. Recalling back, it seemed that Grandma had arranged for her to assist in washing the vegetable. Still, she was playing too excitedly that she forgot about it.

Five years was enough for Jiang Liunan to know that this Grandma was not the one who will unconditionally spoil her. However, the arrogance cultivated over 60 years of age could not be changed in just a few years. Additionally, Jiang Liunan was holding to the ticket of being a rebirth person. Hence, she believed that even if she became a woman, she will still have a good life in the future and did not have to marry.

However, even though she believed it, seeing the fierce Grandma still made Jiang Liunan trembled.

She also wanted to blame her female body. She used to be unstoppable in the village in her former life. Are there any children in the village who had not been punched in a previous life? During that time, other parents all came to the door to complain. Hence, Jiang Liunan used to take it for granted back then. However, now things have changed. It was unknown if it was because her body was weak. After all, she was young. However, several of her attempt to fight had failed.

Today, she was arguing with one girl from the same village. As a result, she was pushed into the mud puddle, and all of her clothes were soiled.

Jiang Liunan remains confident in her skills. After all, it was evident that her current “former self” was the overlord that the group of children could not help but called him [Big Boss], right?

Even though it was somewhat different from what he remembered, Jiang Liunan still believed she was right.

“How did you spend your day? Do you know what you’re going to do today?”

Pan Xiuluo did not seem angry as she looked at the mud monkey in front of her.

“I am supposed to assist my second sister in washing the vegetables.”

“Why do I have to help my second sister wash the vegetables?” Jiang Liunan wondered. “Isn’t she doing fine on her own?”

She is only five years old now. Do you let a five-year-old help wash the vegetables?

Jiang Liunan had long forgotten that most children, not only those from the Jiang family but also those born in the region, worked as small helpers at home. Many female dolls do more than just washing vegetables at home when they were five or six years old.

“You dare to retort to me. Why don’t you, as a girl, learn to wash and cook? Do you want to be an old maid all your life?”

Women, according to Pan Xiuluo, should be able to do housework such as washing and cooking. A woman who cannot cook was not decent, and a woman who cannot vacuum and do laundry was not virtuous. Any in-law would not like this kind of daughter-in-law.

As a result, Xiao Pan Xiuluo taught her granddaughters these skills with the hopes that they can take good care of their husbands after they marry and received praise from her in-laws.

Many citizens, not just Pan Xiuluo, believe in this. Men are in charge of the outside, and women control the home, as the old saying goes. Men will work hard outside with confidence if women could handle their housekeeping well.

Pan Xiuluo thought about it early in the morning and decided to grind Jiang Liunan’s temper when she was still young because this little granddaughter was clearly too rowdy.

“Why do these things have to be performed by women? Can’t men share housework now that women are earning money?”

Jiang Liunan still wanted to be a man. However, because she had become a woman, she had to correct the old lady’s thoughts for her own good.

“Hahaha, Aunt Pan, your fifth girls are hilarious; what a wonderful woman she is to make a man do housework!”

“Hahaha, the fifth girl has great plans; she wants to raise a guy who eats soft food in the future.”

When they learned Jiang Liunan’s aspirations, a group of passing women could not help but laugh. How does a man nowadays assist with housework? Regardless of how fierce the woman was, she would never let her man help with the washing and cooking.

“What nonsense are you little girl is making!”

Pan Xiuluo smiled and hurriedly pulled her little granddaughter into the home, fearful that she would make any surprising remarks that would jeopardize her other granddaughters’ reputations.

“I’m not sure where you learned those crooked words, but I am telling you that you have to help with the housework. It does not make any sense that your sisters have to pitch in so that you can run around.”

Pan Xiuluo thought that this granddaughter was strange because she always did something contradictory.

“My cousin doesn’t do anything. Why don’t you scold him?”

Jiang Liunan retorted. However, she knew that the cousin in his mouth was her [former self]. Hence, whenever she looked at his [former self] enjoying his life while she was suffering, she could not help but become jealous. Why did heaven not send her back to his original body?

“Are you able to compare yourself to your cousin?”

Pan Xiuluo was enraged. This little girl was daydreaming about something out-of-the-way.

“You eat and wear what your uncle offered you. Yet you still wish to compete with your cousin? Have you ever thought how much benefit that you have taken from your cousin?”

“OK, you don’t want to learn housework, you want to find a man who can share housework with you, so I ask you, do you have any skills? How can you impress a man who wants to help his wife with the housework?”

The old lady put her analysis to her granddaughter.

The old lady had the impression that the person standing in front of her was not a five-year-old child. Her ideas even surpassed those of her eldest granddaughter Jiang Yanan, so she decided to treat him like an adult.

“Do you think that your family could support you?”

The elderly lady posed the first question. Even though Jiang Jianjun raised them, Jiang Liunan and Jiang Shengnan were essentially Jiang Xiangdang. Being able to raise them was the most benevolent and righteous thing you can do. However, it would be impossible for their uncle family to give them a decent dowry in the future.

On the other hand, Jiang Xiangdang and his wife should have never put any consideration regarding the existence of these daughters. Hence, relying on them was more like a fantasy.

“Are you attractive?”

The old lady’s second question shown that man was a practical creature. They were either looking at the money or appearances or your potential on winning them over with your charming personality.

Jiang Liunan, despite being a five-year-old girl, was aware that she would not be able to see where she will go in the future based on her present appearance. It was practically difficult for her to entice men with her beauty unless the other person has impeccable taste.

“Do you have a lot of skills?”

The third question was related to the previous one, whether she could attract a man who would share all of the housework with her.

Although the old lady’s three questions are a little one-sided, she has to admit that these are factors that all parties in the mating market must consider.

“Do you think getting married is the stuff written in the script? You want to be lazy, you don’t want to do something, but let me tell you, this world isn’t fair to women. You think women are bitches; If we don’t have to work, we still have to work. Isn’t it because the world is so restrictive to us women that we have to do it?”

The elderly lady has no idea what will occur in the future. In either case, given the world in which she lives, even though women’s status has improved over time, the progress is still minimal.

It was, however, much better now than it was in previous years. Girls can now learn. Some can work and help their families in the same way that men do. The amount of contribution influences their family’s standing. Whoever earns more was the boss. If Jiang Liunan can make money in the future, she will do less housework, as she desires.

Despite putting in a lot of effort in the house and caring for their children, women who do not earn money were still being looked down upon. This was the world’s prejudice, and many people were still unable to change this perception.

Pan Xiuluo believed that today’s girls were highly fortunate. In her generation, they did not have a choice, but the girl nowadays has the opportunity to go out.

“You can only play after you finish your housework starting tomorrow. Otherwise, I will have to return you to your parents’ house. Learn from your cousin Yanan and Shengnan if you don’t want to do housework. Once you were able to make your own money, I would not care whether you do your housework or not.”

The old lady gave her granddaughter an ultimatum.

“Being a woman has never been easy.”

After that, the old lady urged Jiang Liunan to bathe and change her clothes. Then, without caring how she felt, she made her way to the kitchen to get a bowl.

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“Is it really that hard to be a woman?”

Jiang Liunan was a little depressed because she had a clear answer in mind.

In her previous life, his wife was too sloppy, and she kept scrounging money from his family to support her family. But, in this situation, the woman also decided that housework was strictly a woman’s duty, and she never let him do even a small amount of work. It was not until he had no money to dig out of his hand, and he was no longer a good man, that the woman began to maltreat him.

At that time, though she left him alone, she began to worry about her son’s family. He often heard complaints from her about taking care of her son’s children. She also repeatedly complained that her daughter-in-law did not take good care of her children. In these things, the man seemed to be concealed from this matter.

Jiang Liunan previously did not believe there was a problem with this. Men should strive for greatness. How can they be bothered with such a minor detail? Women, on the other hand, if even these little things are not good, is she still qualified to become a woman?

Only now that he became a woman, he realized how difficult it was to be a woman.

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