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The Analects of Righteous Father’s Collapse [ Fast Wear] Chapter 142

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Chapter 142: Every household have their own treasured baby egg 21

T/N: Only two chapters. This chapter is nearly 8K in RAW… That was like 3 chapters of normal length… OTL…


 Jiang Jianjun made several plans five years ago. Eventually, he acquired a 100-year lease on a piece of land in their hometown and set up a garment factory.

Under the son’s remind, Jiang Jianjun did not start to start his own clothing brand. Instead, he collaborated with the Angela brand from Pearl City and leased the brand usage with a 12% profit share. In other words, in the future, Jiang’s garment factory will produce any kind of Angela’s clothing and use the brand logo on their clothing.

Of course, he doesn’t publicize the fact to the masses. People in this county are only aware that the well-known Hong Kong brand – Angela has finally decided to build a factory in their city and purchase the new Angela’s products as soon as possible.

In the beginning, Jiang Jianjun only rented a counter in the city’s largest department store to sell the branded garments produced by his factor. Due to the local reputation of the brand Angela, the counter became an instant success. Within half a year, seven counters had been opened in the city and surrounding counties.

In the following year, Jiang Jianjun began to rent shops. Half of the shop sold Angela’s ready-to-wear. In contrast, the other half sold Jiang’s family own lines of clothing. They were practically advertising their own clothing indiscernibly.

Now, five years later, Angela of Pearl City finding itself in a bitter rivalry with many other fashion brands. Seeing this, Jiang Jianjun also ended their cooperation with this brand as his own ready-to-wear brand occupied vanguard advantage and became the local star enterprise.

Now, Jiang Garment Factory was well known in neighbouring cities for producing high-end garment lines. When it comes to banquets or other important occasions, Jiang’s factory became the first choice for local riches, influential citizens, as well as official wives for a ready-to-wear high-definition garment.

Since the business was booming, Jiang Jianjun will no longer remain in the tiny county town where he was born. He purchased a big courtyard house in Linshi’s city centre and relocated his family there two years ago. His status also landed his several children a place at the city’s best school.

As the eldest son, plus a filial son, Jiang Jianjun natural to take his ageing mother to move to the city. It was just that Pan Xiuluo was used to living in the country, and some of her old friends were still living there, making her reluctant to move. In the end, both sides finally take a step back. Jiang Jianjun will take the old lady to live in the city for seven or eight days a month while letting her live in the old house for the rest of the time.

He hopes to use this approach to acclimate the old lady to city life. Ultimately, after some time, she will obediently follow them to go into the city. However, he did not anticipate the old lady’s stubbornness. After a few years, in the end, he was the one who becomes accustomed to these dual lifestyles.

Jiang Yanan, the Jiang family’s eldest daughter studying tailoring previously, was already half-head of the Jiang Garment Factory. She was currently 21 years old. In addition to that, since she has already reached the marriageable age, Jiang Jianjun also bought a shop for her which will be her dowry in the future.

Jiang Jianjun was still adamant about his stubborn old idea. Although his daughter held a post in his company, Jiang Jianjun and Yao Huilan still assumed that the family factory would eventually be passed down to their son. Therefore, they decided not to allocate the shares of the garment factory to their daughter. Instead, they bought some real estate such as shops and houses to serve as their dowry.

The cost of living in the city is high. With his careful allocation, Jiang Jianjun considers himself to be a very generous father.

With that being said, Jiang Yanan was very attentive to her own dowry shop because it belongs to her. Hence, this is the place that she visits the most after work.

Jiang Lainan, the second child, was still the old sweet and shy little girl. Five years have passed, yet her body hasn’t changed much, except that she’s taller and her features have matured.

Because of her limited abilities, Jiang Lainan’s grades were average. It was frequently hanging at the middle or lower levels of the school ranking. Her grades could not changed substantially, no matter what Jiang Shengnan and Jiang Liu did to teach her. However, Jiang Lainan, fortunately, was also a reasonable person. She already felt that her present grades as satisfactory. While her grade could not place her in excellent high school, it was still enough to let her major in early childhood education.

Jiang Lainan was especially interested in taking care of children, possibly due to her upbringing. Her younger brothers and sisters have loftier aspirations. However, being a kindergarten teacher was also an excellent thing since she could be in regular companionship with these lovely children.

As for Jiang Shengnan, the third one, she always has high requirements for herself. After setting the goal of being a female pilot, she developed a fixed time for study every day. She also set the habit of getting up at five o ‘clock and run for one hour every morning. She has been sticking to this habit for five years. With such a disposition, there is no need for anyone to be worried about her future.

The Jiang family’s three sisters had a happier life. The girls from Jiang’s second family also bathe under their uncle’s light as their lives greatly improved.

Jiang’s garment factory needed many professional female employees who know how to operate sewing machines. Jiang Jianjun instantly remembered his niece, who had never practised and had never used a sewing machine before.

If she was to be left alone, Jiang Zhaodi’s final fate might be like those typical rural women. Jiang Xiangdang would find someone to marry her at random, and she might be forced to work hard for the rest of her life. Jiang Jianjun has no responsibility to look after his niece. However, since he was already a boss, it should not be difficult for him to steer his nieces in different directions.

So Jiang Zhaodi went to Jiang Garment Factory when she was fifteen. However, because she did not know how to use a sewing machine, she started as an apprentice like Jiang Yanan. Yet, she was luckier. Not only because she didn’t have to pay the teaching fees, but she also could get an apprentice wage of more than 20 yuan per month.

Jiang Zhaodi, now 17 years old, was already one of the veterans in the factory. In recent years, commodities prices have risen sharply. Hence, Jiang Zhaodi’s monthly remuneration has increased to $304. Furthermore, there was always a lot of commission based on the clothes she makes every month.

Jiang Zhaodi was the eldest child in the second family. Unlike her parent, who acted offhandedly, Pan Xiuluo had carefully educated her as well. Jiang Zhaodi, in contrast to her white-eyed wolf’s kin, knew how to be thankful.

Since she had been earning money, Jiang Zhaodi had given most of her wages to her grandmother, aside from the 80 yuan a month she gave her parents to keep their mouths shut. She planned to use this money to fund her younger sister, Pandi and Wandi, in pursuing their education. After all, Jiang Xiangdang and his wife had stopped paying a share of the children’s schooling and living expenses as soon as Jiang Zhaodi started working. Hence, Jiang Zhaodi, the older sibling, was forced to take on the family’s heavy responsibilities on their behalf.

There were also the living costs of her two little twin sisters. Jiang Zhaodi was ashamed to let her uncle’s family support their sisters’ lives, despite her uncle and aunt’s tolerance.

Of course, Pan Xiuluo only spent a portion of it and kept remaining safe for this granddaughter. According to her salary, which gradually increased over the years, her dowry would be pretty considerable when she was ready to settle down.

As for Jiang Pandi and her several younger sister spending their older sister money all these years, the old lady also recorded it all in the account. She also had never hidden these accounts from the children.

Their eldest sister’s assistance is an act of compassion. Since it was a gesture of kindness, naturally, they also need to pay for it. There was no reason why the eldest should have gone through struggles or suffering just for the sake of their younger sibling.

Since Jiang Xiangdang and his wife have been increasingly unreliable in the past few years, Jiang Zhaodi and his sisters have stayed with the old lady instead of their old house. When Pan Xiuluo visits the city every month, Jiang Pandi, the older sister in the house, will look after the younger sisters. These sisters also get along swimmingly.

Only Jiang Liunan, the one with a female body and male soul who always been incompatible with these older sisters. Additionally, she was also arrogant by nature. She has the habit of relying on her youngest sister’s identity to boss her older sisters around. Since most of the second Jiang family’s girls was mild temper, with the absence of the fiery-tempered Jiang Shengnan, who rarely went back to the village much due to her studies, there was basically no one in the family can curb Jiang Liunan’s temper.

Pan Xiuluo had been watching for a few years on the sidelines. After gaining an understanding of this granddaughter’s temperament, she was finally willing to intervene.

It was clear that Jiang Liunan’s “happy days” are still a long way off.    


“Mom, your birthday is coming up in a few days. It is already too late to custom made it. Let’s go out and buy a ready-to-wear outfit.”

That day, Jiang Yanan was in her dowry shop. She asked those few shop assistants to eat their lunch first while she took charge of the big store by herself.

Fortunately, it was currently lunchtime. Hence, there were not many people in the mall. There were even fewer people entering her shop.

 When Jiang Yanan heard the sound of customers entering the shop, she set the books aside and stood up to greet them.

She saw a mother and child pair coming in.

The young man was tall and sturdy. Even though his look was not particularly impressive, he was neat and clean with pleasant eyes and perfectly ironed clothing. He was not overly suggestive. Instead, his aura makes him looked like a refreshing young man. He asked the middle-aged woman beside him in a gentle voice, and his manner was very patient.

“It’s also my fault that I was so busy with work that I forgot to go to Mom’s old tailor to order clothes in advance.”

Even though there was an increasing number of ready-to-wear stores these days, many older people prefer to purchase their own fabrics and seek out tailors with experience.

For starters, tailor-made clothes are more comfortable to wear, and secondly, since they purchase fabrics on their own, the price can be less than that of store-bought clothes. The old generation was used to frugality, and they retained the habit.

Obviously, this young man’s mother was also like this. However, Jiang Yanan was not sure whether he really forgot his mother’s birthday or if he purposefully forgot about it to buy her a lovely and stylish new dress. You should be aware that Jiang’s ready-to-wear line currently available in her shop was not cheap.

Jiang Yanan thought about it as her gaze naturally fell on today’s customers, who left her stunned.

The middle-aged woman’s facial features were somewhat similar to those of the young man, except that her lines were softer. It can be seen that she was a delicate and beautiful girl when she was young, yet, in her face, there was a hideous red, black and purple birthmark that took up half of her face. Her face looked frightening due to the combination of these three colours that even a thick base foundation could not mask the hue of the birthmark.

Jiang Yanan’s initial reaction was [big flower face].

“Ping, ah, mom isn’t interested in buying clothes, so let’s go out.”

Ma Chunlan could count the number of times she went out of her house. If it were not for her son’s filial piety pulling her out today, she might continue to spend her time hiding in her home.

The birthmark on her face was Ma Chunlan’s lifelong nightmare. Obviously, it was not her fault, but people would look at her face and point at her every time she went out. Those children’s parents even cursed her because their children cried when looking at her.

“Why did you go out when you are looking this ugly?”

“With that kind of frown, are you going to be responsible for traumatizing my child?!”

“Big flower face. It is obvious that she had committed a bad sin in her previous life!”

Ma Chunlan can imagine similar remarks every time she closed her eyes.

Not only from outsiders but the damage from her own family was also not small.

Although her parents did not say anything, they always sighed when looking at her face. As for her husband, who had married her for the sake of her family’s background, even though he respected her over the years, he still disliked her secretly.

The only thing that made Ma Chunlan happy was that the son she raised did not hate his own mother. Yet, despite being moved, she could not help but felt guilty. After all, because of her [big flower face], her son could not get married.

Few people admire her son’s abilities and are willing to marry him. Yet, her son turned down these marriages due to the disdain that those people unintentionally exposed whenever they faced her.

On the one hand, her son took her out because she would celebrate her birthday and wanted to buy her a new dress. On the other hand, the doctor said that it was not good for her to stay at home all year round, and she needed to walk around more. However, Ma Chunlan could not get over the hurdle in her heart because she thought that people would laugh at her again.

“Is there anything else I can help you with?”

Jiang Yanan quickly regained her composure and smiled at the two people.

She had no prejudice against [Big flower face]. After all, her mother is willing to engage her with a subject whose mother was also a [Big flower face]. In Jiang Yanan’s view, the crimes committed in a previous life was all nonsense. The so-called [Big flower face] was not about bad luck. It is just the unfortunate occurrences of having a birthmark grown in a conspicuous place.

If having a birthmark is a crime, then everyone has, in some way, committed a crime.

“I want to buy clothes for my mother. The brighter the colours, the better.”

At a glance, Feng Ping had a good impression of the girl in front of him. He had taken his mother out to buy things before, but the attitude of those people was too much.

They were either disgusted or sympathetic, but both made his mother feel like a freak.

However, the individual in front of him had a very calm look on her face, as if the two of them were her regular customers. This attitude made Ma Chunlan feel a lot better.

“Please come with me. This is our latest Spring collection—this series of clothes suitable for a mature woman of your age. The colours are not only impressive; the style is also clear and generous. Since auntie birthday is approaching, I recommend this fuchsia outfit. These rich and precious peonies were hand-embroidered by our expert. On the other hand, maybe you can try this big red dress, which suits auntie’s very white face. You will definitely look good in it.”

“Auntie is also very tall, ah. Your legs are also very long. This skirt, which reveals your calves, is also a good option. It not only looked dignified and stylish but also highlight your body advantage. Auntie, you have maintained your body well, so size S should suffice.”

Jiang Yanan took a few sets of clothes she felt more suitable for Ma Chunlan for her to choose from.

“Why don’t you give it a shot, Auntie? We have a dressing room available here. If you’re pleased with it, you can decide whether to buy it or not.”

Jiang Yanan’s temperament was too comfortable. Ma Chunlan had always thought of herself as a defective person. Yet, the little girl in front of her has a lovely mouth as she continues to compliments her tall stature and long legs, as well as her excellent body care. So much that Ma Chunlan strangely started to feel embarrassed.

“Is it too bright?”

Ma Chunlan turned to her son for assistance. For her own clothes, she usually fabric in grey colouring. The darker the shade, the better she felt that perhaps no one would notice her by wearing something darker.

Apart from wearing the green uniform when she got married, this was the first time in her life that she had worn something this bright.

“No, Mom, let’s give it a shot.”

Feng Ping also does not know how to choose clothes, but red and green should be the most appealing colour in his straight male aesthetic.

Since her son assented to it, and not to mention this genuine and enthusiastic girl, Ma Chunlan could only sigh as she took the clothing and entered the dressing room.


“That little girl is lovely. She’s not only lovely but also has a good heart.”

Feng Ping had a bag in his hand when he left the store that included two sets of clothes that Jiang Yanan had matched for them earlier on.

“I’m not sure whose family girl she is.”

Ma Chunlan grumbled and then looked at her towering son. The little girl and her son would be a good match, ah, if it were not for her hindrance.

As soon as the old lady said this, Feng Ping couldn’t help but look into the shop.

Just at this time, Jiang Yanan’s sight also turned to the doorway.

They looked into each other’s eyes and smiled.


The recent biggest thing in the Jiang family was that their eldest daughter had finally found a partner.

In Pan Xiuluo’s opinion, her granddaughter’s age was already too advanced, and it would not be too long before she became an old maid. It’s just that the prospect brought by the matchmakers over the years has always been unsatisfactory. Additionally, Jiang Yanan had also been focusing on studying sewing techniques. She did not even bother looking for a partner.

The girl found a suitable object that could satisfy Jiang Jianjun and Yao Huilan, proving that he is excellent.

“It is a coincidence that the child turned out to be Ma Chunmei’s nephew. In the beginning, she wanted to match the two children, but Jianjun just started his business at that time, and the shop was also in the city. I was so preoccupied that I lost track of time and forgot about it.”

Yao Huilan told her mother-in-law of her daughter’s fate with joy. This, she believes, is a marriage made in heaven; otherwise, how could such a coincidence exist?

Although these years their family conditions are much better than before compared to Feng Ping’s family, Yao Huilan herself was also a woman. She knew that marrying a man is based not only on his family background but also on the other party’s ability.

Feng Ping is 25 years old this year and already served as assistant to the deputy secretary of the county party committee. Moreover, this boy is ambitious. He graduated from a vocational high school and is currently enrolled in a night university to make up for the disadvantage of his education. His future will not be limited to this role.

“Yanan’s target’s mother has a [big flower face], but the child is very filial to her mother. Just for this trait, who cares about his mother’s flaw?”

Yao Huilan had never considered those things taboo. In fact, in her opinion, if Feng Ping rather alienates his mother due to other people finger-pointing, this boy was not worthy of her daughter. For that kind of unfilial son, how could they expect him to treat his wife and children with respect and cares?

So a few analysis, Yao Huilan think this should be her daughter’s fateful match.

“Not bad, not bad.”

Pan Xiu Luo nodded aside. The assistant of the deputy secretary of the county party committee, ah. This official post should be higher than their village head or even the county’s mayor. Regardless of it was only a seventh-rank official, their Jiang family would finally be regarded as a family with a government official in the future.

The old lady thought she would not object to this marriage because this future son-in-law would help her darling baby.

While the elders were discussing Jiang Yanan’s relationship, the younger brothers and sisters in the family were also naturally interested in it.

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“Is our future eldest brother-in-law a civil servant? Doesn’t that mean that they could only have one child?”

Jiang Lainan could not help but ask. Even if the first child is not a boy in the rural area, they could still give birth to the second child after seven years. As long they pay the fine for over birth, those people could always give birth to a son.

However, civil servants, on the other hand, are not like that. They must relinquish the position if they were found to give birth to the second child. Many civil servants do not want to give up their jobs and complain bitterly after the birth of a daughter.

Since the old lady taught Jiang Lainan, she always felt that having a son is good. At this time, when she learned that the eldest sister is going to marry a civil servant, she could help but be concerned for her well-being. Would her in-law look down on her sister if their first child turned out to be a daughter, ah? From what she heard, her future brother-in-law house only has him as the sole male heir.

“Second sister, there is something wrong with your philosophy!”

Jiang Liu’s heart pounded. He seemed to have forgotten about this part of ideological education.

“Wait, what?”

Jiang Lainan opened her mouth. There is something wrong with her philosophy?

“Second elder sister, let me ask you first. If you marry and give birth to your daughter in the future, before giving birth to a son, will you love your daughter more or your son more?”

Without hesitation, Jiang Lainan responded to his brother’s question: “It should be the son. Dad, Mom and Grandma love you more, too, ah.”

Jiang Lainan said these things not because she was envious but because she thought it was a perfectly rational decision.

“Second elder sister, you are simply not worthy of so many years of grandma’s teaching ah.”

Jiang Liu grumbled angrily. His attitude made Jiang Lainan panic. You should know that Jiang Lainan had always admired her grandmother the most.

“Do you remember what Grandma used to say? Why did Grandma ask you to be nice to me?”

Jiang Lainan was perplexed by Jiang Lainan’s inquiry. Of course, she recalled Grandma’s words. Grandma said that her younger brother is their support and backer after they got married. Hence, she should naturally be good to her younger brother.

“Yes, the boys are there to defend his sisters. Yes, they are there to stand up for them when they were being bullied. If the brother were there to support them, how can others treat their sisters poorly and let the boys take advantage of them? Isn’t that putting the cart before the horse?”

Jiang Liu spoke earnestly. Now, Jiang Lainan was perplexed. Did grandma’s comment mean this? What did she felt that it isn’t so?

“Second sister, will you look after our parents when they grow older in the future?”

Jiang Liu continued to inquire.

Without even thinking about it, Jiang Lainan nodded once more. Mom and dad gave birth and raise her. Naturally, she will take care of them in their later years.

“You also going to take care of our parents in their old age. Your filial piety is no less than mine is. You can see that your children are all the same.”

“I know that you feel that son is a precious existence. Then look at our second uncle. The wall of their house was broken down in their chase for a son. Even if he did give birth to a son, there is no family property for them to raise the baby. Would not that let the baby egg live in suffering? In the end, is it because they love him, or hate him?”

Not every family has a throne for their son to inherit. Everyone is mostly a flat-headed ordinary person. They can’t act like royalty all the time.

“Furthermore, second sister, you are also a girl. Elder sister, third sister, and Zhaodi’s cousin are all girls. Do you really think that the girl is worse than the boy is? I do not think so. In my heart, second sister, you are also a very excellent individual.”

Excellence was not only reflected in the study. Jiang Lainan also has her own advantages. She was careful, considerate and responsible, which were her prominent characteristics. If a woman’s success could only be proved by how much money she earned or how many children she gave birth to, this is not true equality.

“Do you think I’m great?”

Jiang Lainan was taken aback when she saw his serious brother.

Unlike her grandmother’s praise, Jiang Lainan realized that she was valuable in the eyes of others for the first time. 

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