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The Analects of Righteous Father’s Collapse [ Fast Wear] Chapter 143

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Chapter 143: Every household have their own treasured baby egg 22

After the conversation with her younger brother that day, Jiang Lainan’s heart was turbulent. She tossed and turned, yet, she still could not understand. In her mind, there were two kinds of voice. One voice told her that her younger brother’s right; boys and girls are the same. Another voice said to her that her brother is wrong; boys are important than girls. Otherwise, why everybody wants to have a son? So many people have gone so far as to ruin themselves in their pursuit of a son.

Jiang Lainan considered it and decided to seek out her most dependable grandmother.

“Grandma, after my sisters and I get married, will I have to rely on my younger brother?”

Jiang Lainan pondered the arguments that her younger brother had said earlier in the day. Instead of paying unilaterally, the boy was there to protect his sisters. Hence, the brothers and sisters should watch and help each other.

However, these words seemed wrong to her, out of line with the education that she had obtained.

“Of course!”

In her mind, Pan Xiuluo’s first thought was [Who is the bitch who had been polluting her granddaughter belief?]

What a wonderful granddaughter she has, ah. When it comes to her feelings for her grandson, Xiaobao, this granddaughter is the one who loves him the most. Do not be fooled by Pan Xiuluo’s calm demeanour in other areas; she was basically in a complete pampering mode and utterly confused person when it comes to her grandson. After all, Pan Xiuluo herself was also educated in that way. In her recognition, the grandson was far valuable than a granddaughter.

Now the granddaughter asked this question. Of course, she could not say this thing too straightforward ah. After all, she also needs to coax this child. Even if she wanted the horse to run, she still needs to let the horse eat grass first.

“Do you remember the Wang’s family daughter-in-law? She was from Jiangxi province and married from afar. She had neither a natal family and nor a relative. Didn’t you see her mother-in-law treat her lightly among the three daughters-in-law in that house?”

“Then look at Hanfang girl. She is the only girl in the family. Her father died young, and her mother took her with her even as a widow. After she married, her husband’s family look at her as an ignorant person since there is no one to support her. Even when she was pregnant, her in-law still asked her to go to the farm to work. She even died like a cheap person. Why do you think all this happen, ah? Isn’t it because they have no brothers to support them?” 

The old lady said as she looked at her granddaughter’s expression.

The old lady was telling the truth, but it wasn’t the whole truth. After all, some people in the village have brothers but do not consider their sisters as human beings. When they run into difficulties, they basically vanished.

“What does this mean? It means that a woman must have a brother. In the future, if your man or your in-laws bully you, you can directly go back to your parents’ home and call people to let them know that your brothers also protect you.”

Grandma said something similar to what my brother said.

“Grandma, if in the future I gave birth to a daughter like my auntie, should I also work hard to give birth to a son?”

Jiang Lainan inquired once more.

“You’re such a moron!” “

“Knowing that your uncle is dumb, yet, you still learning from him. Did you see how his life turned out to be?” The old lady said as she knocked lightly on her granddaughter’s head. “

“Furthermore, at the moment, the state is demanding family planning. You girls really living in a comfortable era. Now the state only allows you to give birth to only one child, be it male or female. In this case, if your partner were still forcing you to give birth, then it meant that he is offending the country itself.”

Yet, when the old lady thought about it, her second son would probably commit this offence to have a second child. 

Even though it is her son, she has to admit that living with this type of person is tedious.

“You see that so many people in the city now have only one child; even if it is a daughter, everything will be left to her in the future. With money, girls will have confidence. If you look back, in a few decades, a daughter will be just as good as a boy.”

The old lady thinks this policy is excellent, at least for women. However, she had mixed feelings. On the one hand, she believes it is good for women to have a higher status. Yet, on the other hand, she cannot help but love her grandson the most due to the education she has received from her ancestor. After all, he was the apple in her eyes.

“But don’t worry, Lainan. You do not be afraid to have a daughter in the future. After all, you have a brother. And your girl will also be looked after by her uncle.”

The old lady seized every opportunity to increase her granddaughter’s goodwill and attention to her grandson. She feared that her granddaughter would listen to the wrong words outside and not be dedicated to her brother.

“You are so generous, Grandma.”

Jiang Lainan was a simpleton who was oblivious to these possible interpretations. She just assumed that her grandmother and her younger brother both believed that both boys and girls were equally capable. The family adored the younger brother because he had to put in lots of effort to look after his sisters in the future. After all, there were a total of eight sisters in this household.

Pan Xiuluo was a little wary of her granddaughter’s innocent and genuine gaze as she coughed in response to the compliment.

In reality, her second granddaughter was very capable. Maybe some of the money set aside for her grandson can be used to help this girl.

Unconsciously, the elderly lady pondered.

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The sun and the moon are like a shuttle as time flies like an arrow.

Jiang Liu passed the college entrance examination as the province’s science champion and went on to Tsinghua University, one of China’s best universities. He then continued with his Master’s and Doctoral degrees after completing his four years of undergraduate studies. Not only did it made the Jiang family proud, but the entire village and town were also beamed under this light.

Essentially, the children of Huitong village grew up listening to Jiang’s family and Jiang Liu’s stories. The recent news of Jiang Liu’s Master and PhD twin program has made the bombardment of these children even more intense.

If people who are not related to the Jiang family were even affected, those of the Jiang family’s juniors were naturally affected even more.

“Is your cousin Jiang Liu really that Jiang Liu? Why is he so smart, yet you are so stupid?”

Jiang Liunan, who was in the first grade of junior high school, was currently 13 years old. Her grades were average because the rebirth does not affect her IQ. She could only be accepted to a public high school based on her current grades. However, if she works harder, she should be able in a third rate undergrad program.

Jiang Liunan also had poor grades in his former life. At that time, her family had invested a lot of money to get Jiang Liu into a second-rate university that had a twin program with international universities. Yet, even so, he barely passed his undergraduate course. The annual tuition fee was up to 68,000 yuan, which was considered as throwing money into the school.

A little fat girl shared Jiang Liunan’s desk. She stared at the bright red 71 points on Jiang Liunan’s math test paper and inquired, “I heard Jiang Liu always got full marks in mathematics when he was in school?”

“I see. It may be due to your parents’ differences in genes.”

The little fat girl took the initiative to reason before Jiang Liunan could react.

“Oh, my parents must be dumber than Jiang Liu’s parents. Otherwise, why are my grades so bad? Yet, my parents still blame me. It’s ridiculous.”

On the test report, the little fat girl had a score of 66. It appeared that she did not seem qualified to laugh at Jiang Liunan.

However, it was highly unjust. Jiang Liu’s father was a well-known businessperson in the region. His mother was said to work as an accountant for the family business. At the same time, her parents are ordinary self-employed people with a small company. It was expected that they are not as intelligent as Jiang Liu’s parents are.

So, if they aren’t smart enough, why do they think she could match Jiang Liu’s intelligence?

The chubby little girl sighed, thinking that her parents are too irrational and like to cause trouble.

The little fat girl’s words hit Jiang Liunan hard. Others did not realize it, but she knew deep down that she and Jiang Liu were the same people. However, why is Jiang Liu so good in this world?

Jiang Liunan studied the test paper and pondered about it when her lower abdomen hurts all of a sudden. She could feel a warm current slipped out of her lower body. She nervously crossed her knees and squeezed her thighs together. Jiang Liunan’s first reaction was that she had accidentally urinated.

She hurriedly lowered her head, pondering how to get out of her current position to use the restroom.

However, as she thought about it, the pain in her lower abdomen became more noticeable, and the warm current in her lower body became increasingly uncontrollable. Jiang Liunan clenched her teeth and couldn’t help but press her hands against the lower abdomen.

What’s the matter with her? Jiang Liunan, who had never had anything like this before, was a little worried.

“Jiang Liunan, did that thing come to you?”

The topic of the period was a source of embarrassment for children of this age. Many of them were afraid that others would find out about them. The fat little girl has already experienced it before. Therefore she assumed that Jiang Liunan was having her period based on her agitated expression.

“That thing? Which one is it?”

Jiang Liunan took a long time to recover.

“That thing, ah.”

The little fat girl took a piece of flat packaging from under the table. She showed it to Jiang Liunan. Jiang Liunan knew what that stuff was. The other party was holding a sanitary napkin, which was a necessity for women.

On a sunny day, a thunderbolt struck Jiang Liunan. She almost forgot that she would also have that kind of [time] after becoming a woman.

Jiang Liunan scolded all the gods and Buddhas that she could think of at that time. Isn’t it enough that she had to learn about housework once she becomes a woman? Why did she have to experience this period thing? Is it true that they also wanted to force her to get married and experiencing pregnancy as well as childbirth pain?

Jiang Liunan’s face was pale. She did not intend to marry even if she died. She was a man, after all. Letting her married a man, are you planning to force her to engage in homosexuality? Jiang Liunan’s body and mind cannot pass this hurdle.

However, no matter how she did not want to, her period was still a serious problem.

“What do you think? Mine is 350 mm long and made of 100% cotton. There is no need to be worried about side leakage. It is also firm and has tiny wings. However, if you try the net gauze model, you have to remember to change it frequently. After all, our body is very important.”

Seeing her tablemate holding the packaging while fidgeting around, the fat girl could not help but whisper in Jiang Liunan’s ear.

No, no, no! She did not want to know what is causing the side leakage. She also did not want to debate over which brand of towel better than others are.

Jiang Liunan lamented the fact that she had not starved herself to death as a baby.

Once a month, 12 times a year. According to the average woman who menopause at the age of 50 years old or so, she still need to experience more than 444 times menstrual period. Feeling the pain in her lower abdomen, Jiang Liunan dead stared at the number displayed on the computer, wishing that she could pass out and never woke up.

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