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The Analects of Righteous Father’s Collapse [ Fast Wear] Chapter 144

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Chapter 144: Every household have their own treasured baby egg 23

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Before the 1980s, Chinese women still wore menstrual belts during their periods. It was not until 1982 that the first sanitary napkin was introduced in China. However, in the mid and late 1990s, Chinese people really began accepting and widely using sanitary napkins.

Now it is early 2000. Except for a few women in the remote areas that still maintain this habit, the once-common menstrual belt had been abandoned for a long time. The vast majority of women have begun to adapt to various brands and a variety of materials of a sanitary napkin.

Jiang Liunan stood at the entrance of the small supermarket near the school, wandering and tangled.

She knows that her older sisters must have a surplus of sanitary napkins. However, due to her male dignity, Jiang Liunan did not want the rest of the family to know that she is on her period. Hence, buying sanitary napkins has become the first hurdle she now had to face.

Jiang Liunan had initially planned to have her seatmate assist her in buying it. After all, the other party was already aware of her current condition, making it meaningless to hide.

Yet, today, the little fat girl’s grandfather had come to pick her up. It seemed that there was something at home making the originally agreed plan ended up in failure.

“Just do it.”

Jiang Liunan took a deep breath and headed to the small store, where she searched the shelves for sanitary napkins.

There were several different brands of sanitary napkins available. Anerle, the representative domestic brand of sanitary napkin, one of Hengan group brand features, took up this section’s most shelf space. Hengan Group was the first company that produce domestic sanitary napkin brands in China. Enable or formerly known as Anle, was so famous that even people like Jiang Liunan, who have never paid attention to this type of merchandise, still knew about it.

This brand’s owner was a brave man. He bought an advertisement for the iconic Hong Kong drama [Eight Immortals Crossing the Sea] in the 1980s to steal the market. The empty sanitary napkin market in China opened up because of this commercial. Despite several international brands breaching the market, this brand remains consistent with the highest market share domestically, leading them to the era of the wing.

Jiang Liunan does not know the difference between these things in the end. They were wrapped like tiny slices of bread inside a blue packaging, making people dazzled when looking at it. Obviously, she had matured into a young woman, yet standing on the side of these shelves, Jiang Liunan always felt a sense of perverted guilt.

Instead of carefully analyzing the details of the goods, Jiang Liunan chose several well-known brands and the cheaper ones in hand before rushing to the counter to settle the bill.

“Little girl, you want these a few ah. These all are for daily use. If you used it at night, it might leak ah.”

People in this period were known for their zeal. “This brand of sanitary napkins is famous, but it’s not easy to use. It’s stuffy and sticky and not breathable at all. “

The chubby salesperson calculated the price of goods while chatting with Jiang Liunan: “Auntie suggests purchasing Anerle’s 320mm-length wing cotton, which is simple to use.”

The salesperson’s voice was loud and high, making Jiang Liunan embarrassed face smoked. She felt that now the whole supermarket people are looking at her as their head must be thinking, [Oh, that little girl has her period!]

“That’s all there is to it; how much is it?”

Jiang Liunan’s head was in a mess. Hence, she did not listen carefully to what the sales clerk said. She just wanted to hurry to buy these things and disappeared.

She promised herself that she would never shop at this store again!

After finishing checking the item, the salesperson did not continue to say anything. She assumed that Jiang Liunan does have the night use pad at home. 


Jiang Liunan returned home at night like a thief to avoid the family before secretly take a bath and change into clean underwear.

“It seems to be a little different.”

Jiang Liunan hurriedly put on the freshly purchased sanitary napkins, noting that it was shorter than the one given to her by the little fat girl. Still, she couldn’t tell how much shorter it was from others. Yet, she was happy after putting it on because she figured all was well.

After finishing all this, Jiang Liunan secretly washed her previous underwear that was already stained with blood air before hanging it to dry. Because the weather was hot, and many people sweated out during the day, her behaviours of eagerly taking a bath did not draw anyone attention. 

Jiang Liunan’s stomach hurts even more at night. She curled up on the bed like a small shrimp in the fried rice. Yet, she did not dare to move too much because she could feel the turbulence in her lower body every time she turned over.

Eventually, she falls asleep after so long. However, when she woke up the next day, the already bloodstained bed sheet and duvet cover greeted her. Jiang Liunan felt the world’s animosity against her more intensely than ever.

Jiang Liunan was still trying to determine the difference between daily use and night use sanitary napkin as mentioned by the salesperson. However, she finally found out the definition of side leakage mentioned by her seatmate.

Unfortunately, she realized it too late. On the second day of her period, she had to learn to face a sheet waiting to be cleaned, a quilt cover with some blood on it, as well as her dirty underwear and pyjama pants.

Now she can no longer hide it from the people. The people in the old house were finally aware that the Jiang family’s youngest sister finally became an adult.


“Look at you, child; menstruation is nothing to be ashamed of. You still do not know how to approach and ask your sisters about it. Now, it is all too late. There is still this river of blood that needed to be dealt with.”

The old lady carried the pile of bloody sheets and covers.

“In the future, be cautious. Avoid eating raw or cold foods these days. Avoid red dates as well. Those items will end up nourish and enrich your blood. You will shed more blood if you are not careful.”

In Pan Xiuluo’s heart, this little granddaughter has always been dumb. It was nothing to see her using daily sanitary napkins as a night use compared to the other dumb stuff she had done in the past.

“By the way, if you’re menstruating, stay away from cold water. When you’re young, you don’t give a damn, but when you’re older, and then will you suffer from it.”

Jiang Liunan looked at the old lady, pointing to the pile of dirty quilt cover in front of her. Her heart was full of joy as she thought that the old lady would let her few sisters helped her wash the sheet for her.

“So, go ahead and boil a few pots of hot water on your own. You know how to use the hot water combined with the well water to wash the quilt, right?

As soon as she said that, the old lady went out to chat with her old friend and left Jiang Liunan with her own mess behind her.

Her dream had ended. All Jiang Liunan could do was clenched her teeth and bear the pain in her lower abdomen while following the old lady’s advice to boil a few pots of hot water.

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By the time Jiang Liu returned to his hometown on vacation to visit grandma and some old friends, Jiang Liunan was already experienced her second official holiday. The period hit her harder than the previous one, and when the time came, she could not bounce around as she used to. This unfamiliar foreign body sensation let her experienced the feeling of walking with small steps like those of a woman with bound feet.

Jiang Liunan’s heartfelt aggrieved at this moment, especially after seeing the clean, refreshing, and heroic “former self.”

Why should she put up with this? Why is it that she suffered so much while her [former self] could be so happy in this one?

Jiang’s family has long since overcome the tragedy that happened in her former life. Jiang Liunan had decided initially to remind her uncle when he met those shady Hong Kong businessmen. As a result, this world Jiang Jianjun took the initiative to stop the crisis in this life, eliminating the doom of bankruptcy in the previous life.

Her “former self” escaped the drastic changes in his family, completed his undergraduate studies, and even earned outstanding grades in his master’s and doctoral studies. Compared to herself in the previous life, she had to leave the big city and return to the small town, where she struggled to survive due to family changes.

An analogy like this was indeed hurtful.

Jiang Liunan consoled herself by saying that it was still her “former self” who had earned the blessing. It was a good thing that the Jiang family had not gone bankrupt in this life.

Nevertheless, she also thought that God was unjust; why did she have to go through those things in her former life?

She consoled herself once more, telling herself that it was all right. She always had the benefit of being reborn, and she had plenty of chances to make money. Still, when she tried to practice, reality dealt her another fatal blow.

Jiang Liunan was aware of the 92-issuance certificate, but she was only 4 years old when it was released.

Jiang Liunan was aware that the 1980s and 1990s were the golden eras of industry. Still, she was only in elementary school with a meagre allowance. She only had enough to purchase bus tickets to the county city.

Jiang Liunan knew that the house’s value would rise in the future. Still, even at today’s low housing rates, she cannot afford an area the size of a fingernail.

His head was full of ideas, but the possibility of doing them was still zero.

In terms of lottery stocks, she had no recollection of the winning lottery ticket numbers or which stocks will rise during the bull market. It was almost like a fantasy for her to get something for nothing.


Perhaps it was because Jiang Liunan was on her third official holiday that her mood was so unstable that she could not help pulled Jiang Liu to her bedroom, where she told him her own experience.

“Why I am you, but I can’t be like you!”

Jiang Liunan felt it was too unfair. If he had the same achievement as this world Jiang Liu in his former life, he would be able to turn the tide and make a recovery even if his father went bankrupt. He would not then be confined to a small county, living a mediocre life, for the rest of his life.


Jiang Liu looked at the resentful Jiang Liunan as he smiled.

“You say you are me?”

“Fifth girl, are you dreaming and still not awake?” Jiang Liu asked, pointing to himself.

“I didn’t have a dream last night. Why did I take on the persona of Jiang Liunan? In my universe, such an individual does not exist. Do you have any idea how aggravating it is to be a woman? They have to experience 444 official holidays in total.”

Jiang Liunan already went insane after just three times.

“Hahaha, you cannot calculate it like that, ah.”

After learning that the original body was suffering from menstruation, Jiang Liu could not help but smile. “If you think about it this way, every period can be as short as three to four days or as long as six to seven days. Hence, five days on average. In other words, you are going to spend about six or seven years of your life on your period alone. This means that if you’re going to live up to 70 years old, you’re going to spend about one-seventh of your life on your period.”

If you consider it this way: isn’t it better?

Jiang Liu stopped smiling and said thoughtfully as he gazed at Jiang Liunan, who appeared like that of a bereaved concubine.

“Not to mention how ridiculous your words are, even if what you say is true that you are me from another world, why is it that you have a mediocre life, but I can achieve success? If the foundation is the same, perhaps, the differences are the fact that you are you while I am me!”

“In order word, you’re thrasher than me!”

Jiang Liu patted the shoulder of the original body and then left Jiang Liunan’s room with a smile.

His performance let Jiang Liunan think the other side did not believe the word she had said. Yet, the subsequent answers from Jiang Liu did cause a massive blow on her body.

So, she fails because she is more of garbage than her “former self” despite having the same basis?

For an instant, Jiang Liunan felt her cramp is getting worse.

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